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S02.E13: Heir to the Demon

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As Laurel continues to unravel, Oliver and Lance try to convince Sara to stay in Starling City and finally reunite with Laurel and Dinah. However, Sara’s fellow League of Assassins member, Nyssa, comes to bring Sara back to the fold, but when Sara refuses, Nyssa kidnaps Dinah. Realizing she’s putting her family in danger by staying in town, Sara considers re-joining the league.


(I looked and looked and looked a fourth and fifth time. If this is a double, please delete.)


So much to say, but I'm in the middle of another show just now.

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Let's see - what do I remember about this ep? I remember Nyssa being a complete bad ass and thinking that Oliver shouldn't have been anywhere near beating her during their fight at the end. She's freaking Ra's al Ghul's daughter; she's in the League of Assassins! It's right there in the name. Anyway, I bought the chemistry between Sara and Nyssa even if Nyssa tried to kill Sara's mother. 


I also remember exploding barware and a really weird reaction to finding out your dead sister was actually not dead. And the end. While pretty hot (I always enjoy watching hot people making out) and though I didn't have a problem with Oliver/Sara, I did think it came out of nowhere and was a bit contrived. 

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I love Nyssa's Jaunty Hat in the airport! Then again, I like hats.  Pro tip, TSA/security folks: Don't get within your suspect's arm's reach with weapons that can be taken away and used against you. Just sayin'. Plus? Not paid enough to handle ninja assassins, so there's that too.


  I may have missed it, but how does Walter know Mike, specifically? inquiring minds and all that.

 Shoulder-touch sighting: in Laurel's hospital room, after the polite forehead kiss.


 Factoid: It was six years ago (per the caption) when Laurel had "just" applied to law school (?), according to Quentin/Laurel dialogue.

 SILK!! and Ollie's "Huh?" face= fun!


  Nyssa: "Goodbyes are not easy. That is why I did not get one?"

  Felicity? Don't go up against Moira; she's made up of lies and lie frosting.

  Flashback: Laurel is in deep denial about Oliver.  Also, the house/condo where the Lances live in Flashbacks makes me think that's where they are at the end of the episode- with the exploding wine. I may be very mistaken, but it looks like the same living room.

  Motorcycle/van chase! Canary Cry! That Sara can take a punch to the face, fall off a speeding vehicle and keep on keeping? BAMF.


  Sebastian? Don't go up against Moira; she has more secrets than you and isn't afraid to kill. She is her own supervillain, unlike what you signed on for.

  While I was disappointed in how Quentin dealt with Laurel in "Tremors", I liked how matter-of-fact he was about the info Sara was sharing about her romantic past and that he looked at the situation as Nyssa loved and cared about Sara. A sadly refreshing choice for primetime.

  Hey, ya'll? Knock out the mook, or otherwise restrict the hands then search for booby traps like poison and fake teeth with poison. Not that it slowed ya'lls roll too much.


   Oliver: "Is it about your family?" Felicity:" No; it's about yours." EBR made that the saddest line in the episode.

  The cut back to Oliver, after the Quentin/Laurel scene? Just... damn. How no one in the crowd notice? Yes, Oliver was then able to fool everyone but Felicity and Moira (who probably wasn't 100% sure until Oliver told her that he knew about Thea.) The kiss on Thea's forehead after the introduction? It seemed a reassurance for Oliver- either that he'd protect Thea from Malcolm, Moira, both, or whatever. I just am not sure.

  Why did the script have to have Diggle be the one who doesn't understand the implications of Nyssa's death?! Really, Show? Why not have Quentin ask out of Sara's hearing?

  Nyssa, this is what happens when you don't set boundaries with your dad; he calls death squads on your SOs!


  In addition to the Jaunty Hat, I also liked Nyssa's chunky-heeled ass-kickin' boots. Karina Law just owned Nyssa. I hope we can see her sometime next season. She's like saffron- very potent, so just a little bit to make things tasty!

  Question: What all DID Laurel overhear? It needs to be explored because exploding wine shouldn't be the end of it. Especially if the writers want to actually move Laurel from nigh-toxic to bearable or better. We didn't see or hear Oliver notice Laurel as he left at the sound of sirens. Laurel most likely wasn't just behind Quentin, as she was trying to shadow/trail him.  Laurel was able to get the part about international assassin, but what else? 


