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  1. I'm trying to figure out how, exactly, Mursel sold the "pretend your kids don't exist storyline" to Anna. M: Yeah, so, um, you've got kids, huh? Three? A: Yup. M: That's cool. I'm fine with that. But my parents...they're old-fashioned Turkish types, and they won't be cool with me marrying a woman with children. A: Oh? M: So...we'll have to pretend they don't exactly, er, exist. A: What? M: We'll just pretend you don't have any kids! A: I don't know... Me: I love you! A: Well...so you like bees, huh?
  2. The scene of Mursel asking where the mountains were and commenting on how flat Nebraska is makes me wonder how much talking these people actually do, aside from, "I love you!" "No, I love YOU!" At no point before Mursel arrived did Anna clue him in on ANYTHING about Nebraska? Like, at all? The man doesn't speak the language; it seems only fair to give him some head's up before you plop him in the middle of a corn field with a slice of pizza, a video game controller, and a cell phone translator app.
  3. Oh, TLC, please put the kibosh on that annoying "ask every Duggar kiddo about the 'jinder' of their sibling's new baby" thing you do. It's painfully boring, and it means NOTHING. What viewer thinks (or cares) that Johannah has a special sekrit insight into Jessa's baby? "What do you think Lauren is having?" "Um, a boy?" Riveting television, right there.
  4. Because they're MARRIED. They're ensconced in the MOST IMPORTANT relationship in the WHOLE WORLD. And they want to make sure you NEVER forget that they are MARRIED.
  5. Jana: Family FUN night blah blah littles painting blah blah so important to spend time together blah... Me: Aren't you nearly thirty?
  6. It's...a video of...Whitney blinking and tilting her head? How scintillating. Positively riveting.
  7. These people are criminally boring. "Kendra's got a secret"? Gee, I wonder what it could be! The world is the Duggars' oyster! So many possibilities!
  8. Bekah M is having another kiddo. https://people.com/parents/bachelor-bekah-martinez-pregnant-expecting-second-child/
  9. "Whatever is going down, it's going to be expensive. It's a good thing JB pimped his kids on TV at an early age and kept the money." FTFY
  10. I went through a polygamy deep dive sometime back. I recommend adding a few titles: Daughter of the Saints by Dorothy Allred Solomon, His Favorite Wife by Susan Ray Schmidt (another of Verlan LeBaron's wives), and Stolen Innocence by Elissa Wall
  11. These look like costumes for a '70s era cyberpunk B-movie!
  12. Jed should hire us, the good snarkers of PT, to run his campaign. Behold how effectively I sell this vigorous, young go-getter! "Jedidiah Duggar is the umpteenth of JimBob and Michelle's Duggar's approximately 368 children. This makes him special because babiez. Jedidiah has only nominally graduated something vaguely resembling high school, and is not allowed to pursue any higher education, including but not limited to university, community college, trade school, certification programs, and/or self-help seminars. As a consequence he knows very little about anything of value, but hopes you won't care 'cause Jesus. Jedidiah was raised in a quasi-cult, in which he was heavily (and violently) discouraged from having any even semi-literate or original thoughts about absolutely anything, including but not limited to arts, humanities, mathematics, science, religion, philosophy, sexuality, etc. He therefore has nothing whatsoever in the way of "policy positions," which would seem contrary to the idea of running for a government job, but whatever. If elected, Jedidiah promises to consult his Daddy and little brothers, around the family dinner table and as he cuddles into his bunk bed each night, about each and every decision he'd have to make as an actual representative. Also, and in conclusion, God."
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