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  1. Phishbulb

    Match Game

    I notice that the remaining 2 episodes of Match Game airing in July are part of this same group of shows that have been airing (Season 4), but starting with the August 7th episode it appears to be a new "season" of shows (production code 508). I did notice in the most recent episode that Alec made reference to it being 2018, so apparently the ones they've been airing have been in the can for quite a while.
  2. Phishbulb

    Match Game

    Yeah, it wasn't particularly funny, but it was accurate. I too was trying to think of something weather-related but couldn't come up with anything that made sense. I guess I can see "pain" because of the rhyming factor. I also thought of "diplomas" for the smart suit question but that was a pretty odd question.
  3. Phishbulb

    Match Game

    Why did everyone react like "Orange Skin" was a bad answer for the "Purple Rain" question? That seemed like a fine answer to me.
  4. Phishbulb


    I thought this was a great episode. They managed to involve all the major characters, and also Dale's daughter who I had forgotten about. I like how the theme of this season is "Chip growing up" too. It seems like they might be leading up to maybe him taking over the rodeo at the end of the season and finally becoming responsible.
  5. Phishbulb

    Celebrity Family Feud

    This Sunday's episode is "The Chainsmokers vs. 5 Seconds of Summer" and is a replacement for the previously scheduled episode, which was the cast of "Black-ish" vs. the cast of "The Goldbergs". Looks like that episode won't be airing any time soon. I wonder why- maybe they're saving it for closer to when those shows premiere in the fall.
  6. Phishbulb

    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who's noticed (and is annoyed) by this. Also, I really hate the pointless return-from-commercial-break-only-to-throw-immediately-to-another-commercial-break that they do in the middle of the show now.
  7. Phishbulb

    Match Game

    "American Horror Story" was such an on-point answer to that particular question that Ryan Murphy...um...kind of used that as the jumping-off point for a season of the show.
  8. Phishbulb

    A.P. Bio

    Yeah, clearly they didn't write this episode in mind with it being a series finale, and they even were sort of setting up the next season at the end with Helen becoming one of the students. I noticed that the NBC ads before the show described it as the "series climax", which is a weird term I've never heard before.
  9. Phishbulb

    Season One Talk

    Weirdly, no. "Animal Control" was supposed to go in between "Citizenship" and "The Orgy", otherwise the episodes have been mostly shown in production order. Next week's is the season finale so perhaps it will be addressed then.
  10. Phishbulb

    S44.E20: Emma Thompson / Jonas Brothers

    Both of these were written by Kent Sublette who's one of the co-head writers for the show right now along with Jost & Che.
  11. Phishbulb


    The way Jay Roach kinda seemed intrigued by how Barry read for the role makes me think they just might consider him for the part, even though he walked out of the audition. It would be funny if Barry stumbled into success without even trying. (That was the real Jay Roach, btw- and the real Allison Jones. If you watch any good comedy TV show or film made in the last 10-15 years you'll invariably see Jones' name in the credits as the casting director).
  12. Phishbulb

    S44.E20: Emma Thompson / Jonas Brothers

    Sophie was actually the second guest on Fallon's show last night after Thompson. So she's definitely there in the building if she wanted to make an appearance on the show.
  13. Phishbulb

    Season One Talk

    The animal control episode was actually the eighth episode produced. They've played around a little bit with the order that they've shown the episodes. The production order of the episodes was: 1- Pilot 2- City Council 3- Manhattan Night Club 4- Werewolf Feud 5- Baron's Night Out Then two episodes that haven't aired yet ("The Trial" and "Citizenship") are 6 and 7 and "Animal Control" is 8. So yes, they waited quite a while to bring back Jeff from the pilot.
  14. There's a pretty thorough list here. It's happened like 12 times in the last 7 years, so fairly rare I guess. Some of the movies it happened with barely got a theatrical release- the comedies "Yoga Hosers" and "Barely Lethal". I guess the most notable case was last year when Clint Eastwood's movie "The 15:17 to Paris" got arbitrated down from an R to a PG-13. It's kind of hard to tell what the "first" movie to have this happen with was. The PG-13 rating's only been existence since 1984. From what I can tell from this list, the first movie to get arbitrated down from an R to a PG-13 was the Mel Gibson movie "The River" which came out in December of 1984. This was followed by the movies "Mask" and "Desperately Seeking Susan" in 1985. Before that, you had movies that managed to get their rating lowered from an R to a PG like "Poltergeist", "Tootsie", and "Terms of Endearment". Weirdly, the MPAA's website (filmratings.com) doesn't even mention an appeal for "Mean Girls", the movie Rebel cited. I do remember on the commentary track on the DVD Tina Fey talking about how they had to change some things to get a PG-13- changing "have you had your cherry popped?" to "have you had your muffin buttered?" (the latter seems DIRTIER, to be honest) and also "masturbated with a hot dog" to "made out with a hot dog".
  15. Phishbulb


    This whole episode gave me extreme Coen brothers vibes, with the surreality mixed with moments of sudden violence and a general "We're all screwed" tone. Not to mention that Stephen Root has worked with the Coens several times before. Hader did a great job directing this episode.