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  1. Gurl, that is a no-no. It is read as though you're trying to upstage the bride. (Unless it's a themed all-white wedding, that's different.) Not just one but a bunch! Dude, slow your roll. The CBS streaming platform didn't include a fair few episodes from the second season, including the two immediately preceding this one. So I can't remember what happened in the Brenda lies to go to Baja episode, or the Colr Me Badd one. I searched everywhere and can't find where those episodes are streaming. Luckily I still have a Netflix non-streaming membership as well so I queued up the DVDs for season 2 that feature those episodes.
  2. Shannon nailed it. She's easily the best actor in the "gang" although Jennie Garth is solid as well. I liked the green stripes on her, thought that was a cute look. Shannon has the classic Black Irish look--dark hair with pail skin and high coloring. She should be wearing more jewel tones like the green to set off her skin. I thought Pasty Segel had some interesting verbiage--"pays you a compliment" I thought was oddly prim, formal language for a strung out junkie. And as someone who was also the victim of a violent crime I thought that Dylan and Brandon's reactions were a little too muted. My experience wasn't nearly as violent as Brenda's (briefly, a strange guy pulled a knife on me and tried to drag me into a stairwell, I fought him off) but nonetheless every man in my life was openly horrified. My ex-boyfriend five states away was ready to fly up and hunt the guy down. I would've thought Dylan would've been more angry--the guy stuck a huge GUN in her FACE, dude!--and Brendan more guilt-stricken. That chagrined "I guess we weren't much help..." was weaksauce.
  3. Brandon is absolutely full-bore UNBEARABLE In this episode. He's even worse than he was in the East Side Story episode--I'm pretty sure pound-for-pound this is his highwater braying mark so far. The worst is when he unloads on Nat. JFC, Brendan! The guy's in an untenable position, he takes what he thinks is a good a deal and takes care of his staff (which he didn't have to do) and you reward him by crapping all over him??? What the fuck is wrong with you? Nat is such a sweet guy and he doesn't remotely deserve your whiteboy wants to make a difference guilt trip. I LOVED that Jim finally, finally yelled back at him. "Control your son!" (And not for nothing, but James Eckhouse is a much better technical actor than Jason Priestley is in their bray-offs. Eckhouse modulates his voice--kind of goes up and down his register--makes it much easier to listen to him, thereby influencing us to think his is the morally superior position. It's not fault of Jason's, he was a young actor at the time, it takes time to learn these tricks.) Not to mention the coup de grace dick move--his psyching of Nat in the last scene. FUCK YOU, BRANDON. The guy's mourning, tell him NOW. You're not funny, you're a prick. Also--Kelly says that Marcie is the president of her sorority, which makes her at least a junior. Why the hell is she interested in Brandon? She's very cute, she's rich, she is obviously going to to a great career--she could have had any guy she wanted, why would she look at Brandon, the Braying High School Junior? The guy who plays Dixon St. Clare is also the principal in Heathers--I wonder if he and Shannon reconnected?
  4. Oh my God, I totally know that Temple--I'm from Northern Virginia and this is on the North/Northwestern section of the beltway. And yes, I've seen the "Surrender Dorothy" graffiti. Good detecting, OP! The B plot kind of pisses me off because you know what? Who has been responsible for wrecking the car because he drove drunk? BRANDON. This whole storyline is one shitty WoMeN cAn'T dRiVe fucking trope and FUCK YOU. It wasn't Brenda who drove drunk and trashed Mondale.
  5. Why must you remind me? Emily *robotic voice, dead eyes*: That's why I wanted my first time to be with you.
  6. FUCK YOUUUUUU BRANDON Yeah, I hate that trope as well. When the Olympics are on there's always, always A Guy who loudly opines that judged sports like figure skating or gymnastics aren't "real" sports, because those are two of the most popular Olympic sports where the women shine as much if not more than the men. I like shutting them up by saying fine, then let's eliminate boxing as well as any kind of refereed sport. And she did beat him--and she took the outside track, so she skated more than he did. Uh, the US Nationals are called just that, not "the finals." And I think the commentator misidentified one of her jumps--it did not look like a double axel.
  7. Shannon's hair flip in the opening credits is so gorge. I have very long hair (too long really) and a lot of it but it is very fine and never ever gets off that casual "flip it over my shoulder as I smile my perfect transplanted California girl smile."
