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  1. Noooo! 😱 I forgot about them. Poor girl. I was hoping her friends and family would have staged a Katie-Holmes-Level intervention by now to get her away from Dylan and Bachelor Nation. I don’t know how the (normal) people around her don’t see how creepy and possessive he is. 😢
  2. Who’s the one couple left? I barely remember these people and don’t want to exert the energy to look it up. Lol
  3. Update: why I don’t believe Hanna. When first confronted about allegations she didn’t seem shocked, confused, or outraged. She very quickly replied, “No, Roby suggested the fake relationship.” But then everything she says after that about what happened doesn’t involve Roby proposing a fake relationship. Her account becomes, “He came over under the pretense of the earthquake disaster, then wanted to know if we could work out in real life as a real couple.” She never once mentions how Roby supposedly suggested they fake date. It also doesn’t make sense what exactly Roby would gain from that arrangement, but you can see how Hanna might benefit from being more in the spotlight with the show.
  4. I just found this on Netflix and looks like I’m late to the party. Lol. I’m only on episode four or five. It’s ok. I just finished Singapore Social, so it’s hard not to compare. This cast seems much more like American reality TV casts. Constantly listing their CVs in conversations. Talking about how wonderful and brilliant they are. Getting overly upset at dumb comments. I’ll finish it out, but hope it gets better. I don’t really get all the Roby love. He’s nice and friendly, but has serious problems that he doesn’t seem really interested in fixing/changing as much as using it to gain sympathy and attention. It doesn’t help that his friends enable him. Sadly, he’ll eventually hit rock bottom and try to make real changes, just hope nothing too bad happens along the way. Hanna is insufferable. Narcissistic, self-absorbed, but extremely insecure. And she (along with others on the show) seem to use charity work not really because they care about others but because it gives them attention PLUS provides a shield from criticism. When the others (rightly) pointed out how her clothing line could offend people, she didn’t absorb the criticism but rather turned herself into a martyr. Chantal is just a basic white girl. Not sure why she’s on the show. Even her “fashion” advice for Hanna was just a basic little black dress. Completely bland and blends in with every other “influencer” out there. Carlos is my favorite. He seems actually genuine and decent. His family issues sound serious and he doesn’t seem to bring them up to try and gain popularity. Colu, Kitzia, Shanik and Liz don’t really add much. Colu and Kitzia are way too self involved. It seems like they come from money or know ppl with money, and that led to their “careers” moreso than any abilities they have. Shanik could be interesting if she wasn’t all over the place with what she wants (kids, career, become a singer). I forget Liz is even on the show It would be nice if some of this people had some humility.
  5. Thanks! That’s what I assumed but it was a little dark and hard to tell on my screen. I’m getting old, too.
  6. Question from the end of the episode. Where does Mando get the money he uses to pay the Amy Sedaris character? Did he take it off Toro? He didn’t collect the bounty on Shand and they didn’t show him taking anything he could have sold.
  7. Jason’s season of the Bachelor is now on Netflix. Kind of a trip to see how the show has changed over the years. Wonder if this means they’ll eventually have all former seasons on? Not sure why they’d start with Jason.
  8. One nitpick to your post. Arie didn’t tell Becca as soon as he knew. He reached out to Lauren while he was still engaged, to ensure lauren would take him back before he ended things with Becca. Then we watched him dump Becca on national TV and stay there when she clearly wanted him to go, because he wanted her to forgive him before he’d leave. Then we watched Arie and Lauren lie on TV about the whole thing, because neither one is bright enough to come up with an effective story prior to being asked about it.
  9. Why would Tyler be mad at Hannah? He dodged a bullet and didn’t have to suffer through a contractual obligation to stay “engaged” to her for six months or whatever it would have been if she picked him. He got to move on right away to a smoking hot model and go back to living his life.
  10. Hannah says she’s proud of Demi for being so honest.
  11. Real estate is a great option for those who maybe don’t have the education for other high-paying occupations but I’ll be interested to see how the industry evolves over the next decade. These agents always promote how great they are, but their salaries are commission-based and I think tech companies are going to come in and really disrupt commissions. My agent was great, knew the area, worked her butt off, helped me tremendously for a $300k house, but I don’t think she would have had to work 10X harder to find me a $3M house. Sites like Trulia started the trend, estimating housing value and providing easy access to MLS data to the consumer (when looking for a house most of my friends and I are doing the research to find the house and then contacting the agent to show it). We’ll see if OpenDoor continues the trend. Agents don’t negotiate like they show on these shows. I think, if given the option, more people would choose to cut out the agents altogether or else use flat-rate services. We’ll see and we’ll see how agents like the ones on this show adjust to finding out they aren’t Masters of the Universe like they think
  12. Interesting perspective. Thanks for sharing. These boards often make fun of the agents on these shows, but at the end of the day I guess I naively thought they still had to do the job. RE has lots of pretty agents everywhere you go, but I assumed they still needed to possess the skills to do all the contracts, etc. I guess not. What a shame. People have too much money if they’re willing to buy their house based on a pretty person smiling at them.
  13. All of this. I don’t understand the fans and media who bought into this charade. It was clear from Colton’s season that Demi is a self-absorbed famewhore who thinks she’s better than everyone, needs constant attention, and is completely immature. Why they believed her relationship was deep and honest us beyond me. I hate to say it, but I think the fact she was pretending to have an “alternative lifestyle” is why some people chose not to be critical of her. It’s a shame, too. I’m all for representing different people on TV, just not fake ones.
  14. Cam is a social climber and agrees with whichever side has more money or power in an argument. I wouldn’t put too much stock in what she says.
  15. Well, they could film some episodes showing us Austen’s threesome video. Nope, wait, they did that already. To your points, somebody needs to have an intervention with these people. It says something about their lives if T-Rav was the one holding this show together.
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