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  1. I’m convinced that Lilly lost any chance she had of winning because Simon couldn’t abide her pronouncing “macaron” as “macaroon” with wrong vowel sound.
  2. It gave me a Truman Show vibe. As in they required everyone who worked for the AI company to move there and arrange their lives around the “prototype “ a/k/a Piper.
  3. If Nicole and Cliff plan on voting out Tommy anyway. have they considered deliberately causing a 1-1 tie and make Jackson do the actual evicting? (Confession: I haven’t been watching feeds)
  4. The premise of the season is that all 16 of them are sexually fluid and would be ok with a male, female or non-binary match. Danny did say that he had his heart broken by his female ex-fiancée.
  5. I was focusing on other CBS shows for the network synergy. Similar to how random Bachelor/ette cast members end up on DWTS.
  6. This is an international newspaper? Yeah, in the UK the Islanders can be considered legit celebrities and many of them do move on to actual industry jobs and more reality slots. here, I cannot imagine anyone caring. At all. Maybe (maybe) one of the couples will show up on Amazing Race, like Winston showed up on LI. That’s the limit of it though.
  7. #3 in the US and way before airing
  8. America is basic AF. The order was the same as the length of the “relationships”. Z/E won because they were an original couple and stuck it out for the duration.
  9. On the AU version (maybe UK too), someone who’s in a couple that’s not a real couple can sleep away from the bedroom on a less comfortable cot or something. It’s like when a real-life couple has one of them sleep on the couch.
  10. I think the best way to watch this show is to assume that all the participants are there because they want to be on television. Actually meeting someone they like romantically is an unexpected bonus, not their primary motivation.
  11. Are you watching the current season of Are You The One? They are doing a season where all the singles are sexually fluid. There are 16 of them and they can all be potentially matched with any of the other 15 people. Despite the MTVness of it, it’s been a really good season so far.
  12. I call producer shenanigans. The AYTO contestants give the producers a ranked list of who they want to pick before every match-up. They knew that Jonathan put Justin as his #1 and they arranged the selection order so that he would be picking before either Justin or Max.
  13. One vote per safe couple or can the safe islanders vote individually?
  14. Katrina definitely feels like she’s on the wrong show. She carries herself differently from the other women. TBH, I don’t believe she has trouble finding men. I think she’s doing the show for the exposure (too bad the ratings suck) and is trying hard to maintain her dignity.
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