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  1. Way too much Corinthii, and way too much Nina/Valentin. And Nina's stupid baby rabies, ugh. Hard to say which took more focus - Sam's cleavage or Lulu's dress.
  2. Yeah, Maxie was freaking gorgeous. Her hair looked amazing! Dante's though...not so much.
  3. Carly really does just exist to screw with other people, just like clockwork. And not in a good way. She is so past the point of expiration. I'm glad Ava initially laughed in her face. She held her own pretty well in that catfight, considering the height disadvantage. Loved Hayden's dress, she looked so pretty. Definitely a black dress theme that year. Nik being a total ass there. And aw, a little bit of Cupcake friendship. Finding it hilarious that Sam does indeed keep showing up with a different guy every year. The Magic Milo act was...interesting. I had totally forgotten that Griffin and Maxie might be a thing. Was this Bobbie's diabetes thing?
  4. I wish I could like this 1000 times. So I'll just say, yes, 1000 times yes!
  5. I've seen RP in person, and while an extremely nice guy, I'd still take JS (clean shaven or facial hair) over him. Just a matter of preference. Wouldn't kick either out of bed though. Agree that Kirsten Storms looked very pretty. Her hair was so much better. I think that a Nathan/Maxie/Spinelli/Ellie quad was much more interesting than a Chase/Willow/Michael/Sasha one. I was always an Ellie fan though. So trying to figure out the timeline here on this: In consecutive Nurses Balls, Sam went from Silas to Patrick to Drew? to Jason? Did I miss anyone?
  6. Kyle Sloane! All I remember about him is laughing hysterically at some line delivery of his. I'm kind of mad we're skipping ahead. I know that the episode after this one or close to it, Nik and Hayden had raging hot sex.
  7. Even with the special report breaking in and pre-empting about half the episode, this one was barely watchable. Spencer's ridiculous whining and exaggeration about his "disfigurement", SWMNBN making a special appearance, Aveeno promotion out the wazoo, and of course ending on "You're Not Alone". Painful, just painful. Did Anna ever end up sleeping with Grayson McCouch? Sorry, can't remember the character's name. And didn't Carlos end up killing him?
  8. Yes, and what was weird was I didn't think we were done with the other ball yet. Oh well. I liked 2015's better than 2014's anyway. I've got Hayden, and Drew, Nik and Ric all look really good. Sucks that they're all gone. I liked seeing Tracy again the previous year but that brought out Luke so... This isn't the year with that llama, is it?
  9. Hayden with long hair! Not crazy about the gold dress, but she looked good. I'm not wild about the princess hairstyle that Liz had going on, but Becky nailed that speech. Carly, still a bitch. Another day ending in y. Rebecca Budig and Billy Miller look really good together. Just sayin'. I always thought they had spark. I had so many scenes written for them in my head when she came back and before he left. Damn these writers. Dr. O stealing the show again, like a boss. They really tried to over use the same schtick as the previous year, and it's extremely obvious when you watch it with just a few days in between as opposed to a full year. I was like wait? Didn't we just see this? It was good to see Ric. Lucy is getting a little tiresome. She's too much. I kind of still forget Samtrick was a thing.
  10. Yeah, pasty white isn't a good look for a stripper, toned or not.
  11. Recent Dillon (RPW) did a number with Kiki. So no, I don't think so. I forgot about Dustin. I guess he would qualify. I'm sure Lulu would agree.
  12. Still a song I love (and now can't get out of my head lol). I never watched Ronn Moss on B&B either, but I never would have guessed he's a seasoned soap actor. His lines came off as very much a musician who doesn't act and doesn't have much experience doing it. Echo all of the above but especially this. I guess Julian would fall into the category of attractive, but I don't see him doing Magic Milo at all. So Chase and Curtis, but then there's just no point to it anymore. Off topic, good to be around you guys again. Decided to go on the Barge after Hayden left. I tried to stick it out, but nothing interested me - not even Ava and Nik. Maybe if Tyler were still around. But all of the rest of the storylines were excruciating. Hope everyone is well.
  13. Correct. Which I'm still trying to block from my mind.
  14. This isn't one of Alan Locher's reunions. EW is hosting it. Here's the info - https://ew.com/tv/ew-reunites-all-my-children-cast/ To make it more #GH related, Tamara Braun and Billy Miller will also be participating. ETA: Oh, and Colonel Sanders.
  15. Happy for Maura of course, but extremely happy for Rebecca as she really made the most of her exit scene and doesn't really get nominated for these. And yes, these are in no way the awards of the glory days when 11 or 12 soaps were on the air. I still think it's great for her, and they air on her birthday so that's kind of fun. Not that I have any illusions of her winning. As they say, I'm just happy she was nominated. Will also be watching her next week as All My Children airs their reunion special. Because her and Josh Duhamel reunited, if only on a computer screen, is an answer to my long-awaited soap prayers.
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