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  1. Just saw the episode where Hunter gets made up as a punk--holy crap! I could not stop laughing. His resigned, over-it mien was effing hilarious.
  2. CeeBeeGee


    I did think Terin Humphrey's wolf turn mount on beam in 2004 was lovely. She had the lines to pull it off, with those long legs of hers.
  3. CeeBeeGee


    Okay, comparing Jade's "dance" to that of the great Lilypod is just cruel. She even danced on the beam, for God's sake.
  4. CeeBeeGee


    If they take Jade over Grace for the team, I will scream.
  5. CeeBeeGee


    Bruno Grandi is responsible--the man whom I firmly believe deep down hates gymnastics. He is, hands down, the worst president FIG has ever had, and makes the worst decisions. \ Annia Hatch competed on vault (and won a silver in EF).
  6. CeeBeeGee


    I do too! I love her DGAF expressions and her clean lines. I have so many favorites I want to make the team.
  7. Holy crap, I didn't even catch the DC Sniper parallels. And I'm from DC and took that case very seriously--my mother had just left the store where the FBI agent was shot an hour earlier so I was freaking out the whole time. Good catch.
  8. I was gonna say, she sure has a specific type!
  10. But it hasn't--it routinely finishes in the top 20 which is quite an accomplishment. Megan--do you mean Merri? As in Brody? (I adored Percy. And I criiiiiiied and cried and cried when Lasalle was killed. Man, did I cry. But I still adore Scott Bakula and his character and I actually love Tammy. I don't know why so many seemingly dislike her. I love her dry humor and I love it when she drops that and calls someone "baby.") This sucks. This is a shitty decision by CBS. I will absolutely NOT watch NCIS: Hawaii.
  11. Every word of this, Chicks. I actually like Trusova's crazy tricks and I admire her pushing the boundaries of the sport but in NO way did she outskate Karen. Had she landed every one of those quads, I could see her winning. But bouncing twice and the complete lack of artistry and the lack of choreography? Seriously? I was super pissed off about Sochi--Sotnikova got her highest ever PCS for waving bye bye to the audience? Play tug of war?--and the next gen of Russians mollified that anger somewhat because they at least had it, unlike Sotnikova. You could see why Tuk was winning everything in si
  12. All props to Russia and I like those skaters but--how does such two such mistake-filled performances get rated that highly over two nearly perfect ones? This feels like the 2014 Games.
  13. I admire Trusova's athleticism and courage but man, does her artistry need to improve. There was absolutely nothing on her face during her FS. Good on her for carving out a piece of history though.
  14. Okay, that sounds plausible and even fun. Just glad they didn't ruin that awesome chemistry by trying to put them together.
  15. Rediscovering this series on cable--I remember liking the first season when I was in high school but then went off to college and forgot about it. As formulaic as it was (the Dirty Harry cop was a hugely popular trope in the '80s, plus that standard staccato Mike Post underscoring), it's still very entertaining, mainly due to the chemistry of the two leads. Dryer wasn't exactly Laurence Olivier and his range is pretty small but he does have this laconic chill charm, especially with Kramer. They are adorable together--I haven't watched the whole season so go ahead and spoil it for me--did they
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