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S11.E08: Cancelled

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Frank and Liam compete in a renaming contest of the middle school; Debbie has a day of zero responsibilities; Kevin tries to cheer up Veronica; Carl is put on vice squad. Lip has a close encounter with the law.


Original air date: 3/14/21

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Of course Frank would defend Liam's school being named after a child molester. I'm glad that Liam won the ipad though!

I am really tired of Debbie's storyline. I did not need to see her awkwardly trying to dance and then having sex at Calista's bar, and I did not need to have a rehash of her fight with Sandy. I get it. Everyone has their own set of rules and standards. Sandy committed a sin by choosing not to raise her kid. I understand that's a huge issue for Debbie due to her issues with Monica. But knowing all that doesn't make this interesting AT ALL.

Carl was having the best day ever for about an hour. I know he loves Kev and V like family, but I hope he thinks it was worth tanking his career to keep their pot brownie side hustle safe for the time being.

I don't understand how Mickey went from loathing Terry to being so obsessed about his well being that he insisted on stopping by the house multiple times in the middle of working. I thought they did a much better job last week when we could see his conflicted emotions about hating Terry versus feeling guilty that no one else gave enough of a shit to bring him into the house. But he really went overboard this week with his constant worrying. No one else is going to give a shit that the nun killed him.

Similarly, I was surprised that the whole family showed up to the ER just because Frank got naked at the middle school. I know the show is trying to harken back to the old days of the entire family rallying whenever something like this happens, but it's been clear for years that (1) they barely tolerate Frank's presence (2) he's in and out of the hospital with so much regularity that this shouldn't have been a beacon to call them all to the hospital. I know it was just a plot device so they would all get the news about his dementia at the same time, but that's exactly what made it feel so fake.

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My prediction for the ending: Mickey and Ian will sue the nursing service that sent them the murderous nun and get a huge settlement, so Terry will be more useful to them after his death than he'd ever been in life. They'll buy out everyone's share in the Gallagher house and everyone except Lip, Tami, and Fred, will stay there. Lip will do something reckless to squander his share of the money and Tami will leave him. Frank will die on a park bench and nobody will care.

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I am trying to figure out why Carl became a cop because besides the first few episodes he seems to be a criminal masquerading as a cop.

They bring back Terry to shoot him and then have him murdered by a Nun. Why do this?

Lip and Tami are now Bonnie and Clyde. Really cool until you see the end of the story. Apartment is still being sold and they still don't have a new place yet. What happened to the bikes? Were they sold yet? How's your baby Brad, the one that just got open heart surgery?

Debbie and Frank still have no value on this show as they don't give anything to anyone but are like parasites to all of those around them. Even though she had flaws I am so happy that Sandy got cut loose. Debbie deserves no one.

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They're really going heavy on the incompetence/corruption themes of the Chicago PD, aren't they? Carl's plot,  grand theft bike shop, grand theft fully-equipped ambulance.

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Carl becoming a cop had potential but this show tends to turn everything into some worst case scenario comedy and not even in a good way.     I did like that Carl was stand upish for when it came to the Alibi Room though.  

And yes Debbie is a horrible person but she is essentially right in this case.   The last thing she wants is a partner that is so willing to walk out on their child she has already lived that.  Debbie has deep abandonment issues with her sister already gone and her brothers wanting to leave so I get her wanting a parter who is at least shows some amount of loyalty to something or someone. 

Watching Tami go all gangster was kinda fun so of course it was gonna blow up on their faces.  Everything does for the Gallaghers.  I would have liked to watch Lip and Tami Bonnie and Clyde it up for a bit before it did though.  

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Is this the first time Frank's age has been revealed?  If he graduated from 8th grade in 1968 typically at age 14 giving him a birth year of 1954 thus making him 66/67 today.  So the bully never took a shower and no-one  saw his little courting tackle until Frank panted him?

As for the  ambulance, the drivers of the ambulance knew Ian and never reported it stolen?


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Well the previous episode it looked like Lip was losing it and it seemed like a very grim break with Debbie and others.

Now, Frank is getting dementia?

Kind of heavy for this show.

Will it end with heartbreak?  Frank has behaved horribly and his excesses may be coming back to haunt him, though you wouldn't think this show would resort to such moral plays.  They could have had Frank being reckless about the pandemic and actually becoming sick.  Lets see, he's had some serious medical conditions in the past so he would be a very high risk for severe covid disease.  That would have been very moral and probably would have alienated a big segment of the viewers.

Somehow Frank will bounce back.  Otherwise, his path would be to require heavy care, almost like Terry, who at least had enough wits about him to insult the nurse who put him out of his misery.  Seems unlikely that the will end with Frank being mentally incompetent and needing one of the kids to care for him or for them to put him in some institution or home.

