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  1. Man, it's rare I watch a show where I feel embarrassed for EVERYONE involved, but.....oof.
  2. I'm just amused that the "deep voice" gene has been passed down from Warburton to his sons.
  3. I've only watched the pilot so far, but it seems like she is intentionally trying for a Tina Fey/Liz Lemon cadence in delivering her lines. It's kind of like when other actors star in Woody Allen movies and try do to their best "Woody" imitation in the lead role.
  4. Not to mention a baffling wordless cameo from Natasha Henstridge (from "Species") at the end of that job interview sketch.
  5. Tina's character was sort of a cross between original SNL writers Rosie Shuster (left in this pic) and Anne Beatts (far right).
  6. It's possible that they don't really know what order Fox is going to show the episodes in (they often show them wildly out of production order, and indeed some of the episodes airing this season are from the previously produced season of episodes). So they probably weren't writing this episode expecting that it was going to be the 700th aired episode.
  7. Yes, in order to keep the characters the same age (Lisa 8, Bart 10, Homer...in his mid-thirties, I think?) they have to keep retrofitting how long ago events occurred. So "six years ago" I guess meant six years ago from now, which would place this episode in 2014 (assuming they wrote this in 2020), in which Uber, Ipads, etc. were all in existence. I'm more shocked by the fact that the episode where Maude Flanders died happened in "our time" OVER TWENTY YEARS AGO. If the show was following real-time continuity, Rod and Tod would be in their late twenties or early thirties by now.
  8. She was one of the 3 backup singing girls in "Little Shop of Horrors"!
  9. Yeah, I'm a little surprised Thomas Middleditch couldn't suss out that the movie where a guy and his friend save Sharon Tate from being killed wasn't based on a true person 😀 It's funny that he was actually IN one of the 4 listed movies though.
  10. I forgot they have "The Conners" which is now on Wednesday nights and I guess is still doing well.
  11. It'll be weird if the show ends this season and "American Housewife" does as well. They'll kinda have to rebuild Wednesday night from the ground up.
  12. I wonder why the season was cut short, I assume it must be for Covid-related reasons. 9 episodes seems like an odd length for a season, generally a show either has a mini-season of 6 episodes or 13 (pre-being picked up for a full season).
  13. During that four-way phone call between Bow and her friends, one of the girls appeared to be on Zoom or some other kind of computer-based phone system, haha. The other 3 looked OK but her square looked all glitchy and computer-y, it kind of took you out of the '80s setting a bit 😄
  14. Is there an ABC game show McHale hasn't been on? He was on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune this week, lol
  15. Maybe she was recovering from that football match she had with Anthony in the Super Bowl commercial.
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