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  1. I like a lot of these spoilers Kristen works so much better as a villain honestly.
  2. I'm sure she is but its a total quartermaine thing to do.
  3. Didn't think this show would do another baby switch story so soon after Wiley but it looks to heading that way Brooke looks further along than maxie does at this point.
  4. I actually thought that other than the Ben and ciara stuff the show was decent although rafe annoyed me and I don't hate him as much as the rest of you do.
  5. I miss when characters like Lucy and Scotty back in the day owned they were bad now characters like Franco and Peter get sob stories.
  6. Unpopular opinion I felt a little bad for Debbie.She shouldn't put her issues with her mom on sandy though but she needs therapy to deal with her abandonment issues. Lip was really annoying this episode.
  7. Been watching these episodes and it's weird how the reboot has this school has the richest school because in these episodes the school never had any money for anything they couldn't even have a real senior prom lol.
  8. Why are they acting like wayside was Beverly hills 90210 in the original they only one that seemed rich was Lisa and even that wasn't really focused on.Kelly was poor and although Zack and Jessie seemed comfortable Zack spent most of his time scheming to become rich with his money making schemes. In the original the actors where teens it's pretty obvious these actors are not teens they look like there in there 20s. Also the way they rush these relationships is dumb it took Zack and Kelly a season and half to actually get together. I didn't think the pilot was that bad but I find
  9. It's crazy and sad that there's not any gay characters in any stories on the U.S. soaps. Meanwhile over on hollyoaks there LGBT characters are usually the ones that get the meatiest and most dramtic storylines.
  10. to be fair most women who are sterile on soaps end up having a miracle pregnancies there's very few that I can think of that didn't have miracle pregnancy.
  11. Good to know lani is still the dumbest character ever.I do now think the rumor about Gwen being Jack's might be true.
  12. I have to admit I was surprised at well they did the Allie scenes to days talking about consent I still don't trust RC not to make a mockery out of it though. I still feel like Tripp is acting weird but that could be a red herring too.
  13. I personally thought Tripp acted guilty at the end of to days show but that could mean there's a twist coming
  14. I don't like Ben and the marlena and Ben stuff is ridiculous but so is the Maggie and xander realtionship I still don't get why xander and Victor weren't even questioned for the baby switch crime.
  15. Doesn't that mean she slept with her brother jake?
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