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  1. I don’t know if you need to bring up politics on the first night (though with the current landscape it’s not a bad idea), but you definitely shouldn’t wait until two years after you’re engaged, have ignored numerous warnings about who you’re with, voluntarily defended the guy for his actions, and then claim you had no idea. I’m tired of hearing from people AFTER they breakup “If only I’d known sooner!!” You did. That’s why they’re called red flags. And you just ignored them. https://www.insider.com/bachelorette-becca-kufrin-vote-election-2021-1
  2. What about the two that broke up on the show, she got kicked out, then he left to recouple? The really awful people everybody hated?
  3. He also might have said, “I’m calling off the engagement, we’re not getting married” and she could have still not heard him. This is Clare we’re talking about 😂
  4. Clare claims she was blindsided by Dale calling off the engagement and had no idea until he posted. Then again, she also used to confide in a raccoon, so take her level of comprehension with a grain of salt 🤷‍♂️ https://www.glamour.com/story/clare-crawley-says-she-was-blindsided-by-dales-breakup-post-i-am-crushed
  5. So who’s left as a couple? Just the insane, awful couple everybody hoped would stay broken up but ended up together again? I don’t even remember their names or have the energy to look it up.
  6. Um, this show exists to eviscerate 20-somethings. It’s kind of the whole point of the show. Every season. Clare treated other people poorly and is self absorbed. That’s why people don’t like her. There have been older women on these shows (Renee from Juan Pablo’s season comes to mind) who are kind and grounded, mature, and respectful of others and people love and root for them. It’s Clare’s personality, not her age, that people are fed up with.
  7. I think we all turned on Chloe. Admittedly, I finally gave up halfway through the season but at that point Chloe just instigated fights, talked shit behind everyone’s back, and took zero responsibility for her actions. I don’t think anyone is going to miss her or “her journey”.
  8. Another one bites the dust. All things considered, this one lasted longer than expected. https://www.etonline.com/love-islands-cely-vazquez-and-johnny-middlebrooks-break-up-158807
  9. Shocking https://people.com/tv/love-island-star-moira-tumas-confirms-she-is-single-exclusive/
  10. Altman’s parents have an estate in Aspen, so he and Matt didn’t really start with nothing. And he worked at the Agency for a bit, which seems to do a good job mentoring and bringing up talent. The Brits came to LA without knowing the area and supposedly sold over $100M their first year. Not saying Altman doesn’t work hard, but I think all of these agents had a good leg up in the industry. A lot of people like to market themselves as “starting with nothing” as a way to market themselves as the scrappy upstart. Rewatching old seasons, there are a couple of rough years where it got bad. Josh and Matt were just jerks for years, picking fights and yelling at people just to start stuff. I think it was the season that Josh’s grandmother passed away, just a lot of negativity going on. And surprisingly Flagg stayed pretty consistent through the series. Altman was out of line but Flagg always had charm and fun. And I forgot Flagg called out Altman for lying about his numbers and watching Altman curl up and lose all confidence because he knew he was called out on his bs, priceless.
  11. Every negotiation by every agent on every house in every episode of this show ever.
  12. Didn’t they just dump the last two episodes at the same time? I’ve heard that’s usually a sign the ratings aren’t good enough and they’re just getting rid of it.
  13. Agree. And here’s a crazy thought, if he’s not attracted to her... just leave 🤷‍♂️
  14. My dad used to testify as an expert witness for some trials. Nicest guy ever, and he always made a point to be nice and cheerful to everybody when he came in the room. He’d introduce himself to the stenographers and get to chatting with them. He then would read transcripts of what people had said, and what he noticed was that transcripts of his testimony sounded clear, intelligent, and articulate. Whereas really high profile lawyers (who would storm into the room, be a dick to everyone, and rude and demeaning to the stenographers) would read with, “Umm, like... so... previously... um”. The stenographers were so good that they could edit out (or not) all the filler words and pauses that make us sound like idiots if you ever wrote it out verbatim. My point being, if producers are giving Clare a bad edit that could be in part because she sucked on set and people were fed up with her. Admittedly, the people that work on these shows have revealed themselves to be pretty despicable people, but if Clare was actually a sweet, nice, and caring person to everyone you’d kind of think they’d be reluctant to go out of their way to trash her in public by giving her a “bad edit”. Just a thought. And that goes for other contestants on these shows that have looked bad.
  15. I was being a little tongue-in-cheek when I mentioned contracts, but you’re right there have been some quick breakups. Though I think in a lot of cases that’s still been manufactured for “Drama”. I don’t really trust anything on these shows. Clare is nearing 40, and if she was serious about getting married she’d probably look for guys not on a reality show. I’m sure she’s been approached by a ton of guys since her first season of these shows. She wants fame.
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