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S01.E05: Invisible Fence

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Airs November 24, 2019


Eve gets out of her comfort zone, joining Margo at a hip party in Brooklyn; Brendan and Chloe have an unexpected encounter at a college event promoting body-positivity.

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Good for Eve for getting some, but that was some unsexy sex.

Brendan realizing that his brand of basic dude isn't working is interesting. I can understand being hurt that your roommate didn't feel like he could be out with you - and it's not like he's not out at all. 

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I'm really enjoying this show, more than I expected after the first ep, although I did like the first ep too. I think they get into some interesting situations and emotions and signs of self-awareness, that seem natural and well-thought through.

I hoped Brendan wasn't going to throw away Stripey (last ep), but I could totally relate to why he did. I empathized with both him and his little brother. I really loved the look on Eve's, and then Brendan's, face after the bad sex for Eve and the non-sex for Brendan. I've been in situations like Eve (not necessarily sexually) where you just had an awful, maybe humiliating experience, but you just have to laugh at yourself and the situation when you get a little distance. And even though Brendan didn't get Chloe to come up to his room, which he was totally hoping for (maybe expecting), he seemed head over heels to have this new experience of a deep, meaningful, simple kiss. I wish I had half the smarts as Chloe when it comes to interpersonal relationships! Especially at her age. So was Chloe's best friend Brendan's roommate or his boyfriend? I couldn't tell.

I also am liking the cautious but growing relationship between the teacher (name?) and the student (name? my mind is blank). It's a subject that's not covered very often, or at least in my watching history. The ins-and-outs (no pun intended) of navigating that relationship are quite tender and feel very real to me.

Very satisfying episode overall.

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Eve and Brendan both got some action but were left wanting more.

Not sure if these characters are going anywhere though, with a few eps left.

Eve comes out of her shell a bit, gets over empty nest syndrome and Brendan gets more serious and liked in college?

Is that all there is?

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I think the show's story lines are very interesting and are being explored in a meaningful way.

Eve is trying to figure out the rest of her life and she is doing it through sexual exploration.  I do think it is more than that since opening up herself to different things has deeper meaning for her.  Maybe she can be more than she has been her whole life.

Brendan is learning that being the tall, thin, good looking dude no longer has much value among his peers.  I am impressed that he figured that out pretty quickly.  He is also getting a sense of what it is like to be on the outside.  These are all great lessons for an 18 year-old.  The question is what he does with this new reality.  I think they have done a great job with his character in the past 2 episodes.

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3 hours ago, pasdetrois said:

The actor playing Brendan is doing a fantastic job. His character is so believable, although I will say that most high school jocks take a little longer to become enlightened (in my experience).

Agreed.  Maybe a decade? 😁

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Poor Brendan. He really has coasted on his looks and jock status. He might've just met the right girl though. Chloe sees through the act.

Looked like Eve found her inner Dom. But then the guy started topping from the bottom. What a d-bag. At least Eve finally got some, though largely unsatisfactory it may have been.

I'm glad Margo and Curtis worked things out.

And then the clueless d-bag started blowing up Eve's phone! Of course.

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The actor playing Brendan is really doing a great job here. This cant be an easy role to play, and he manages to make Brendan such a entitled dick, but also make him sympathetic enough to keep us interested in him. His reaction to the kiss was was great, his whole face just lit up with happiness. 

Interesting how the parallels between Eve and Brendan continue, as Eve has a crappy sexual experience with a rando while Brendan has a sweet encounter with someone he might actually like. 

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On 11/29/2019 at 8:04 AM, tennisgurl said:

His reaction to the kiss was was great, his whole face just lit up with happiness

This is the first episode I found him charming.

I also thought the sushi moment was interesting. He said quite firmly he didn't like fish. She was way too pushy and yes his reaction was big but if you shoved a piece of meat in my face I would slap it out of your hand. No means no in many situations.

I found Eve's sex encounter to be wonderfully awkward and unromantic and unsexy but she tried so hard! And then the romance of walking through Brooklyn with a slice of pizza and fantastic hair! She was her own best date.




On 12/16/2019 at 4:47 PM, hoodooznoodooz said:

Getting really tired of watching Eve watching porn. If I wanted to watch porn, I’d watch porn.

Yeah this piece is what rings false to me. Women read, they don't watch. Fifty Shades of Grey happened for a reason (the books, not movies). But watching a woman read isn't very cinematic.

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