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  1. Kind of makes you think, if all that needs to happen to get kicked off the show is the public starts a rumor you had an affair with Jay, who else should we accuse? 🤔🤔🤔
  2. But this a maybe different people than the Bach viewers. Plus, he may be persona non grata in Bach Nation because he broke up with Amanda. I don’t know the details, but the Franchise has designated Amanda Stanton as some poor saint who’s never wrong, so they may have dumped Robby to support her.
  3. 1) it’s a storyline, and since Juliette is a regular and Robby probably won’t be on another season (I’m not sure they’re even still together) it makes sense to cast him as the villain even if as others note they’re probably using each other 2) as others noted, they think he’s using her fame to build his “brand”. We’ve already seen that he met Juliette because he worked with Kelsey. And there was a comment that he was probably “paying” for the Greece trip by taking pictures of Juliette and probably write the whole thing off as a business expense. I don’t understand the whole “Influencer” job thing, but one of the most bs things about it seems like you can write off everything you do in life as a “business expense”. Have breakfast? Take a pic and post it and now it’s for work. I can’t tell you how many “yoga retreats” or “development meetings” I see millennials posting from Mexico and Costa Rica. Nice racket if you can pull it off. And the irs is too understaffed to ever go after them.
  4. “You can’t hit her!” ”You broke her nose!” lol, I think Chloe is the only person who can get assaulted twice and still not garner any sympathy... that’s not fair, no one on this show would garner sympathy.
  5. Colton’s season ratings were up, Hannah’s season ratings went up, BiP ratings were up, and apparently this season premiere was up over Colton’s season. So, expect ABC to keep pushing more of these storylines (virgins are interesting, Hannah B is a feminist hero, talking about sex among morons is interesting). They think they’ve figured out the formula, and from a business standpoint it’s hard to argue with their philosophy (which is why I’m not watching these shows anymore, it’s the only thing they’ll “listen” to). My question is, how are ratings up? Every other “good” show is happy just to stay steady or lose viewers slowly as people have more and more options of stuff to watch. Somehow ABC has tapped into a new viewer demo while keeping all their old viewers?
  6. It’s crazy what we’ve come to when Cara fights with Garrett for NOT commenting on her nose job. Granted, Cara is awful and would have still picked a fight if he did say something, but growing up the joke was always that women tried to hide their nose jobs and pretend they didn’t have them. “It’s just a deviated septum!”
  7. I can see that. Jay is a big time hunter so I can see him being part of the NRA or something. And he probably doesn’t want to pay more taxes. I’m sure Kristen will go with whatever gets her more fame. If they were invited to the White House I’m sure she’d be excited for the photo op.
  8. Lol. As creepy as Madison’s old bf is, Brandon sucks and needs to move on. He’s so self-absorbed and has such a huge ego. He doesn’t care about Madison. He just wants her to want him to make him feel better about himself. Why make up the convoluted story about Chloe “buying Alex’ clothes” as a way to show they’re friends again? So convoluted. Alex is supposedly in Europe with no cloths, so Chloe is buying him European-style clothes in America to send to him in Europe? But I assume he’ll be on the show next week and back from Europe? I hate to be mean about a person’s appearance, but Kelsey has an ugly smile. Considering she’s a model you’d think she’d smile without making a weird scrunchy face. Cara is toxic. She just wants to fight/nag all the time. And I don’t understand her and Garrett. They broke up but spend all their time together fighting about breaking up? Unless they’re having great sex (and I can’t imagine either of them being good at sex) I don’t understand why they’re “together”. And Robby, 😂😂😂. Forgot he would be on this season. He actually seems mature compared to everyone else. At least the show finally dumped Paulie (hopefully)
  9. I joked when this show first aired that high school Kristin from Laguna Beach would destroy this version of Kristin and rip her endlessly. It’s odd to see a high schooler have more self esteem and confidence than the adult version does. But I agree with others, that she chased Jay for fame and money. Kristin’s parents had money, and despite what people think, I don’t think reality stars make as much money as it seems. Kristen wanted to keep up appearances, and Jay was a millionaire. Sadly, I do think she likes him (kind of like a puppy likes their owner). But Jay has all the power in the relationship because he doesn’t give a shit and will just do whatever he wants to do, so Kristin really can’t win or even get a compromise. If she ever threatened to divorce him over something I’m sure he’d call her bluff and move on. And, sadly, it wouldn’t be hard for him to find another desperate woman looking for money willing to put up with his desires.
  10. Do people care about this cast? I feel like this show would be so much more interesting if they brought in a whole new cast each year (like Real World) and see how they act in this environment.
  11. Both their pictures appear in the dictionary when you look up “Red Flags”. This “relationship” is pretty much doomed unless everything goes perfect, because neither one is emotionally mature enough to handle the slightest hiccup.
  12. At least she managed to not offend large swaths of the world by posing in a bikini next to a nativity scene or something. That’s a minor win for her.
  13. They should just rename the show, “Dating for Women who Lost in Beauty Pageants and Men who Couldn’t Make it in the NFL.” That seems to be the direction they’re headed.
  14. Noooo! 😱 I forgot about them. Poor girl. I was hoping her friends and family would have staged a Katie-Holmes-Level intervention by now to get her away from Dylan and Bachelor Nation. I don’t know how the (normal) people around her don’t see how creepy and possessive he is. 😢
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