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Utopia in the Media

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Yeah, whatever Kroll.


Ooh, that reminds me: new show tonight.  Not that anyone should watch it- I certainly won't- but that means tomorrow the ratings for this week should be out.  Fingers crossed, they're a new low and as soon as early next week could be when we finally hear about the cancellation, such as "runs until the World Series, then on 'hiatus'".

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SO, is Kroll reading comments on this forum? He sure seems to be addressing our criticisms of the show in a clue of ways:

He denies that the show was cast with conflict in mind. This is pure bullshit if you consider the contrasts in the cast, as many of us have posted about. Nudists and preacher, right-winger and hippies, aspiring district attorney and ex-con, etc. They wanted conflict and that's what they got.

He denies listening to certain internet groups , then admits that comments about the live feed are prompting changes.

Then he comes up with the brilliant idea that the show should focus more on building a society and less on conflict among the cast. Wow. That's brilliant. But isn't that what we've been posting here since the show began?

On reality shows, conflict that arises naturally from the participants holds an audience's interest. Conflict that is set up for the sake of stirring things up, leaves the audience feeling manipulated.

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That Kroll interview was funny.

If the show was actually interested in society-building, then they should've cast more of those types. How many people there are actually interested in such a thing? Josh, definitely, and maybe Ernesto and Amanda. Just about everyone else there is trying to use the show for self-promotion. What a disaster.

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Kroll blames the cast’s conflict and ugliness on “closeness of the quarters and the intensity of the project,” not the people chosen to participate in the experiment.

Ha ha - I've been on crews in the worst places you can imagine (think the area where they hold Burning Man).  Tents, trucked-in water, and actual hard work in full focus of 'The Oppressor'.   No pizza delivery or stocked pond, limited places for discreet sexy-times, 12 hour days for weeks in a row.  And we all got along pretty well, with not one tantrum that I remember.


Not chosen for conflict, seriously?  Fuck you, Kroll.

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The promos made it more than clear these idiots were chosen for their opposing views on everything. They were gloating about that before this flopped hard. Why bother to deny it now? It won't make anybody more interested in their failed experiment.

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Friday ratings are in -- and there's absolutely no change from the previous week. With all the nonsense about Nielsen having issues with its systems, it looks like they basically copy and pasted last week's Utopia numbers -- they are that similar.




Can't wait to see how far they will drop two weeks from now.

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Over on Jokers there was a posting with some casting calls for Utopia, including one from today.


Oct 21 2014 (today) on an actors' audition listing site: "Casting directors for the new FOX reality series “Utopia” seeking to cast additional talent from the Birmingham area for the Fox reality television series,UTOPIA." http://www.auditionsfree.com/2014/fox-utopia-casting-talent-birmingham-al/#

Oct 1 2014 to a hydroponics FB group: "I'm a Casting Producer with FOX's Utopia and we are currently looking to cast a skilled and capable aquaponics farmer for the show...." https://www.facebook.com/nmaquaponics/posts/1405856606320489
To survivalist blogger MD Creekmore: "I would really like to get you or someone like you who is a survivalist expert."
http://hunting-washington.com/smf/index.php?topic=150213.0 AND http://www.thesurvivalistblog.net/new-fox-reality-series-utopia-casting-survivalis%E2%80%8Bt-experts/


While the one on the Survivalist Blog is from this spring, one of the comments was spot on:

Tomthetinker says:
March 25, 2014 at 2:32 pm

Waddayathink … that these producers will construct the most conflicted cast of characters possible .. well … maybe .. short of serial killers and sociopaths. This will be a ‘Cast’ of fools designed to cause the maximum amount of conflict .. ergo failure. Would I watch it…….. Hell Yes!

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that these producers will construct the most conflicted cast of characters possible .. well … maybe .. short of serial killers and sociopaths.



Too soon to say regarding the serial killers, but I think we now know they didn't stop short of casting sociopaths.

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Just found this article about Mike being cast for the show.  Given he described his version of Utopia as:


You must mean “Miketopia,” a metropolis teeming with pretty girls, hair salons, and a healthy supply of condoms.


his aversion to condoms with Dedeker speaks otherwise.

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I like this part of the article


"Talk of paradise brings us to the latest high-profile reality TV offering: Utopia. This “big, bold, and expensive” Fox show debuted last night to ratings described as “not ideal.” The premise of the show: drop 15 people into an isolated five-acre camp in the California wilderness, with no internet, electricity, or plumbing, and watch these “founding fathers and mothers” try to “form a new society and rethink all the fundamental tenets of civilization.”"



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Oh, man, they are being brutal to Rob in that reddit.


At one point he claims he's never heard of Bitcoin?  Isn't he a computer programmer and a libertarian?  That's like the Venn diagram of Bitcoin.  Something isn't adding up in his bio.

