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  1. For a woman who's DONE so frequently, she sure does spend a lot of time bellowing and screeching on my TV screen.
  2. How many times are we going to be treated to the same conversation between Jenny and one of Sumit's friends/relatives? Sumit's friend/brother/mailman: Sumit's parents are against your relationship. Jenny: But I waaaaaaant them to supooooooort us! SF: They don't. Jenny: We have to maaaaaake them! SF: Um, no? Jenny: I don't think Smee's parents like meeeeee! SF: Yep, I just said that. Jenny: What am I going to doooooooo? Me [loudly, to be heard over the whining]: Find some other catfisher to glom onto?
  3. Oh, man, no one's gonna say it... FINE. Stylish?! One damn sleepy panda t-shirt, and she acts like she's walking the runways of Milan!
  4. Confidential to Michael in Nigeria: when you were strolling through the market with swearing, ranting Angela, I saw several lovely women whom you might consider getting to know, if you ever regain your sanity. From the few moments I saw them on screen, they did not seem prone to puking, screeching, arm-waving tantrums over almost every issue, including but not limited to: women at a table, the existence of women in general, aigs and the toting of, rats and other vermin, cell phone ringtones, and/or cervical biopsies. Just wanted to present you with some less-batshit options. As an aside, the next time Angela shrieks, "We are DONE!" over absolutely-fucking-nothing, please respond, "Okay."
  5. A lot of people were hoping to see Victoria on BiP. A lot of men.
  6. I swear stone-faced Sunhe didn't look remotely happy to be cancer-free. I think some part of her wanted the Illness Card to keep Maxi-Sunhe in line always.
  7. I've watched Angela storm out of the expat meeting in a huff four times now. I still don't know what she was so damn upset about. And I don't understand why she can't go half an hour without shrieking like a banshee caught in a bear trap.
  8. I give my husband the boyhood in Surrey speech at least a couple times a month.
  9. Oh, man, the jokes write themselves. Joyful Belly, my ass. No one with a joyful belly obsesses about digestion as much as Janelle.
  10. I've been doling these episodes out to myself, one a day, and I've almost finished season one. I can't BELIEVE how well this series has captured not only the books I was obsessed with during my childhood, but the early teen years. Holy crap, this show has nailed the end of middle school.
  11. Okay, that's a fair point. Along with Pole's other less-than-charming traits, I would not be surprised to learn that he's a pathological liar. I'm sure he's fed Karine all kinds of bullshit about life in the U.S. Is she naive to believe what he tells her? Certainly, but then I think we knew that, too.
  12. In what universe does that qualify as an article? "Woman posts picture on social media!!!!" Wow, there's a fast-breaking story.
  13. But why does she expect that? How could she possibly expect Paul to provide a great house and be less of a fool? She's met him, hasn't she?
  14. What's the next move? Have you considered shutting the fuck up every now and again?
  15. Wow, the Cher/Dawn convo about Mimi getting the hell out of their house was a masterclass in gaslighting. "Oh, okay. I just thought I was HELPING. You'll have lots of time to spend her with her, later! I'm trying to give you a BREAK!" And then Cher fell all over herself reassuring her mom that she loooooves her sooooo much, and she's sooooooo grateful. Gross.
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