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  1. Cattitude

    S04.E04: Keepers of the House

    I'm in the minority as liking Haley and Elijah but I was like "girl please" when she said what she did to Elijah. I mean the whole need to kill one of those kids was to save Hope I'm sorry but if it came down to killing one of those kids or Hope would have died Haley would have done the SAME damn thing! Elijah was at the heart of it trying to save Hope, he would too do the same for his brother but reality is Hope is her child and a Mikaelson. She can't expect any of them to put another person above Hope and to them each other is just as important as Hope. Elijah is just the Damon of the Mikaelson family he will do anything or kill anyone to save who he loves which includes Haley herself. So she can just stuff it. I have never liked Freya but I gotta say I do like her with Keelin. She seems to be giving her some heart and growth. Poor Vincent can't ever catch a break. Farewell my Det Kinney.
  2. Cattitude

    S04.E03: Haunter of Ruins

    I won't lie I might have squeeked a little when Logan... I mean Det. Will was back. Now I can't decide is he REALLY evil or under some spell/mind control? Freya has never been someone I liked so her using of Keelin was so wrong, but I do admit they have some good sexual chemistry so I suspect yah they'll be hookin' up soon. I didn't mind the end where Freya seemed more willing to work with her than torture her but Keelin still had no real power in the matter. Klaus with Hope adorable. I have never seen a character that can make you so angry then look so adorable within one show like he can. I have always loved Hayley and Elijah so I still find them charming together. I really found the gazebo scene charming.
  3. Cattitude

    S03.E19: Richard Youngsta

    Not going to lie I thought he really was some rapper I didn't know named Rich Youngsta(sounded like a valid rap name to me.) So I really didn't know it was Chris Brown. I didn't really care for that part of the show anyway but not just him the Uvo executives being carbon white guys also annoyed. I actually agreed with the underlying message Ruby was pushing the show just took it a little to the extreme with the allergy and forcing Junior to eat something he was allergic to. Growing up a knew many people who made one dinner but if you didn't like it you could make a PB&J instead. I thought the Johnson kids came off very annoying about all the separate dinners and also the way they disrespected their grandmother with the taunting. I'm a southern woman and family meals together are important and you don't do that to your grandmother. Of course Bow's middle ground was the best answer a home cooked meal they all liked so again they pushed too far with Bow having to grovel to Ruby at the end.
  4. Cattitude

    Vampire Diaries In The Media

    As a huge cat lover who has followed Nina on twitter I know how much she loved her fur baby. <tear> http://www.seventeen.com/celebrity/news/a46012/nina-dobrev-posts-heartbreaking-tribute-to-her-cat-that-died/?src=socialflowTW
  5. Cattitude

    S08.E16: I Was Feeling Epic

    I liked the finale but I wish it would have been even 30 mins longer. Why TPTB chose to make an hour long interview show is beyond me. 30 mins for that would have been sufficient and then an hour and half finale would have been more satisfying to me considering all the cuts they had to make. As a Delena fan I didn't have a problem with the reunion nor IS or ND acting. I think why it seemed kind of understated is as KW said a lot of the future scenes got cut so I'm sure there was more emotion in their engagement or future scenes when Stefan had been dead a while that got cut. I kind of took the scene by the crypt when Elena was writing in her diary a take on the old fairy tale troupe "and they lived happily ever after" so you can imagine in your mind the future you wanted them to have. I was okay with that. When Elena first woke up in Damon's bed and went to the crypt I thought Damon did a good job with his facial expression to show his emotion of seeing Elena again. It was like a bittersweet little smile.(I'm so glad to get to be with you as a human but my brother is dead) And then they did run into each others arms and kiss. It seemed appropriate to me. The one thing I wish they would have splurged on was aging make-up. I do think it made the afterlife a little confusing for Damon and Elena to still be young when it was implied they died as elderly people. Everyone they showed in the afterlife was the age they were when they died so making Damon and Elena young was confusing. I think they should have been aged. When Elena and Damon were walking holding hands then he disappeared and she was reunited with her family I took that to mean she died before him then he died a little later and got to see Stefan. One would assume that they had children and so I choose to believe they all end up getting to see each other in the end and when their children die all of Elena's family and Damon and Stefan would all be together in the afterlife:) I found it a little weird that they had Stefan find Elena's body at the school trapped and have Damon running around getting chased by Katherine. Katherine was always all about Stefan. I thought that was a little backwards. I thought Damon should have found Stefan with Katherine and compelled him to leave rather than Stefan finding Damon there. I also found it a little odd everyone was worried about Damon staying with Elena's body and dying with her. They all knew how much he loved her and if they died together it would be fitting so I didn't know why it bothered them all so much. I thought the whole destroying hell with fire was ridiculous. It made no sense I mean hell is perpetual fire how would more fire destroy hell? They should have had Bonnie and the Bennett witches turn the fire to ice and destroy hell with ice that would have made more sense. I hope since "The Salvatore home for Exceptional Children" is for supernatural children that Bonnie or some other witch would spell Mystic Falls to keep dangerous big bads out and that is why Damon would be safe there with the cure. In the end I feel everyone got gypped a little except for Elena. I mean even Damon while he might have gotten more than he deserved had to lose his brother to get his happy ending. Only Elena got everything she ever wanted which I kind of think was the whole purpose of the show from the beginning. It was ALWAYS about Elena. Farewell TVD!
  6. Cattitude

