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  1. Beezella

    LSSC: Season Four Talk

    Goodness! Hubby and I assumed, incorrectly it seems, that the scheduled guest cancelled at the last minute and "Ron Burgundy" stepped in as a favor. It was awful! Unsuccessful. Tedious. He should have just let the band play! I would watch that forever.
  2. Beezella


    This reminds me I wanted to point out way back, episode 2 or thereabouts, Fucci referred to Nebraska Det. Ryan Stock as Corn on the Cop, and Detective Man Meat. Funny, I thought.
  3. Beezella

    S16.E01: Auditions 1

    I think calling this an audition show is a stretch. This is at least several cuts, and call backs into the process.
  4. Beezella

    Season 1 Episodes Discussion

    I'm trying to figure out in what universe Lake Bell is unattractive. Dax is kind of character-actor cute. For me the heart of this show is Constance. When she reacted to unexpectedly seeing the picture of her deceased husband, I teared up, and I'm on some eye drops that dry up your tears.
  5. Beezella

    The Neighborhood

    Completely comping the repair is nuts. They should have at least paid for the parts. A friends and family discount would have been appropriate and appreciated. Loved when Tina quickly removed her earrings in prep for the fake fight. I do enjoy the relationship between Tina and Gemma. Also enjoyed an episode or so ago when they were testing out all those "as seen on TV" items.
  6. Beezella

    S03.E12: Songbird Road, Part Two

    This was the line of the night for me.
  7. Beezella

    S2: E4 Tough Titmouse

    Heh. I think I let out a "What in the Swiss Miss hell is going on with that hair?" when I saw it. Ha Ha Ha! I am inordinately in love with braids of all kinds, and this is the only braided hairstyle I have ever hated.
  8. Beezella

    S03.E03 Cheaters Sometimes Win

    Wow. I thought this was grotesque. And then there was a double entendre about woodworking that I thought was inappropriate for a family show. I've enjoyed Katie's friends in the past, but Doris tormenting Oliver with the dogs was just plain cruel. I know he had one of those padded suits on, but I think you can get pretty badly bruised through those, and he was obviously terrified. I've been hanging in there because I liked Anna-Kat, especially the first season, but I think I'm out.
  9. Beezella

    S05.E01: E Pluribus Unum

    It turned me into a sobbing wreak seeing those powerful, reasonable people saying sensible things. I wish we had more of that in real life. Hillary is kind of a natural. I wouldn't mind seeing her pop up here and there.
  10. Beezella

    S02.E04: What Big Ideas

    I thought that was very funny, he was so incompetent. Took him down a peg. Some gambling win!
  11. Beezella

    S02.E04: What Big Ideas

    I could never remember which pimp was which, but after that, I will always remember which one is Larry. Guy works out. I love seeing ridiculous things happen in the filming. Arguments, scenery falling over, makes it all even seedier. I'm really liking Irene. She handles things well in that tough business.
  12. Beezella

    I Feel Bad

    I liked the nerds. I was SO uncomfortable with the wife taking over the neighbor's house. On the fence here, but I did laugh a few times. Watched with nerd-age kids, and son #2 said he worked at a place that looked just like that. Except for that slide, "We didn't have THAT!"
  13. Beezella

    S01.E08: Milk

    I think they were pushed in whole. The incisors were laid sideways for the border, and the molars pushed in chewing side up. Really, there are all kinds of ivory substitutes that would have worked much better, and tiles made specifically for doll houses.
  14. Beezella

    S01.E08: Milk

  15. Beezella

    S01.E08: Milk

    I went back to try to count the teeth in the dollhouse, it's pretty blurry. Maybe the right amount of incisors/canines in the border, maybe too many molars. What I also noticed though it that the floor is not finished. The teeth are on a white background with a bit of a pattern, so it's hard to tell, but the center portion of molars is only about 2/3 covered and the border of canine/incisors less than half. Unless I am seeing it wrong, it is very blurry, and part of it is also covered by Camille's hand. I am thinking about this way too much.