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  1. Are the Browns connected to the polygamysts who live at Rockland Ranch in Utah, from that documentary "One husband and three wives" ??
  2. I just caught up on this episode now. I feel like every time someone gently prods Danielle on whether she's ok with this, she is waiting for one of them to say "Danielle, this isn't fair to you, this is not ok", like she is waiting for someone to care, to show up for her and they never do. And then she thinks "oh, ok, I guess it is ok for him to treat me like shit then, that's what I thought". I think she has deeply, deeply seeded insecurities and feelings of unworthiness. She needs therapy, BAD. It's so heart wrenching to watch because she is a very beautiful young woman with a beautiful spi
  3. I wish TLC would make a show on polyamorous couples instead of polygamous! Open marriages! Bring it on!
  4. Does Aspyn ever post anything on social media? What's going on in her life?
  5. Does this scream "married man" to anyone?? They're children.
  6. I would also love to hear what he said about his jaw surgery. His face was pretty messed up for a time. Also, I remember some episodes where he was having problems with gagging and throwing up all the time? Did they reveal how that was resolved? Was his jaw surgery related to that?
  7. Totally understood! I was recently saying the same thing about Anna Duggar, she can't JUST walk away, which many suggest like it's easy. But I have faith that they CAN with the right supports in place!
  8. Yes, he would eat cream soup ironically.
  9. Her meal prep looks decent! No cans of cream soup!
  10. Absolutely, she will never leave. I don't know about "liking it", that might not be the right word, but she would definitely believe that whatever challenges God puts in her path are "opportunities" to show how godly she is in overcoming them. Keeping faithful to your husband and to God are taught as the ultimate accomplishment as a woman. She would believe her eternal salvation depends on her never giving up on her marriage.
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