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  1. How would she know? (Zing!)
  2. I was crying. That look of incandescent joy when she landed that last jump--I broke down and wept. What a gorgeous skate. She's stunning. I'm so happy she hit this. And YAY ALYSA!!!!! Our teeny tiny quad queen! She brought it as well! So thrilled for her!
  3. Gracie looked so pale and terrified when she first took the ice. I wonder if a sports psychologist would help her? It did wonders for Simone Biles.
  4. Do you know where I can find the interview with Gracie? I just got home a little while ago, I started watching at the end of Amber Glenn's program so I missed it. I wonder if the USFSA YouTube feed has it.
  5. See my comment below. She deserved better. Mirror, Mirror is so fucking great. It's tempting to blame a lot of the sexism of the original series on Roddenberry, who was apparently a ridiculous womanizer (word has it that the yeoman in Where No Man (who grabs Gary Mitchell's hand) was cast by Roddenberry so he could bang her)...but then the First Officer in Menagerie was a woman, and they originally had them wearing pants. But those skirts....Jesus, they barely cover their buttcheeks. I am Team Kirk and always have been. Love Spock and McCoy, love Uhura, but I am a Kirk girl. He is soooo cute and charming when he wants to be (especially with all the soft '60s lighting! And those dreamy hazel eyes! And that blond hair!). God, he's so dreamy. I was born during the original series--I didn't get into the show until after Wrath of Khan, which my mother dragged me to see. I was intrigued by it (whereas I'd been bored by the original movie in '79) and started asking her questions--she had all the original James Blish novelizations and the show was in syndication then so I was able to catch up. That said--rewatching the show makes my heart break for Grace Lee Whitney. The show featured her so prominently in the first half of the first season and then dumped her cold. She was a decent actress and the character is sweet. I especially like her in Charlie X and Miri. Couldn't they just have scaled her back? They dumped her and then the Executive assaulted her. JFC. She deserved better, and the character deserved better. The worst was when, in Miri, they show her gazing in apparent jealousy at Miri and Kirk as they go out together. FFS, I hardly think a grown-ass woman is threatened by an emotional 12 year old! Oh, I forgot, all women see each other as competition in the future. Oh my God, that ending!!! My jaw dropped open. Horrifying--and from Spock of all people! That said, I have mixed feelings about the whole "let's force the victim to confront face to face the guy who forcibly tried to rape her"...but yeah, it was a different time. It's just awful to watch. But props to Rand for kicking ass and throwing him off her, and to Fisher who was unafraid to say "Yes, I saw you, Captain, yes, you were trying to rape her." DYING! Yes, that episode is so ridiculous. Are they using a wholly new kind of temperature scale??? Neither Kelvin, Celsius nor Fahrenheit? We're supposed to be believe they're still alive at 100+ below zero--with blankets??? Fully agree with this. The episode as it aired was brilliant. Ellison's version was completely improbable. Does anyone really think Kirk, of all people, would've sacrificed the future including his beloved Enterprise for one person, no matter how much he loved her? Ridiculous. Ellison's been whining about this for 50 years now, Like, put on your big boy panties and get over it. God knows he's made enough money on his narrative. (Sorry, I can't stand him.)
  6. Yes, I thought that too. The woman who famously refused to leave London during the Blitz maybe deserves a bit better!
  7. ` I despise Tony and always have. I can take Margaret's rudeness over his studied cruelty any day. Plus I despise his whole affected "I'm such a rebel, man" shtick while he accepts a title! And when they divorced he should've passed the title on to his son, Viscount Linley. And what is up with the Queen Mother? She was almost as cruel as Tony at the birthday party. Over the past three seasons she hasn't exactly come off as Mother of the Year.
  8. CeeBeeGee


    We miss you already, Aly!!! Thanks for all your fantastic leadership in this wonderful sport.
  9. Did that sign say "The Weber's"? *vomit* Did his parents fly for Delta as well? (My dad flew for Delta for 30 years; I literally grew up on their jets.)
  10. I think that's exactly why he became so angry. I was expecting that reaction. He hates to recognize himself in these men. I was actually quite charmed at his lengthy and graceful mea culpa at the end. Oh my God, I was terrified when he was pulling the plane up like that. I can't even imagine how frightened the pilot must've felt. Damn, Menzies is talented.
  11. I have seen Pedro Pascal in person (he played Edgar in King Lear on Broadway with Glenda Jackson) and I assure you, he is fine as shit. I have no idea who these troglodytes are who don't know him from Game of Thrones. I absolutely love kids (I work with them) but have never experienced that babylust so many of my friends have (even those who don't particularly like kids). Just not a baby person. Until now. I am obsessed with Baby Yoda. The wee precious beastie makes me want to have kids. But only if they look exactly like him. And can do the magic hand thing. And OH MY GOD, cannon fodder stormies HOW FUCKING DARE YOU LAY HANDS ON THE BABY. How. Dare. You. I've never heard of the Darksaber, clearly I'm going to have to brush up on my EU. (The only EU stuff I know is from the very early days of Star Wars, like Splinter of the Mind's Eye and the Brian Daley Han Solo series. I know a lot of people were bummed when DIsney decided to reset the series and ignore the EU but--Jedi twins? Seriously?! Let the past die. Kill it if you have to.
  12. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I'm so, so sad that Kuiil and his blurgg are dead. And that the precious Little One has been snatched, although I have complete faith Daddy Mando will get him back. But Kuiil was such a great character--so stolid and hard-working and full of integrity. Please tell me this was a fake-out, he's not actually dead, show. I'll forgive you for the fake-out. I just hate it when good people get caught up in fights not theirs and get killed anyway. Loved the IG-99 (???) training montage and I feel sure he (why are so many droids coded as masculine? L3-37 from Solo is the only one I can think of who's coded as feminine--BOY, was that a mistake, killing her off, what a fantastic character) will come into play in the finale, to possibly protect the Baby. I absolutely love the Gina Carano character. LOVE her. She may not be the most accomplished actor but she's perfect for this character. LOVE her. Of all the people I might've expected to see come striding out of that retro-fitted TIE fighter, Big Brother All-Might-Tee was not one of them.
  13. Hahahahahaha!!! Love this! HOW DARE HE. Hands OFF the Baby!!!!!!!!! Jesus, all those assholes, pretending to drop him, about to shoot him--FUCK YOU. I was anxious the entire effing episode. I kept having to stop and watch something else, I was so tense. You need to take better care of the Baby, Mando! It's amazing, I loved Tena as Tonks and I adored her as Osha in Game of Thrones (loved it when she cooed "little lord" to Bran in her accent). But I could. not. STAND her in this role. I hatehatehaaaaate that kind of smirky, drama queeny, weirdly too pleased with oneself character. It's not Tena's fault or talent, it's the way it was written--everytime she was on the screen, it was fingernails on the chalkboard for me. Then when she murdered the crew member I really hated her. Mando's escape from that cell was really impressive.
  14. Who indeed??? The rage I felt, seeing that bounty hunter sight on our precious Child--what the hell is wrong with you, man??? I was worried for the baby in the bar--how many patrons might've accidentally stepped on him? I squealed at seeing Leah Clearwater, one of my favorite characters in the Twilight saga. And then at the end saw that Bryce Dallas Howard had directed it! Not my favorite Victoria in Twilight (still love the original, Rachelle Lefevre) but still fantastic! And she did a great job here!
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