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  1. Where can I see this? She drove me nuts on HBC.
  2. I had to laughter at “mother respectfully requests.” I know it’s legal talk, but nothing could describe Amber less. Maybe “egg donor arrogantly demands.”
  3. Do we know who Mrs. Timmer is? How awesome if Subway Lady became recurring!
  4. So Jack takes a girl back to his room and falls asleep with all his work laying around? I hope he’s playing the long game on that one or he looks really dumb. Then she plants (I assume) a bug in the lamp but he’s leaving the next day anyway?
  5. John: I think it’s an odd number, isn’t it 15?
  6. I would love to see John Henson snark on Nancy.
  7. My very first thought was: she won’t survive a divorce, because he will kill her first.
  8. Ridiculously happy to see Patricia Belcher (subway lady). She was a delight on “Bones.”
  9. Watching “Prescription for Death” right now. Love when Ben catches out the drunk doctor on the stand after his liquid lunch.
  10. I’m surprised she can wear a cross without bursting into flame.
  11. I’m watching last season now. I’d forgotten about John and Cicely’s special relationship. So funny.
  12. Next special: Being Pete the Pig. I would absolutely watch that. Maybe a crossover with one of the vet shows on Nat Geo Wild?
  13. Tyler looks more feminine in that picture than Cait does.
  14. I’m watching “Stress Relief Part 2” right now, with the roast of Michael. Andy singing the line “Stanley tried to die just to get away” still cracks me up.
  15. I’m watching S9 E13 “Hunters,” with the two arrogant bounty hunters who shot two women. Lennie punches one of them. Dr. Cusamano from “The Sopranos” is one of the defense lawyers.
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