  Oliver's hypocritical speech to Moira on secret-keeping.  Oh, Oliver, just...*sigh*

  Flaming booze! Even with a second viewing, Laurel's rant just was so entitled, imo. While the anger was understandable, the stated reasons were not. What struck me the first time was Dinah and Quentin- standing by, silently!, as Laurel tore into Sara for their marriage imploding after Sara's disappearance/death. I would've hoped that one or both would have cut that ish off at the pass. Not just no, but hell no with putting that  on Sara and using it as a reason to throw glassware  like a sulky teen. Yes, one time during a bad stretch for Laurel, Sara's ex had someone poison her into a near-death experience. Own that! Tear Sara up for her poor choice in dates ("At least Oliver and Tommy never tried to poison me or kidnap Mom!"), but throwing everything and the kitchen sink wasn't cool and I and others in the audience shouldn't have been the only ones to say so.  Since Sara was in no headspace just then, Oliver wasn't there, Nyssa had left too, that  leaves Dinah and Quentin. Apparently no one explained that Sara took the same poison to save Dinah, but the Arrow saved Sara. 

  Conversely, no, Sara, your family hasn't had six years to deal with the fact that you are alive and had worked as an assassin. Quentin  has maybe had a few weeks. So at least be fair on that count.


  Blood:" What do you want me to do?"  Slade: "Nothing. [straightens tie] I'll take care of it."


 A very good episode, imo, despite the Laurel stuff. (I'm thinking that just a couple of tweaks to the script could have helped some.)

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Wow, Laurel is such a bitch. I know this is just pent up hostility from 6 years ago, but everything is about Laurel and her pain. Shut the fuck up. First time watching this season but they have made her so unlikable.

After all the Olicity goodness with her telling him the truth about Thea, they had Oliver and Sarah going at it in the end. Plus it's obvious that she still loves Nyssa. Nyssa is so bad ass and I love Katrina Law so happy to see her. But the Sarah/Oliver left a bad taste in my mouth.

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This episode re-aired on TV last night and upon watching it again, there were a lot of good things and bad things.  Good included the Nyssa scenes, the Felicity scenes, and SA's acting upon learning Moira's secret but still giving that speech.  Bad included the Laurel scenes - her delusional flash backs and her self-centered hissy fit upon discovering her sister Sara was alive.  Bad also included that unintentionally laughable fight at the end where it was like the Keystone Kops - Sara confronts Nyssa, Dinah is freed, Quentin & Dinah rush out, Sara collapses from poison, Quentin & Dinah rush back in, Arrow enters and fights Nyssa, Sara somehow leaves her parents and staggers alone to the fight scene, Arrow somehow brings Nyssa to her knees, Arrow rushes to Sara and gives her the antidote, Sara begs Nyssa not to kill, Nyssa releases Sara from the LOA, Nyssa leaves, Quentin & Dinah now rush in, Arrow disappears, Laurel and the cops suddenly appear.  Really convenient and contrived timing of entrances and exits.


But the biggest bad about this episode, upon retrospect, is the scene where Sara would rather poison herself and die, rather than return to the LOA and kill again, thereby losing what's left of her soul - in light of the end of "Unthinkable" where Sara happily returns with Nyssa to the LOA and Quentin & Laurel happily wave her off at the dock.  Bye, bye, have a good time killing people!  Send us a postcard!

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But the biggest bad about this episode, upon retrospect, is the scene where Sara would rather poison herself and die, rather than return to the LOA and kill again, thereby losing what's left of her soul - in light of the end of "Unthinkable" where Sara happily returns with Nyssa to the LOA and Quentin & Laurel happily wave her off at the dock.

@tv echo, this is a huge reason why I hated the dock & jacket scene in the finale.  It completely undercut everything Sara had said & done up to that point.  And her reasoning (aka, Laurel) is why I probably won't be watching. 


Until you described the warehouse scene like that, I hadn't considered how ludicrous all of it was.  Oh well!

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I remember the warehouse scene being wtf? apparently they all gained the ability to teleport for that.


However that also made me believe it when Sara said she's hard to kill. She should've died twice in that scene alone, then she survived being thrown out into the open ocean during a shipwreck, twice and with all those scars she survived a lot more. That's why it's too bad Marvel has Phoenix, that would've been a better name for her than Canary. 


The jacket hand off was just the beginning of the Laurel propping, I expect so much more for season 3. That's why I won't be watching. 

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Pausing my rewatch for more thoughts:


1. Introduction to Nyssa is awesome. She kicked ass. I especially loved the cirque do soleil thing she did before kissing Sara. All awesome. That includes the kiss. 


