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  1. A fair point. You’d still think they’d have some basic office structures in place for normal work. They did show last season there’s a second floor conference room for private conversations with clients. But you’d think you’d need space for copiers/fax machines/filing cabinets. And probably at least a couple private office spaces fir clients who maybe don’t want to broadcast their real estate plans to everybody. When you think of why brokers exist, it’s to facilitate transactions between a seller and buyer which normally means keeping a lot of information private for your clients.
  2. Forget the open concept, anyone else notice Jason and Brent don’t even have chairs for their agents to sit in to talk to them at their desks? Every time one of the girls had to discuss something with the twins she had to awkwardly perch herself on the arm of that couch and (usually) pull her dress down so that the twins couldn’t look up her skirt.
  3. I think there are tactful ways to converse with people that Davina clearly has never learned over the years. I actually think Jason was right, if the house isn’t priced right just respectfully disagree with the owner and walk away. I really don’t understand Davina. She has no charm and if that’s her business acumen then she’s in deep trouble. She WAS sounding like their clients when she said, “All it takes is one buyer to see the value of the place”. If it’s that overpriced nobody is going to buy it even if they love it. Separate note. I love these high end real estate shows, but I’m surprised so many $40M+ mansions are being built on spec. They kind of elude to it, but the pool of buyers at that price point is A) extremely small and B) the type of person who wants everything customized to their liking. You’d think they’d just sell plots of land to billionaires and let them build their dream house. But watching these shows, it seems like the people who end up buying these homes don’t even live in them, so maybe it’s just a giant money laundering scheme to park money in the States 🤷‍♂️
  4. Agree. I realize it’s scripted, but Jason came off really unprofessional when he was showing his client Mary’s listing when he KNEW she was showing it. And he seemed so disinterested and low energy and awkward while showing it. Why would a new client sign with his group if this is how the Company is represented? Unless they just want to hit on their model agent or try to get on this show, too. There are other agents in LA (even on TV) who seem much more professional who don’t talk crap about their own clients and aren’t known to choose personal stuff over work.
  5. And you’re right, Mary sold another house in S1 that was her “Dream House”. But that one was only 5-6M and this one was $10M. Lol. I liked both but actually thought the one from S1 was better/more charming. I didn’t think it was possible, but somehow there was even less real estate this season than last. It takes most real estate reality shows to get through 3-4 seasons before giving up on the pretense of real estate and focus on the “drama”. So, kudos to them?🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  6. The owners always talk about finding the right buyer who cares about the house. Funny enough, that’s usually the person willing to spend the most money for it. I get loving the house you lived in but really, if you’re selling then you’re leaving and it’s none of your business what the new owner does with it. Like that one guy in The Valley who definitely spent too much money restoring his house and now won’t price it accordingly. Houses are just assets. When selling it really boils down to price per square foot compared to homes in the neighborhood. That’s it. That’s the big secret. You can make your home appealing by upgrading the inside, but unless you’re adding bedrooms or bathrooms nobody is paying extra money for the marble floors you put in or the gold plated faucets.
  7. Davina needs to get off this show. I get that she’s trying to change her image from last season (seems like she’s forcing a smile all the time now) but she’s just not a fit for tv. She doesn’t come off warm or likable. Not sure what Heather did this season, either. She was probably one of the fan faves after S1, but this season she chose to team up with the mean girl clique? You’d think these women would avoid Christine and Davina. Pick Maya, she’ll always be likable.
  8. I’m through ep 5 already. My trick is to fast forward through all the scenes with Christine and Divina.
  9. Somehow Christine is worse now. I guess getting engaged to a rich guy now makes her feel even more superior. And she’s taking on that tacky LA-personality trait of trying to casually drop how much money she has (her fiancé has) as some kind of funny joke (that’s not at all funny)
  10. I loved WAGS! Lol. But it was pretty sad. It’s all scripted, but the way women talked about themselves as objects and “getting an athlete” like a prize was really creepy and uncomfortable. Don’t have much sympathy for Jay. I like him better than Kristin and believe you’re right in our assessment. That being said, how many times are women attracted to men for a specific reason (dangerous job, high profile wealth generator, popular with women) then complain about that exact thing once they’re in a relationship (I don’t want to see you get hurt, you’re never home, I don’t like you being around all those women)? Jay knew what Kristin was when they met and expected her to change for him. Never works, for men or women.
  11. Now she can focus on her true passion in life, getting cast on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
  12. She’ll probably need to declare bankruptcy. I can’t imagine a scenario where Jay would still need to give money for her vanity project.
  13. I’m sure it was a tough decision for Kristin to decide to end the show after E! probably said they were canceling the show with no Jay. 😂
  14. Holy crap! I need to stop watching these shows. The idea that people would go to such lengths to ruin another person’s life with no remorse, and how easily we all believe it 😞 I know I owe Jenna an apology for what I said on these threads. This is just insane. https://www.insider.com/bachelor-contestant-jenna-cooper-target-of-misinformation-campaign-2020-5
  15. Did anyone else see that Fran and Harry are engaged? Now things are getting weird.
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