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  1. How long did it take 2021 Ella to go from “past lives? 10,000 BC. Go away” to “I must also jump into a sinkhole to rescue someone” ?
  2. I think Gavin’s bio parents are going to be a major part of S2. I remain unsure whether we’ve seen them already since Silas is an unreliable narrator.
  3. I don’t want our Scott going to the dark side. He knows that Aldridge is the baddie, he better not ally with her.
  4. I want to know why Isaiah/Gavin and Lily/Ella can’t remember their pasts. The people who traveled from 2021 to 10k BC remembered their pasts. Why not the other direction? They were both old enough to remember their pre-sinkhole lives.
  5. It also confirms that they (or at least Silas) don’t just speak English, they can read and write English.
  6. One more thing. All season, people have been looking for Lost comparisons, but it turns out the plot twist comes straight out of Back to the Future! If you two don’t meet, your children won’t exist. Where have I heard that before. Wait until we find out that the mystery ship is called “Enchantment on the Seas” (under the sea would be a terrible name for a ship, lol)
  7. I know Sam the Seal was having a freak out, but I still think he was right to restrain Veronica. Her own trauma notwithstanding, she lies constantly, tried to kill Ty and was ready to use force to remove Lily from the safety of the group. I’m trying to understand why everyone else was horrified that she was put in their version of time out.
  8. Why does Rebecca insist on talking so darn cryptically? Spill it, Girl!
  9. Would that make him Unfrozen Caveman Pilot?
  10. Let me see if I have this. For as long as the fort dwellers can remember, strange people have been falling through a light in the sky at random times and they happen to speak the same language as them. But no mythology has been developed around these events. They simply avoid the sky people unless they get into electrocution range. Sounds perfectly reasonable. /s
  11. Especially appropriate since their old theme song was “Fall into the Gap”!!
  12. DDD thinking that he’s going to take a flight that travels 12,000 years and just waltz off unnoticed is so ridiculous. He’d be “debriefed” by super secret government operatives— poked, prodded and every single item on that plane confiscated and studied.
  13. Why was Diana still wearing her crisp flight uniform 3 years into her ordeal?
  14. A question about Levi’s appearing and disappearing plane. If they leave it where it is now, why would it have disappeared? I understand the lack of bodies since there were no passengers, but physically the plane still exists. Shouldn’t the excavation team have found that? Also, according to last night’s episode there are only 30 remaining survivors. That seems like a small number given the size of the sinkhole. Were these folks somehow chosen to survive or is that just because 100s of survivors just wasn’t practical for making a TV show?
  15. I think the original order was for 6 episodes and then they were given the go ahead for some more. So it makes some sense that this episode felt finale-like.
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