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  1. the-grey-lady

    S10:12 Tell All: Part 1

    Janelle: I think I got a bit lazy in the cul-de-sac. Me: Don't. Take. The. Bait. *grits teeth* Was it truly necessary to show Kody being ripped away from his soulmate, Caleb, AGAIN? I was still cringing from the first time. Why oh why don't the Browns have any communication skills at all? Kody [about the catfish]: We're moved to Flagstaff, and it's a fresh start, so we don't talk about it, EVER. Me: You never talked about it before! That's the whole problem!
  2. the-grey-lady

    Christine Brown: She Wanted a Family, Not Just the Man

    Window coverings? What sort of nincompoops roll the price of WINDOW COVERINGS into their mortgages? Sigh. I know, I know.
  3. the-grey-lady

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    Thanks, Auntie Anxiety. I needed a good belly laugh.
  4. I cannot help but watch these two with my jaw open, like in a cartoon. My original read on Nicole and Azan was that he would milk her for whatever cash he could get out of her, and then ghost. I never considered the idea (and I don't think Azan did, either) that she might keep the money train going indefinitely, even if he didn't marry her FOR YEARS. I figured he'd string her along for six months or a year, and then she'd wise up, and he'd move on. BUT SHE HASN'T WISED UP. AT ALL.
  5. the-grey-lady

    S07.E15: Angela's Story

    Angela: I'm worried Dr. Now is going to tell me I need to lose weight or I'll die. Me: OF COURSE HE'S GOING TO SAY THAT. IT'S TRUE.
  6. the-grey-lady

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    Hold the phone! Janelle has discovered the world outside her door! This is right up there with breathing!
  7. the-grey-lady

    S10:11 Leaving Las Vegas

    I'm reposting my recap here, after I accidentally posted it in the wrong thread. Spoiler tag for length.
  8. the-grey-lady

    S10:10 Moving Meltdowns

    Whoops, put this in the wrong place. Moving it now.
  9. the-grey-lady

    Season 10 Episode Recaps and Recap Schedule

  10. the-grey-lady

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    I remember that one! My favorite part was Meri wiping her eye boogers and sobbing about how Mariah didn't even want anythiiiing for Christmas! She just wanted to *gulp* move into the house!
  11. the-grey-lady

    Season 10 Episode Recaps and Recap Schedule

    I'd like to tackle episode 11. What's the turnaround time on these? When is the recap due?
  12. the-grey-lady

    S10:10 Moving Meltdowns

    Also, his praise of her "mature attitude" seems directly related to the fact that her opinion is exactly the one he wants. The Browns love to sit the kids down and solicit their opinions on various shenanigans, but it's always very clear what the "correct" answer is.
  13. the-grey-lady

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    "Some I don't know if I knew" should be Janelle's life motto. Seriously, how many times is she going to get all twitterpatted over the importance of breathing?
  14. the-grey-lady

    S10:10 Moving Meltdowns

    Kody: Gwendlyn, how are you feeling about the move? Gwen: Well, I accept that I have no bodily autonomy because my parents are numbskulls, so sure, let's go. Kody: THAT'S SUCH A MATURE ATTITUDE. Me: Shut it, Kody. Quit blathering. Your kids see you for who you are.
  15. the-grey-lady

    S02.E10: One Wedding and a Funeral?

    If Brandy knows what's good for her (I know, I know), she'll stay gone. Living with Paige would be like sharing a kitchen with Dr. Jeckell and Mr. Hyde. She would spend the rest of their lives letting her jealousy rear its ugly head in whatever fashion pleased her, and then she'd smile placidly and claim to have prayed for peace.