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  1. I guess I was stereotyping when I thought Amir said, "Thank you, Allah," rather than "Thank you, Alla."
  2. I wonder if the Today Show is at the root of MSNBC's morning problem. Anything resembling a "traditional" morning news show on MS would threaten a very profitable NBC franchise.
  3. I don't care if the studio audience never comes back. I really appreciate the intimate goofiness in the supply closet.
  4. Interesting that they chose to leave the real name of this Delaware County school on the wall, while adding the Easttown branding. I'm sure they've got some photoshoppy trick to change Tinicum to Easttown if they wanted.
  5. I really hate the TV/Film trope of backup arriving only after our hero has vanquished all threats and is sitting quietly holding a smoking gun. IRL, an "officer down" call especially would get a huge, almost instantaneous, response from several surrounding departments. I don't think we even heard distant sirens until she was done.
  6. Yeah, I don't think Henson, Inc would sign off on a Waldorf and Statler beat down. Probably why the "dragon" was called Kramer, too.
  7. I know it's not their fault, but I was still surprised South America ran the final stage without completing all the first stage legs.
  8. It must piss off Lorne Michaels that they promote the Other Jimmy most mornings.
  9. Is there a need for the audience to clap after every coherent sentence? (APPLAUSE APPLAUSE) I mean, it's nice to have people back in the studio (APPLAUSE APPLAUSE APPLAUSE) but is it necessary to affirm every popular statement (APPLAUSE APPLAUSE) to the point where it hinders the flow of the conversation? (WILD APPLAUSE).
  10. Kind of ironic after they went after Fat Elvis at maralago doing HIS greatest hits.
  11. I tried this morning. But, with the 2 of them looking like American Gothic incarnate, followed by (surprise!) a box of Glaude and Lemire, then Dr. Quackenborough, I just couldn't.
  12. This has been a very challenging season to cast. Applicants were probably faced with scrambling to keep their nascent businesses afloat along with a quarantine-length absence from that business to make an appearance, with, at the time of taping, a very uncertain economic outlook. As the season comes to a close all that's left are derivative product ideas with lifetime sales in the 100's of dollars.
  13. Randomly, They look like undertakers, so drab and dreary. Over at CNN last week one of the goodby segments was an extended look at how camerota and berman tried to coordinate wardrobe each day. Yes, fluff, but color! All those smart people that invented color tv and these 2 show up in blacks and greys. As dry as store-brand saltines. They should never have let those 2 exist in boxes in the first place. Then, covid, and, all of a sudden, what visionaries they were, and it was an easy pivot to all boxes. Now it's way past time to think outside the box. Even the few times Willie's had s
  14. A couple of solutions looking for a problem? A pump bottle of SoftSoap and one of those germ-laden re-usable plastic water bottles for rinsing seems just as reasonable. The $95 water bottle - yet another rechargeable gadget with electronics that probably can't endure the normal abuse a "dumb" sports bottle gets.
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