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  1. They definitely don’t want for anything. I just look at the houses the realtors live in and buy and it seems like most of them live in very nice single family homes which I’m guessing are around $5M. I think several years ago Altman and Heather were looking to buy something in the $2-3M range and they’ve since upgraded. Fredrik probably has an $8-10M house, but he’s also a bigger realtor than the others. They’ve made comments that Altman has a bigger team than Tracy and does more deals than she does. Yet, I think Tracy sold her house for $25-30M. She may have downsized, but being a middle-of-
  2. One of the smartest things Flagg ever admitted on the show, the house is a depreciating asset, the land is what has value. It really is just location, location, location. After all the tours and Oohs and awes, the realtor sits down and basically says, “You’re next door neighbor just sold for this price per sq ft, so we’ll just multiple that by your sq footage for our list price.” You may be right. But Tracy and her sister live much more extravagantly than Flagg does (each sold houses at around $20M) and their dad is a legit billionaire developer. Granted, they also have careers and rich
  3. Altman had Mikey drive a luxury van up the Hills. I think he also got lost or had trouble turning in traffic to “cause drama”.
  4. To me, that was just more “fake drama” for the TV. Seems like that’s what they’re going for this season, again. They’re even recycling old bits (Ryan did the cheesy tour bus thing in NY years ago). I guess this time it’s different because (gasp) Fredrik causes a traffic jam 😱 Oh no! But how will he ever get out of this jam!?! Something tells me he does, and something tells me he gets an offer from one of the agents (thus justifying the tour bus). And I see they’re still pushing the, “We’re developers who built this spec house on spec, and have a bigger house on spec with more debt! W
  5. Fredrik’s listing is so gaudy and over the top. The neighbors must hate having that thing block all their views and take up every inch of green space. But the developers are right, for a fraction more in cost you can turn a 5,000 sq ft house into double, triple, or quadruple the size. I’m not sure how it would work, but I think it would make sense in some areas to generate price based on lot size rather than house sq footage. You’d disincentive a lot of these giant spec houses if developers couldn’t ask for higher sales prices (hell, you may even eliminate some of the bs real estate investment
  6. Ugh. I’ll binge every episode but I’d be more excited if they teased “less drama” ☹️
  7. I have no idea who she is, but something like that sounds right. Her “international travels” may just be family vacations, too. Can’t really blame her though. If my parents bought me a $10M house like it was no big deal I’d have no work ethic or motivation. Hell, my retirement goal is just to buy a house in the middle of nowhere and adopt a lot of dogs. This house is halfway there. Odd thing was that the mom didn’t seem too awful or pretentious like you’d expect her to be.
  8. I think she’s been trying to sell that house for over a decade. There’s something else going on besides her just wanting to move on. If she really wanted to move she’d find a new place, move, then stage and sell the house. Maybe she just uses the house to keep getting on TV shows or there’s some psychological issue where she doesn’t really want to sell. We’ll see.
  9. The fake story with the kids was awful. At this point in the show’s run you’d think they could at least try a little harder to make a compelling fake story. Also thought it was insane that the mom was looking to buy her “model” daughter a $10M house. Yeah, what can go wrong giving a child her own mansion in Encino? Glad Tracy could sell her rich daddy’s (erm, sister’s) house for well below asking price. As to Tracy’s style, I think it’s mostly a mix of bad LA fashion trends and Tracy not willing to age gracefully. She could easily wear more conservative clothes and look great, but I think
  10. As above, “I didn’t grow up like you” has a lot of meanings. Josh’s family was exorbitantly wealthy and connected in LA, so Bobby’s parents could still have been rich but not “Flagg rich.” I saw the same things you did in that conversation. Couples often have pacts to discuss major purchases, regardless of whether they could easily afford them. Bobby could be doing well enough to just buy it outright, but still want to discuss the house with Josh. We’ve been around Josh to know his style, but I think he could have handled the situation better. He could have better explained that he’s only
  11. You could be right. I’m not suggesting that Josh and his brother were given a lot of money, necessarily, but there are other types of privilege. Mauricio could have picked up Josh and his brother with no experience and just realized they had hustle. In business, your network is often more valuable than your skills or net worth, and in real estate if you have a lot of connections to people buying and selling houses then obviously you have a leg up on other applicants. But I don’t know if Josh and his brother had any network prior to starting. I’m just naturally suspicious of everyone on reality
  12. I agree with all your points. I still think there’s something more to Altman’s situation. Agreed that he didn’t start out like Flagg, but both he and his brother are at similar levels at the high end luxury market. It’s hard enough for one person with “no advantages” to make it in that market let alone two young brothers. Maybe they both independently worked their butts off to make it, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if their dad had a lot of wealthy clients in LA that the brothers could leverage when they got started in the business.
  13. At least they didn’t put Ryan on the show. Talk about fake and mugging for the camera. I think the guy actually sees himself as a comic or actor or something. Agree with the above poster about Altman. I was going to mention his parents’ estate in Aspen. His father is an author and psychologist for sexual health. I’ve never heard of him but I always got the impression they were loaded. It sucks, but I can kind of understand the never ending cycle of rich kids getting into luxury real estate. I think Altman started with Mauricio’s group (at least on the show). Somebody like M
  14. This is the part of the show that still cracks me up. All these people talk about how “baller” and “tough” they are and how great they are at business. Quick math lesson, selling a house for $34M 11 years after buying it for $13.2M gives you an annual rate of return of about 9% on your investment (and yes I know that’s not how you properly measure real estate returns). That return is before the seller pays commission fees and any work she’s done to the house. Still, pretty good return for a house. During that same time period Tracy’s sister could have just bought low cost index fund
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