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  1. She said "yes" when they called and asked her to play again, unlike some other people they'd called first. Worked out pretty well for her too, I'd say. It kind of worked out well for Rob too, considering they got married and now have four daughters. I'm glad she was on that season if only for the adorable little Mariano tribe.
  2. Well, power in the sense of being married to a prince and having full access to Wyndemere. Although I thought her penthouse was pretty awesome too. Guess it pales in comparison. Wyndemere better stock up on martini olives.
  3. Let's not forget about all the times Carly has barged into other people's rooms without knocking or asking permission. Nina has gotten on my absolute last nerve with her weak, whiny, mewling complacent act. Girl, get some guts and stand up for yourself. Get some pride. I never thought I would miss the old Nina who I despised almost as much as anyone on this show, but at least she had balls. Emphasis on the bolded. Because with rumors going around on another front, I think that Nik and Ava eventually will come to have feelings for each other. Both sides. And Maura didn't kiss all of those guys for nothing. I'm still behind on the few days because of (gasp) real life, but I'm just glad Ava's finally reclaiming some power. Does Julian know yet? Can't wait to see his reaction.
  4. Ah well, it's a damn shame. I'd be interested. And while some of that other stuff is appealing, particularly the Davis Girls scenes, they're not exactly showcased much either. I hate her little girl mode in relationships. I'm glad that Laura made reference to Alexis. When was the last time she was even on? And when was the last time this show had a sex scene? I guess mostly off camera Chase and Willow for NYE.
  5. And Sonny, just because. I enjoyed yesterday's episode. Genie was particularly great. I don't have the history of the Cassadines, but it was interesting nonetheless. And reading Alexis' history above, I wonder why she isn't showcased more. It's gothic horror at its best. Nina still annoys the hell out of me. And just knowing that Jax is saddled with/rushing after her disappoints me. He could have had someone much more fiery, and no I don't mean Carly. I had to actually try and think of why Maxie would try and prevent Valentin from taking Charlotte from her sleeping bed. Then I remembered, oh yeah Lulu. Talk about bland. Looking forward to Ava/Nik wedding and the ramifications.
  6. This should probably go in another thread, but I thought it was nice to see her get acknowledged. And Maura's always so gracious.
  7. I don't know why this cracks me up so much, but it does. I'm so glad we can mostly come to agreement that she half-assed her material and was at best sleepwalking through the whole thing.
  8. Here's Fairman's Best and Worst of 2019 for all Soaps:
  9. I honestly can't remember if Oscar died this year or last, it feels like it's been going on for so long. If it's this year, I'll say anything involving his death and the ramifications. Runners-up: Shiloh and Dawn of Day, Carly is pregnant, Baby Gate, anything related to Nina. Okay, I'll say it. A lot of this show just flat out sucks. I'll also say it's a waste of Rebecca Budig (actress). There's no good reason they wrote such crap for her and wasted her time and ours by not writing for her at all for at least two months. She started out good and soapy, then languished for most of the summer except bits and pieces with Jax, and unexplored chemistry with most of the canvas. It got better towards the end, but then she was kicked out and we lost out on Hayden getting to bond more with Liz and her nephews. Plus it would have been nice to see them try a ONS with anyone else besides Basic McBoring. Sorry, I know I've ranted about this until I'm blue in the face and you guys are sick of hearing it. But I'm still pissed as hell at the whole thing. Trying to get on my good side, are you? Come sit by me. Agree with so much of your entire post. Great job.
  10. They should have Ava and Franco turn to each other if any kind of uncertainty were to come up. The two always made the most sense and they had good friendship yet antagonistic chem.
  11. I'd be surprised if they revisit Nik/Liz again since Maura was the one who chem tested with all of the Nikolas potential recasts. And she had to kiss all of them, which were numerous. Unless they've decided to scratch that plan, but I don't think so as of yet.
  12. What a lame episode. I guess Tracy was the best part, followed by Curtis as Santa. Everything else? Blegh. Oh, Cam and Trina, mainly Trina. She's great. But Snore Sam being home with her kids she never spent any time with, Jason holding Drew's daughter (gross), Carly calling Avery her child (shut up, Carly) and all the rest was crap. I don't care about Gladys and I don't care about this old friend of Jordan's that died that we never knew. And a preview focusing solely on Sonny and Carly is a great way to get me to tune out.
  13. I thought Brook Lynn was the one that called it that. Maybe I misheard or am not remembering. Thank you! He's being so damn passive aggressive and all, oh I don't know where she is or what happened. Well then, do something dumbass. You claim to love Violet so much, Hayden's her mother FCOL. You should be turning over stones to try and find her instead of sitting around and doing nothing. Maxie is going to look so stupid when the truth about LWB/FS comes out. It's going to be awesome.
  14. Have to disagree. I think McBain much more fits Easton's limited acting abilities than Silas or Finn. And I never listen to anything Steve Burton has to say. Agreed, but they hate everything about the show also, so it was a still a bit of a surprise. Tuned in for a little bit today, and it just reminded me how bad I miss Vinessa as Jordan.
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