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    It's official--the Games are being pushed back to 2019.
  2. CeeBeeGee


    From the article: FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUU. Fuck you and your oh-so-Russian obsession with black athletes (cf. Maria Paseka, the Russian media, etc.). Friendly reminder it was the Soviet bloc that started the juicing trend--not the Americans. GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Oh my God, these people should just STFU if they can't be compassionate. I always thought Ludmilla was a class act but this is awful in a particularly Russian way (it's an extremely sexist culture). Gross gross gross. Also I thought it's been commonly accepted for years that Olga suffered under her coach.
  3. Good God, what a hot fucking mess the Columbo family is. I feel really bad for that kid, and can completely understand his aversion to negativity and drama. But literally everyone else is a dysfunctional bag of drama and grudges. I go back and forth on whether or not George Chandler should've been prosecuted. Mostly I think he was a victim as well, because he didn't know about the game fraud--but the prosecuting attorney made a very good point that as far as George knew, he was helping to hide assets that a divorcing spouse should've known about. The brother became best buddies with the prosecuting attorney???? I'm just shaking my head here. Gumb is scum. "Tomorrow." Yeah, you pretty much learned nothing. Trash is trash, I guess.
  4. .......what??? What does this even mean and what does it have to do with this show? What a strange comment.
  5. Yes, you could see it in the eyes. absolutely. She had the two falls (one was a step out, IIRC) and then she skated exquisitely. It's a testament to how gorgeous her skating was that she got the silver, which Slutskaya's team naturally contested. (Please, Irina. There's no contest.) And she was so GOOD in her short program! I loved Dark Eyes.
  6. Oh God, yes. She was always her own worst enemy.
  7. I was 100% Team Oksana in Lillehammer--she fucking fought for it. She doubled that triple and then threw it in at the last minute which always impresses me. Todd Eldridge did the same thing in Nagano--Nancy seemed very...complacent.
  8. As much as I love that movie, it is very much a guilty pleasure. My favorite part is--let's all stop to watch the skater throw her most difficult jump...in the half-darkness...on a rink which has a bunch of heavy metal equipment and cables at one end. What could possibly go wrong? (And no one ever seems to skate a short program!)
  9. Tremendously sad segment tonight. Gloria (I think that was her name)--she was brought in not even because they were close to her or whatever. She was brought in to make it look good. They needed women, they needed people of color. And for all that, she had to mortgage her house. She had to meet this piece of shit--this criminal, who had dragged her into this crap--and hand over money she didn't have. Money she'd mined out of her house. Watching her tell her story--shaking, trembling--was very upsetting. Mobsters are such scum. All they do is take and take and take. Seeing them lionized in the popular media really bothers me. What the hell happened at the end?
  10. Because the indictments were handed down on September 10, 2001. Loving this story and loving Agent Doug. I love him doing drivebys to the rest of the team, hissing "undercover...undercover." He just makes me laugh.
  11. All excellent point, Halting Hex. And imagine if Rand was subpoenaed in Court Martial. (You can see the yeoman silently apologizing as she passes Kirk after her testimony.) Okay, I've been giggling at the comments about the Kirk/Spock relationship and I have to bring up a book. Has anyone here ever read a ST original novel called The Price of the Phoenix? I bought and read it when I was a teenager and it is batshit insane, but very enjoyable. A sociopath who owns a planet kidnaps Kirk and fakes his death, then presents Spock with a very convincing Kirk-clone who really believes he is the original. But wait! The original Kirk is still alive and Omne is determined to "out alpha male" him--this manifests with a scene where Omne beats the crap out of Kirk, trying to force him to kneel in front of him and beg. At one point Kirk heads him in the crotch. All the men run around naked at one point or another (they jokingly refer to this as "uniform of the day") or in huge bathrobes. The Romulan commander from The Enterprise Incident is along for the ride. All the gay subtext sailed over my innocent head when I first read it but my mother nailed it. As angsty and silly as it kind of is, it's actually pretty well-written! They debate ethics and principles a LOT. And of course what it means to be an "alpha male." There's a sequel as well, but not quite as much fun.
  12. OMG the doctor!!!! I gasped as well. Did NOT see that coming at ALL. In fact last episode when she was sitting in the car, I'm thinking "what a nice doctor, showing her support." God, I feel sick. Poor Serena. I commented on the last episode how inappropriate it was that he'd asked out Jen--guess I was on to something. Я тоже люблю Даша! She is awesome and dry and caring, and her story is so touching. The college thing, though--Jen's basically in the same boat as someone who's retired from skating (voluntarily). A few of them have entered college. Heck, Sasha Cohen went to Columbia when she was nearly 30. She's not really in the same situation as, say, Tonya Harding, who really could only skate and couldn't afford college (even had she had the aptitude). Yes and yes. Danse Macabre is wonderfully spooky, one of my favorite pieces--live it, Serena! You gotta sell that mood. And yes to the brows--Dasha, call Anastasia for an emergency waxing!
  13. This is like Make It or Break It on ice--MIOBI was ridiculously unlikely. I don't know I guess it's better to pretend these easy moves are state-of-the-art skating as opposed to The Cutting Edge where they train horrifically dangerous tricks like the Pamchenko and wave it off by saying "is grey area." (And don't forget everyone skating at the Olympics under a spotlight! I still love TCE though. Toepick!)
  14. OH MY GOD THIS FUCKING FAMILY Hey Carol, maybe Mitch doesn't want to move in because poor Serena needs some boundaries?! It's already super inappropriate that her coach and her mother are dating--now you want him to move in? And on that note, it is also inappropriate for the doctor to ask a patient out. Like, I think he can actually be reprimanded for that. I love Jen. I still think it's weird that she was so pissed at Kat for dating Justin but I still love her. OH MY GOD THIS FUCKING FAMILY
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