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  1. On another show that would be such a cliche but it worked here. Nancy was so careful to keep a perfect house in case the social worker came. Her fatigue, his fatigue...You feel it with almost no screentime. Also you can see how conditions are being created to being out the worst in Brian. Now he has an absentee father, a clingy mother who is secretly relieved he isn't related to her, rejection from community...Brian may be doomed. This was Holden's most human episode. The stakeout brought out the best in him. All that bonding!
  2. He probably knows she is gay. He does his research. I wonder if he will try to blackmail her with it.
  3. It just pissed me off. But Gunn was also controlling with Tench, telling him to lose the jacket and tie. Gunn is an all purpose ass.
  4. I kind of love Tench this season. He is just such a mix of old school cop who can also keep up with new ideas. He is also smart about reading a room usually. He is a comforting form of paternal.
  5. Also was this the ep when Gunn straightened Wendy's dress. Eff you you little creep. Do not touch her. I wish she could have slapped away his hand. More women should do that. Just shut that crap down immediately. I found that way more creepy than the overt perv.
  6. Weirdly I could care less about the murderers. I find Tench the most interesting character. His ability to be a good old boy and play the game but also his intuitive sensitivity when dealing with crime victims. Tench is the heart of the show for me. I do love/hate that twice librarians had a chance to ID the BTK killer. Gah! In general true crime depresses the hell out of me. I can only watch because these cases have resolutions.
  7. As I feared, David E. Kelly loves courtroom dramatics. This sucked so hard other than Kidman did her best and I love the character actress playing the judge. And Renata's snarled comment to Celeste's crappy, silent lawyer. I do like that Perry's death didn't "heal" Celeste and that she is clearly working through some major issues. The random sex would be okay if it made her feel better, but bringing strange men home and getting blackout drunk/drugged around the boys is concerning. She needs a lot of help. Jane gives me hope. She does seem the one who can take on Mary Louise. But damn, how on Earth did she get Ziggy to tell her about the gun???
  8. I don't really feel a major tone difference. If the story is accurate it is a pity and unfortunate any director was treated that way. She is getting good performances out of everyone. It may explain why Renata is all the place but everyone else makes sense to me. I just think there wasn't enough story for a second season. I am enjoying it but Kelly clearly loves courtroom dramas which is my least favorite television trope. I don't think Moriarty has any courtroom stuff in any of her novels. She is much more domestic/doctor focused. I deeply hated what the director did to Sharp Objects in the cutting room. How he ended that show was a serious error in judgement.
  9. While I understand wanting more, I hope PWB resists. In my opinion the problem with television is that there is a temptation over a long series to make a character likeable. So, sure, there can be a redemption arc but after that is complete? Where do you go? The character spins her wheels either growing bland or not making sense any more. With two and done you can have her father say Fleabag is the only one who can really feel everything and it feels like a lovely summary of this character. And I like imagining Claire running through the airport, but I don't need to see Klare again. Sure, Phoebe can write something but do I need to see it? Would it make me love Claire more? Nope. It's a very different show but if you are longing for a small, short gem, try Spaced by Simon Pegg. It is mostly geeky but also oddly romantic. It's his first show. He's very young. It has elements of Crashing in it.
  10. So this supports the theory that ML is just trying to put pressure on everyone to find out the truth about Perry's death. It doesn't matter if she has a realistic chance. And Celeste is so stressed she can't see straight. I wonder why the show keeps opening on the aftermath of his fall. I know it is partially to show they are all preoccupied with that moment (except Madeline, right? She seems square with it). But are there possibly clues we are missing? Or do I watch too much Westworld?
  11. Moriarty has had at least two big hits--What Alice Forgot (which would suit Reese as a solo project) and this one and I never thought Big Little Lies was all that great of a book. It has a weird tone problem. Slapstick at first and then it gets heavy. And I didn't like the Husband's Secret either. She is very readable and I love the Australian setting a lot. And her sisters write too which is neat. Very Bronte. I had a weird idea for the show. Would you watch one episode primarily from the kids' POV? Because they are all going through big changes and stresses as well. And I think the kid actors could manage it. The older actors would still be in scenes but we'd hear overheard conversations. And see Chloe holding court with all her gossip. And find out if both twins really are cool about Ziggy (I don't they both like him).
  12. That's true but I think of Ed as being there for Abigail since she was 8 or so. He even said he saw her like his own daughter. I wish the show would give them one scene together because I think Abigail cares about him. She is a bit of a "cool" kid towards all the adults in her life so it doesn't show as much. It's probably her age. I think Ed was deeply hurt she knew about the affair and was so casually talking about it. Then again if her mom and Ed split it doesn't impact her all that much. It would completely change Chloe's world. Chloe has a lot more at stake. All the kids have a lot at stake this season really.
  13. She is outstanding with child actors. She was good in Lion too. She is so alert in her scenes, even when her character is passive like when Renata was having her magazine article meltdown. Celeste clearly did not give a shit but she needed to make sympathetic noises. Kidman is not phoning it in this season.
  14. I liked this moment too. Jane is casually brutal talking about her trauma to the wife of her rapist. They have a deeply weird relationship. And Celeste just...takes it. You can see her absorbing Jane's comment and accepting her own weirdness for loving Perry. So then you get Bonnie's parents. Her father clearly loves her mom. He has forgiven her for the violent years. But Bonnie still has those scars and she rather appropriately is angry with him as well. Parents are supposed to protect their children. I feel like only Ed has done a good job protecting his daughter. That silent hug when she was just a regular, silent kid was telling. She will pick him. Abigail will pick her mom. One last thought. Out of all the ladies, I think Jane can handle Mary Louise the best. She knows her truth and she doesn't back down. She's not overly aggressive like Madeline or cocky like Renata. She's direct and calm. She didn't run from her but took the time to look at pictures, to listen. I hope it adds up to something.
  15. I think this is the best theory this far. I loved this quiet ep. I liked seeing how people dealt with various forms of anger. How the assistant tried to appease Renata, how Nathan got frustrated with Ed, how Bonnie spoke with her father, how the boys beat the crap out of that bully, how Celeste pulled back her anger when Max (?) called her a bitch. BTW, I thought her response in that moment was great. Controlled anger. For the parents on this thread, has your kid ever called you a nasty name and how do you respond? I honestly don't think I would respond well. The other thing I loved was seeing Nathan working on his marriage, mostly off screen. He is running, got a treadmill, is being supportive at the hospital. This is in contrast to Madeleine is trying but maybe won't take up golf. And then Renata's husband who does listen to her while she rants. I don't think he is a potential suicide like someone suggested. I think he is made of tougher stuff. Renata picked him for a reason.
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