He's also repeatedly confused about Aaron stealing. It's like he can't read the threads either. A lot doesn't add up. He may not be that bright.

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Rob has not been out all that long. He probably wanted to eat, shower, and have sex. Reading the boards was the last thing on his mind. I would guess that spending two months with likeminded numb nuts could actually cause you to think that what you were doing was not all that bad. After all encouraging children to throw pumpkin at someone or throwing wood chips at someone is perfectly OK because the person was driving you crazy asking for organic food. We all know that.


I can see how he would not know about the stealing, that was a smaller group of four and no one really wanted to investigate or believe what was happening there. I am sure Production told them to move past it.

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Friday's show ratings are in -- and it's basically the disaster expected from being off the air for two weeks.


18-49 Rating dropped from 0.7 to 0.5, 18-49 share dropped from 3 to 2 and total viewers dropped by approx. 320,000 from 1.88 million 1.56 million.  


It's not like there aren't lots of viewers at that hour -- Utopia pulled in a whopping 6.9% of the total broadcast viewers at 8pm. It's encroaching on 'The CW' as the lowest broadcast show in its timeslot.



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Gah, that article is ridiculous!   Yeah, @riverheightsnancy is right.  The author of the article apparently has no clue.


From the article:

it doesn’t get more real or more pure than Utopia. The events so far have been genuinely insightful.


let’s just put the kibosh on the “I want a real reality show” conversation forever and always. Fox gave those critics the show that they are always asking for and no one showed up.



The author of that article is either incredibly naive or a paid shill for de Mol.

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An article from The Guardian about why no one is watching the show. Some of the comments on this site indicate that people really have no clue about the "real" Utopia and the live feeds.http://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2014/oct/31/why-isnt-anyone-watching-utopia-real-reality-show

What crap! Has this guy been watching the same "high minded anthropological experiment" that I have?

He's saying people aren't watching because it's NOT the usual crap, it's a genuinely insightful show about building a new civilization, and tv viewers want more of the same RealIty tv garbage.

Really? That is the explanation for low ratings? It's too GOOD?

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1. Waiting for other shows to be canceled first, such as "Bad Judge" which got canceled a day or so ago.

2. End of the World Series and start of sweeps. Utopia will not air during the November sweeps, because 10/31 was its last airdate.

3. Finishing prep on Fox's sure-fire hit new show, "ShadyChef Jr." where renowned reality TV chef Aaron teaches little kids how to abysmally fail their food handler permit exam.

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Me a month ago:  "Die, show, die!!


Me now:  Nirvana!!!


Just came over to celebrate after someone told me the news.  It is a great day for humanity!  And Thomas More sends his thanks as well!


Worst show I ever saw.  Well I only saw the first two weeks but I read the live feed stuff which was where the real entertainment value was.  Thanks so much to the recappers here.  Hope you all get over any lingering vestiges of reality show Stockholm Syndrome and enjoy the upcoming holiday season now.  You guys earned a little peace on earth after that ordeal.  And no ShadyChef Thanksgiving dinner nightmares to ruin your feasts either.


Can't imagine anyone in America not knowing the total disconnect between the fake TV broadcasts and what really went down though there is always someone that never gets the word.  So I imagine there is someone somewhere that actually believed the TV version spin crap.  They also walk around with tin foil on their head and have Big Foot as their next-door-neighbor.


So glad my favorite reality show, The Amazing Race, was up against this trash.  TAR is sporting a really good season of pretty much likeable people.  What a great contrast on how to produce a class reality show.  Glad TAR helped contribute a little in this trash's demise though this show would sink on it's own.


Happy for all the cows and chickens too.  Hope they enjoy the rest of their lives under normal circumstances now.


There isn't one person on this show I liked at all.  I guess Ernesto, who disappeared into the woodwork, was the best of the lot by default.  But he chose to enter the damn compound so I don't let him entirely off the hook either.  The rest can just take a flying leap to losersville.  All of them.  Even the so-called "good" ones were only "better" on the Doptopian scale and not on any normal human scale.  Good riddance to the pathetic lot of them.


With all the bad stuff that happens in this world I'll take the demise of this putrid trash as a gift from the gods of good taste.  Peace out.

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from Jon Kroll's twitter.......



"FYI, we gave them all champagne, sushi and In&Out Burger when we shut it down - best we could do on short notice!"




breakfast this morning..........   they all look happy!



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ottoDbusdriver:  That Rob Has a Podcast was awesome. It is clear that he really doesn't watch the live feeds so he has no idea why Bri, Aaron, and Rob were worse then Ernesto but the Cal stuff was pure gold.