Debbie's story, don't care, we've seen it before with Fiona.  She's all high and mighty about not abandoning her child.  All she did was blow off steam, which was to snort coke and have sex with some random guy, while alienating that chick who might have been her next gf.

Carl now fucks up the police job, though he already had a reputation for getting his partners injured.

Lip just has a shit-eating grin because the cops can't catch him but even if he avoids getting caught -- they somehow convince Brad to shut up -- what are his prospects?  Is he going to be able to score a lot of money with the stolen goods?  His trajectory is to probably have more kids and more uncertain employment, bicker with Tami all the time.

Don't care about V and Kevin.

Ian and Mickey, probably gets injured or killed when someone tries to rip them off.

Liam so far isn't exhibiting the Gallagher curse.  He's figuring things out and he may yet get out, far away from them.  But the producers may think that's too much of a happy ending for this show.


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I don't understand how Mickey went from loathing Terry to being so obsessed about his well being that he insisted on stopping by the house multiple times in the middle of working.

This bugged me too. I get that Mickey is about as dysfunctional as they come, but his admonishment to Ian about family being family no matter what doesn't hold water. If you still feel obligated to your abuser you need to seek professional help. I see this too often on TV. 

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21 hours ago, juno said:

They bring back Terry to shoot him and then have him murdered by a Nun. Why do this?

I think it was a fitting end for Terry, BUT... they should have waited an episode or two, because there was a lot of humor in the nun smacking him every time he mouthed off. Seemed like he’d finally met his match, someone he couldn’t intimidate.

LOL’d when the nurse asked the Gallaghers if they were aware Frank was an alcoholic!

As for Carl... since the guys he was working with were plainly corrupt, why the heck didn’t he just tell them the people running the Alibi were his friends? That might be a reason they’d go along with and pick somewhere else. But noooo... he has to crash a freaking FERRARI.

Debbie... what a hypocrite. She’s off getting wasted all day and doesn’t pick up Franny from school, but seems to think she’s mother of the year. And WTF happened to her welding job?

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And WTF happened to her welding job?

I think she did mention something about construction basically drying up during the pandemic, which is why she started her own handyman (handy-person) business. 

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2 hours ago, iMonrey said:

I think she did mention something about construction basically drying up during the pandemic, which is why she started her own handyman (handy-person) business. 

Oh, right. I forgot about Hot Lesbian Handyperson or whatever she was calling herself. But she doesn’t seem to be doing that lately, either!

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19 hours ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:

I was rolling my eyes at Tami suddenly becoming totally ride or die after moving a few boxes. Let's see how sexy she finds it when she has to do something icky or distasteful.

Seriously. And now she wants to "take care of Brad?" Sure Tami, great idea, that won't raise any red flags.

How did Mickey become my favorite character?

The CGI they have going on is becoming more noticeable, especially when they stand outside. I know they normally did outdoor shooting on location in Chicago but I wonder since it's pandemic times they just shot everything in LA with green screens. It was evident in the last episode too when Kevin drove the bike off the pier. 

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More top notch acting from Noel Fisher. He does so much with his eyes. 

I understand why he is sad about his Dad's predicament. I grew up without my Father, and I tried to be angry with him, but all I really wanted was to have a proper Dad. I'd have forgiven a lot to make that happen.

I hope Sandy comes back. I'm soppy and ship her and Debbie. 

And, as stupid as Kev has become, the wedding was a lovely touch. Well done, Sir!

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I honestly forgot that Kev and V aren't married already, so it was nice to see them tie the knot before the show ended. Their Zoom wedding was cute and its nice to see Kev come through, especially as the show has been writing him as hardly having two functioning braincells anymore. 

God truly does work in mysterious ways. Terry being paralyzed then killed by a nun for being such an asshole is certainly a fitting end for him, the shittiest parent on a show stuffed to the brim with shitty parents. Mickey trying to still look after Terry is honestly sad, he just seems like he so badly wanted some kind of acknowledgement from him but the most he could get was "you might be an ok son if you weren't gay" and one final fuck off. It seems nuts that Mickey at this point would still give even a second of a shit about Terry, but I can get why he would still feel obligated to his father, despite what a horrible abusive person he is. I don't think he owes him anything, but it can sometimes be hard to turn that feeling off. 

I think Sandy and Debbie are done. Debbie just cant get past Sandy leaving her son, she still has too many issues with Monica. The situations seem to be different, as Sandy seems to have left her son in a much better situation than Monica left her kids in, but its still not probably going to work. 

Tami really committed quickly to her life of crime. At this rate Lip's bad choices are going to bring half the family down. 

The show really is wrapping up, its weird. Its definitely time for the show to end, but it still feels weird. 

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