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  1. It's sad that I was trying to figure that out for most of the episode! I actually think it's more like second cousins five or six times removed. Bree's grandmother is Ellen MacKenzie Fraser and Roger's seven times removed grand father is Dougal MacKenzie. That makes Bree's second cousin Dougal's grandchild...it's all very confusing!!
  2. Oh, peach,don't get me started on those two, I'll be here for a month! Between that scene and this: I will never not be pissed off. So much perfection.
  3. Wow, @ulkis,how old is that quote? I don't even remember making it!
  4. Is it just me or was the FitzSimmons "not snow"/handholding at the end a subtle Doctor Who "The Christmas Invasion" reference? Just me? Okay then.
  5. They did say last year that Jack was in the Pacific, so I think that disqualifies him. To the best of my knowledge, they have never said where Sousa served. So, it's kind of for that reason alone, I think it's Sousa. I can see them throw in that he was among those that Cap rescued in The First Avenger (I think there were walking wounded.)
  6. Is it just me or have they totally ignored BM? And, as a Christmas wish, can the continue to ignore BM? Donna takes the cake in this one. From her screams at finding the ring (having been by to visit before, I'm shocked it took her this long) to her and Lance (they are just too cute together!) CR gets the gold star. And I would love for Laurel to find out due to Felicity's babbling at some point. On that note, I was really avoiding the anvils in the Laurel/Quentin convo about if he/she lost the other. And I really couldn't tell which one they were aimed at. So much more effective that the "Next time on Arrow" bit at the end. Olicity-So GREAT! And having read some other stuff here, I am thinking they may not be breaking up over BM/Will. Who I will continue to ignore, like the show seemed to this week.
  7. I will say, it ended a) just as I'd hoped and b) just as I expected. Not to say it was bad though. They ramped up everything to a point midway through that I had a knot in my stomach. I was really scared there for Fitz and Coulson. Hell, I was half scared there for Mack and Daisy too. I am doing a little happy dance that Ward is dead, even if the body's still moving. And I am curious to see where they go with "Ward" now. But, alas, I won't get those answers for another three months. Until then, I enjoy some fun in the Forties sun with Peggy, the Jarvises Sousa and whoever else they introduce in Season Two of "Agent Carter".
  8. Word has it that Frank is furiously rewriting scripts so it wouldn't surprise me if that was one of the rewrites.
  9. Come and sit next to me! Those are my two issues with the new SW. And I really hated the first ST reboot. HAATE!! The only thing that saved the second one was Benedict Cumberbach and that I really love Khan to begin with. I really enjoyed the entire Universe the novels created and with TFA, it's all gone. I am going to go see it, but I'm waiting for the Sunday after Christmas to go to the 16 plex (It's attached to a mall and where I live, we still have blue laws.)
  10. It's totally in character for the Carly of the last three to four years. Remember, the one that believed TODD MANNING over her bestie Jason? The one who felt sorry for and cozied up to, the serial killer/rapist who tormented her friends and family? So, in keeping with that spirit, I can totally see Carly not believing Kiki could pull this (and I'm no longer even watching this show.)
  11. On this day in 1995, Todd and Blair were married for the (second of four time) in what their fans remember as the Golden Balloons Wedding. Happy Anniversary and thank you all the memories, Roger Howarth and Kassie DePaiva!
  12. EEEEHHH!!! But in truth, I've been waiting for at least her to appear on the show.
  13. I'm not reading through five pages of comments, so I'm not sure if this was touched on but...Oliver convincing Quentin to be his inside man with Darhk makes me feel even stronger that it'll be Quentin in the grave. He's talked him into it and when DD finds out Lance is playing him, he'll be a dead man. Just me? Okay, I'll show myself out.
  14. My general order of baseball team preference goes as follows: 1. Yankees...always Yankees. 2. Orioles. I went to college in MD, so a little of the orange and black bled into me. 3. Cubs. Come on! After 106 years, the deserve it. 4-28. Really don't give a flying fuck. 29. Mets. I do loathe the, Sorry, not sorry for no NYC loyalty. 30. Red Sox. The most heartbreaking moment of my fandom was when the Sox won the Series.
  15. As for my two cents...5% of me thinks it's Felicity who's in the grave (mostly because the other 95% is screaming "No, No, NOOOOOO!!!). But I am getting the feeling it's Lance. I just feel like him working with DD is spelling his end. They also talked in the interviews about him losing the moral high ground on Oliver. His death would even them out again, in a way. I will say, I kept praying when Oliver was at the headstone that he NOt put the ring on it. The scene of him hiding it made me think it would reappear again.
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