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Nikki has updated her blog and talks about Utopia:



True to form, she doesn't have a bad thing to say about anyone. 


She says she's still in the buffer zone of the hotel. 


Just like Survivor, whenever possible leaving cast mates are secluded and talk with counselors about their experience.  The goal is to try to help them process what they've gone through and arm themselves for entering real life again.  Years ago, a woman left Survivor early because her mom had cancer, and she feared that it was progressing faster than anticipated.  She was right, her mom died 10 days later.  But she was accompanied on the trip home by a counselor hired by the Survivor production team.  (The counselor just flew with her, didn't actually accompany her to her home, but spoke with some of her family members at the airport about how to deal with the situation and give advice on where to go for more help.)


Nikki doesn't mention Cal at all, which I hope is a good thing.  I've had visions of Cal wanting to leave right away and trying to get Nikki to go with him to his cult/commune, while her family was rushing to California to try to stop her.  Go with your family, Nikki.  Please.

I can't wait to see what the others say and do after they're released.  It will probably be today or tomorrow.

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Josh released a funny picture on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/joshslcstud/status/529819294666739712/photo/1


He also Tweeted:  Josh Johnston@joshslcstud  "We were almost done building the beds when the producers came in and broke the news. It was devastating."


Josh's FB page: He's accepting friend requests.


Chris tweeted to someone that he missed the calf.


Chris actually had talent on glassblowing:  http://forums.jokersupdates.com/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Board=UtopiaDiscussion&Number=23297117&page=1&view=expanded&sb=5&o=14&rc=&fpart=


The vets Tweeted that the cows have all gone to a sanctuary and will live out their lives in peace.  The chickens have gone to a private farm.


Cal's FB page:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005694467190&fref=nf&pnref=story


He's answering questions there, but I'm pretty sure it's all more Cal-speak.  You'd have to 'friend' him to read it.  Someone who did says he's pretty selective on what he'll answer and it's all geared towards making him look better.  If he doesn't like a question he'll say he's not allowed to talk about it, kind of how when he didn't like a question when on Utopia he'd say he was too tired to talk any more.


Aarons Twitter account:  https://twitter.com/Chef_AJThomas
His FB account: https://www.facebook.com/MrMilitaryMan?fref=ts


Mike Tweeted:
Breakfast at @marltonhotel today... great fun but sort of missed @ChefAJs #maggots & @Briizeey's #brichinno #Utopia
I guess he's back in NY, and his mom must be OK because he's not mentioned her and is out having breakfast in NY.


Nikki posted a picture of her and Amanda:  http://instagram.com/p/u_BRXWpnC4/

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Chris tweeted to someone that he missed the calf.



LOL that he mentions missing the calf rather than a person.   I'd miss the calf the most, too.   I'm glad she and Betsy and Honey are in a nice sanctuary.  I'm hoping the private farm that took the chickens is a nice one.  Maybe they'll lay more eggs when they're not exposed to Utopia's brand of nuttiness.



Nikki posted a picture of her and Amanda:  http://instagram.com/p/u_BRXWpnC4/



That's actually a nice pic.  Amanda especially looks lovely.  

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He's answering questions there, but I'm pretty sure it's all more Cal-speak.  You'd have to 'friend' him to read it.

Careful if he accepts your "friend" request and starts answering your question - he might be sizing you up to be the next member of his "family" (or he might be looking for additional human pelts to wear).

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Zahdii, you are a saint to continue with this.  Much thanks for all that you've done.


I intend to steer clear of all of the Topes.  Really only have to worry about Josh (and that he might be related to all the other Johnsons I know).  (I omit the usual Johnson jokes.)

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Ernesto and Chris have found a few friends:  http://lilybop.smugmug.com/photos/i-tC4bCs2/0/O/i-tC4bCs2.jpg


Utopia madness is lining up interviews with as many cast members as they can.


Jake the Beekeeper has a video out:


Nikki posted this on her FB page: Looking for a place to rent in LA… preferably walking distance to the beach, though also open to pretty views for AM yoga practice


Nikki also tweeted about Cal:  "I talked to Cal today. I'm going to blog post about our experience to provide some clarity. It was unique and possibly misunderstood."
5:47 PM - 5 Nov 2014


Kristen twittered that she's trying to get her and Aaron on Amazing Race.  Yuck.


Someone has a blog up exposing Aaron's lies about his military service  http://aaronthomasisaliar.blogspot.com/

Kristen's already defending him on Twitter


Aaron deletes any posts on his FB that mention the blog or ask him about it.