    S08.E14: It’s Been a Hell of a Ride

    So much THIS! Stefan has been human for about a week and has already almost died like 4 times. I LOL at Mr Saltzman's Home for Peculiar Children.....I mean this could be a whole spin-off in itself. I have always thought all the the actors on this show were well matched, but CW blew them all away in this episode. Kai made the show this week. I have always liked Klaus as a villain b/c he could make you dislike him and feel sorry for him all in one day, Kai is the same. He is a great villain. He was so creepy dragging that medieval hatchet around. I LOL at his new prison world, I mean how evil can Katherine really be when Kai has been in 3 prison worlds. I found the whole Damon and Stefan saving Elena's coffin so contrived. Stefan is human, why exactly did Damon think he was the best choice to help him get the coffin back? I'm a big Damon fan but Bonnie and Cade fighting over Damon's soul of all people had me RME. Other than Damon Caroline is the strongest of the group now why is she always stuck wringing her hands over Stefan? She could be much more help. People always try to say Damon never grows but a couple of years ago he would have had no problem sacrificing his brother for Elena and himself to have their time. The plot was transparent so I knew he would choose himself to die over Stefan, but it does show he has grown. I'll be interested in what they do with Katherine trying to stop Stefan's wedding.
  7. Cattitude

    Unpopular Opinions Thread

    I'm glad I found a place to vent my UO. I don't like Kevin and have little sympathy for him. I find him to invent problems of his own making to get attention. Kevin is one of three children who has all the luck, while his siblings have real problems. He is jealous of their real problems so he acts out to get attention. Randall and Kate need more of their parents time b/c they have real issues. Kevin has a good life and is popular and well liked....poor baby. ugh! I just have no sympathy for him. His siblings have successful lived despite adversity. He has a successful life but seems to keep sabotaging it and playing a victim when he has a GOOD life. Why again should I feel bad for him. I just don't find his parents not giving him as much attention something to feel sorry about. I don't feel they love him any less he just doesn't have REAL problems. More attention doesn't equal more love, you give each child the amount of attention needed and that doesn't equal loving one more than the other. I've never seen his parents not include him in parties, outing or the fun. I find they love him as much as Kate and Randall so I can't feel sorry he doesn't have problems in his life. He seems golden to me. Why should I feel sorry for that.
  8. Cattitude

    S08.E12: What Are You?

    I thought maybe the reason Cade couldn't get the book was the Armory was spelled or something so he couldn't go in but then Kai...so I'm not sure. I wasn't so bothered by Damon not copying the book b/c in his mind he already knew the answer so why bother. What I never got was why Dorian never copied it since he pored over it for days. I would think if nothing else the old paper wouldn't hold up well to oils in the skin so handling it wouldn't be the best idea. I had to watch the ending twice and I think it looked like Katherine took Stefan. So this crack in hell let out Cade, Kai and Katherine. Talk about worst of the worse. I didn't get what the big deal about Enzo's body was since Kai was headless and now seems fine. Why does she need Enzo's body to get him out? I had issue with Matt being the one to comfort Bonnie about Enzo b/c he and Enzo both tried to kill each other more than once. He never liked Enzo. Love Ric and Damon working together again. I hope they get some good scenes next week.
  9. Cattitude

    Vampire Diaries In The Media

    It was a nice gift ND gave the crew. She seems happy in her new life but it is good that she is still able to thank those she got her start from and appreciate what TVD did for her. I hope she continues to find success and happiness.
  10. Cattitude

