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  1. My dad used to testify as an expert witness for some trials. Nicest guy ever, and he always made a point to be nice and cheerful to everybody when he came in the room. He’d introduce himself to the stenographers and get to chatting with them. He then would read transcripts of what people had said, and what he noticed was that transcripts of his testimony sounded clear, intelligent, and articulate. Whereas really high profile lawyers (who would storm into the room, be a dick to everyone, and rude and demeaning to the stenographers) would read with, “Umm, like... so... previously... um”. The stenographers were so good that they could edit out (or not) all the filler words and pauses that make us sound like idiots if you ever wrote it out verbatim. My point being, if producers are giving Clare a bad edit that could be in part because she sucked on set and people were fed up with her. Admittedly, the people that work on these shows have revealed themselves to be pretty despicable people, but if Clare was actually a sweet, nice, and caring person to everyone you’d kind of think they’d be reluctant to go out of their way to trash her in public by giving her a “bad edit”. Just a thought. And that goes for other contestants on these shows that have looked bad.
  2. I was being a little tongue-in-cheek when I mentioned contracts, but you’re right there have been some quick breakups. Though I think in a lot of cases that’s still been manufactured for “Drama”. I don’t really trust anything on these shows. Clare is nearing 40, and if she was serious about getting married she’d probably look for guys not on a reality show. I’m sure she’s been approached by a ton of guys since her first season of these shows. She wants fame.
  3. Aren’t they contractually obligated to pretend to be in a relationship for a certain amount of time? Plus, I’m sure Clare will base her decision to break up on how much press she gets. She’s probably thinking she can go on every talk show with Dale as a couple, then go on AGAIN after they break up as some strange “empowered victim” motif she has going for herself. If they break up right away that decreases her time in the spotlight.
  4. Love Island is about as close to “fun” that these shows can get (low stakes, pretty peoples, lots of twists to keep people from playing too many games). They just need to cast better people. This season sucked. Joe Millionaire had a great premise, but they screwed it up by thinking anybody actually cared whether the guy found a relationship. We wanted to watch vapid, superficial, gold diggers fight over a guy who they didn’t know wasn’t rich. Instead they had the guy vote those women off.
  5. Really like this show. I’d prefer fewer Rachel-centered shows as they seem the most manufactured and least believeable, but overall this is a fun break to the doom and gloom.
  6. Most people will go through their entire lives only ever capable of seeing themselves as the hero or the victim in their own life story. It takes real maturity and self reflection to think that sometimes you’re a villain, or maybe even just a bystander to someone else’s story. Sadly, Clare lacks both those qualities. It’s unfortunate, too, because life becomes a whole lot easier when you’re not completely self absorbed and able to admit when you’ve done something wrong.
  7. Don’t forget, most of what is known about these people’s lives is what they themselves are telling us, so take it with a grain of salt. I’m sure if you Google these people you can read stories, but I’m guessing these people aren’t as popular and high society as they’d like us to believe. As people have mentioned on the Charleston show, real high society probably doesn’t want to go on reality TV. For all the money and notoriety these people supposedly have, they seem to have pretty well adjusted, upper middle class parents and families. And the cast themselves seem to all live in pretty run down apartments. My guess is the cast is kind of the “runts of the liters” of whatever family name they come from.
  8. If there is a season 4, hopefully this will make it better. Not sure why Davina thinks she’ll still be on the show but hopefully Netflix moves on from her. She brought nothing to the show and is easily replaced. https://evoke.ie/2020/10/08/showbiz/selling-sunset-star-reveals-shes-leaving-the-oppenheim-group
  9. Did he even talk? Or did they just have him on camera and other people talked about him? I wonder if they just hired an actor to play “Dustin” so they could have a season storyline. The whole idea of Rachel having a hard time finding a date seems fake and forced.
  10. Now I’m in Altman’s first season. It’s crazy, knowing who Josh is now makes him seem subdued back then. It’s so jarring. I remember how obnoxious he was, but going back and rewatching he’s actually more normal than he is now. And it’s cute to see him and Heather together, because they do seem genuine. They’re very flirty and from the beginning Josh treated her with respect and really championed her. I’m to the part where Heather wants to become an agent and Madison has turned it into something about him, a stance I always took issue with and thought Madison was just being selfish. It’s even more clear in hindsight. Madison’s stance doesn’t really make sense, unless he just expects Heather to be his assistant forever and never pursue her own goals. This is actually the second time Madison did this. In one of the first seasons his assistant takes a job for more money, she’s a single mom. Madison doesn’t say congratulations or he’ll miss her or even “I’ll pay you more money to stay” he just tells her it puts him in a bind. I remember liking Madison but now he just seems very self centered and selfish.
  11. I never understood the Carrington hate. Of everyone there, he seemed the most honest and upfront about things. Part of why I stopped watching Bachelor in Paradise was because of how dumb it was those people got engaged after knowing each other for two weeks. A bunch of 20-somethings from across the country hanging out for a few weeks should expect more Carringtons and less Johnnys. The girls who were into him couldn’t handle what he was telling them (and maybe he didn’t always express himself the best) but that’s also on them, too. Kierstan, for example, kept up this story that she was doing it all for him, so he kind of needed to be harsh and blunt with her to get the message across. And she still seemed to not get it.
  12. Yeah, it’s a head scratcher. Best I can offer is maybe there’s more to the story than just being a party girl. Carrington genuinely seemed turned off around Kierstan, and according to Lauren the two were fighting a lot before the breakup. I’m guessing, “I don’t want a party girl” became an easy excuse for both of them to use to quickly explain why it didn’t work.
  13. Seriously. For all the publicity that casino got for this show you’d think they would have rolled out the red carpet and given these people five star meals. Five weeks watching people eat sumptuous meals might have actually enticed viewers to want to stay there. But I’m sure the girls picking over granola will have a similar effect.
  14. I wouldn’t trust Moira on the outside. Maybe they’ll stay together for a bit for Instagram or interviews. Ultimately, Moira settled down because she was running out of new options. Once this is over there will be a ton of guys approaching Moira complementing her smile and eyes and telling her about puppies and ice cream and she’ll get distracted and confused.
  15. Now let’s get more Snoop Donk! And cows, and horses. And if you pay attention, it looks like Terry and Tawny add another dachshund to their couch every episode. Ha!
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