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  1. CeeBeeGee

    S08.E05: The Bells

    Rewatching Season 8 now (HBO is doing a Season 8 marathon) and I have to say, to whoever called Harry Strickland "Dollar store Jaime Lannister" and (probably a different person) called Euron v. Jaime "the fight no one wanted"... please know that I have been laughing at those two remarks ever since. That is some seriously funny shit.
  2. CeeBeeGee


    From the Onion: Flipping Simone Biles Still Floating Through Upper Mesophere
  3. CeeBeeGee

    Figure Skating

  4. CeeBeeGee


    Simone looked so unhappy even before her floor set. I'm worried about her. And I'm not at all someone who polices these girls' faces or thinks they need to smile all the time (Nastia, for example, was naturally quite serious during competition). But Simone always seems so sunny out there. I hope she's doing okay--she looked much happier after her beam. Morgan also looked devastated after her floor. Stay strong, you beautiful gymnasts! We all love you!
  5. That was my first thought--they made El lose her powers because otherwise she would find out he was alive in a hot minute. They're maintaining suspense this way. Oh God, of course not. (And how did they think that him ending up with Andie and that fug dress was a good idea? No wonder the test audiences hated it. Ducky, the most annoying and desperate and thirsty character in movie existence--the proto-Nice Guy--is rewarded for his shitty behavior by "getting" the girl? She was never, ever attracted to him and made that very clear throughout the movie.) I'm wondering that myself! Oh my God, I will be heartbroken if he stays dead. The Russian (американский 😉 ) had better be him. Every time I see a movie like The Poseidon Adventure that's what I think about--how much it must suck to have to wear the same costume every. single. day. of that months long shoot.
  6. CeeBeeGee

    S03.E07: Chapter Seven: The Bite

    Oh God, I LOVED that episode! I taped it on our Beta VCR! "You disgust me. I hate you." And "Sam and I have decided to traverse the fall line of our aloneness." And "Oh, Mr. Jammers!" So many great lines! God, I miss Coach. Murray's speech would've been fine had this been the first time. But frankly, I was grossed out by Murray's speech to Nancy and Jonathan last season. It is not appropriate for an adult to be urging teenagers to have sex. I was a cohort of Nancy--I remember being her age in the '80s. I had no problem watching (at least some) teens in movies have sex. I remember watching All the Right Moves and arguing with a friend that Lea Thompson's character seemed to be in love with Tom Cruise's character and that was the right choice for her. But not all of us were having sex as teens in the '80s and even those who were, the adults need to mind their business. Nancy waking up at Jonathan's (at the beginning of the season) is off. Adults weren't that oblivious. That was adorable. Poor Mike, stammering through that...
  7. CeeBeeGee

    S03.E05: Chapter Five: The Flayed

    Oh, and I wonder if Hopper commandeering the car is a shout-out to Bill Maxwell, the FBI agent in The Greatest American Hero. Bill used to commandeer some random stranger's car every few episodes.
  8. CeeBeeGee

    S03.E05: Chapter Five: The Flayed

    Utterly ridiculous. I despise--I mean despise--smoking but it's a fact that a lot more people smoked back then. Hell, high schools had smoking lounges, FFS. The hospital chase scene had to have been a shoutout to Halloween II.
  9. CeeBeeGee

    S03.E02: Chapter Two: The Mall Rats

    It helps that Russia is spelled pretty much exactly how it sounds--no hidden consonants such as in French. Plus there are a TON of cognates in Russian, which makes it easier to pick up vocabulary.
  10. CeeBeeGee

    S03.E02: Chapter Two: The Mall Rats

    Right? And this is the mid-'80s, where mall culture had reached TV--which El watches every day. She's probably been dying for this moment.
  11. CeeBeeGee