Want to cyber stalk your favorite cast mate:



Amanda - @MamaBearSeattle

Bri - https://twitter.com/Briizeey

Chris - https://twitter.com/tuortillini

Dave - https://twitter.com/5thAveDave

Dedeker - https://twitter.com/DedekerWinston

Hex/Kim - https://twitter.com/kimAbondy

Jonathan - https://twitter.com/BigJonLovelace

Josh - https://twitter.com/joshslcstud

Kristen - https://twitter.com/kristenvanstrom

Mike - https://twitter.com/msqsp

Nikki - https://twitter.com/DrNikkiNoce

Red - https://twitter.com/RedAihooooo



Aaron - https://www.facebook.com/MrMilitaryMan?fref=ts

Amanda -https://www.facebook.com/amanda.scott.505

Bella - https://www.facebook.com/bella.chartrand.549

Bri - https://www.facebook.com/briinguyen

Cal - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005694467190

Chris - https://www.facebook.com/chris.tuorto.9?fref=ts

Dave - https://www.facebook.com/5thaveDave

Dedeker  - https://www.facebook.com/dedekerwinston?fref=ts

Ernesto - https://www.facebook.com/ernesto.santana.52459?fref=browse_search

Hex/Kim - https://www.facebook.com/hex.vanisles?fref=ts

Jonathan - https://www.facebook.com/jonathan.lovelace.988

Josh - https://www.facebook.com/joshualuke801?fref=ts

Katie - https://www.facebook.com/Katie.Leslie.22

Kristen - https://www.facebook.com/kristennvanstrom

Mike - https://www.facebook.com/sague

Nkki  - https://www.facebook.com/drnikkinoce

Red - https://www.facebook.com/arthur.vanwinkle.94

Rob - https://www.facebook.com/robby212

Taylor - https://www.facebook.com/taylor.vaughn.14?fref=ts



Aaron - http://instagram.com/mrmilitaryman

Bri - http://instagram.com/briinguyen

Chris - http://instagram.com/tuorto

Dave - http://instagram.com/5th_ave_dave

Hex - http://instagram.com/hexvanisles

Jon - http://instagram.com/bigjonlovelace

Kristen - http://instagram.com/kristenvanstrom 

Nikki - http://instagram.com/drnikkinoce

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Kristen twittered that she's trying to get her and Aaron on Amazing Race.  Yuck.



No.  Just  NO.  I would have to miss a season of TAR if this happens.  I never want to see Kristen or Aaron ever again, unless it's Aaron making an appearance to apologize for his military misrepresentations.  And Kristen, not even then. 

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I forgot to include it, but James (one of the guys who was vying for inclusion in the Utopia mess) has Tweeted that he's joining Aaron in New Orleans this upcoming Monday.  I'd hoped that he was just playing nice until he got voted in, but maybe he really liked Aaron.  I guess if that's the case that's another problem averted.

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Kristen was interviewed by Utopia Madness:

Part 1- http://www.utopiamadness.com/2014/11/an-interview-with-kristen-part-1.html

Part 2- http://www.utopiamadness.com/2014/11/an-interview-with-kristen-part-2.html


She's as delusional and shallow as ever.  She admits to deleting ONE email, but that's all.  Aaron not only didn't eat more than anyone else, he went without so others could eat.  She thinks she should have gone on Big Brother or Amazing Race.  She doesn't hate fat people.  She could have made everyone an enormous amount of money if they'd trusted her business sense.  She hardly ever got to use the computer so that's why the Utopia website was so crappy.  She'd never go back on the show if it was started up again.  (Only smart thing she said.)  Aaron is misunderstood, we just didn't get to see the real Aaron.  There was no stealing going on.  (I bet she still thinks the feeds were shut down at 10:00 pm.)  And great news!  She's going to make another fashion blog!


She also tweeted this:
@FrankieJGrande today a hater told me I looked like you. why would she think I'd be insulted?!#bestdayever  gonna #Fangirl for a hottsec.  (Someone's trying to make friends with another "15 minutes of fame"-whore.)  No reply from Frankie yet, if ever.


Cal was interviewed by Utopia Madness:


More doubletalk, mishmash of various 'new age' and 'ancient' teachings and lots of Cal being Cal.


There's another interview coming soon where he answers viewers questions.


James tweeted that he's catching up with what went on when he was 'inside', lost one of his side jobs, bought a new pair of blue high-heeled boots, and is meeting Aaron on Monday in New Orleans:  https://twitter.com/jamswft


Dede, Jake the beekeeper, and Nikki were partying together.  Pic:  http://forums.jokersupdates.com/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Board=UtopiaDiscussion&Number=23299263&page=0&view=expanded&sb=5&o=14&rc=&fpart=

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Can someone tell Kristen that Aaron does not want her?

Darth Vader voice:  The delusion is strong with this one.


In other news, I am having serious withdrawal from the Utopia boards and the neverending supply of snark and our shared obsession.

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