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S02: Week 3: September 6, 2020-September 12, 2020

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19 minutes ago, Refresh said:

I think it was last week at some point and she was talking to one of the girls about how she was “waiting for Connor to change” . Yeah. Good luck with that. 

It’s like she thinks because people like each other they‘ll change who they are to please that person. Maybe she does it for others, so why can’t they do it for her? She gets in her own way and sets herself up for massive disappointment by thinking that way. 

I don’t think she changes for other people. Maybe in her head she thinks she does. She strikes me as just expecting people to kowtow to what she wants. We saw her do a 180 on Jalen just because he had the audacity to want to take things slow. Suddenly she’s “loyal” to Connor. 

What’s odd is that Connor DOES kowtow to her and give her what she wants. He’s pretty beaten down at this point. The original issues with Mackenzie all came from other people in the villa and America. Connor has been two-faced and not a great communicator. But Mackenzie’s meltdowns are all self-inflicted. 

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1 hour ago, Wandering Snark said:

Mack seems to be an devotee to the "I love you, now change" philosophy. I wonder if that is one of the love languages?

Ha! That would be she uses “words of disaffirmation” and “quality time with you listening to her”. 

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11 minutes ago, TVGlow said:

I don't think Cely and Johnny's relationship will survive past her watching the Casa Amore episodes. 

Agreed. As forthcoming as he was, he left out the part about him being rather eager to try out other girls.

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16 minutes ago, Amy Beth said:

Agreed. As forthcoming as he was, he left out the part about him being rather eager to try out other girls.

But don't you see he has already given himself the excuse that really the whole Casa experience was 'a game' so he was covered for ANY kissing he did in any situation because it was all part of a game (to him). Whatever makes you feel like less of a sleeze man... whatever.

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