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  1. And only now, in Ep 9 of 10, we talk to TimKono's neighbor? I'm no true-crime podcaster, or detective, but isn't the "did you see/hear anything unusual with your dead neighbor?" just about the first move?
  2. That was uncomfortable to watch.
  3. Katty's filled in before, but this is the first time as a free agent, so maybe Rashida Jones is exploring possibilities for her morning block. After Friday's show meeky saw that as well and added a pop of color today and some active engagement in the show.
  4. NBC should sign her now that ozy fell apart.
  5. I wonder why a show that has always tried very hard to maintain a veil of secrecy over its movements - running decoy racers, eg - would go out of its way, with a branded aircraft, to allow such easy tracking of this charter.
  6. Rather than Keeley-centric I think this is resetting the Roy-Jamie conflict after their "moment" in Man City.
  7. I'm missing the Probst-isms before sending them back to camp - "well the only thing you can be sure of on Survivor is you can never be sure." I'm paraphrasing.
  8. Had just watched a piece on Missing White Girl Syndrome re:Gabby Petito over on CNN, then tuned in to see 5 out of 6 panelists participating in a discussion of White People TV without even a mention of Debbie Allen's honor. Al looked bored.
  9. Bad directing on the tribute - all the slides should have been full screen. They seemed well composed.
  10. How about the opening scene and Lazlo at the piano segueing from Viva Atlantic City to You're Dead? Nice touch.
  11. As I clicked by this morning I noticed they'd been safely put away, back in their boxes, after an exciting week.
  12. I can't imagine the logistical challenges of trying to maintain up to 12 independent travelling covid-safe bubbles, through multiple covid checkpoints, with all the random contacts and other adventures outside of, or during, the controlled tasks. Any positive test for racers or production along the way would certainly be a problem.
  13. It reads like a "Remember us? We're still here" press release - short on details and long on aspiration. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  14. I don't necessarily think it was done on the fly - it could (and should) be part of the original game design. Did the design require that someone be saved at this point? Would production chance it on 3 unlucky smashes and no one saved? Or would that whole drama then just be edited out?
  15. Annoyed with the urn gimmick, and would bet that none of the original 4 had a Save Scroll and all of the 3 at the next TC did.
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