2. The scene between Moira and Felicity makes me extra sad that ST is no longer on the show. Also Felicity is seriously brave to confront Moira like that. Girl has balls. 


3. Flashback game seriously weak. Still. Ugh. Now I remember why everyone was fed up of the Lance family drama during this run of episodes. Seriously it is too much. 


4. I will say that CL plays a young Sara really well. I was convinced. She even sounds different.


5. Continuing on the flashback theme, I still don't know how we were ever supposed to root for O/L when she had their whole lives planned out (living together, engaged for a year and then Mrs Laurel Queen, which doesn't even sound right tbh) even though she knew he was cheating on her. She just shrugged off Sara saying there were at least ten other girls. Who does that? 


6. Where's Diggle?


7. Why did the episode jump from Dinah being taken to Sara and Oliver chasing after the van on his motorbike? How did they find out? Or were they already after her because of Laurel's poisoning and they saw Dinah by chance? I was a bit confused there.


8. No seriously, where's Diggle? Needed more Diggle.


9. Scene with Felicity and Oliver before she tells him the truth about Thea's parentage is so good. I love that he notices something is wrong (unlike in ToD) and wants to comfort her. He always talks so softly to her. It's like he has a voice only for Felicity. EBR killed that scene. I really felt her emotion when she said about how much it hurt when her father left and not wanting to feel that way again. Although I have to say how did Oliver know she was talking about losing him? 


10. It's really weird that Thea didn't speak one word the whole time she was on screen. At least throw the girl a line.


11. Sara's reluctance to go back to the LoA and being fed up of all the killings really jars with her characterization later in the season, especially when she was so ready to kill Helena and later Roy. Her return to the LoA in the season finale makes even less sense when paired with the fact that she was willing to kill herself because she hated the thought of going back. Whaaaat?


12. She had every right to be angry but you'd think Laurel would be a little bit happy that her sister was alive. Seriously. That was pretty damn selfish and throwing a glass at her was too damn much. Take it easy, Laurel.


13. I thought the O/S scene at the end came out of nowhere when I first watched this episode but watching it again there were some really contrived signs like Oliver saying he needed her and he wasn't going to lose her and the cheesy song that came on when she entered the lair. It was pretty hot, no doubt, but I still think the whole thing was unnecessary. I would have bought it if it was only a one night stand though. Don't know why they had to make it a relationship.


14. Why does present day Slade talk like he's got a sore throat or he's whispering? Is that how bad guys talk? Was he trying to be Batman? 


Wow. This episode was pretty busy now that I think about it...

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This episode cemented my undying love for Quentin Lance. Also Sara. I'm definitely not part of that everyone who hated the Lance family drama last season group. My heart even broke for Dinah after Laurel went balls-to-the-wall bitter towards Sara. It was like their family was being torn apart all over again. Still waiting on that announcement of a Sara/Quentin/Nyssa sitcom to make up for it, CW.

Willa Holland deserves some kind of award for portraying utter obliviousness during Oliver's speech. She read the script. She knew what was going on. And yet Thea is stone cold clueless. Never admired an actor for doing absolutely nothing before.

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I'm not ready to watch those episodes again, I'll have to see how season 3 goes, but sign me up for the Nyssa love, and how much they sold me on Sara wanting to leave the LoA.


This episode shows why Susanna Thompson was such an asset to the show.  I'd have like to see more Moira/Felicity.


Ain't it wonderful how much Oliver is concerned that Felicity is distracted?  And how touch his promise that she won't lose him.  

Too bad the next episode she's off  his radar except for yelling at her to do her job.

5. Continuing on the flashback theme, I still don't know how we were ever supposed to root for O/L when she had their whole lives planned out (living together, engaged for a year and then Mrs Laurel Queen, which doesn't even sound right tbh) even though she knew he was cheating on her. She just shrugged off Sara saying there were at least ten other girls. Who does that? 

I'd say Laurel was more right than she knew.  The correct term for a married woman would be Mrs. Oliver Queen.  Mrs. Laurel Queen would be used after their divorce.


That scene was pretty much the final nail in the Oliver/Laurel coffin.  Their worlds were like a Venn diagram, existing in two completely different circles, meeting only in a small sliver in the middle.

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What an awesome episode. It really bothers me how much they left Sara's story by the wayside in season 2b. Very compelling from beginning to end. It actually highlighted for me why Sara and Oliver can't co-exist regularly on the show. They each have their own story to tell and I felt in this episode, Sara was more compelling than Oliver and his mother issues.

