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S02.E03: Quarterfinal #3: Christopher Meloni, Sherri Shepherd and Katie Nolan English

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Not familiar with Katie Nolan but she was pretty good. After she mentioned her love of Jeopardy I was rooting for her.

Haven't watched SVU in years; Christopher Meloni with zero hair always slightly surprises me. 

Thank you for the puppies category, J! I needed that tonight.

I am inordinately pleased with the wombat question...on Wombat Wednesday, too!


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I was relieved when Sherri Shepherd switched from playing The Adversary to The Cheerleader, after which it was an enjoyable game — partly because it makes me feel smart.

Final Jeopardy had all the drama of a L&O finale — minus the murder.

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14 minutes ago, Phishbulb said:

I guess because the answers were different variations on the spelling of "Diane"? There was a Diahann Carrol and a Dian Fossey, among others. 

Right, lots of ways to spell Diane.  I still have this nagging feeling that the name of the category is a play on a quote from a movie or tv show

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Just finished watching this. Oh my, is Sherri Shepherd always this annoying or was I simply not in the mood for her 'dramatics'? I have more patience than most people I know, ... yet, I was ready to throw my fist through the screen every time she opened her mouth. Yikes, what an attention seeker!

I'm a Christopher fan (won't divulge his best assets here LOL), and was fine with the results. Katie was great!

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@Bliss she can be really annoying and overly dramatic at times. I haven't seen this episode yet so I was wondering if she shared anything embarrassing about her son Jeffrey. During her time as a co-host on The View she was always sharing personal info of his even when he was a young child to the point where it made viewers uncomfortable and saying things for shock value about men/sex. During that same time she shared on national TV that she thought the world was flat. 

Believe it or not she's toned down her behaviors from back then a lot. The way you described her as acting on this Celeb J! episode isn't surprising though.

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9 hours ago, sugarbaker design said:

The category "You're a homophone, Diane" was referring to what exactly? 

All the clues involved someone named "Diane" (various spellings) and involved a homophone ("Cannon" for "Canon", "Gorilla" for "Guerilla", etc)

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On 10/13/2023 at 10:28 AM, Jaded said:

she can be really annoying and overly dramatic at times.

Sherri Shepherd.  I can only imagine what her talk show is like, but I’d rather not.

On 10/12/2023 at 7:04 AM, shapeshifter said:

I was relieved when Sherri Shepherd switched from playing The Adversary

She demonstrated the worst kind of unappealing, unfunny attitude. 

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