  8. The show really, really dropped the ball when they didn't hook up Ohhnnndrea and Steve as a couple. Whyyyyyy did they dangle that possibility in the SAT episode and then just forget about it? They had crazy chemistry together and the characters would've brought out the best in each other. Ohhhnnndrea would've inspired Steve to be the best he could be instead of just partying, and Steve would've encourage Ohhhndrea to let down her hair once in a while. Tragic. Oh--and yes, the actress playing Emily is just not good. I hate attacking actors--I'm one myself--but her affect is so. flat. I see nothing on her face. no subtext, no beats, nothing. People criticize Tori Spelling but she had energy and you could tell she was up there trying. (And she got better--she was terrific in Death of a Cheerleader.) Honestly I think the Emily actress was cast for her hair. (That is a thing. A cool look plus an overconfident director ("I can MAKE her give a good performance!") can seal the deal.) I love Steve. He is what he is and is not in denial, and is very charming about winning you around to his way of thinking. I don't like that he cheats and I don't like his veiled racism in the S1 basketball episode but he is a lot more likable than Brandon, because one thing Steve never is is self-righteous.
  9. Holy crap, I am old enough to remember the vile poisonous wannabe swill that is carob. My stepmother (at the time something of a hippie and I love that she introduced whole wheat bread to me but...) tried to sell my brothers and me on carob and it was GROSSSSSSSSSSSSS. So, so, so disgusting. So flavorless, so awful, so completely inadequate in every way as a substitute to chocolate. The mental scars remain. For a LOT of this episode I was thinking "okay, this isn't very well written or shot." Too many stock shots of the party crowd, too many cuts back to Donna and the lame "Spring dress retread" (at least they lamp-shaded it with Steve), SO much filler. This ALL changed when Donna and Brenda walked in on the attempted rape--Brenda running to the door and bellowing "DYLAN, I NEED YOU" and Dylan showing up seconds later was my everything. I just fucking loved that--Brenda, instantly sizing up the situation and deploying her attack dog. Fantastic. And then Steve with his throwaway "How dare you hurt her, I LOVE that girl!" with the coup de grace punch later on. I like seeing consistent and nuanced character writing and as annoying as the Steve/Kelly bickerfest can be, that reaction of Steve's was golden. These two love each other.
  10. CeeBeeGee


    Jesus, Svetlana, SHUT THE FUCK UP. Goddamn her and her shitty sportsmanship and her racism and her utter, utter lack of empathy and compassion and just being a goddamn human being.
  11. CeeBeeGee


    This is also addressed in Heavy Medals (thanks xaxat for posting that. Fantastic, hard-hitting set of episodes). Maggie thinks Penny told Marta to leave Maggie off the team, she said that Marta was crying. Even at the time, no one could understand why Gabby was chosen over Maggie or Mackayla Skinner. Maggie was better all around and more consistent, and Mackayla had a very solid shot at a vault medal. And the word was that Penny thought Gabby was...more commercial? Somethingsomething about her endorsements with big-ticket sponsors like Bank of America? And even at the time that made absolutely no sense to me. And hearing now that he targeted Maggie because she spoke up about how the USAG-sanctioned doctor who was trusted with their well-being was assaulting them???? Assaulting the children he'd been charged to protect? And this had been going on for nearly 20 years? What the actual FUCK???? And the girl who speaks up about this is left off the team in retaliation? The former girl, now woman who spoke up about what had happened in 2000 (Jamie Dantzscher) was slut-shamed by USAG? What a greasy, repellant, corporate fuck Steve Penny is. UGH. Just fuck off in prison. Marta is still in blissful denial, BTW. The one interview she gave after the allegations went public, she insisted she knew nothing about it (which I can believe) and is therefore not responsible in any way. She doesn't see the connection between the abusive, oppressive environment she and Bela fostered and Nassar exploiting that for his own use.
  12. As someone above said, credit cards were very easy to get in the late '80s/early '90s. There were booths on college campuses and I remember walking through a mall and someone tried to get me to sign up for one. (I was about 20 but looked much younger, maybe 14-15 and she still tried to push it onto me. I just told her I wasn't old enough.) Interest rates were much higher then--the typical interest rate was somewhere in the mid-high teens and some cards went as high as 25% APR) and the idea was to push this person to build up a balance and then just keep revolving that balance, cycle after cycle, and paying interest on it. They didn't want you to pay in full. When I started cleaning up my credit and paying in full, I was part of a trend and I remember reading an article about credit card companies issuing veiled warnings about their customers who did this, saying something like "we see you, we have plans for you"--because they would then lose all that interest.
