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  1. I would have LOVED him as Shadow in American Gods (I liked Ricky Whittle very well too, so a win-win for casting in that role, IMO). I'm going to check out his IG bio and try to keep up with what he may be working on next. Thanks.
  2. I hadn't heard of this - thanks for sharing it here. I thoroughly enjoyed his work on the show and hadn't heard him showing up on any other projects, so I also assumed he had stuck to stage productions.
  3. I haven't posted here since sometime late last season. I was displeased with much of Season 4, starting with the BMD and Barry messing with timelines on shows that aren't his... I had stopped watching the Flash by the time Shark-Man showed up so now that the Flash is still affecting Arrow (and erasing a child). The summer hiatus did absolutely nothing to draw me into the premiere. But Arrow has been a Must See TV for me since the pilot and, with many bumps along the way and a few episodes where I Fast Forwarded through more scenes than I actually watched, I wanted to watch the start of S5.
  4. It's been quite a long time since I've posted in the Arrow forum and I'll give my thoughts in the Bitterness thread, per Morrigan's request. That being said, I cannot like/upvote @SmoaknArrow 's post enough. From the interviews, pictures (thanks for the DR one, @bijoux - I agree, seeing him in the bunker is nice!), and clips, I think Diggle's arc will be very interesting. I also think having "Lethal Weapon" on a break for a few weeks could help Arrow with some viewers.
  5. Interesting read - it's too bad that the series ended when there may have been interest by many to keep it going for another season. I'm in the US and didn't have to deal with the BBC's scheduling decisions - it's hard to shake the sense that the decision was made long before the scripts were finished that this would be the last and that the BBC wasn't going to try hard to promote it. If the showrunners knew that there was a chance that it would have been picked up by HULU before the final scripts were written, we can only speculate on what would have been done differently this season.
  6. Is discussion on this episode done here or in the All Episode thread? I've watched the finale a few times and felt that it could have used another 20 minutes or so to flesh out some parts that felt rushed: - Porthos & Elodie's reunion - sweet but simply rushed. Did they actually get married? I think so? - some explanation as how Grimaud can be stabbed in the gut & shoulder yet get up and walk around Paris. He's been shot, stabbed multiple times but still walks around nearly unseen. Completely implausible... - some kind of moment between D'Artagnan and Con
  7. Hopefully someone else - perhaps more familiar with how titled land worked back in 17th century France - can answer as to how it should have worked. I can only answer about what was shown on the series. Porthos' father was the scoundrel that had made Treville and De Foix promise to keep his secret. Treville was the father figure Porthos needed and deserved, IMO. We don't know what happened to his estate or to his father, for that matter. If his father was arrested (along with his half sister), the show made no mention of it that I'm aware of. So we can assume that he inherited it all
  8. My take on his role (both appearances in the series) was more of a Captain Jack Sparrow thing than anything else. Why he goes so gravel-y is beyond me. It does contrast nightly when he screams, though. Haha
  9. Saw parts of this episode again and I still enjoyed most of it. The scene of the boys with Bonnaire trying to get the horse was funny. I liked that D'Artagnan's farm background came back to help in that spot. Also liked the bit of Constance when she saw the gems, had a sweet moment with her husband then punched Bonnaire in the gut. You bring up good points here - as much as I enjoyed seeing Aramis and learned more about his (sad but explains a lot) background, the Pauline, her fiance and the stable boy stuff was ... not well constructed. The only good part of that whole thing
  10. Point taken. I guess my not-well-worded point was that if everyone is special in their suits then that kind of diminishes the value of what 'special' means - especially for our lead and title Hero. Likewise if there are a lot of archers (good and evil) on the show. My personal opinion is that Oliver stopped being the best fighter (still vulnerable at times) on the show as more people came on board. By the time Diggle, Roy, Sarah and Laurel were part of the mix, the fight scenes seemed very crowded. And Oliver did not stand out in any way. Diggle is an elite soldier-fighter.
  11. Not being all that familiar with Artemis (certainly not all the different versions), I'm disappointed in the casting and backstory. Ah, GB and his vision of diversity... More than that, however, is yet another suit. The show has not done a good job, at all, of balancing suits and non-suits when it comes to story and promotion. Of course, there's little Arrow promotion anyway. If Curtis gets his suit in Season 5, and Adrian Chase gets his, then that means Felicity and Lyla are the only ones without suits. Which is fine with me because I strongly believe they don't need them to be hero
  12. Did this episode air in the UK yet?
  13. I'm actually hoping that Oliver's inevitable (and hopefully well done) Bravta flashbacks have something to do with what's happening in present day Star City. If the casting call details hadn't listed 'mob connected death' then a link to Adrian would have been a nice surprise. Now I think it's a safe assumption, much like he's going to be Vigilante or similar. I like spoilers but I wish there were some details left out. What follows is the awkward "epic, game changing, never done before" hyperbole from the EPs to explain why the audience will be blown away shocked BUT NOT REALLY with h
  14. I could quote all of your Milady comments @Happy Harpy and @charis - I agree. In the end, I think Milady became what she felt Athos perceived her to be. Her choices off screen (murdering the brother of the man she'd been with - had she married him? - showed us and Treville that she was back to her 'old ways'). Was she back to that killing way of life because she felt that Athos had rejected a future with her? If he had gotten to her carriage in time at the end of S2, what would she and they have done? Was she following the destiny she felt she had no control over? We don't know really b
  15. I liked Sylvie, and I liked Athos' conflict this season. I don't think I would take any of their scenes out, like I said above. But I would have added some, as I have questions. I felt that there were missing scenes - - gaps such as Porthos and Elodie (spelling?) coming together rather quickly (I like them both but it seemed very rushed) - what did Porthos do with the young king at the end of 3X09 to keep him safe? - just a few scenes of married D'Artagnan and Constance dealing with how they've both changed during the war (and their very different takes on what they want in
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