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  1. Oh, absolutely! He seems utterly flabbergasted to find out that the TWENTY-TWO other people in his family have needs of their own! None of the wives seem needy, just fed up.
  2. This is exactly it. Asshat spent how long, 30 years, doing as little as he could get away with in regards to "leading" his family, i.e. earning money, nurturing his children, and cherishing his wives. NOW he wants to be a patriarchal leader with his fambly obeying his every command. How could be possibly expect this plan to work? Most of his kids are grown, all of his wives save one have created their own lives to compensate for his neglect, and they seem happier without him around, and he's made it utterly clear how he resents having to care for anyone's needs but his own (whic
  3. I agree, and he's also bad at being a cult leader. How many years did he spend half-assing absolutely everything relating to his family? "Letting" the wives do whatever they wanted? Sitting back while the kids "abandoned" his faith and made it clear they didn't (not one of them) want to live polygamy? Whining and complaining about how "needy" his wives were? Not that I'm suggesting he should have been more of a hard-ass, but a cult leader has got to work harder than Kody has.
  4. Geez, this. He sounded like a cult leader!
  5. I laughed every time one of the Slatons commented on how they wished Tammy was with them at the amusement park. Yeah, no. Tammy would have been a sullen, miserable drag on their good time. And no one could have missed how much time the siblings were having without her. They were laughing and joking, and no one was screaming or swearing.
  6. I know I shouldn't waste any headspace on this twit, but... Kody wants to lead his family in name only. He wants to hand down edicts from on high and be obeyed but not take any responsibility for those decisions. He loves to wriggle out of any fault and refuse to admit when he's made a mistake, but he does want the wives to trust him time and time again, even though he's proven he's a clueless dolt. Remember his Powerpoint presentation about moving to Flagstaff and how they were going to make so much money selling the Vegas houses? Then they sat on the market forever, and all of a su
  7. Americans on this show: I know we speak different languages, but I never thought we'd have such a hard time communicating! Me: ...you didn't?
  8. A dysfunctional, narcissistic, unintelligent, angry, irresponsible twit who wants to "lead" his family without actually doing anything.
  9. Kody "Crunchy Ringlets" Brown can fuck right off. "I've had higher standards all life and no one can meet them"? You let your daughter writhe in agony without the comfort of her father because you couldn't be bothered to be with her! Are those your "high standards"? Those are some subterranean standards, you mean-spirited, condescending asshat. I can't be the only person wondering of Kody's COVID rules are a convenient excuse to exert control over the fambly he feels is openly defying him. And I thought Janelle's kids were selfish and careless about COVID prevention,
  10. ...did I hear that asshole say that Christine went to NJ for VACATION? Like she was living it up while her daughter was having surgery on HER SPINE? Please say I'm losing my hearing or something.
  11. Christine: The doctors were surprised that I was there alone. Kody: I hope Ysabel doesn't resent me for the rest of her life because I wasn't there for her when she needed me. Me: She should. It's what you deserve. Kody: Eh, the past is the past. Me: Selfish dick.
  12. If their genders were reversed, and Gino was demanding 24/7 knowledge of Jasmine's whereabouts (with evidence!), we'd suggest she was in a potentially abusive relationship...and we'd be right. (And I know lots of commentators have said that.) Get the Hell out of there, Gino.
  13. Wow, Christine is truly a devoted, caring mother. I wonder if Kody ever bothered to appreciate what a gem he had in her. What am I saying? Of course he didn't.
  14. There are always young women with low self-esteem and low standards...
  15. Watching Kody and Christine this season reminds me of watching Kody and Meri for the past eleventy years: the discomfort, the coldness. The difference is that we know Christine peaced on out of this bullshit. Good for her.
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