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  1. I liked Chewing Gum but felt it was repetitive. And I couldn't stand the lead character by the end of the series. She seemed way too needy to me. It was interesting to see lower income people. American television has done that well since the 1970s to be honest. Roseanne kind of touched on some issues but they still had a house. I love that Cynthia was in PWB other series Crashing, playing a fabulous young professional but with the same I will not be messed with glare.
  2. I personally am okay with that. I actually think Thandie and Jeffrey and Evan are good enough to create a connection to the previous seasons. And I am glad we are out of the damn park. At least I hope we are and this isn't an elaborate ruse against the robots again. Like this is just one more game world. Now that would irritate me. By this point, I need real.
  3. Thank you! I thought she kept winning for writing, not acting.
  4. Phoebe finally won for acting! Woohoo. Because she was fearless in Series 1. She's less messy in Series 2 but you really need to see both series to appreciate the arc. I cannot wait for her next tv project. I hope she assembles her crack team again and does something different but equally intimate and edgy. BTW, since I am not of the UK, did the characters in Fleabag read VERY upper crust? Because I do love she had a very small restaurant and Boo sounded not quite so fancy but everyone else around them seemed very rich to me.
  5. There is always and element of chance in any endeavor. I think all of Adrian's horrifying experiments on Europa kind of prove that. In retrospect I love his commitment to trial and error. I actually wish we had seen Angela as "Baker" more. Cooking has an element of trial and error and science too. Angela as baker is just as much of a scientist as Lady Trieu and Adrian. I really love this show. It's a perfect 8 hours. While I admire the simplicity of The Mandalorian, this show allows for repeated viewings. It deserves repeated viewings.
  6. Totally agree. And I think the problem partially stems from that the source material is a guy. The novel barely pays lip service to these concerns. Eve is aware she has been unprofessional with Amanda but no consequences at all. So while you can make a sexual awakening complicated, it didn't need to be this messy. She could have explored with someone who had a complicated family situation or with someone younger but not THAT younger. I did like the slightly downer ending with Brenden reeling and mom a bit bashful. The fantasy is done. Real life resumes.
  7. This. Yeah, I would be thoroughly grossed out if Ted hooked up one of Brendan's classmates. It would feel predatory. And in fact Abigail was being a bit predatory towards him. The flirting and drinking and pushing him. They never clarified her age. I think she's 28ish in the book. While I like real bodies threesomes are always going to look weird on screen. It's just all so awkward. I had to fast forward. I just felt embarrassed for the actors. Hey Brenden, maybe try writing her a letter to apologise. But I also kind of wish the guy driving him could have had a real talk with him. Like dude so not cool and this is why. Because I am not sure if he will understand what he did wrong. He truly seems baffled and it makes me sad no one is willing to guide him. He is young enough to.change. Nothing was sadder than Julien walking off into the night in his oversized coat and skinny legs. That actor does awkward so very well.
  8. I wasn't quite as mad at the ending as others but I see so much potential for the book ending. Dorne has a stable and deep leadership. I see them being real actors in the end. I also like the second prince (Aegon?) who has just landed on the east coast of Westeros. He has the backing of Varys (who is so much more effective in the book too). Martin has so much wiggle room to change everything really. Part of me hopes he does. I do not need to see Sansa married off and raped. I would like to see Highgarden play a bigger role rather than being blown up. I want to see Cercei's maimed daughter play a role rather than dying beautifully. It's a bit wrong to hope Brandon Sanderson gets to finish the series, right? I do hope now the nonsense of the show is over Martin can just write again.
  9. Maybe my TV is crap but I could not read those texts! Gah. She was wise not to send a photo. I feel this current generation of teens is actually wising up to controlling.their online lives. And I love Chloe for putting her foot down and ending an uncomfortable interaction so firmly. That young lady has a spine. And yes Brendon is an ass but he did leave relatively fast. He wasn't nice about it but he left. It probably helped they were both sober.
  10. This is the first episode I found him charming. I also thought the sushi moment was interesting. He said quite firmly he didn't like fish. She was way too pushy and yes his reaction was big but if you shoved a piece of meat in my face I would slap it out of your hand. No means no in many situations. I found Eve's sex encounter to be wonderfully awkward and unromantic and unsexy but she tried so hard! And then the romance of walking through Brooklyn with a slice of pizza and fantastic hair! She was her own best date. Yeah this piece is what rings false to me. Women read, they don't watch. Fifty Shades of Grey happened for a reason (the books, not movies). But watching a woman read isn't very cinematic.
  11. Actually yes, women masturbating alone is that boring to watch. It's all very internal and in your head. It's not a performance.
  12. Yes we do. I find her masturbation scenes very realistic if she is just trying to please herself versus being on display.
  13. When? I can't think of another show that rejoices in a 45 year old's sexual experience. I do agree her attraction to.the kid is icky in that he is literally her son's classmate. Like someday they may meet at a class reunion. Plus that actor is so painfully awkward. I get her being kind to him or even motherly but not sexy. Of course if she is 45 and her son is 18, she had him at 27...oh that's a normal.age. She wasn't a young mom.
  14. Yeah, I had issues with him.taking on a middle aged woman's sexuality too. The porn obsession feels very male to me. Women read porn, they don't watch it as much in my experience. Or if they watch it is with a partner. I had an acquaintance who was a stripper.and couples would come together but it was rare for a single lady to show up.
  15. All the episodes are directed by women so that helps. I actually thought she was an asshole for bolting like that from the date. He didn't deserve that at all. The actor playing Brandon is so good at playing an ass. He reminds me so much of Robert Pattinson. Other than his abs he seemingly has no redeeming qualities.
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