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  1. Well, they could film some episodes showing us Austen’s threesome video. Nope, wait, they did that already. To your points, somebody needs to have an intervention with these people. It says something about their lives if T-Rav was the one holding this show together.
  2. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/shep-rose-says-southern-charm-season-7-hasnt-started-filming-the-next-season-yet.html/
  3. To that point, hopefully Tyler stops doing Bachelor-related events once his contract runs out. After the deliberate hatchet job Kristina and Caelyn worked on Blake (with the full support of the Bachelor franchise) he’d do well to stay away from this particular group of famewhores. I have no doubt any of these women would cry wolf and throw Tyler under the bus with some made up story about how he broke their heart, if somebody happened to get a photo of him with her.
  4. Does any of this sound remotely like what you saw on the Bachelorette?? It really is amazing how people can watch the same thing but “see” completely different stuff. https://www.marieclaire.com/celebrity/a29329350/hannah-brown/
  5. Yes. After all the positive stories about Tyler just thought it would be funny to poke fun at her horrible taste in men.
  6. Meanwhile, Hannah B was spotted outside Harvey Weinstein’s apartment and quoted as saying, “I have a good feeling about this one!!”
  7. Any word on a Season 2? I follow Heather on IG and she seems pretty chummy with Christine and D-what’s-her-name (I still wonder if they’re using her popularity to try and improve their images as they came off so unlikeable in S1). I don’t see Chrishell anywhere, which makes me wonder if she’s just there for this show and not really into real estate. I want another season just for more real estate porn.
  8. Exactly my point. Dylan seems non-threatening, so everyone was pushing Hannah toward him. But from what I could tell he was extremely possessive and viewed her as a prize he won. I really hope Hannah has someone in her real life to take her aside and find out if this is what she really wants, or if she just got swept up in the show. I swear, they could use these franchises to teach classes on how to manipulate and persuade people
  9. Wasn’t Tanner a “nice guy”? And now we’re hearing stories about him and Jade. I don’t trust Dylan and I don’t trust this show’s portrayal of “good guys” as these weak-minded beta males. Guys like Ari, Dylan, Colton, Jared, etc pretend to be nice, but they’re really just super passive and controlling and self absorbed. No big deal on a dumb show, but when these people start actually getting married it sets a bad example.
  10. From a recent article in People, I believe... ”Things between Dylan and Hannah are going well, but Dylan claims that BiP “cut out” Hannah’s “entire personality,” and she was into him way more than the show let the viewers believe.” Dylan just sounds really creepy and trying to control the narrative. Why not talk to Hannah? I really hope these two break off their engagement. I get a really bad vibe from him.
  11. Either bring in people from a wider array of seasons like the poster above mentioned OR go the complete opposite direction and find better ways to incorporate the off-stage (no pun intended) stuff going on. My biggest gripe with these shows is how patronising they’ve become and how dumb they think their audience is. They need to stop pretending everything that happens is random and organic and not completely staged. Let the audience in on what’s going on. It would have been much more interesting (potentially) to hear producers voiceovers that they knew what happened with Blake and some of the girls and were purposely setting him up to see what happens. Or let us know that they always planned on bringing in Kristian just to see how Demi would react. Just be honest with the audience.
  12. I guess my point is that the engagements are part of the manufactured drama. Rather than let things end somewhat surprisingly or organically, where our favorite couples might just decide to continue dating in the real world, the show wants engagements to put a bow on the season. Heck, even the Bachelor didn’t start off with the lead getting engaged at the end but now that’s pretty much mandatory.
  13. I’m sure that definitely sped things up, but once Jade and Tanner happened I think this was the show’s (unfortunate) destiny. Now Harrison’s goal is to just keep adding to the list of couples that have made it from this show, “Jade and Tanner. Carly and Evan. Ashley and Jared...” I used to watch a lot of reality shows, and I’ve noticed the first couple seasons are loose, strange, fun, interesting, and bizarre. They’re what hook us originally. But once producers find a hook for the show they become more and more scripted and the contestants just want to be on TV, so they’ll follow whatever narrative the show wants. This season was awful, but it was also infinitely easier to film than prior seasons. Producers had this whole season figured out before the first contestant showed up. I’m sure there was some room for couples to break up/get together, but nothing was going to be a surprise. Blake and Stagecoach was going to start, Demi’s “relationship” was going to follow, then Caelyn and Dean would have their shit go down. This was set up to have content evenly spread out over 21 days, no dead spots, and no “good” footage wasted because other storylines were more important. Just following people around for 21 days and hoping you catch stuff is too risky for ABC. And signs are that ratings are up, which justifies the process.
  14. I guess I find it hard to believe anything Caelyn says. Once you’ve been shown to be a liar (and don’t even apologize or regret it) it’s hard to pick and choose when she’s telling the truth and when she’s exaggerating and when she makes stuff up. IMO Caelyn lost her credibility. At least Blake offered some tangible proof of what happened. Even if distorted. To each his own though.
  15. Are we even sure she was hurt by Blake? I get the impression she instigated things with Blake off-screen then made up EVERYTHING on BIP. I’m a conspiracy theorist, all of these people have their own producers. My theory is that during her pre-show interview she told her producer she hooked up with Blake and the producer made up this whole storyline and sold it to Caelyn as a way for her to get airtime. For somebody who was that “hurt” by Blake, she seemed to not mind hanging out with him on the beach. If I was that upset with someone I couldn’t hide my disgust and I’d avoid them like the plague. Yet, in most scenes we see her sitting next to Blake really chill and seemingly comfortable. Maybe that’s why people are defending her? Maybe this whole thing was made up by a producer and Caelyn just went along with it. Still pretty dumb and callous to decide to try and wreck someone else’s reputation and not expect him to try and defend himself.
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