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  1. I’m not familiar with the Loud Family, but it sounds interesting. I’m just not sure it’s what studios want. As far as what older people might like, now that I’m bored at home I’m watching reruns of shows like Murder She Wrote and Columbo and thinking why don’t they make shows like this anymore? Murder She Wrote and Golden Girls were great shows that cast older people and showed them as vulnerable, sexual human beings. I don’t think you’d see that today. It’s all about 20-year-olds in bathing suits.
  2. Looks like you might get your wish. There are rumors/reports that Clare fell in love with a guy the first night and is now refusing to continue with the show. Who could have guessed Clare would act impulsively and fallen so fast for someone she barely knew🤷‍♂️ I hope this means we’re done with “poor Clare” but my guess is she’ll be in the next bachelor franchise whenever this relationship goes bust.
  3. Agreed. Unfortunately, every network and production company quickly learns that it’s a ton cheaper and easier to just pay people to fake fight about dumb stuff. Most reality shows I watch for about three years and give up (the first year is “authentic” as nobody knows what they’re doing and things happen somewhat organic. Second season people fill their niches and learn how to get their screen time. Third season is predictable and routine but it takes me time to realize and give up). We all want cinema verite, but filming people 24/7 in hopes you get 44 minutes of content per week is a waste of money when you can just stage a scene where everyone needs to be there, it’s well lit, well mic’d, and people are expected to fight. Going back to those original Real World seasons would probably bore young people these days. Not enough action.
  4. For Chloe’s sake she needs to go. She’ll never get any balance. All the other characters can pretend to fight and hook up with each other, but Chloe has no role other than to stir shit and be an asshole. There’s never a moment where she will get to be alone with one person and just be a decent person. As for Sam, do all of these people still live with their parents? It’s so weird. They’re in their late 20s and don’t seem interested in their own independence.
  5. At least those sites don’t charge outrageous fees. And sites like Match.com tell you who’s out there who matches YOUR criteria, but nobody gives you feedback on the likelihood you meet other people’s criteria. There’s no real incentive to do this, other than a lot of people think very highly of themselves and assume everyone will be attracted to them.
  6. I tried a matchmaker years ago (nothing to do with Indian). It’s a total scam. Lots of marketing and false promises but ultimately they just throw two warm bodies together and hope for the best. You pay upfront before they start so they’re really not too incentivised. And in this case I would think it was extra difficult because of all the cultural and specific requests the families make. It sounds like they’ve made online dating sites for this, and I imagine those algorithms are just as good. By the time you type in required: age, height, religion, ethnicity, previous marriages, kids, education, job you’ve really reduced your dating pool. And then it gets further narrowed by the other side having to include you in their list. Then further narrowed down by picture. This is all before you even meet. What these people (and all single people) really need is a website or app that has you enter in all this information that then spits out how many people actually exist that fulfill those criteria. These families are delusional thinking there is an unlimited pool of available single people that meet their standards. That one dad who got really judgmental that the matchmaker chose a divorced guy with a kid, when his own daughter was divorced with a kid??? Made no sense. I don’t personally care and think it’s wrong, but it sounded like that divorced mother was going to have trouble finding a match just from her circumstances and needs.
  7. I had this on in the background to begin so I may have missed a lot of back story, but I appreciate that most of the people on the show aren’t the typical vapid, superficial reality stars only concerned with looks and social status. For the most part people seem open to getting to know one another and connecting beyond looks. Maybe there’s a sense of urgency pushing that, but it’s still refreshing. That being said, it always bugs me when a woman complains about men being superficial and caring about looks, then she turns around and says a guy needs to be a certain height to date her. And I’m tall, so it never really impacts me, other than it’s extremely hypocritical. I’ve even called out some of my girl friends on this, and shockingly they don’t even see it as superficial (even though they’re literally judging people based on appearance). I think Atinka did that on this show.
  8. Can someone explain engagement photos to me? Because this seems to be normal. “Candid” shots of the couple as he’s proposing and she’s in shock. Do photographers offer this as a new service? Hiding out somewhere to capture the event? Or are couples getting engaged and then recreating the event with the photographer there? I genuinely don’t know but it seems like every couple now has footage of the surprise proposal, and it either is fake or highly planned out.
  9. I’ll also point out this. A good friend of mine is very smart and worldly, loves to travel, so I assumed he’d be attracted to all the women we see on dating apps posting travel pictures or talking about travel as a hobby. He said it was just the opposite. That his experience dating women like that is that they don’t travel for the leisure or experience, but rather because they think it makes them interesting. I think he may be right. I’ve met people who travel that way, just check off boxes of things they’re supposed to see and do, take a quick selfie, then head back to the hotel. I got that feeling from Arapna. That she thinks “Traveling” is an identity for her.
  10. Somebody needs to tell Aparna that she’s an asshole. I understand she became less negative on dates later in the series, but she still seemed very full of herself and didn’t seem to grasp this wasn’t just about giving her what she wanted. Most men aren’t going to be attracted to her personality. And her, “He did that thing I hate. Where we’re on a date and he talks to other people. Like the bartender or waiter. He shouldn’t be concerned with people who are inconsequential in his life.” Wow. How do her friends not call her out on that. Poor tipping and being rude to wait staff is on EVERYBODY’s red flag list. Agree that this matchmaker sucks. She matched Nadia and Arapna with the same guy and, other than being women, they have nothing in common.
  11. I wouldn’t assume that, though. And you can even hear Alyssa tell people they knew.
  12. There’s also the rebellious or “getting away with it” that people like. Wynona Rider famously shoplifted just for the rush of it. I could see a young, entitled Josh Flagg thinking he could do anything he wanted.
  13. I don’t even live in LA and I thought Becca was being unreasonable with her wishlist. I’m amazed Josh found three good houses for them to choose. Wish she was a little more appreciative of Josh getting her a house under budget that they could pretty easily renovate. And the Girl Gang is insufferable. You could watch Zac rethink his decision to marry this woman as the episode progressed. But I really liked Josh’s line that people think they want old fashioned charm, just not authentic. Looking at the Marguerita house all I could think about are the lucky snots that are going to grow up there and never realize how good their life is. Lol. That house and backyard were amazing for that location.
  14. I can’t speak for Sam, but I love when I take a girl out on my yacht and she spends the entire time aggressively talking about her exes baby reveal. That group is so obsessed with Alex it’s really sad. And for none of them to realize that a gender reveal is about letting other people know the gender (and that Alex and Alyssa have known for awhile) is just idiotic.
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