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  1. How long has John been turning into a silver fox? It's the first time I've noticed how grey he's going.
  2. I got annoyed at Mitch and Claire not being at Joe's play because he's their brother, so.ething which is barely shown.
  3. I think I might have missed an episode because I thought Luke was dating the older woman. Did they end?
  4. Based on the flash forwards, I was expecting Syd to be 'Carrie'd' at the dance. What happened was sooo much better!
  5. I was relieved that Lip didn't go full on with his lapse. Perhaps Fred has given him more reason not to self destruct. And I like Debbie's girlfriend.
  6. 'I don't have a license to kill, but I am licensed to perform funerals.' Loved that line.
  7. Crikey. That was on the steamy side.
  8. Why was Lisa Weil's character suddenly right handed in this ep? We lefties spot these things! Another good season. Midge might be starting to realise that her comedy can be dangerous. Still the most gorgeous looking show on TV.
  9. I'm assuming that Alice's jumpsuit outfit was a nod towards the proposed spin off that never came off? It had a real 'prison' vibe to it.
  10. Carol runs into obvious trap and doesn't return. Daryl sends everyone else into obvious trap. They don't come back so Daryl runs into obvious trap. Guess what? It's a trap!
  11. They seem to be hiding Serefina. She's not been glimpsed in any of the 'Coming Next...' bits. I can only assume she's going to make one heck of an entrance.
  12. What nearly everyone above said. What an emotional episode. The note reveal made my eyes leak.
  13. Shout out to West Brompton! My second favourite tube station.
  14. Chidi running into the room carrying random objects with a gleeful grin made me laugh lots, and Janet's 'not a girl's was so romantic. Eleanor and Tahani are great friends
  15. Another great episode. More Missy is always a good thing. She's hilarious. They need to have no scenes in the comic book store. I get too distracted looking at the comics and working out which ones I own. I spent far to much brain energy this week trying to figure out which issue of Miracleman was on the rack behind Sheldon.
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