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  1. Orrrrrr, perhaps John had a little on the side with the family friend. Family friend got pregnant, gaslighted her husband for the duration of the pregnancy, and somehow 3 months after Jamie was born husband learns Jamie isn't his but doesn't stick around to find out who before killing her. Duttons step in and John manipulates his wife to do the right thing by their poor murdered friend. She never needs to find out, and the bad guy wasn't bad until Dutton entered his life. Perhaps it wasn't even a real adoption, as the birth certificate would apparently be re-issued with the adoptive parents' names (did I get that right, from the comment upthread?).
  2. The show is flat and has strayed so far from its original premise that it needs a complete overhaul, better yet, a replacement. At one time, the format stood out from what CNN et al were doing in the AM. Journalists, pols, experts drinking coffee, newspapers spread out, discussing the events of the day, cameras swooping around the table, with give and take discussions. Good and bad (glad Bill Kairns doesn't have to take Scarb's abuse anymore) it was usually dynamic. The whole thing went south as soon as the hosts did. The kids were still around the table at 30 Rock, but mom and dad, 1200 miles away, had problems being heard over the washing machine and dealing with the sat........................................................................................ellite delay, so the breakfast table wasn't as much fun and conversations got more stilted and measured. That decision by management, to host via skype, is inexplicable. Then, just when we thought the show had reached the bottom of the hill it fell into a ravine. Network should have recognized the problems long before they closed the studio. Now it's just a mess. Too many boxes - they were one short of a Brady Bunch the other day - and a waste of talent, having Lemire be there from 6-7 (sometimes 6-8) for 2 or 3 short hits, or the short-straw guest stuck outside the white house for 2 hours. Way too stiff now, here's how "dynamic discussions" go - "Barnicle has a question for you... now Kacie you have a question..." And, devoid of any visual cues or situational awareness, host rants that end up being no more original than a trump rally speech, yet seemingly as long. At this point Kelly and Ryan are less vapid. Rant /off.
  3. An entertaining series overall. Nice to see celebs on something like this not acting OTT and really into it. Didn't stop the producers from a little MC US drama, though - Amar and the Seeing Eye Institute (the blind feeding the blind), and esp. Riyadh's back story, then competing against not one but two Olympic Gold Medalists for the victory, I think we've got a story line!
  4. I've often wondered how I'd phoneticize Natasha's TM pronunciation. Kudos, but that half-rolled R is a tough one!
  5. Seems like the first hour was 3 minutes of the little boxes talking and 57 minutes of a 2-shot of them, her reactions while he does the daily reprise of "5 cases were going to disappear, then it was bleach and uv light..." ad nauseum. Watch the rants on 2x or 3x to see the range of her emotions.
  6. Is something going on here? No "Joe has the morning off" at the top of 6 and 7? Ruh-roh.
  7. New Day also seems to be live for a full 3 hours and the anchors may be married, but definitely not to each other. And they've got this annoying habit of letting their interview subjects talk. It's a very weird show.
  8. ReyRey and ReeReece have no RaRange. Outside of the nitrogen station or tart shell they are both lost. And I think Lozzie(?) has proven she's not just "Pasta again?" (despite tonight).
  9. Navage. I could do without the description and demonstration of this product.
  10. Those bratty Kraft kids should be sent to their rooms until they're good and ready and hungry enough to eat what is served.
  11. Ignatius had the sniffles and was seen wiping his nose. Hope he's okay.
  12. And a block or two later Elise Jordan came on and walked back Joe's walk back about Trump's preference for underage, citing the teen beauty pageants he owned and his backstage admissions.
  13. How about going live for a full 3 hours, too.
  14. The Rob Schneider cameo was cool because, as well as an anti-vaxxer, he's been a covid denier. And he was banging on Sandler's door breaking stay-at-home.
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