Perhaps this is an unpopular opinion, but I was BAFFLED by Laurel's reaction to Sara at the end. Genuinely confused when she seemed excited for dream Sara but threw a glass at real Sara. It seemed OOC.

And yes, adorable Oliver seeing Felicity is not quite right. I shall not speak of episode 14 because many things went wrong after Heir to the demon.

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What an awesome episode. It really bothers me how much they left Sara's story by the wayside in season 2b. Very compelling from beginning to end. It actually highlighted for me why Sara and Oliver can't co-exist regularly on the show. They each have their own story to tell and I felt in this episode, Sara was more compelling than Oliver and his mother issues.

Perhaps this is an unpopular opinion, but I was BAFFLED by Laurel's reaction to Sara at the end. Genuinely confused when she seemed excited for dream Sara but threw a glass at real Sara. It seemed OOC.

And yes, adorable Oliver seeing Felicity is not quite right. I shall not speak of episode 14 because many things went wrong after Heir to the demon.

No, you were not alone in being shocked at Laurel's reaction to Sara.  Somehow the contrast made her reaction all that worse to me.  It was both shocking and disturbing because it made me think that Laurel liked it better when Sara was dead. 

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I agree, Quentin was awesome. I like Quentin. I didn't so much in s1 but s2 really changed that for me. That's why I'm semi-hopeful that maybe they can pull Laurel back too. 


Just reading some old threads and look how naive I was. Bless the me of a year ago. 

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One of my favorite episodes. It is so well built, because it had two main stories - the return of Sara and her struggle with her past, and Moira's secret.

The introduction of one of my favorite kick a$ ladies - Nyssa was amazing. The moment she was on screen she owned the scene. The chemistry between Nyssa and Sara was so strong, great dialog. Nyssa's obsession with Sara felt so real.

It was hilarious how Nyssa referred to Arrow as her boyfriend the first time and the look on Oliver's face when he say Sara and Nyssa kiss . He wasn't her boyfriend then but he was lurking obviously caring of her safety.

The end fight between Nyssa and Arrow was the resolution(great fight by the way, Katrina Law was awesome shooting those arrows). Arrow won, and he was obviously the current love choice of Sara, but I think this is the only reason the writers made him stronger, in another situation I think Nyssa could have won, and Nyssa realized that she have to let Sara go if she really loves her she would want her to live and be happy.

I also like a lot how well they built up the atmosphere in the scene of Moira's candidacy and Oliver's speech.

The looks everybody had on their faces, his slow talking at the beginning was brilliant.

The things I didn't like were of course the unnecessary drama that writers like to create. 

-Oliver telling his mother was monster. He didn't thought she was monster when she participated in the mass murdering, but thinks she is monster because she is human and had an affair. Keeping it a secret was so obvious and I think everybody would have done it. Besides he just told her that he also will keep it a secret so why the fuss. It is something that concerns his mother and Thea mostly, not him.

-Laurel throwing glass at Sara. Come on, five years were not enough for her to forgive her own sister, especially when she believed that both her boyfriend and her sister were dead I think it is human to forgive and move on. Sara was her own blood, she should have been mourning more for her dead than Oliver's who was just a crappy boyfriend. And seeing her alive should have made her really happy and relieved. I just don't buy the whole addiction story for the reason of her cruel behavior. Does she really believes that Sara owns her anything. And I don't understand why Laurel would hate her own sister, because  of a man she doesn't even want anymore, and who would have probably cheated on her with someone else.

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I took the "you're a monster" to be that with the knowledge of his mother's affair and Thea's parentage, he now assumes she was an active participant in the undertaking, including destroying the Queen's gambit, and was simply lying about being maneuvered by Malcolm and being scared of him.

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213 (Heir to the Demon) – Oliver Queen’s voiceover intro:
Oliver (voiceover): "My name is Oliver Queen. After five years on a hellish island, I have come home with only one goal-- to save my city. But to do so, I can't be the killer I once was. To honor my friend's memory, I must be someone else. I must be something else."