  13. Did the show open with animation? I'm thinking they either wanted to bookend it or it's a nod to the graphic novel. I'm so confused about the decoupling--which cars were decoupled? I thought they wanted to let go of First but Pike was in the Folgers' car toward the end (and he threw out LJ), correct? Or was the idea that most of First was in the school car where the "treaty" was supposed to be signed, so they decoupled those cars? I wish they did better character work but I'm still hooked on this show. It is truly surreal watching this show, this summer. The actor who plays Miles is incredible for a child actor! Very subtle work.
  14. I agree! This is the correct amount of Ani. She is a good character, IMO, and I like the actress. Just don't make her front and center, sharing her insights with us about characters that we know better than her, and we'll be fine. And Stu in the miniseries The Stand! I noticed this as well. It's especially ridiculous that Justin--small, slight, however athletically talented Justin--is on the football and basketball teams. Whatever, I adore Justin and the actor, I'll let it slide 🙂 The Clay Pass this season has been un-fucking-believable and it's a big part of why I don't care for the character as much. He grabbed the security officer's gun out of its holster and he's not DEAD? Seriously? He walked into a police station claiming to have a gun and he's not DEAD? Seriously? Must be nice being an upper middle class white kid. Also, ever since Carrie came out in '76, a lot of movie/series have made reference to the spring dance as being THE dance, the most important social event of the year, where dramatic things happen. At least back when I was applying, for a good school, you had to have an interview. So Clay and Jessica definitely would've had to sit down. (But not at school. That was weird.) It's obvious they used the idea of the interviews to explore the trauma the characters are experiencing. I was wondering if the lesions on his body were a harbinger of AIDS--but then I thought "Wait, doesn't AIDS take forever to manifest nowadays? And can't they prolong it pretty much interminably?" I will say, Justin's scenes in the hospital room had me bawling. Flynn is a phenomenal actor, one of the best of his generation IMO, and Alisha Boe is also excellent. (They all are. For all my problems, the cast is excellent.) Yes, essays are common in the States, for any kind of competitive school. Bryce raped many girls--not because he was angry but because he felt entitled to do so. Afterward, he threw his actions in his mother's face and then enjoyed an erection while reminiscing about them. (One of the all-time creepiest moments of the entire series.) Monty had time to plan Tyler's rape (enlisted two colleagues, found a broom/mop). He was angry about losing his season but he had time to consider. Courtney kind of redeemed herself during Season 2 (and she hugged Clay at the dance as part of the At Least We Tried to Get Justice League) but did we ever see Ryan again after his shitty behavior in Season 1? In a cast of uniformly excellent actors (even Minette, whom I'm not crazy about, I just don't think he should've been the FRONT AND CENTER of this season), I find Flynn's acting absolutely extraordinary. He says so much with his eyes--he's really very, very good.
  15. Working my way through Season 4 and just finished Ep. 6. Jesus. Fucking. Christ, Clay. I just cannot. I think yet another season crawling up this bougie white guy's nose and hearing his endless thoughts was a mistake. Winston might've been a better choice as narrator, since he is driving much of the action. Or maybe Justin since he is at the center of everything as much as Clay is. Or even Alex since he's the one who actually killed Bryce. Part of the problem is sadly, that Dylan Minette is just not that interesting being front and center THIS much, with endless, endless variations on aNgSt. He doesn't really have a ton of range as an actor--90% of what he's given is some kind of trauma or shock and he seems to deliver all of that the same way, with that slightly slack-jawed expression. Occasionally he is given some sassy, snarky stuff ("Unhelpful Yoda! Unhelpful Yoda!") and he sells that much better, IMO. And I did love the the sad resolve of his final address to I think exploring the long-term trauma of all they've experienced over the past several years is a good choice but I just don't think he's the actor or the character. Right now I want to slap him. And I feel so, so bad for his parents--the SHIT they've had to put up with--and Justin. I really liked Estella's conversation with Tyler. Not surprised that Alex is exploring--I called that back in Season 2 when he got an erection after wrestling with Zach.
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