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Nick, April, And Jennifer Davis: Two Wives and One Stay-at-home Philosopher with Dreams of Expansion

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April and Jennifer married to become a polygamous family with Nick.  Nick is a SAHD to April's teenage son.  While the three adults share a bed, they are dreaming of adding a fourth to the mix. Nick's skills include dressing himself, pontificating while others work, and being generally unappealing. 

Joined the show season 4. 

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Well I couldn't remember their names so I googled and yup- they are the ones that I thought were especially sad.

The two wives seem delusional- waiting breathlessly with excitement to hear how their beloved does with the proposed 3rd.

And when she - the 3rd- was doing her cameos she sounded lucid and even thoughtful. When they all got together and when she was on her "date" with her potential future hubby, she seemed like she ws trying too hard to fit in and be on the show.

Something is so off there. 

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These people are fascinating. On the surface they seem so functional, but the whole "I'm so honored to go out and support my man so he can stay home and think and then relay the things he thinks" is complete cult stuff... and yet I don't see any real magnetism coming from the guy. 

Say what you will about Kody Brown - the guy's gregarious, was pretty good looking when he married the first few wives, and had some hustle, even if it was the scam type of hustle. All of these men seem so passive, and I forget which couple it was, one of the women as much as implied that they weren't worried he was attracted to women... and she meant it as a compliment?

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32 minutes ago, EtheltoTillie said:

It would be impossible for one woman to keep up with him he says smirking.

I’ve had two different guys try variations of this line on me, and both times it baffled me why they thought saying it would suddenly make me go “Oh, well, in that case, I’m perfectly happy to sit here at home while you go put all your effort into attracting someone else.”

The second time, I came thisclose to telling him no one man’s salary could ever keep up with my shopping habit, so he’d surely be okay with my finding another man to fill in where he couldn’t.  But I broke up with him instead.

Apparently the correct answer would have been to roll with it, and then go on TV?

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18 hours ago, magemaud said:

Nick, The Thinking Pimp and his stable 


I feel bad for all of them, they just look awful.  Nothing attractive about a single one of them.

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21 hours ago, Booger666 said:

These guys were on the local news.  They are all still together and Nick is a stay-at-home dad for the new baby while the other three work.

I'd like to know what they see in this guy.  Never mind his "big brain" and having to "think" all damn day.

He's got a sweet deal X 3.  

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On 2/18/2023 at 6:35 PM, Booger666 said:

These guys were on the local news.  They are all still together and Nick is a stay-at-home dad for the new baby while the other three work.

Did the news mention if they were still all sharing a double bed in that tiny house?


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18 hours ago, the-grey-lady said:

Sometimes I remember how Nick couldn't get a job because he had to spend his days thinking and I burst out in giggles.

Yeah, it's a good thing that I work a full time job so I don't HAVE to THINK!  Aye, yi, yi . . . .

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On 3/3/2023 at 10:08 PM, princelina said:

Did the news mention if they were still all sharing a double bed in that tiny house?


It looked like they are still in the tiny house.  I will give them credit because the pics they shared of the baby were all of the back of the baby (I think it’s gross when low rent “celebrities” monetize and pimp out their kids - like Kail from Teen Mom).

It was interesting bc the story was about how they want to make polygamy legal.  The expert said that 1) there are no pending bills or laws about this (ie, it’s a BS news story) and 2) if you are in a plural relationship and want the legal rights of married people you can use contracts, wills/estates/trusts, and there are ways to give third parties rights for children (ie, the only thing you don’t get is a tax break so these polygamists are just trying to game the system).  I liked the expert :)

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