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  1. I was stunned (as was Claire!) when the guy's daughter looked a lot like Claire. She could have been Claire's daughter. I thought Shaun and Carly did make some progress. They ended up holding hands completely, even all four hands! Albeit briefly. This was such a heartbreaking episode. Maybe Carly's incomplete heart was a broken heart? I am very curious about the history of that tattoo. I am also curious that she had so much self doubt about being a pathologist.
  2. The song is Bring it On Home to Me, Siri says this versions is by The Animals. Originally Sam Cook. Love it!
  3. Cute underpants in the spanking scene. (Stripes, brief, but not obscenely so.)
  4. But, the voice! It's always the voice for me. Looks change, but the voice changes very little.
  5. I liked this episode too, it finally had a different plot line from Carol looks like she's making mistakes, but ends up getting everything right. And Jane Kaczmarek! Hello again. I really bought them as old friends. Not enough Dennis.
  6. Awwwwwww! I'm such a sucker for those servicemen/women returning home as a surprise. It was also nice how everyone was sharing in the joy.
  7. And the follow-up when Jackie said she better get to the hospital fast before Beverly wrapped the baby in a napkin and put her in her purse.
  8. True about permission, but I believe he said that though they had to buy the official FAM tapes, the translated ones were free. So no money to pocket. I do hope Bets puts the brakes on Ernie. I felt so bad for her when she discovered they were not doing something exciting like going out to eat or bowling, (and she had very modest expectations) but to a FAM meeting!
  9. I was on the receiving end of some pants that had been worn and returned. Inside the pocket was a Starbucks receipt and $14 change. I considered that a pretty lucky day.
  10. I struggled with a similar feeling, except Phoebe looked so very happy and excited, and did a lovely job. A couple final thoughts: Thanks to the show for never putting a wig on Madison. I am always so impressed with these very young people being so gracious and composed when they are told they didn't win, live on national TV. Poor Sophie, the first to go.
  11. Picayune for sure, but why wouldn't you sweep up all the big pieces of fruit before you started scrubbing the pavement?
  12. Ah, thanks! I thought she would be pretty busy already.
  13. Well shoot, I was kinda thinking about bagging this season, but I love Timothy Omundson and Kelly Clarkson. Also I want to see how the baby is doing. (Don't you dare kill that baby off, show!)
  14. I nearly died of horror laughter when Cody mimed the alligator eating Travis with a chomp chomp of his hands. I think what Krystal did at the end of the episode would be considered sexual assault. Imagine Cody doing that to her. Definitely a power play. Fam corrupts everyone I think. Travis certainly left her in desperate circumstances, in debt, no life insurance, repos. I can see why she would be tempted to get what she could out of the "system." That strong-arm guy sure has a creepy face and manner.
  15. I do agree with this. However, I was impressed with Krystal's skill and abilities. First of all to get the (or those?) gators out of the water, into her car and into her garage. Those things are heavy! I once held a small 2-3 foot one at a library reptile presentation when my kids were little and was surprised how heavy he was. Kirsten sold it to me that Krystal could do that.
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