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Give 5 (True) Criticisms of a Character You Adore

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Keeping in mind I still lov'em but Bette must be honest......






1. Takes too much shit off Carly

2. Has totally forgotton how to work Sonny Corinthos(she used to be the master)

3. Sometimes acts like a  chihuahua on the verge of a nervous breakdown 

4. I'm done




1.She can be.... indecisive.

2."                "  fickle.

3.Despite her beautiful face, sometimes she looks  in dire need of a Big Mac. Or ten.

4. She does not go after what she wants like Carly

5. No more I'm in agony.



1. Makes it EXTREMLY difficult to defend her.

2. Occasionally displays the judgement of an acorn.

3. Ok I'm done with my own thread


5.Ditto ditto 

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I'll try Dante.


1. Forgave Sonny for shooting him.

2. Has stopped hating Sonny.

3. Has he called Sonny dad? Not sure if he ever has, honestly, but I hate the thought of him thinking of Sonny as his dad in any way.

4. No longer goes after Sonny for breaking the law.

5. Puts up with Lulu's baby rabies (had to break the Sonny theme).

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1. Doesn't have his own home.

2. Is in love with the dumbest woman in PC

3. Wears his shirt entirely too much

4. Lost his own handcuff key

5.Hasn't killed Levi yet!




1. Doesn't have his own house

2. Has Ava for a sister

3. Wears his shirt entirely too much

4. Lied about being in the mob

5. Hasn't killed Fluke yet!


Stange, but I'm sensing some similarities between these two.

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She has lousy taste in husbands

She rather spend time  in the lab than with her family

She is a bit OCD

She likes Sonny and like Dante forgave him for shooting her

She needs to spend more time with Emma

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1. She's vertically challenged

2. Needs to let the truth fly more often & allow the chips to fall were they may

3. Doesn't slap Carly & Sonny each time she sees them

4. At times, to self sacrificing. Especially for the stupid selfish idiots she's sacrifising for.

5. Still loves Patrick when she should divorce his sorry ass

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Alexis (cause she's the only character on this show I will always adore):


1)  She generally has lousy taste in men.

2)  She thinks Sonny's a good father (after nearly blowing their daughter up)

3)  She has family issues

4)  She's a hypocrite

5)  She really needs to go into the DA's office.

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1.   Perjured himself for Sonny

2.   Is civil to Sonny instead of disowning him/punching him in the face every time he sees him

3.   That whole Brenda/Balkan thing

4.   Hasn't been smart enough to change his cell number so douchenozzles like Carly can't treat him like their own personal cop

5.   Cannot sing karaoke to save his life

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1) doesnt wear her awesome glasses enough (*i have the same ones)

2) hasn't kicked Dewq to the curb yet

3) continually sides with Patrick over her own daughter

4) slept with Lewq

5) couldnt tell she was kissing a man in a latex mask



1) use to wear awful jewelry

2) use to have awful hair

3) has a tramp stamp

4) forgave Sonny

5) asked Spinbitch to his daughters godparent

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I actually found this very easy. Being a soap fan requires one to become an expert at rationalization, but it's hard to deny that any soap character who's been around more than a year has done some really messed up shit.




1. Has made a habit of stringing Lucky along. I don't think she's really loved him since the last millennium. 

2. The affair with Nikolas was just abhorrent.

3. Can be very smug/pious

4. Is generally chilly (not that I mind. It's probably the reason I identify with her.

5. Let go of her dream of being an artist without much of a fight.




1. Lets Levi have sex with her. Ew.

2. Let Spinelli have sex with her. Ew.

3. Regularly makes terrible decisions, like not going to her daughter's court case.

4. That shit she pulled with the surrogacy was a seriously poor display of friendship. LuLu let her off WAY easier than she should have.

5. Her voice can occasionally grate.




1. Can be incredibly disloyal to the other Quartermaines (AJ chief among them)

2. Embarrasses herself for Luke

3. Overuses the word "slut" (but who on this show doesn't?)

4. Recently said nice things to KiKi

5. Her hair right now is not my favorite

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1.) Fixed her bangs all crappy

2.) Didn't throat punch Sabrina, Patrick, nor Felix

3.) Mothered Emma

4.) Revived Jason and not AJ

5.) Did not throat punch Sonny


1.) Banged Luke

2.) Banged Duke

3.) Did not bone R! F! Scorpio while in teh chamber

4.) Hasn't killed Dr O

5.) Won't let us watch the threesomes she has with her detectives


1.) Was killed by Sonny

2.) Didn't kill Sonny

3.) Became an alcoholic

4.) Felt bad about Jason

5.) Banged Carly and Liz

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Brenda (only reason I would ever watch GH again)

1 - can be insecure (hello you are GORGEOUS)

2 - ditto about taking too much of Carly's shit

3 - yo-yoing between Sonny and Jax (I love her with both guys, but if Sonny ain't leaving the mob, IMO he's not an option)

4 - too dependent on men, would've liked to see some more independence from her


Couldn't come up with a 5th.

