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  1. Good GOD. How on earth did you not die of mercury poisoning?
  2. I was wildly impressed with how she managed to hold her own even though she was obviously terrified. Good for you, Monica! Loved the oh-so-'90s mall moments--the agents desultorily following Monica through Pentagon City (a mall every DC-er knows well ;) ), even down to dining at what looks like TGI Fridays but what according to the Slate article was actually American Grill! And the "et tu, Brute?" moment of Monica spotting Linda after having shopped at--dun dun dun--The Body Shop. I kind of miss malls. Oh God, what an obnoxious blowhard. What a flaming, bullying asshole. Emmick
  3. Well, Joseph Kennedy Sr. had a stroke early on in Jack's administration and he was pretty much over as any kind of political power after that. Mainly Clinton was treated differently for a variety of reasons--Kennedy's era normalized womanizing to a much greater degree (as bad as Jack was, his father was much, much worse--I remember reading that the father had tried to hit on the teenage friend of one of his daughters), plus as you say the culture of the press had started to change.
  4. Fantastic documentary! Very frustrating to see Tamara and Elena refuse to acknowledge the corruption and how the judging process was compromised. It was sweet to see Jamie and David again though. They need to tackle the Ladies Singles event in Sochi next.
  5. I lived in DC during all of this and I well remember reading that article in the City Paper (for those who don't know, it's like the DC version of the Village Voice). The article was such a breath of decency and kindness amid all the dreadful pillorying of Monica. I've liked Jake Tapper ever since. And they cast the guy who played him perfectly!
  6. He's appalling--he views her entire experience as something that happened to him. Paula made some great points about the pragmatism of settling--that would've been a LOT of money for their little corner of Arkansas. What an ass. UVA is indeed a well-regarded law school. RFK went there. UVA is one of the public Ivies. George Salazar has made a serious career error in accepting the role of George Conway--he looks like he's aged 20 years since his last high-profile project, which was playing a teenager on Broadway in Be More Chill, and singing its most famous song. I am stunned he ac
  7. God, yes. I was stunned when I found out it took place in Alabama--Alabama???! Literally just a few years before, in another big city in Alabama, four little girls were murdered via bomb--and there were plenty of white Alabamians who celebrated that. Birmingham's rep was so bad, its nickname was Bombingham. Make the setting outer Philadelphia or outer Detroit--anything but the deep South. I love this show and will continue to watch it but that kind of rose-colored gaze re: Southern whites (I am one, if it matters) is not historical.
  8. The thing is, when you're creative, by definition you're putting yourself into what you're creating. So it feels terribly personal when someone mocks you when giving you criticism--it's not like "okay, that tasted good but you're too good to make safe choices like that--we'd like to see what more you can do." Rather it's an attempt to use whatever mistakes she's made as a platform to showcase his "bitchiness." It's just really unnecessary. Nobody watches these shows to see nastiness--we want to enjoy our warm cozy holidays and imagine how good the cakes must taste. It's the TV equivalent of co
  9. I hate that shit. You can offer constructive feedback without being a jerk about. And since the contestants obviously can't say anything back or dish it right back to him, it's tantamount to bullying. I agree with whoever said reality judges have been far too influenced by Simon Cowell.
  10. HATE THIS VERSION. Really, really dislike the new host and his hat. Am hoping the lack of Jonathan and pumpkins is temporary and next year will be back to normal. But I'm not watching it this year.
  11. The Blaze is still around--I've never been but all my friends know I'm a huge Halloween fan so they keep telling me I should go. Interesting, did not know about the fake pumpkins!
  12. CeeBeeGee


    Have they chosen the Worlds team yet?
  13. I don't understand why a couple of times now, the scripts have shown Sam being bullied or gossiped about. She's rich and beautiful, she's nice and she dresses fairly decently--in most schools, that would make her one of the popular kids. Also, why was she suspended? She was defending herself--is she just supposed to let that psycho maim her? Especially when it was established that the teachers refused to step in. Psycho literally announced that she was "coming for you"--the fault is hers. Cannot stand Tory. I haaaate those types of people who just invent drama and feuds.
  14. God, that was hilarious. I...actually have problems with their relationship, adorable as they are together. Miguel needs boundaries. It's really not appropriate for Johnny to date his mom. It's interesting--I was a kid when the first movie came out (I am Johnny's age) and a coach like Kreese just came with the territory if you were on an elite team. I was a freshman on our varsity soccer team--a very good team and we were expected to win State. (We came in second.) Our coach was honestly just as bad as Kreese. He never actually tried to kill any of us but he absolutely s
  15. I agree--the growth of Jo and Blair's relationship throughout the show was very well done. New York, New York is one of my favorite episodes on that theme.
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