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  1. arachne

    S06.E21: Bias in Medicine

    From Wikipedia: "The Pumpkin Spice Latte is a coffee drink made with a mix of traditional fall spice flavors, steamed milk, espresso, and often sugar, topped with whipped cream and pumpkin pie spice. Since 2015, it has also contained a small amount of pumpkin puree."
  2. arachne

    S01.E07: The Self-Preservation Society

    Poor Deep. I hope he gave that lobster a decent funeral.
  3. arachne

    S04.E12: Ghosts

    I'm surprised there was any gold to be found. I figured it would just be dried food and such - that would be the greatest WA-WAAH! Not surprised that it was J who took out Smurf. He had the least emotional connection with her, and may want revenge over Baz as well. But killing Smurf is still a stupid decision on the show's part. Next season ought to be the last.
  4. arachne

    S06.E20: Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow

    I was kinda bored with most of this show -- kept looking at the clock. But now I think I know where Garry Trudeau got his inspiration for the character of Trff, Bezerkistan's President-for-Life.
  5. arachne

    S01.E02: Cherry

    That business with Doppelganger and the Senator appears nothing but timely to me! I haven't read the comics, so I wonder: Is there some kind of hierarchy among supes at the corporation? Like the Seven get all the attention, but there are others around? Frenchy's accent is way too thick. He may have some good lines, if I could only make them out.
  6. arachne

    S04.E09: SHTF

    Finally, after nine episodes, the flashbacks start to make sense. And for a heist of the magnitude that Smurf has in mind, she damn well better have a pie ready. I don't think J is still comfortable with killing people outright. Passive-aggressive is more his style; we saw that with Morgan and now with Angela.
  7. arachne

    S04.E06: Into the Black

    Yes, that was that woman's car. She mentioned the make/model to Smurf.
  8. What was the point of Debra Soh's appearance anyway? Was it just to reinforce the latest chip on Bill's shoulder, about allegedly overindulgent parents? However, I agree that giving sex drugs to pre-pubescent children is a dubious solution at best. And is it just me, or was Bill's final New Rule (Oprah for President) not the least bit funny? The best I can hope for is that nobody takes the idea seriously.
  9. Ugh! Do we now have to define what a "social justice warrior" is? Bill and Charles Blow were butting heads over that, for what felt like forever. I've seen Katie Porter on the news, and yeah, she's terrific. I loved the way she (however inadvertently) embarrassed Bill about his own ill-advised birth. Eyeroll over Bill's final New Rule about coddled millennial college grads. Like Bill, I have no kids myself, but could it be that these parents indulged their children out of fear of abusing them? Maybe they don't want their kids to get as fucked up as they were? I'm not saying they did right, but I'm trying to understand.
  10. arachne


    Ah, Jeff Goldblum in a role he was born to play! Hope we get to see (hear?) him again on this show. I loved this final episode, watching Sonny get smoked and taking all those IF's with him. (Hey, we all lose them sooner or later.) Then, Happy in the empty IF bar and finding BoPeep, um, occupied? I guess that was inevitable as well. My memory of last week's episode is a bit fuzzy (the show airs late in my time zone.) Was that a witch coven Merry was recruited into? I guess that would be in line with a Halloween-based third season (assuming we get one.)
  11. arachne


    Okay, how did all those cops know who Nick was? Hasn't he been "presumed dead" since the end of Season 1? The trashier side of me wants to know what kind of "deal" Mer struck with that lady detective. But maybe some things are better left imagined. Happy looked cute in those prison stripes, like he was part zebra. Smoothie and Hayley dancing to Tears for Fears -- charming and twisted all at once. Is Smoothie being turned into a sympathetic character? Ye gods, hope not! (BTW, I was grimly reminded of my own advancing age when I saw how an '80s song reminded one character of his childhood.)
  12. arachne

    S08.E05: The Bells

    "Nothing else matters." Great, now that Metallica song will be in my head all night.
  13. Anyone else notice how very uneasy Bill was getting when Moby talked about his past rock-star excesses? Bill kept laughing it off or dropping the subject. And ITA about that final New Rule. For once, Bill's guest was a help and not a hindrance in that segment. It was clever, funny and kinda sad all at once.
  14. arachne


    Wow, that IF "sex" between Happy and Bo Peep was nothing short of a revelation! Also, I liked seeing Amanda tell off the lady at the "women's clinic." But I am genuinely scared for her. What was in that glass vial?