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  1. Amy Beth

    S17.E02: Auditions (2)

    I think Alejandro is a bit edgier than Idol’s TPTB are letting him be portrayed on tv. First of all, his social media handle is scarypoolparty. That sounds slightly punkish. And wearing a hat through the whole audition? There are photos of him with various hair colorings, including neon blue and skunk-like. I’m not saying his persona is fake, just that they want to tamp down anything that might turn off the more conservative viewers right away.
  2. Amy Beth

    S17.E01 : Auditions (1)

    The pre-taped portion of the show has already cut down to a T14. There will be 5 audition shows and each one will feature 2-3 of those T14. Obviously, no spoilers in this thread, but at least some of those singers will be making it very far.
  3. Amy Beth

    S23.E03: Week 3

    In the long run, Caitlyn will be glad her life is boring and she doesn’t have a sob story to reveal. But for the purposes of the show, she definitely should have found some little nugget that could be turned into a story. You gotta have a gimmick!
  4. Amy Beth

    S01.E04: Shrapnel

    This episode showed the completely screwed up dynamics in Debra’s family of origin. But Debra did not and still does not forgive Bobby like her mother. She was willing to divorce several husbands, so it’s not as if she 100% internalized “til death do us part”. So what about John is different, that she’s not willing to cut ties? After his tearful “confession”, instead of agreeing to take him back, she could have offered to pay for any and all rehab he needed first. THAT would make some sense. But this? Still not getting it.
  5. Amy Beth

    S01.E03: Remember It Was Me

    I still can’t figure out why he married the first wife. Nothing seemed to be pushing him towards needing a front of normality, so why bother?
  6. Amy Beth

    Season 15 Discussion

    I would bet money that she was dressed, under the robe. The way Carson was so tentative, I think someone on set was trying to convince her she could go on until the very last minute. I firmly believe that her “under the weather” was a panic attack, not something that compromised her singing voice. Otherwise they would have invoked a doctor’s recommendation that she not perform.
  7. Amy Beth

    S01.E02: Red Flags and Parades

    Maybe it’s the way CB is playing Debra, but I get the sense Debra believes that her children (at least the younger daughters without their own families) WERE responsible for some of her prior breakups. She seems unwilling to entertain their doubts because she feels she got burned by pushing away men they objected to in the past.
  8. Amy Beth

    S01.E02: Red Flags and Parades

    Toby the nephew made the classic mistake of letting the bad guy know that you are onto him. That just gives him an incentive to push another person in Debra’s life away. As damning as the information seemed to him, he should have let the private detective do her thing while sticking as close to Aunt Debbie as possible.
  9. Amy Beth

    Fact vs. Fiction: The Podcast and the Real People

    The one thing I never could put together from the various previous iterations of this story is what happened to the prior husbands, especially the bio dad(s) of her children. Was he the first husband and the rest were step-dads? Or did she have a starter husband and have the kids later? And were they all completely out of the picture, both personally and with any possible stake in her business? i found it odd that the daughters never once considered getting their father involved, unless he was a complete deadbeat dad. i also wondered why John never once used an alias.
  10. Amy Beth

    S01.E09: Dead Reckoning

    I don’t care for Grace, but I do think she is suffering from a plot point. Ben can’t fully let her in and tell her about the Callings because if she doesn’t quickly die (or almost) , it will ruin Michaela’s Angel of Death theory.
  11. Amy Beth

    S01.E09: Dead Reckoning

    The lights that Ben saw to get out of the black site were supposed to be the lights that illuminate the aisle during a plane’s emergency landing, right?
  12. Amy Beth

    Are You The One?

    Zak’s ex that came on the “relationship getaway” episode seemed like a normal human being. I really wonder what her story is. The AYTO franchise has now exceeded the Bachelor in interseason incestuousness. ETA: I read that Shamoy didn’t just have a GF, he had a baby.
  13. Amy Beth

    S01.E07: S.N.A.F.U.

    Did Ben know that IT guy had a change of clothes? Because if someone spilled on me, I’d send THEM out of the office for paper towels to do the first round of mopping up before I ran out of my office.
  14. Amy Beth

    Are You The One?

    I’m telling you, they cast for personalities, make them fill out piles of paperwork and promptly feed it all through the shredder. The match-ups are either obvious (Kenya going for a clone of her ex) or random (nature is amazing!).
  15. Amy Beth

    S01E06: Off Radar

    Which of course is ridiculous. A plane reappearing after 5.5 years wouldn’t be an American story, it would be a worldwide story. There would have been media in all the countries those passengers were from, waiting for them to come back home.