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  1. When I saw who was on the panel, I thought maybe Bill would avoid the fat-shaming this week. No chance. And I winced when Bitcofer had to crow about the weight she lost -- as if that justified her being on the show. 🙄 Also inevitable -- Bill's weekly jab at Gen Z in the final New Rule.
  2. Moreover, I'm guessing Bill brought him on because he concurs with Bill about Israel -- maybe one of a handful of Democrat lawmakers who do. I enjoyed seeing Chris Matthews. I can understand why MSNBC gave him the boot, but Matthews is fine in small doses. While I hardly sympathize with the rioters at the Capitol on 1/6, I found Bill's mid-show bit about the MAGA disguise (with the mullet wig and fake meth-teeth) excessively elitist and cruel, even for him.
  3. One thing that wasn't too clear to me: By the end of the series, are Mindy and Martin still married? I like to think not, since Mindy objected to Martin's mom so much.
  4. Hmm … should we officially name Jack D with Diet Dr. Pepper a "Kominsky"? You gotta admit, the name sounds as nebbishy as the drink itself. 😉
  5. Ha! I said the same thing as Sandy at the end, right before he did: "Two thousand dollars?!" 😄
  6. And he uses Judeo-Christian scripture to show that Jews were there first. If you really want to go that route, it was Canaanite pagans who first settled Palestine. But I doubt there's any of them left.
  7. I was disappointed by Bill's final New Rule. At first I thought he was ranting about right-wing GOP hypocrisy re drugs and wild sex (using Matt Gaetz as an example.) And then Bill turned around on the liberals for being the "uptight" ones nowadays, starting yet another rant about "cancel culture." I hope he was being facetious about wanting to "restore the natural order of things."
  8. I thought the guinea pig bridge was adorable. But I kept waiting for John to say that in some parts of South America, they'd be called "dinner." It just seems like something he would mention. As for me, I got my second vaccine a month ago; felt a little pain in my left arm, only briefly. I guess it's different for everyone.
  9. While I've enjoyed Fran Lebowitz' Netflix series, I doubt if I could have a decent conversation with her. All thru last night's interview, Lebowitz deflected just about every question Bill asked -- except when talking about the Mets game she attended (which of course Bill has a personal stake in.) She had nothing to say of any substance, at least not that I recall. And Bill kept going on about how smart and hip she was, which if true, he shouldn't need to say in the first place. IMO Lebowitz was there just for Bill to show off -- like, Look at the cool guest I've got this week! 🙄
  10. An admitted news junkie myself (especially since last year) I totally empathize with John's frustration. Raccoons and missing bunnies are more than welcome to hear about for once.
  11. Did Mark and Amber put ketchup on their hot dogs? Last I heard, that was a criminal offense! 🤮
  12. I don't understand how Monster Girl (formerly Monster Woman) got to be a Guardian. If she gets younger every time she shapeshifts, won't she eventually just disappear? Sounds like a liability to me.
  13. Hopefully, this is the last time we hear about Bill's solar panels! Evidently, Bill thinks all mass shooters are just fanatical religious guys who can't get any sex. Not only is that oversimplified, but it de-personalizes women. Similarly, Bill's final New Rule fell short. I'm sure that drug laws are partly to blame for whatever trouble we have on the southern border, but that can't be the whole story. And Bill can't understand why 1920's Prohibition happened? If I remember my history, some people were concerned that alcohol made men (mostly men) lazy, abusive and violent. Never hap
  14. Hmm, I'm almost as old as Frank, and I've done my share of partying over the years, but I think I'm still pretty sharp (knock wood). So I must be doing something right. 😉
  15. I think it was Mickey who said he liked Anderson Cooper's hair. That gave me a much-needed chuckle in a generally depressing storyline. I'm afraid the next five weeks are headed downhill, for every character. I've taken to watching this show On Demand during the day, before its scheduled airtime. Not in an "appointment" way, but more like a "let's get this over with" way. 🙁
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