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  1. The actor played Gonzo Gates on Trapper John MD.
  2. https://www.soapoperanews.net/2021/06/breaking-wes-ramsey-out-at-general.html
  3. So Gregory is Chase’s father! I figured as much when Cyrus called the lab or whoever the day Finn did the paternity testing.
  4. I actually thought they referred to it as his playroom when Willow was painting it.
  5. She was wearing leggings, put the joggers on over them while she was selling them, and then took them back off.
  6. Thank you! I recall the conversation but either missed or forgot the line about Britt being negative.
  7. I caught that too. Recently they showed her hand shaking and I wonder if she inherited Huntington’s from her father?
  8. I think Alexis’s wrist ailment is going to be
  9. https://www.soapoperanews.net/2020/09/general-hospital-to-be-pre-empted-for.html
  10. Warning: do not view the TSV presentation while eating.
  11. At first I thought that for sure Cyrus paid (or blackmailed) Brando into tinkering with Jason’s bike to cause the accident but now I wonder if Cyrus was keeping Brando busy while his guy sabotaged the bike framing Brando?
  12. It looked to me like she might have gained a few pounds. I thought she looked good. Michael looked a lot different to me, not just the hair.
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