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S01.E03: Chapter Three - The Sin

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When Mando strutted in in his shiny new armor I think my insides melted. He is sexy AF. I don't mind that we don't get to see his face. All I have to do is think of Oberyn Martell and I'm good. (Well, before Oberyn got his face smushed, anyway. 🙄)

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Okay, so these first three episodes have come together to create what is essentially my 3rd favorite Star Wars movie of the new era.  I love the story.  Baby Yoda/NotYoda is adorable in the best way (Star Wars has a history of swerving too far over that line), Pedro Pascal is excellent, and the Mandalorians taking up for The Child was the Fing BEST.

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I also signed up for Disney+ just for Baby Yoda. Worth it. I was surprised how much I grew attached to him. When Mando watched him being taken away by Dr. Pershing I burst into tears. He really is a whole new level of cute. I laughed when he looked right at Mando when pushing the button a third time. 

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On 12/9/2019 at 6:55 AM, Claire85 said:

I also signed up for Disney+ just for Baby Yoda. Worth it. I was surprised how much I grew attached to him. When Mando watched him being taken away by Dr. Pershing I burst into tears. He really is a whole new level of cute. I laughed when he looked right at Mando when pushing the button a third time. 

Me too! The Baby made a little sound when he he was being taken away, looking at Mando...😢 I’m rewatching all the episodes, and I still cried! 


On 11/27/2019 at 2:06 PM, SnoGirl said:

Yeeeeeeah. I know. The only woman to speak in three episodes. Also, the only visible woman (ironically masked) compared to the no women in the bar scenes, other Mandalorians, Storm Troopers, Bounty Hunters, and basic background characters. I thought I spotted a couple in the market but it was hard to tell.

Not defending anyone, but I’ve seen several female characters in the background. There was a blonde female bounty hunter in the bar where Mando meets Carl Weather’s character. 

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On 12/6/2019 at 3:52 PM, Danny Franks said:

I do agree that there needs to be more women in this show. Not necessarily as love interests, although one glaring fault I have with Disney's Star Wars is that it lacks the sexual tension and sense of attraction that the original movies had. At the core of those films was the triangle between Han, Luke and Leia, and one of Luke's first calls to adventure was "she's beautiful."

I agree that Han and Leia were sexy as hell but have you SEEN The Last Jedi?!?! The best sex in the Star Wars universe, ever, was Kylo Ren and Rey fighting together against the guards in the throne room. (Plus, shirtless Kylo Ren.) Seriously, those two are fiiiiiiine together.

I am loving Baby Yoda so much, I just can't even. He is break-the-internet ADORABLE. This episode was fantastic--OMG, the dread we ALL felt when Mando sees the abandoned baby carriage in the dumpster. Perfect, wordless storytelling. And Baby Yoda's tiny cry of distress when Daddy walks away...Loved how one of the Mandalorians said something about how "only one of us can be aboveground at a time" and at the end the jetpack cavalry swoops in to save him.

The score is stunning.

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I just watched for the second time and I had a little thrill of connectivity to the original series when I saw that the Mandalorian has a weapon that disintegrates his enemies.  Now the edict from from Darth Vader to the bounty hunters in ESB ("No disintegrations!") will resonate even more the next time I watch it.


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Oh boy. So:

- Mando parades what he has to know is a highly valued bounty through the streets of town on the way in.

- Why did yoda floating crib follow Mando, but the storm troopers had to carry it by hand?

- So only one Mandalorian is allowed outside at once? And yet no one seems to know where they all are? That seems ... improbable.

- I wish they would quit with the flashbacks and just tell his back story. It clearly has vague allusions to baby yoda's situation, right down to the "crib" with a folding lid.

- I'm not sure what Mando did that allowed him to beat all the other bounty hunters to baby yoda and bring it back. he doesn't seem especially good at anything besides walking into traps.

- I still don't know why storm troopers wear armor. It doesn't seem to protect anything.

- Mando shares Batman's ability to quietly disappear.

- "Because I'm your only hope." Haha. Cough.

- Wait - NOW people know where all the Mandalorians are.

- Oh, Carl Weathers.

This episode really emphasized how similar this show is to Killjoys in its set up. Except Killjoys avoided the whole baby thing. This show is still cartooney, except for the many disintegrations.

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We only just realized that we still have Disney plus from signing up to see Hamilton!


watched the first 3 episodes.

mom Said “I don’t want to watch this if he’s going to leave the baby there.”

I said “I’m pretty sure he’s going to come back die it.”

And he did!


That old western trope of “we’re done foe it’s all over” and the  unexpected reinforcements appear, complete with swelling major key music, gets me every time!

it worked when Han Solo unexpectedly swooped in and disabled earth Vader in the first Star Wars (the theatre all broke out into cheers!$

ir worked when Gandalf reappeared and said “not alone.”

and it worked here my gosh did it work! They tricked us by making us think only one ever appears, that they wouldn’t fight to save Mansour...

baby Yoda like thing summoned them with his eyes, or, he was just telling daddy, “they’re on their way.”

rhe Mando flyer saluting was an old WWII movie trope where fighters do that before peeling off.


loved it!!!



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Was anyone else expecting an “ET” cameo when passing through the marketplace? Though there was a (comparatively overdressed) Twi’lek and a Rodian(?)

Oh, was there something symbolic about the Imperial markings fading away to make Mandalorian Armour?

And still, Stormtroopers are completely useless! But loved that their “Mad scientist” was actually trying to keep Baby Yoda alive.

Was a little disappointed our “hero” seemed to have no plan for getting away (pretty sure he didn't call for "back up", they just turned up on their own)

Though I was reminded of Lee van Kleef’s character from The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (I think) – he actually did fulfil his contract (bringing back the baby) he just didn’t say what he’d do afterwards (Classic "Lawful Evil" behaviour).

On 11/22/2019 at 2:33 PM, Anduin said:

My other question: if he's never removed his helmet, how does he eat, sleep, or clean the helmet's inside?

I was wondering that too! And now I'm picturing him taking a shower - while only wearing the helmet...

On 11/25/2019 at 3:47 PM, benteen said:

I'm glad Greef survived.  Carl Weathers is too awesome to lose so quickly.

Saved by the classic “cigarette case (well, Beskar Ingot) in the pocket” no less!

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I'm glad he went back for baby Yoda in the same episode though it was a little disappointing he went through with the exchange.  I was surprised the other Mandalorians helped him at the end.  He didn't seem to have any "friends" among them though I guess they had a bond based on group membership.  That angry Mandalorian did raise a good point that it was dirty money (did he salute him at the end?) though the female metalworker seemed to be fine with it.

I also hope that he comes up with a plan for how to hide out with the baby.  They haven't made clear where the baby could go to be safe.  I'm sort of intrigued by the Mandalorian's backstory and of course baby Yoda's backstory, so there are multiple interesting ways this can go.

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