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  1. After two years of hearing Bill say "Trump will never leave the White House," I hoped in vain for him to at least acknowledge that he'd been wrong. But no, it's as if he'd never said it at all. 🤨 Yeah, I'm afraid we'll have to endure four years of "old president" jokes. (And not just from Bill -- I'm looking at you, Colbert!) However, I suspect the humor well will be mostly dry for a while.
  2. Bill calling Joe Biden a "tragedy magnet" (I think I got that right) was in poor taste. Whether Bill meant to or not, he insulted a man who lost his wife/children several times over. I agree with everyone here about Kellyanne Conway -- what a waste of airtime. But on the plus side, I'm glad Bill addressed the issue of the CBD oil company using his name. More than once, I clicked on a link saying Bill's show was being cancelled -- only to see an ad for CBD oil! Bad. 😠
  3. Saw Chris talking with Dr. Fauci last night. Sounds like he's serious about that basketball thing.
  4. I chuckled when Jack called Graham a "silver fox." Anyone like to see Graham and Ryan get their own show? I think it could be like Torchwood, but funnier.
  5. I can't blame Franny. I would have been bored to shit with a b'day party like that. As a former big city resident, I can't imagine how the fat guy with the truck would leave it open and unlocked for any length of time. I'm most intrigued by Carl's cop story line. I wonder if the show will try to make it -- ahem -- timely?
  6. Gods willing, this will no longer be an issue by the time the show comes back. I actually enjoyed the season finale; heretofore I was afraid Bill was no longer capable of a decent show. If you have intelligent, well-mannered guests on the panel like Alex Wagner and Jon Meacham, it doesn't matter what party they're from. It was nice for Bill to thank his crew too. And his final New Rule was spot on. There's no talking sense to the president's more fanatical followers; all you can do is love them and hope they're not packing.
  7. Even though I knew the ending (since it's history and all) I admit I got a bit weepy toward the end. The montage during the end credits I found a bit heavy-handed. Yes, we get the objective, but this was still the story of John Brown any way you slice it.
  8. Or as he used to call it, "dragon money." But he needs another name for it now.
  9. Nice to know there's always John Oliver on standby. Maybe change the show's name to This Week Tonight, but I think it's doable. Berkeley is to Bill what 9/11/01 was to Dennis Miller. Neither of them will ever grow out of it. I've watched this show from the beginning and will likely hang on till its bitter end, but it's become painful to watch. I'm glad whenever there's a break. About this week's show: I noticed there was practically no audience reaction to anything the Trump lawyer said. Were they told to shut up, or was it just the lack of audience?
  10. A couple of nice touches at the end: Frenchy and Kimiko go out dancing (and I'm glad to see Kimiko finally open up to him.) Starlight is back in her old uniform.
  11. Eric Kripke says here they have a back-story where Stormfront was a teenager when Vought gave her the V. I'm guessing that they didn't hook up until later.
  12. I hope the show will explain why some supes (like Homelander) have super kids, and others (like Stormfront} don't.
  13. That "told you so" montage was no surprise. I knew Bill would be gloating this week after the president refused to say whether he would leave office peacefully. I hope Bill keeps his word to STFU for awhile. Actually, I found Belushi's take on cannabis refreshing. He's a better spokesperson for legal pot than Bill would ever be.
  14. That reminded me of the "God Hates Fangs" sign in the opening credits of True Blood.
  15. I could do without any more of Homelander's milk fetish -- and he drinks it straight from the bottle! Eeww!
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