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  1. Leo should go visit the hollyoaks village the gay guys there will sleep with anybody lol.
  2. I really hope this is leading to johnny finding out the truth about his conception.There's a spoiler the week after next that johnny gives Allie shocking news about something in will script.Of course that might just be the silly possession story.
  3. Funny thing is GR character on YR is actually ZT characters uncle lol.
  4. Did they mention how Sebastian was repeated to the Alamains?Also shouldn't Nicholas be the heir of alamania.
  5. This is random but with all the almania stuff I just remembered Jake was an Alamain lol.
  6. I don't think Lucy had a c section Scotty delivered her.Lucy had two miscarriages before Serena anyways.I always assumed something wad wrong was wrong with Lucy's eggs since she was able to carry Serena but not her own babies.
  7. I've always thought it was weird that belle and Shawn never had another baby and an adoption story or surrogacy story would actually give them something to do.I hate that they don't get written for other than stuff with Jan not that I'm a big fan of baby stories.
  8. They should have johnny find out the truth about how he was conceived.I feel like that would be a juicy storyline for him.
  9. Netflix needs to get on the ball and start renewing shows.I don't like to get attached to shows then they get cancelled.
  10. I think sometimes we forget these are teenagers.some seem to think they should be acting like there in there 30s.I mean sure they all have done some stuff that wasn't great but I don't find it that unrealistic.I mean sure should that have been mature some stuff yes but its not unusual for teens to lash out or to be petty and jealous especially when there relationships involved.I think all three characters have flaws and have made mistakes.Honestly I read the spoilers before I watched the season so honestly I was expected a big build up to Paxton and devi I actually didn't think they had much d
  11. To be fair I think devi needs to focus on herself and Greive properly for her father and not be obsessed with having a boyfriend.To be fair I think Ben is just as messed up as devi is and is just as obsessed with relationships as devi is because of his parents neglect and not wanting to be alone.
  12. I found paxtons episode to be a little boring to be honest.O do think meeting his parents though it made sense why he was more forgiving towards devi than Ben is.Paxton parents believe in kindness over success while Ben parents believe in ambition and success over anything including parenting there own kid.
  13. There also exes in real life and like best friends now.He's godfather of her daughter.
  14. Honestly if you watch interviews with the whole cast the actor that plays Paxton in some of them he seems uncomfortable and not into it as the rest of them.Jaren who plays Ben has a very bubbly personalily.
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