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  1. notice the similarity in names? make the V silent. now how many show characters does it sound like?
  2. my guess is........... it's cheap to produce
  3. just watched the episode on discovery's website. I think real bush people could get by without indoor plumbing. ready to take down the windmill. "hey, we need a,....... look at that! here comes billy on a manlift." how convenient, those bush manlifts. was that a well standpipe in the windmill foundation? maybe the well has already been drilled. heard no mention of paying for drilling. from high on a hill, how deep will they have to go to reach water? pushing numerous wheelbarrows full of concrete? sure. are they going to explain how they will provide fo
  4. Common travel to and from Alaska would leave traces. Flying does (airline tickets) Driving through Canada does. (two border crossings) Hard to argue that you were in the lower 48, but returned to Alaska with no evidence of travel.
  5. On the next show, I would like to be surprised. I would like to hear that they will be living in town for the winter, and finishing their cabins next summer. And they plan on making money by getting jobs. But that's not likely.
  6. . interesting. 🙂 . I did get a chuckle when I saw the snow on the ground while they were hurry-building a place to live. seemed vaguely familiar. 🙂 stacked up storage containers on a hillside. sounds like a bad idea. They have a place to live, suitable for bush living. the barn! do a little work on the barn and it would be suitable. Or they could all live in the 16-foot camper. so,.......... this year the tv family had enough time to build a cabin or three. to live in. but they did not. time to stop pretending. my prediction for the nex
  7. Last week's show: bear is wearing some pants with the knees torn out. stylish, I think. Bush, I think not. .. did someone say they read a lot of surgery books? ... ... really? .. on another website, it was mentioned that the scrub brush around the buffalo had changed when they were lifting it with the tractor. thick where shot, thin where lifted. interesting. 🙂 That was actually a touching scene. It seemed personal and real.
  8. A couple of years ago Jeff flipped the house Gage wanted to live in. After that, I figured every house would be flipped to make a buck. Every house.
  9. the last time I watched the show, I didn't think Jenni was actually working. she sat at the desk, watching the computer. then they visited a worksite, and she carried a notebook but did not participate like she did in the early seasons.
  10. red X story https://people.com/home/jeff-lewis-draws-red-x-jenni-pulos-flipping-out-season-11-premiere/
  11. snap! the poles are up and concrete magically appeared. gotta get me some of that magic concrete. if that belly gets showed *one more time*,.......... I will suspect some "personal problem". !
  12. All I know is what I've read in this thread, but I wondered if she finally called out an abusive environment.
  13. welded to the dozer, your hammer is. :)
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