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  1. The eviction story was terrifying. I need to keep it in mind when I feel shitty about all the stuff I've missed out on this year. I don't hold a job (so I didn't have one to lose) but I'm financially stable enough to keep a roof over my head. 😔 "Let's get on with our miserable lives." John ought to put that on a T-shirt or something, and sell it online for money to donate somewhere.
  2. For the first time ever, I'm inclined to agree with that. But we've got this election and all coming, so I'm not expecting it to happen. I was sorry to see James Carville's connection cut out; I could have used a little more of his, uh, wisdom. Sure, he sounds like a wacky old coot these days, but hey -- he's my wacky old coot! 😄
  3. If so, that would explain why he's itching so bad for the quarantine to end. I think Bill was disappointed with Dr. Mozzafarian. While the doctor acknowledged the seriousness of bad nutrition in relation to obesity, diabetes etc., he evaded Bill's questions about any connection to immunity problems. And a sugar tax, Bill? Yeah, like that will ever fly!
  4. Jay Leno -- he's like, funny, right?🙄 It's obvious that this show was taped before all the rioting started in MN and elsewhere. Don't feel quite right about that.
  5. I was disappointed that Bill didn't talk with Michael Moore about Planet of the Humans, which Moore produced. When I heard Moore would be on the show, I figured that would be the topic. (I was alarmed when I first saw the movie, but grew skeptical after reading reports that its info was inaccurate/outdated.) Instead, we got the familiar "Trump will never leave" spiel from Bill -- not a word about the movie. The other guests were pretty much what bobbyjoe figured above. As for the final New Rule: Yeah, we get it, Bill -- Amazon BAAD! I still like it better than Walmart. (FTR: I do purchase from Amazon, but only things I can't easily get nearby.)
  6. So Bill thinks an eating disorder means "eating too much." Gah! Has he never heard of anorexia or bulimia? Justin Amash -- you seem like a nice guy, but please go away. On the plus side, I always appreciate Dan Savage's reasonable approach, and Bill's final New Rule was spot on. All this concern about Biden's alleged indiscretions looks awfully suspicious.
  7. A sentiment that, in a historical context, sounds anything but liberal.
  8. While the "who killed Francis" reveal was no surprise to me, I'm still trying to piece together the back-story. Was Caleb and Francis' military service a total fabrication? And if so, how did Caleb get his head injury?
  9. I was a mite disappointed in the coffee episode last night. Content-wise, it was practically a whole new show. (Couldn't Alton have kept "Chuck" or brought him back?) And I doubt that I'd shell out the $$ for some of that hardware he now uses. (IMO, you'd have to be either a barista, or have a much more serious coffee obsession than most.) On the plus side, I got a kick out of seeing the "time bomb" prop again, and the "inside my brain" set was cute enough. Also, I appreciated Alton's quip about decaf -- something like, "But that's another show -- which I will never do!" 😄
  10. Considering the demographics of Fox News viewers, I'd say that network is shooting itself in the foot.
  11. arachne

    S03.E05: Genre

    It didn't ring true to me that Serac -- who has so much sophisticated tech stuff and hench-people at his disposal -- would kill off Daddy Dempsey in such a crude manner. Other than that, I'm just trying to ride with the whole thing. This week's show had its problems (see other posters) but IMO this season is not the hot mess that S2 was.
  12. Peeps : Easter :: Candy corn : Halloween. Both are equally inexplicable. Is it something wrong with me? Have I stayed inside too much? Because that rat painting is kind of a turn-on. 😳
  13. Last night was Good Friday, in the middle of Passover. Normally Bill would take a break on this occasion -- not because he's observant himself, but because much of his staff would want the holiday off. So I wonder, has Bill's staff been cut? Hopefully this is just temporary.
  14. Maybe because the Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog" played in the background.
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