213 (Heir to the Demon) – Felicity tells Walter about a recent wire transfer from Tempest:
Felicity: "Mr. Steele? May I talk to you about something?"
Walter: "I'm no longer your boss, Felicity. So let's make it Walter from now on."
Felicity: "Okay. Walter. It's about Tempest. Mrs. Queen's super sketchy offshore LLC you asked me to look into last year."
Walter: "I remember. That's right."
Felicity: "So, the thing is, I left an embedded account alert on it so we'd know if anyone ever accessed it again. A few days ago, there was a wire transfer made from Tempest to a numbered account at Starling National Bank."
Walter: "Probably the campaign accountant shutting it down." 
Felicity: "Or, it could be something else. That is the money Mrs. Queen used to do some really bad things. I mean, you guys did get divorced for pretty good reasons. Which is not my business."
Walter: "I'll talk to Moira first thing. And thank you for bringing it to my attention." 
Felicity: "Of course."

213 (Heir to the Demon) – Oliver enters the Arrowcave where Felicity and Diggle are watching Sara working on the salmon ladder:
Felicity: "She's been doing that for the like an hour."
(Sara jumps down from the salmon ladder and walks over.)
Sara:  You saw Laurel. Is she going to be okay?"
Oliver: "You saved her life."
Sara: "Hey, thanks for calling me. And I never did ask you - how did you find me?"
Oliver: "I wasn't going to lose you again."
Sara; 'I should get going."
Oliver: "Hey, so that's it? You're back in town for 24 hours, now you're just going to take off again?"
Sara: "The League of Assassins is still after me, Ollie, and staying in town would put my whole family at risk. I only came because Laurel's in trouble." 
Oliver: "Well, she's still in trouble, Sara. Your entire family needs you. So do I. (Sara leaves, and he turns to Diggle) Do me a favor and dig up a copy of Laurel's bloodwork from the hospital, please."
Diggle: "Sure. What are we looking for?"
Oliver: "I just want to make sure of something."
(His cell phone beeps, and Felicity picks it up off the table.)
Felicity: "It's for you."

213 (Heir to the Demon) – Felicity confronts Moira about Thea’s biological father being Malcolm Merlyn:
Maid: "Mrs. Queen?"
Moira: "Hmm?"
Maid: "A Miss Smoak is here to see you."
Moira: "Who?" 
Felicity (entering): "Uh, me."
Moira: "If you're looking for Oliver, he's not here." 
Felicity: "I know. I'm here to see you."
Moira: "Really? What about?" 
Felicity: "Tempest. I flagged a large wire transfer you made. When I mentioned it to Walter, he said he would talk to you about it. I could tell in his face he wouldn't. British people are really bad liars."
Moira: "Yes, they are." 
Felicity: "So I looked into it myself, because - full disclosure - I - I don't trust you. You paid a substantial sum of money to a Dr. Gill. He was the doctor who delivered Thea, which didn't make any sense to me. So I went through like a dozen different theories until I remembered - your testimony. At trial. You had an affair with Malcolm Merlyn one year before Thea was born. Merlyn is Thea's father."
Moira: "I can see why Walter and Oliver have such a high appraisal of your capabilities. So. What are you going to do with this information, Felicity?"
Felicity: "I don't know. Confronting you in your living room was as far as my plan went. I thought you deserved the chance to tell Oliver yourself. He should hear it from you."
Moira: "I'm not going to tell my son anything. And neither are you. If you won't keep my secret for Oliver's sake, you should keep it for your own. I see the way you look at him. If you tell him this, you will rip his world apart. And a part of him will always blame you."
Felicity: "Oh, he'll hate me, for sure. But he will hate you, too."
Moira: "We all have to keep secrets, Miss Smoak."

213 (Heir to the Demon) – Oliver notices that Felicity is distracted:
(Shirtless Oliver is hammering on a round spoke.)
Oliver: "It's been two hours, and she should have gotten back in touch with me by now. Felicity. (Felicity is staring at her computer) Felicity!"
Felicity: "What?! Sorry. What?"
Oliver: "Are you okay?"
Felicity: "Uh, yeah, I'm fine. It's just things in here."
Sara (entering): "The League is never going to let me go. At least if I'm halfway around the world, then I can keep my family safe."
Diggle (entering): "I wouldn't be so sure about that. Just got a copy of Laurel's bloodwork. She tested negative for drugs."
Sara: "Well, then why did she collapse?"
Diggle: "Because they found traces of snake venom in her blood. From a Tibetan pit viper."
Felicity: "Wait. So Laurel didn't OD?"
Sara: “She was poisoned.”
Oliver: "She was poisoned by Nyssa, who did it to draw you back here. And it worked."
Sara: "My family's in danger."

