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  1. Did filming on this season get cut short because of the pandemic? Just noticed that the season was only 20 episodes, which seems kind of short. ("The Neighborhood", for example, had 22). Has CBS held back the last few episodes of this season or is it done? Edit: Just noticed Harvey's post from March 14th indicating production on the show was halted. At least they were able to finish filming most of the episodes for this season.
  2. I'm honestly glad they did, as it's nice to see "new" programming this summer. I know it's not really new, but it's pleasant to watch shows with live audiences again that aren't recorded over Zoom!
  3. The structure of this season was really weird. For the first 8 episodes, very little happened, to the point where I couldn't tell if there was going to be any kind of an "arc" to the season at all. Then suddenly in the ninth episode they introduce this new love interest for Tracy's character. And then they end the season on a cliffhanger, presuming they're going to be picked up for another season (which as far as I know hasn't happened yet).
  4. It was endearing that Ben is obviously such a "Simpsons" nerd that he was able to name by episode title ("Homer the Heretic") an episode where Homer is seen without pants.
  5. haha, I think this was a sketch Larry David wrote for Saturday Night Live during the one season he worked there as a writer. He always claims it was the only thing he wrote that ended up making it on the show (the host was Ed Begley, Jr. , actually).
  6. If the Banana is Bret Michaels though, then what's with all the clues indicating it's a country-style comedian? Like the "Git R Done" reference, or "my daughter gave me a SIGN telling me to do this show", which led me to believe it's Bill Engvall? Engvall also had a short-lived sitcom (it's actually where Jennifer Lawrence got her start as an actress).
  7. The Kitty also definitely said something about a "MODERN dress" in her clip before her performance (Her voice is a little hard to understand due to the high-pitched filter they've put on it).
  8. Even after he said the words "galaxy" and "buzz" in his clip package? I also Googled Allen and discovered that he met his current wife when they made a movie called "Zoom" together in 2006.
  9. This could still work for Tim Allen, since he starred with Hanks in "Toy Story".
  10. The clues for the Taco couldn't have been more obvious to me, to the point where I'm wondering if they were intentionally misleading to throw you off. I mean- "To enchilada and beyond!" Saying he wants to be the "last mask standing"? Not to mention there was an ACTUAL AD for Last Man Standing on screen right after his performance. I don't see how it can be anyone BUT Tim Allen. Similarly, the "my daughter gave me a 'sign'" gave away that it's Bill Engvall.
  11. I was almost expecting him to somehow light the bowl of soup on fire when he was trying to eat it by himself at the end. I think they did that joke with Homer trying to make a bowl of cereal for Mr. Burns on "The Simpsons".
  12. This is one of the few shows where as far as I can tell, this has never happened. Every episode has been shown in production order. It does have kind of an overarching season-long arc so it would be kind of hard to swap episodes around I guess.
  13. It is a strange thing- Iannucci has a peculiar quality to his writing which sounds OK coming out of the mouths of British actors, but seems a little more stilted coming out of Americans (and having Rebecca Front playing an American character isn't helping). I find myself admiring the construction of the lines sometimes and the cleverness of the writing, but something about the overall product isn't really working, you're right.
  14. These kind of shows never seem to work now unless they're on CBS. Which is weird, because in the '80s and '90s NBC was king of the multi-cam sitcoms with Cheers, Seinfeld, Friends, etc.
  15. She also has TWO movies coming out in the next few months ("The Photograph" and "The Lovebirds"), so yes.
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