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  1. It would be just like GH to kill off Britt for daring to have sparks with the Holy Hitman. I hope that she sparks with Drew, or literally almost anyone else. I didn't think I wanted her with Drew (Ryan Lavery PTSD) but he's such a better option than Jason. Yeah, I'll do you one better. Fuck you, Spencer. God, as annoying as Spencer is already with his entitlement and his snot-nosed attitude, of course he's going to wax poetic on the Amazing Uncle Sonny. GAG. Really enjoyed the fabulous KG today along with Mr. Sheffield. Liked Britt being aware but having faith in her mom. Scotty f
  2. Since they obviously dropped JaBritt like a hot potato and aren't planning on revisiting it, it kind of pisses me off that they made her sleep with Jax. Completely non-essential and just gross for her to have to get up close and personal with the actor. Then again, who knows who's infecting who over there. I will keep with this show through November sweeps to see if it improves and storylines resolve. Not likely to happen. The show is clearly writing for the Sonny/Carly/Jason fans on Facebook. They are thrilled with the show and the reveal.
  3. Well the pool set is going to be shelved now for a good long while. Where else was there to go for a drink besides the Metro Court? I can fanwank that although the town puts on a good front, secretly they hate Carly and were pulling for another establishment.
  4. I don't think she's blaming everything on Nina. Nina lied to her and Lenny for months on end. She was completely deceitful. For a woman like Phyllis, I imagine that's extremely important to her. Nina was her friend, she trusted her. Does Nina have a few screws loose? Probably. But in the aftermath of the fire, I'd be shocked if Phyllis wasn't (rightfully) pissed off. I'm glad someone is allowed to be angry about something on this show besides Sonny. Do you think that Phyllis would be trying to get Nina and Mike together if she knew that Nina was lying about who he was and knew it all along? Ni
  5. Her scenes with Ava were actually my favorite part of the episode. I think she was able to be civil and have a real adult conversation with her because Julian treated her like an adult. She really did like working there, and it made her proud to do so. She knows how close Ava and Julian were, so she's putting someone else's feelings ahead of her own. Bravo, Krissy. I'm proud of you. [And I agree about MW bringing out the best in people. I love her relationship with Trina as well.] LA was also excellent in her reaction to seeing Sonny. Better acted than anyone else there. Thank god Trina i
  6. I'm guessing that someone (maybe their parents) wanted to keep the twins (Ava and Grace, who play Avery) away to minimize risk. Oh #*@%. I don't have high hopes for that. I want that to happen so bad but you know since it's Jason's holy ass she'll happily accept leftovers. Gross. Be strong, Britt! I know Phyllis has her part to play in what happened, but I can't help feeling sorry for her. She lost literally everything. Her husband died, her friend Nina sold her out, her friend Mike doesn't exist anymore, and her beloved place of business that no one frequented literally went up i
  7. It would be heartwarming and emotional if it were a decent family. But all of them are either disgusting and horrible people or (Dante) loves his disgusting, horrible dad. So no, you aren't a cold dead fish. It's just that THIS FAMILY SUCKS TEN MILLION TIMES OVER. I didn't watch live and I'll see if today was worth it for me to watch later by your reactions. I doubt it, heh.
  8. tvgoddess

    S05.E01: Panic

    And on that note, I do like Buck and Taylor together and think they're sexy but I'm still worried that he's more into her than vice versa. He's such a puppy, and she's...not. Hopefully she doesn't break his heart but que sera sera. I tried to hold my breath when Drowning Lady went under and forget it. I'm a goner.
  9. One of the bloggers or whatever on Twitter said that it seems like there was a mandate from the network or from Frank to end the NF storyline and wrap up everything immediately, which is why the reveal was the way it is. I say bullshit. Even if this was the case, any one of us could have written a soapier conclusion. Even at the end, I felt like it was still a fakeout somehow and then I realized that the writers are really just that bad. I came back to watching this show fulltime because it seemed like it was clicking and stuff was happening. Interesting stuff. Now it's just absolute colossal
  10. One of my favorite cheats was Natalie and Brody's ONS on OLTL, because it was damn hot! And I was a huge Brody/Jess shipper so I was mad at them for it but appreciated the aesthetics. There was none of that here. And not to mention the completely non-soapy fallout with Millowtonin.
  11. I didn't say they did. And I'm not comparing them to murderers or drugging people. I'm not even talking about other people, I'm talking about them. To me, they're gross. And boring.
  12. And I really don't want people to lose their jobs (well, most of the people) but this dreck they are putting out is not good. It's certainly not GH when it was actually good, it's not even GH when it was Guza good (too much killing off and too much mob but good sweeps stories and well plotted). It's just really really really bad.
  13. Is it though if they had him declared legally dead?
  14. They fucked each other during their 3 year old son's birthday party with a house full of guests and their child waiting to open his presents. They're filth. Do not even get me started on the complete failure of drama in today's reveal. Absolutely pathetic. I truly hope this show does get canceled.
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