213 (Heir to the Demon) – In a flashback scene, Sara and Laurel have an awkward conversation about Oliver:
Sara: "Hey, how's everything with you and Oliver?"
Laurel: "Great. We decided to start looking at apartments together. I know it's a big step... but we're ready. I think we'll live together for a year, engaged for another, and then... Mrs. Laurel Queen. Maybe one day."
Sara: "This is kind of assuming that he's ever ready to settle down."
Laurel: "What's that supposed to mean?"
Sara: "Well, we both know at least ten girls that he's slept with."
Laurel: "Can't you just be happy for me? I mean, if you met some amazing guy who wanted to spend the rest of his life with you, I would be so supportive, and so happy for you."
Sara: "Okay, Laurel, I wasn't trying to be a bitch."
Laurel: "The title of your autobiography."

213 (Heir to the Demon) – After Dinah is kidnapped by Nyssa, Felicity helps track down the venom thief:
Oliver: "Do we have a lead on Dinah?"
Diggle: "We researched the poison Nyssa used on Laurel."
Felicity: "Luckily for us, Tibetan pit viper venom is surprisingly difficult to transport. It starts losing its potency the moment it leaves the fangs. Yet another sentence I never thought I'd actually say out loud."
Sara: "So it was bought locally?"
Diggle: "Not bought. Stolen."
Oliver: "From where?" 
Diggle: "The zoo. A local break-in. The perps didn't steal anything, so the cops chalked it up to a bunch of kids looking for a thrill."
Felicity: “I pulled up the zoo CCTV footage from the night of the break-in. I caught a plate. The car's a rental. Address is in the Glades."
Oliver: "Sara, call your father."

213 - Laurel reacts badly to Sara's return from the dead:
(Quentin and Dinah Lance are overjoyed to see Sara alive again, but Laurel is shuffling around her apartment, drinking wine.)
Dinah: "I knew you were alive. I just felt it in my bones. I never stopped looking for you."
Sara: "I know you have a lot of questions."
Laurel (pouring wine into a glass): "Nope."
Sara: "How can you not have any questions?"
Laurel: "Because I already know all of the answers to them. How could you still be alive? Where have you been all this time? Why didn't you call us? And the answer to all of them... it's because it's Sara. Dad, I swear -"
Quentin: "Don't do this. No, no, please!"
Laurel: "If you say one more word."
Sara: "Laurel, look. I know you're angry. And you have every right to be. Please don't take this out on Dad. If you need someone to blame, you blame me."
Laurel: "I do blame you, Sara. Every single thing that's gone wrong in our lives is your fault. You got on that stupid boat with my boyfriend. You didn't call us to tell us that you were still alive, even though it probably would've saved Mom and Dad's marriage. And you brought some crazy assassin to Starling City, who nearly killed Mom and who poisoned me. You - you stole my whole life away from me. Now get out."
Sara: "Laurel."
Laurel: "Get. Out."
(Sara starts to leave.)
Sara: "I'm sorry."
Laurel: "I said, get out!!" (Throws glass at Sara, as door closes.)

213 (Heir to the Demon) – - At Moira's press conference announcing her mayoral candidacy, Oliver forces Felicity to tell him what's been bothering her, and we learn something about Felicity’s father:
Diggle: "How's Sara holding up?"
Oliver: "Not well. And I need you to pick up the trail on Nyssa, because Mrs. Lance is running out of time."
Diggle: "I'm on it." (Leaves)
(Moira walks up with Thea.)
Moira: "Oh, Oliver. Felicity."
Oliver: "Hi, hi."
Moira: "Ohh. Well, I haven't been this nervous since my wedding day. Both of them."
Aide: "Moira, it's time. Oliver, are you ready to introduce your mother?"
Oliver: "With pride." 
(Moira gives Felicity a hard stare before leaving with Thea.)
Oliver: "Felicity? Fe-li-ci-ty. What is going on with you? And don't say -”
Felicity: "Nothing."
Oliver: "Don't say 'nothing.' The truth, please."
Felicity: "You might have noticed that I talk a lot."
Oliver: "It has not escaped my attention."
Felicity: "You might have also noticed that I don't talk a lot about my family."
Oliver: "I have noticed that."
Felicity: "My mother is - she's my mother. And I don't really know what my father is, ‘cause he abandoned us. I barely remember him. But I do remember how much it hurt when he left. And just the thought of losing someone that important to me again -"
Oliver: "Hey. You're not going to lose me. Whatever it is that's bothering you. Is it about your family?"
Felicity: "No. It's about yours."

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