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  1. If Paul Rudd hosts to promote Ghostbusters: Afterlife, he'll join the 5-timers club. Might be reason enough for him to host. I think Kelly Clarkson would be a fun host/MG, but maybe they'll save that for December. She just came out with a new Christmas album.
  2. "I came for a movie and got a damn play"
  3. I really think the Hamster is Rob Schneider (he played Tiny Elvis on SNL and I think for a while was an actual Elvis impersonator). The only thing is though, don't the rules on this show require everyone to get vaccinated? Schneider's a pretty ardent anti-vaxxer I think.
  4. Did anyone see who did the voices of the two gossipy gargoyles? My end credits got cut off on my DVR recording. I agree the special effects in this episode were really impressive, felt like they blew their whole budget for the season on this one 😄 Edit: Found in the AV Club comments that the gargoyles were voiced by Julie Klausner and Cole Escola from "Difficult People". I knew I recognized their voices!
  5. I thought that when he was in the "vampire hunter" group that he showed romantic interest in the girl that was in the group? But maybe I'm mis-remembering things.
  6. I thought it was weird when Kristen Schaal's character was talking about all the sexual stuff they would do to each other, and Guillermo gave that little "no thanks" shake of his head. He's always been interested in women before...maybe The Guide just isn't his type. Hey, I think Schaal is cute 😀 Edit: Since the actor identifies as queer in real life, maybe they are heading for a romance between him and Derek on the show. They did hint at a more than servant type relationship with Nandor earlier in the season.
  7. I remember Bijou Phillips as an actress, but I kinda forgot about her being related to the rest of this family. She is Chyna's half-sister (different mothers), and I'm kinda surprised she's still friendly with her considering Chyna took her sister Mackenzie's side after Mackenzie's book came out about the sexual abuse allegations about her father- while it appears Bijou has still stuck up for her father saying she doesn't believe the allegations.
  8. Someone on here pointed out that right before they're going to do the "Before You Go" segment, they'll usually eliminate panelist #3, so they can be left with 1 and 2 for BYG. Now that I'm aware of this, I can never *not* think about it during this round.
  9. I would say this would be the first time someone's hosted twice to promote the same movie, but I guess you could argue Kristen Wiig did the same thing if you count her "hosting" the at-home Mother's Day episode in S45 and then the Christmas episode last year. Maybe they could have someone else from No Time to Die host, like Rami Malek or Ana De Armas.
  10. Just realized where I know the actor who plays Trent from and it's because he played Ben in the first series of "I'm Alan Partridge". He was so young back then, I guess the silver streaks in the hair were throwing me.
  11. "Straight" in quotes? They seem to be hinting otherwise 😀
  12. You've seen "Euphoria", right? Haha, I don't think HBO would be against doing this- but maybe it's intentional to downplay Sweeney's attractiveness, to further the idea that deep down she feels insecure about her friend being prettier than her.
  13. The three prostitutes in this episode were played by the sketch group Three Busy Debras, who had their own pretty funny show on Adult Swim last year.
  14. I know you're joking, but he kinda...should. He was a pretty busy star for a while there in comedies, but I haven't seen him in anything in years.
  15. Is this really a remake or is this just the original British show? I watched the first episode and 2 of the guys were British. Plus Rob Delaney who was doing the jokey narration works a lot in the UK. Edit: Ah, I see it says "2014" for the original series up above. Still, this seems more like something that was imported from England rather than something that was produced in the US.
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