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  1. Surprised they don’t bring back Carly and Amanda to make this the worst cast ever.
  2. I don’t know the situation, but Maddison might have legal rights to some family money/assets that are worth protecting in a prenup. Or it may just be a lame plot device to give her a story. 🤷‍♂️
  3. It seems odd to me. The same thing happened with this year’s Love Island. I would think at this point in time there would be an endless supply of young, horny, famewhores wanting to: leave the house, be on TV, hook up with other hot young people, but instead the casts have been fugly duds. There must be some reason I’m missing.
  4. Agree. MDL LA is the original and successful in its own right. Why bring in Fredrik to make it more like the NY version? If he’s that popular then just give him his own spin-off show.
  5. Finally. https://www.etonline.com/love-island-couple-connor-trott-and-mackenzie-dipman-split-up-161796
  6. I think Erica and Corey would make a good couple. Lol. Julienne and Kristen need to break up. They don’t even seem to like each other, they just don’t want to move on. Their entire relationship is defined by him cheating five years ago. Nothing is going to get them to move forward. Chelsea and Thomas don’t seem compatible at all. Even if he wasn’t a douche bag, they just seem completely different but also not attracted to what makes them different. Erin is cute but has no depth. She just seems to be a jock sniffer who has no thoughts or opinions on anything.
  7. As they split to go into their houses Kristin’s first response to the men entering the door was, “Ugh, can’t they just give us five minutes alone?” And then she walked away in a huff. She’s on a dating show where the whole premise is a bunch of twenty somethings partying and hooking up and she acts like it’s some girls weekend getaway or something and the guys are crashing her spa day. That’s not what she signed up for.
  8. I think Kevin is taking on the Cameron role from Southern Charm. Act like you’re the normal, typical person the viewer is supposed to relate to and pretend like everybody around you are crazy, but you’re just a simple, humble person. I think it’s completely fake. Obviously, Kevin does just fine for himself. He may not be rich, but he’s certainly not struggling like a lot of LA models/actors trying to make it out there. It doesn’t even seem like he’s pretending to be a waiter or bartender or have a real job to pay the bills. Ironically, his attempts to brand himself an Everyman make him the lea
  9. Agree with a lot of this. All of these people seem awful. Thomas is a douche, that being said Chelsea uses her insecurity to manipulate people to feel sorry for her and justify her behavior. When she’s back at the Villa she didn’t seem to have a problem flirting and partying with other guys, but when people ask her about her relationship she’s a victim. That being said, Thomas sucks. Especially for being 37. He should be more self aware. Though, I’m glad he didn’t apologize to that one girl who tried to call him out. She completely misrepresented what he said and didn’t seem interested in hear
  10. One of my favorite books is called DeLuxe, about the history and development of the luxury goods brands. By the 90s most luxury goods stopped being “luxury” or “couture” and became poorly made, branded goods. That’s what this show reeked of. When Kane brought out the carbon fiber Channel ping pong paddles, that probably cost hundreds of dollars for $1 worth of materials and labor. It’s fascinating that people can get so caught up in the wealth game that they see themselves as superior to others, when the reality is that corporations view them as “dumb marks” to be taken advantage of. When Chri
  11. The same thing happened on Love Island, and the result was that none of the people seemed attracted to each other and people came and went without any interest. Boring. Maybe it’s COVID, I just assumed most of the people watching are too insecure to want to watch really good looking people on TV. They ruin TV for all of us. I’m stuck at home freezing, at least find people who look good on bathing suits! Katrina is legit good looking (and a model). Kristen is really pretty and seems cool. Other than that I’m not impressed.
  12. Erin and Chelsea can kick rocks. The other couples at least seem somewhat mature.
  13. Ugh. They must have done studies or focus groups to determine that people who watch reality TV feel insecure/upset/don’t watch TV if the cast is too good looking. Literally everyone under 30 wants to be famous and this is the best they can do for “temptation”? They didn’t even bother showing all the introductions because the cast is so weak. They used to feature models and actors on reality tv but I guess they didn’t do well ratings-wise. I feel like you could go into a random yoga studio and find more attractive people to try and break up these couples.
  14. I don’t know if you need to bring up politics on the first night (though with the current landscape it’s not a bad idea), but you definitely shouldn’t wait until two years after you’re engaged, have ignored numerous warnings about who you’re with, voluntarily defended the guy for his actions, and then claim you had no idea. I’m tired of hearing from people AFTER they breakup “If only I’d known sooner!!” You did. That’s why they’re called red flags. And you just ignored them. https://www.insider.com/bachelorette-becca-kufrin-vote-election-2021-1
  15. What about the two that broke up on the show, she got kicked out, then he left to recouple? The really awful people everybody hated?
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