    S03.E02: Chapter Two: The Mall Rats

    Perfect song choice! And hilarious scene. I was very taken aback with how much El and Mike were kissing--I was a teen in the '80s and older HS kids kissed like that but middle schoolers/soon-to-be ninth graders did not. A la Firestarter--Charlie telekinetically robbed the payphones. As much as I loved it, I was horrified at the reveal of what was in the trunk. That was too real. This is a horror/sci-fi series--yes, we know Billy isn't going to go full Buffalo Bill on her, that the Mind Flayer or some other horror or about to appear but she doesn't know that. Seeing a bound and gagged woman open her eyes and realize what was happening was horrible, way too real.
  12. CeeBeeGee

    S02.E09: Chapter Nine: The Gate

    David Harbour is an outstanding actor. The way he said that line "Sara's my girl..." with such tenderness, such love, brought me to tears. I'm crying now, remembering. How has he not won an Emmy yet? He's absolutely incredible.
  13. CeeBeeGee

    The Hills

    A highlight was Jamie saying the word "lim-mo" over and over again in the first episode. I always thought they were being trolled by the producers with that montage. She looked ridiculous. I think I read somewhere that Aly didn't want to do it anymore because they thought they came off as assholes. Original Heidi was adorable. She never, ever should've gotten all that shit down to her face. She looks gross now, I'm sorry to say. Time and truth tell all... Jason looks surprisingly good! He was disgusting back in the day, I could NOT see his appeal. Heidi confronting Stephanie just made me cringe. She's trying to come off as Mama Bear but it's transparently obvious that she just wants screentime. And I despise it when spouses insert themselves into family drama. You should be trying to help unite a family, not further stoking anger.
  14. CeeBeeGee

    The Hills

    Audrina seems so much...happier now. She was a cipher ten years ago but I actually quite like her now. She seems like she's grown up. Spencer is just as creepy and tries-too-hard as ever. Nice to see Whitney, I always liked her. I kind of feel like everyone's "I moved to London, I moved to Costa Rica" is supposed to be some kind of shorthand for how much they've matured. Mischa! Boy, she's been through some shit, hasn't she? I'm hoping Brodie's atrocious treatment of his wife is just a performance for the camera. Because he is not coming off well. I loved the footage of the waves. LB and The Hills always had such lovely beach shots to establish setting. More, please 🙂
  15. CeeBeeGee


    Full fathom five thy father lies...nothing of him that doth fade, but doth suffer a sea change, into something rich and strange. I always read that passage in The Tempest (Ariel is describing the drowning of Ferdinand's father) as a metaphor about the artistic process, spinning pain into something to last the ages. Star 80 is a fantastic movie but very, very difficult to watch. Re: the anecdote about his telling Eric Roberts "You're playing me if I hadn't been successful"--I can only hope he said that as a way to motivate a talented actor who couldn't quite look into the abyss. I don't see Bob as that misogynistic. Fucked up and dark, yes. But I can't imagine him ever being capable of doing what that monster did to Dorothy. (She was only 20 when she was murdered. Twenty. She was just a kid, not even old enough to drink. I read Bog's incredibly self-serving book The Killing of the Unicorn where he puts down Hef and every other moth who fluttered around her as a lech and a dirty old man, and I'm thinking "And so are you, and always have been. Cybill Shepherd, Dorothy's younger sister...you are no different from Hef.") So messed up--ACL, while an excellent show, surely does not have a superior score to Chicago. And Bennett was full of tittery drama queen headgames like that. I love ACL but I can't stand Bennett. He always, always tried to make himself the center of attention--perhaps the worst example is how he restaged the ending of I Am Telling You in Dreamgirls to take away the thunderous applause that surely would've greeted Jennifer Holliday's amazing solo by cutting off the last couple of phrases so that the other dreamgirls come bustling in. Just to fuck her over, just to wave a finger in her face and say "I'm the star, not you." I hate how he tried to screw over the very dancers whose own life stories are the backbone of the show! Not at all surprised he put up Donna for Leading Actress even though Cassie is only a featured role. I absolutely loved this show. That last episode--I knew Bob was going to tap dance at Paddy's funeral but I did not expect that. Absolutely heartbreaking. And the scene on the sidewalk--I was sobbing in front of the TV. They really were soulmates.