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  1. Must see TV. Good times, huh? I remember waiting a week in agony to see if Carter and Lucy survived. I’m not sure I knew ahead of time that Kellie was leaving the show. And then crying most of the way through “All in the Family”
  2. I’m glad John now gets to sit down and have his own piece of the desserts.
  3. That last line about babies knowing things is genius, given Tony and Christopher’s futures.
  4. Hurley! I liked him first time around. I hope he’s still sober.
  5. I just finished watching the original series. Wow! If I hadn’t seen the reboot first I think I would have believed the fake deaths in the finale. Can’t wait for the rest of the reboot!
  6. I just watched “The Office Job” which I found hilarious as a huge fan of The Office. I noticed Sophie switches outfits during the episode. Was that part of the con? I couldn’t find a reason for it, unless it’s a huge continuity error.
  7. I just watched Two Live Crew Job. Why couldn’t Sophie just set the bomb gently on the table rather than drop it from above?
  8. I just started watching this after seeing the reboot, and I’m really enjoying it. Just finished The Bank Shot Job. I love things with twisty plots like this.
  9. I would have put All in the Family as #1, but Love’s Labor Lost was also devastating. Not sure about the pilot being #2.
  10. Did anyone else notice this episode had characters named Carter and Lucy? A nod to Noah’s days on ER, perhaps?
  11. 2 years in an AirBNB? How much would that cost her?
  12. I used to love this show, but it has worn out its welcome with me over the years. The fact that he had to basically hire 3 people (Nicole, Lisa, Ray) to replace Emily tells me how hard they worked her; she said in her blog she was suicidal at one point. He does not pay employees well, she also said, but he lives in that huge house by the lake. And after watching the Critter Fixers fully suit up for surgery, I’m appalled at how lax PVS is in those practices in the office.
  13. I’m enjoying the “dirty truth” episodes. The pop-ups are so snarky.
  14. Claire85


    Farrah is the one teen mom I have sometimes felt needed to be actually institutionalized for treatment. I mean, Cate’s a mess, but she can function in the world most of the time. Farrah is just too far gone for outpatient treatment at this point in her life, IMHO.
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