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1. Calls Sonny dad once in a while

2. Ignores his siblings

3. Is too cheap to replace his ratty ass brown couch

4. Never sets boundaries with Olivia

5. Hasn't had sex with Anna yet




1. Dates Duke

2. Had sex with Luke

3. Doesn't make a larger effort to find out what the hell is going on with Robin

4. Is self-involved

5. Hasn't had sex with Dante yet






1. Lazy

2. Likes to sleep with his de facto sister in law

3. Doesn't discipline his unholy brat

4. Slept with Courtney

5. Has sporadic ghostly visions of Natalia Livingston's Emily




1. Whiny

2. selfish

3. Uses the phrase "Mikey"

4. No sense of responsibility

5. Left his little sister in the house with a serial killer

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1. Not nearly as awesome as he should still be. :( (I blame the writers - I have hated the writing for this show for years - they try to ruin all the great characters.)

2. Stubborn at times.

3. Could be oblivious to people's feelings, especially when forging ahead to save the day.

4. Slept with boring old Cheryl and Katherine Delafield. Had some other crappy girlfriends over the years, too, I think.

5. Sometimes his hair confused me.


1. Thanks to current writers, is now brain dead and not fiercely loyal to daughter, as I believe she would be if written properly in character. :(

(For serious, I hate these writers).

2. Even at her best, made impulsive, bad decisions at times.

3. Her big plan to fuck over Holly back, in the 80s, when she first came on the show and was still obsessed with Robert, was laughably stupid (or so I've gathered from YouTube clips).

4. The fake scar thing was ... odd. (Will watching more Youtube clips explain it better? Something tells me no.)

5. No matter how many times Robert points it out to her, just cannot seem to grasp how deeply stupid poor Duke is.


1. - 5. Ok, I just like Ian Buchanan. He was the only part of the movie Panic Room I actually enjoyed. But OMG, why is Duke so dumb?

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Some of this is easy, I guess it's a much easier thing when you like evil characters:



1. CRYPT. SEX. Why, Ava, why????????

2. She cowers to Sonny when she's millions of times over smarter than him and a better mobster.

3. Lied about her daughter's parentage.

4. Hasn't killed Sonny and Carly yet.

5. Hasn't taken Julian's power away from him and run the damn town herself.


Sorry not sorry about shooting Olivia and killing Connie.



1. He was in love with Kiki

2. Too accepting of his parents

3. Called Ava a whore

4. Forgave Michael

5. Ended things with Ava


Yeah, I neglected all of his "annoying" qualities.

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1. Doesn't have good taste in men (besides Jax and Johnny)

2. Let Jax get away

3. Is "in love" with That Freak

4. Coddles and makes excuses for Sonny

5. Needs to stop getting into altercations with people on MetroCourt property

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1.is stubborn

2.Too forgiving

3.went off to save Jason

4.always made excuses for sonny and Jason

5.can't see what an ass Patrick is lol.



2.can be desperate and pathetic when it comes to realtionships

3.Has forgotten Dominquie his one true love

4.obessed over a woman who left him for her raptist for decades

5.needs to spend more time with his daughter serena




3.can be dramtic

4.needs to find a job

5.used to be a fun bad girl


1.is a nutjob

2.Didn't succeed in killing carly and Franco

3.obessed with Luke

4.obessed with franco

5.was once a complex wonderful character

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1.) Sonny. Ew.

2.) Did not bang Micheal. Should have.

3.) Actually chose Sonny over Jax.....Why?

4.) Had better chemistry with Jason and/or AJ

5.) Wtf was that dress she had on at the Nurse's Ball? Has sleeve issues.

Karen Wexler:

1.) Sonny. Ew.

2.) Divorced Jagger.

3.) Stupid mom

4.) Dad has bad hair

5.) Killed twice in bad ways

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 1   She drank the kool-aid numerous times

 2   she forgave Sonny for shooting her

 3   when she finally hit Carley,  Punched Kim said She didn't hit her hard enough to knock her into the next week'

 4   She didn't give Patrick the same for not taking her phone call.

 5   She is trying to bring three murderers back to life.   Why

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Dr. O:


1) made a powerpoint presentation with clip-art

2) is a Franco fan!gurl

3) gave Franco a job

4) fired Patrick

5) supports her dumbass daughter

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