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  1. Funny you should say that - the most egregious manipulation I remember from the AR concerned exactly this. Can't remember the season but they were down to 3 teams, and one team managed to make it to a flight to the final destination which would have given them an unbeatable lead. There was still stuff to do there but they'd have been like 12 hours or something, which is hard even to correct with the usual bunching. If the edit is to be believed (a mighty big if) the team celebrated as the plane pulled away from the gate, and the next team arrived just in time to watch it go. Then for some s
  2. I'd be lying if I said I'd been paying that close attention, but it seemed to me that it wasn't so much Ben (although he was personable enough, vet and all) as 'an obvious winner'. Even the edit made it clear that Ben was doomed for the last several votes, but that's boring. I think Ben was simply the recipient of an 'underdog arc', where the guy who can't possibly win does so, by pluck, determination, and a bit of luck. Which in Survivor meant (I think) a few helpful nods towards places where HIIs could be found, and a bit of last-minute 'twisting' to give him a fighting chance when he was
  3. This has come up before so I'll keep it brief - there's essentially no reason to suspect that the presence of the S&P folks means that production keeps it's fingers off the scale for everything. If production decided that the Game Show rules in any way apply to reality shows like Survivor (a very big IF - nobody wants to test this in court, and I mean nobody), then they could well have S&P there to monitor the only part of the game that is purported to be a game of 'skill or luck' - the challenges. Jeffy himself has made somewhat odd claims along these lines. I remember reading (lon
  4. That's what we're supposed to buy, yes. Is there solid reason to believe it's true? That shot of him finding the idol and crowing about it 10 feet from people who supposedly know nothing about it, coupled with his 'amazing skills' at finding exactly what he needs precisely when he needs to (for 'maximum drama'), twice in a row, just pings my bullshit radar like few things have. Agree with whomever called this season a bit too manufactured - the contrivances have been a bit too much. That said, I don't care that Ben won. I guess I could have just stopped with 'I don't care'. Not a gre
  5. Ding ding ding. I'd prefer they kept the idols to a slow trickle but letting them persist too long allows them to be a substitute for having a strategy. That they should not be.
  6. That's a fair reading of the right or wrong of it, but I'd remind that Probst is perfectly capable of withholding pertinent info to the benefit of a single player. I'm thinking of Tony the Cop and his Super-HII, and non-reveal of its expiration date. It might have actually been a bit more interesting if Probst hadn't said if it was real before the vote. Question to our Survivor scholars: has this ever happened before? As soon as they made clear that Ben failing to find it meant Ben was for sure going home, I knew Ben would find it. I wouldn't go so far as to say that the HIIs r
  7. Such was my assumption too. Seems to me that the best way to do this would be to make a fake and wrap it up in the cover from a legit idol (assuming you can lay hands on one), then 'hide' it badly for someone to find. Question: has anyone done this? If not, I wonder if they're being told not to. Seems like it'd be legit to me. Surprising how fast he gets on ones tits. He really seems determined to be 'memorable'.
  8. Never gonna do it. The HII is one of the prime producers of the beloved #BLINDSIDE!, many of which are ... not actually blindsides. They're also a standard pagong-buster, and (it has crossed my mind more than once) an easy way to give a doomed player a second chance at life, likely by sending a PA to stare pointedly at some log or random patch in the sand. Without them we'd be back to just good ole alliance making and maintaining, which I'll admit can get pretty boring week after week. They are getting ridiculously common but I'll give the producers credit for trying new things, although m
  9. No belief necessary - Qhorin flat out said this, and it was obvious from the context. I was just countering the idea that Jon is incapable of doing a single thing that even might be interpreted as 'dishonorable'. Jon did a hard thing when he needed to, he's clearly capable of shutting the hell up in front of an enemy.
  10. That Halfhand would like a word with you. I know, Qhorin was gonna be killed anyway so John was showing him a bit of kindness, but so was that peasant guy. Jon is capable of lying, if not comfortable with it or good at it. I honestly see no other deal that Tyrion should have offered than this: tell Jamie to bundle up Cercei in a rug and take her back to Casterly Rock. They'll be allowed enough staff to fend off the barbarians and cook but no longer play a part in governing the realm. You have 1 day to comply. In one day and one minute, the Red Keep will melt around you from d
  11. So many good things, so many bad. Why does Cercei care if John adds his thousand men to the fucking nightmare that is the Dothraki, the horror show that is the Unsullied, and the completely sphincter-straining terror of dragon fire? Suddenly the northmen are a deal breaker? Odd that it's Cercei who also understands the heart of the matter. She can't ever ever support Dany, nor can she oppose her, so let the Night King deal with her first. Why in god's name would anyone think Cercei would do anything other than this? Nice to see Italica again - walked around the spot where the
  12. She is a despot, or seeks to be one. What you (and Tyrion) mean is that she'd be an unpopular despot. That would change with a few years of good rule, starting with defeating the WWs. And I'm not saying Dany should kill all the civilians in King's Landing, not if that's not necessary. But killing civilians shouldn't stop her. If she can't focus her attention on the Night King, everybody's doomed.
  13. Wasn't suggesting that Dany fly her entire army up for a bit of recon, just herself. She'd have been back on Dragonstone before anybody knew it. But then with the teleporting armies they have in Westros these days, who knows.
  14. Hey, game of thrones, you win or you die. But I think Olenna was blindsided by Cersei's move because it was the stupidest thing ever. In the face of an imminent threat from Dani, Cersei sent a large proportion of her army far from King's Landing, trusting for some reason that Dany wouldn't find out and immediately attack. I know Cersei needed the money for the Iron Bank but she also would know that she was unlikely to get it all the way back to King's Landing. If anybody found out what was going on, all it'd take to totally fuck this plan is (as we saw) 1 dragon or a hoard of dorthraki, or
  15. Disagree. One quick recon flight should have been enough to convince Dany that there was indeed a big army of what looked like (from 1000 feet up) dead folks, plus some guys on horses. Seems like that would have been enough, plus there would have been no need for Jon to go all dumb-ass and get a dragon killed. True, but it did highlight how dumb this all was in so many ways. A lake with thin ice? When winter is in full swing? Also, pretty heads-up for the dead to realize the ice was now solid enough to cross. And if you're thinking it was the Night King who realized it and set t
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