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  1. Oh wow, doing some Googling on the actress, I didn't realize she had left the show under....less than ideal circumstances. And the ensuing fallout from that meant that the creator of the show Sarah Dunn has left the series as well. Maybe that contributed to Julia Butters leaving too, knowing the show she was on was kind of a sinking ship. I'm guessing this is probably going to be its last season.
  2. This is definitely odd. I guess Ali Wong was unwilling or just unable to COVID quarantine with the rest of the cast. And have they even mentioned what happened to Katie's other friend?
  3. I believe the Obama Cosby Show sketch was written by John Mulaney.
  4. The voice Short was using for his character in that sketch was almost Jiminy Glick-esque. I don't know if he had started doing Glick yet or if this was kind of a dry run for the character.
  5. Especially since they sort of designed the character to look like her as well. It's always hard to make female characters on The Simpsons cute.
  6. Because of election coverage, we lost out on a tenth episode for this season that was to be the season finale. As far as I can tell, it's not being rescheduled. There are still four episodes that were produced for the fifth season (509-512) that haven't aired.
  7. You'd figure she'd be at the wedding, at least.
  8. He looks like "The Boy" from the movie of the same name.
  9. It's pretty much the same joke as a sketch that aired on the show 20 years ago, in the Tobey Maguire episode from 2000. Where Will Ferrell takes a yoga class in order to be able to.....accomplish this goal https://streamable.com/w578u
  10. Yeah, oddly enough this was production code episode 401, when the rest of the ones this season have all been the ones produced for the fifth season. No idea why they held onto this episode for as long as they did.
  11. I know they were sort of in the middle of various storylines in this episode that they had to wrap up from last season, but it was still strange to see Taylor attending a graduation ceremony with a bunch of people gathered together, Anna-Kat making plans to go to a sleepaway camp during the summer, etc. I guess this show is really going to take place in an alternate reality where the pandemic isn't an issue. I guess it makes sense, this show has never really been a topical show but mostly light, entertaining fluff. It'll be interesting to see which comedies returning over the next few weeks address the topic and which ignore it completely.
  12. I came up with Sean Penn right away, and Forest Whitaker after I thought for a little bit. I was assuming the third one was Jennifer Jason Leigh, who has been nominated for an Academy Award (for "The Hateful Eight") but didn't win. The third one is actually Nicolas Cage, who is kinda barely in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" (and I think is credited as Nicolas Coppola in it). It was his first screen role.
  13. Who's the other one besides Bryan Callen?
  14. The weird thing is she seemed to be going in the right direction when she was saying "I remember them eating something brown!", then decided to trust her friend anyway, which was a bad idea.
  15. This show has had four different showrunners in as many seasons. Not sure if that's intentional on their part to mix things up, or what. I will say that the slow, meandering quality of the last season was not great. This new showrunner was a writer for "Black-ish" and the Larry Wilmore show on Comedy Central, so we'll see.
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