    S08.E11: You Made a Choice to Be Good

    I thought this very same thing. Why were Bonnie and Enzo being so calm about the whole thing. Get Elena's coffin in the truck and scram. Get the cure later. With all the doppelganger talk I forgot Stefan is a doppelganger too. So can Klaus now use his blood to make new hybrids?(sorry I put that out in the universe again) The big thing about Stefan being human and having the cure is he will have to disappear out of everyone's life including Caroline's b/c that was the plan for Damon and Elena. If another vampire who wants the cure finds Stefan he's dead. I thought at the end of season 4 Stefan admitted he was now okay being a vampire and didn't want the cure without Elena, especially now since "the love of his life"[TM] is a vampire.
  11. Cattitude

    S08.E11: You Made a Choice to Be Good

    I have to say even with the eye rolling moments that was by far the best episode this season for me. I thought it had a lot of drama and twists. Of course I'm an Enzo fan and thought he and Bonnie were a good couple. I'm sorry he died at the end but it was slightly shocking so kudos for that. It is sad that Bonnie lost again, but really it was Cade's doing and didn't really have to do with the cure b/c human or vampire Stefan would have killed him either way so her trying to do the right thing or not didn't change what happened. The reality of what Cade did is that they ALL lost now. Caroline will still be a vampire and Stefan is now human so she can't take the cure from him or he'll die(lose/lose) Bonnie grows old alone b/c Enzo is now dead(lose/lose) and when Elena wakes Damon will have to kill his brother to take the cure or stay a vampire(lose/lose) Even though it was a little OTT I did like how Matt finally gave holier than thou vampire Caroline so hard truths about vampires with emphasis that she IS one. Yeah for Damon getting to be Damon again! Now for the eye rolls: It is interesting that Matt of all people suddenly has all this secret family power no one ever knew about before. This out of the blue Dorian back story is somehow connected to Cade I'm sure. When Silas needed to take the cure from Katherine he had to drink "all of her blood every last drop" now a 1/2 surge full is enough? I actually think Cade is a decent villain ...remind me why we wasted 10 episodes on those stupid sirens! Here to hoping the last 5 are at least this good.
  12. Cattitude

    S08.E10: Nostalgia's a Bitch

    I kind of get what they were going for it just wasn't executed well. In the "back door" it was Damon's subconscious which is a place where you keep things you don't want to face. Damon knows that by becoming a vampire he killed people who otherwise would have lived. So he subconsciously felt that all the bad in his life was because he was a vampire and in his mind that lay at the feet of Stefan who forced him to be a vampire. Reality is all of this was Katherine's fault. Even though Damon wasn't compelled he was still very much under Katherine's spell. She manipulated both he and Stefan. Damon was Stefan's brother not his father and before the revised the age difference the first flashbacks had Damon very much seem naive and just a few years older than Stefan when they both fell under Katherine's spell. But in the end in Damon's subconscious mind he still blamed Stefan and he needed to forgive Stefan for his own sanity. That part I got, but I didn't understand all this business of everyone else needing to forgive Damon for him to get better. I know the writers wanted a way for many of our old favs to get a moment and I like those moments Caroline got with Liz and Bonnie got with Grams and seeing Vickie again but when you forgive someone it isn't for that person who did you wrong's benefit it is for your own. They got it right with Stefan and Damon but wrong with Caroline, Bonnie and Matt. Forgiving Damon isn't for his benefit but their own. Holding a grudge hurts yourself far more then the person it's against. So I felt overall it was confusing and a big fail. I also never felt Bonnie was Damon's best friend, that will always be Alaric in my mind and I have hated how erased that got. I do believe to Bonnie Damon is her best friend but I don't feel Damon every felt that way about Bonnie, she is just a very good friend. I still don't like Stefan and Caroline and sure don't buy this "love of his life" business in the previews. RME While I do agree this Stefan isn't all of Stefan it IS part of his personality and trying to say it isn't is part of why it keeps breaking through. Until Stefan and everyone else accept this part is part of Stefan he will keep failing. I am glad those horrible sirens are gone. whoot!
  13. I actually 1/2 way liked this episode and as bad as this season has been that is a win for me. There were some very good points which most of the season has been missing but there are still big chunks of FAIL. I wish they would have cut about 5 of the previous episodes and put this one after the first few this season.(cut a lot of the siren backstory/story crap) Bonnie and Enzo were a high point for me. I have never minded the cure much. One thing I liked is how Bonnie and Enzo are a mirror of Damon and Elena. Both put the other first over everything else(well except Elena herself who is almighty on high. he) If Enzo takes the cure from Elena he can be human with Bonnie and they can have a family and grow old together. Then when Bonnie dies and Elena wakes up Damon can take the cure from Enzo, Enzo will rapid age and die and the Damon and Elena can live the same human lifespan. The only kink in this is if Enzo died before Bonnie then Damon would have to choose to be human alone for a while until Bonnie died. I liked most of the Damon stuff. I think him fighting the mind alter is more in line with his long term character we've known. I think it got delayed to give Bonnie and Enzo their time to fight for each other first, but it had done a disservice to Damon's character who all along would have fought to keep his Elena's memories intact. This episode corrected that weirdness for me. Out of all versions of Stefan this was by far my favorite. It was like a combo of ripper Stefan that was with Klaus and Silas. I could never like Silas b/c since he wasn't a vampire he drank blood from people's wrists which somehow grossed me out. Stefan is dark and hateful and spookie. This is always how I think vampire Stefan should be. I always feel he is fighting it but it is there and pops out at times. This part of Stefan is what I always felt made him lose Elena. When he tried to drive her off the bridge playing chicken with Klaus is when I felt her love for Stefan broke. After that I always felt she felt obligated to choose him but loved Damon more. It wasn't so much that Stefan was more evil than Damon but that Damon had always shown her all sides of himself and that is the Damon she fell in love with vs Stefan who had only shown her (the good) part of himself when she fell in love with him and felt lied to when she saw his other side. (if that makes sense to anyone but me) Last thing I liked was Mattie blue eyes and [red shirt black character who is doomed] working together trying to get rid of evil. I like that Matt could deal with humans who were sire songed without having to kill them. I liked two humans getting things done without supernatural help. Miss Mystic Falls was part of the bad for me b/c it was like a Damon-swiss-cheese-brain version of the pageant. Why were they all dancing(in the real version only the contestants dance.) and it was so rushed and unfinished. It was like an FU callback IMO. Also dislike both sirens so much I replace them with Charlie Brown's teacher in my mind. It is very wrong but I LOL when Damon made Sybil cry. This whole story could have been so much better without these stupid sirens. ugh! Caroline and Stefan as a couple have always been a fail to me and this so highlighted that they just aren't in love with each other enough. Stefan made several comments that leads me to believe he still loves Elena deep down. If Caroline loved Stefan like she should one little bump like this would not have her throw in the towel. If nothing else Stefan helped her so many times she should at least give it a college try. What a Bitch. Especially when they had the new Miss Mystic Falls get turned and look so much like her she was projecting Stefan himself trying to help her. Last I will admit Caroline being such a Damon cheerleader was so out of character and unnecessary it was off putting.
  14. If you want to keep bringing bias into this then you really need to acknowledge your own. Stefan can't ever BE an ex-junkie b/c Vampires have to have blood. If you want to talk about the show glossing over Damon, same can be said for using blood bags as a substitute for feeding from the vein an acceptable alternative(you do realize taking blood bags leads to deaths of people who needed that blood). Damon taught himself to snatch eat erase to have his blood and leave more people alive. Damon's whole issue with Stefan is he needs blood, craves blood, has to live on blood and not accepting and getting a handle on this always leads to falling off the wagon, and off the wagon it is well established leads Stefan to kill many more innocent people and children than Damon could ever kill. And to be clear Stefan many times has been off the wagon but humanity on and been 10X more viscous than Damon which miss vanilla was discussing. You obviously have a big issue with sexual assault which IRL is a terrible thing but no worse than murder so on a fictional show I don't see one as worse than the other. If Stefan TRULY hates killing people then he would have offed himself long ago rather than keep falling off the wagon over and over. In the end just as selfish as Damon he chooses to keeping falling off the wagon and being a murdering vampire. Martyrs are very self centered b/c they mistakenly believe they are superior to others and their way is the only way when in fact that simply isn't true. You have a bias towards Stefan and that's okay but doesn't make him better than his brother b/c there is no such thing as a "good" vampire they all do evil in their own ways.
  15. Cattitude

    S08.E08: We Have History Together

    Since Damon is a fictional VAMPIRE I have no problem defending him, this isn't real life it is a TV show. Same could be said for defending Stefan as a "good person" he is fictional vampire too and in the apples vs oranges debate they are BOTH murdering oranges. For me to enjoy a show about evil people I'll go with the person who embraces the evil and revels in it over the hypocritical whiner who does the same things but tries to say he doesn't. And if anyone watches Blacklist Raymond Readington is the best evil genius on TV in my book. I love him too. Sorry not Sorry.