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  1. As I indicated in my earlier post, I'm ver leery of adding in a separate mythology beyond the alien mythology. That is a lot of world building and a lot to juggle. Plus, I'm not sure how it counters stereotypes to have Maria inherit her gift from a human folklore, even if it's white ethnicity folklore.
  2. Have we ever seen the powder take effect without coming in direct contact? Maybe enclosed as a pendant it is less effective. Or maybe it was supposed to be a "break in case of emergency." I don't know. I'm just typing out all of my thoughts without filter.
  3. Doesn't the powder only suppress their powers? I don't recall any other effects experienced by Max or Michael when they were in the bunker. If it just suppresses powers, it could have been given to Mimi by her mother (who received it from her own mother) to help control her abilities and the meaning got muddled with each generation.
  4. I like the idea of Maria being part alien via her great grandmother. It would be a nice way to tie in her mother's seeming mix of psychic ability and alien focused dementia in a way that is not just lazy local psychic woo-woo without mythology. And really, this show has enough on its hand establishing the Alien mythology without adding one for suped humans. That said, I will be LIVID if Maria and Michael are related and that is the reason the can't be together. I liked Michael and Alex at first (though I agree that Tyler Blackburn is wooden in the sex scenes, that is just him... he has good chemistry up until he kisses someone). But what Michael said last week about the way Alex has jerked him around is right. They are toxic. It's all angst and hurting each other. And as many times as Alex has crushed Michael (and himself), they have just become sad to me. Not that Michael is perfect, by any stretch. I just feel like Michael allowed himself to be more vulnerable and Alex kept bailing. I don't know that I want to see Alex rewarded with Michael even if he grows. Let Alex find someone else to love. The only thing worse than that toxic mess presented as OTP, would be it being an OTP possibly by default. Not Michael choosing Alex because Alex is the one he truly loves, but choosing Alex after Maria is made impossible for him. Even worse, it would likely come with stupid tortured angst for Michael and Maria. Blech. Side note: Even if Michael's mother was Maria's great-grandmother (couldn't be grandmother unless Mimi was suddenly supposed to be almost 70) that would make Michael her half-great uncle... It's not good, but its about as closely related as cousin, once removed.
  5. Or, he has slowly become the manifestation of the manner in which he's been ignored for 25+ years and has literally faded into the drapes. In which case, he's there, but we (like the Big Three) just can't see him.
  6. I generally do this too. What surprised me more was the exchanges between Deja and Tess which seemed to indicate they were closer in age and grade. Deja appears to be a freshman in HS (in light of being in school with a 15/16 year old boy). Deja and Tess's interactions and conversations would make sense with Tess 12-13 7th/8th grader, but not as much as an 11 year old who, even if she was allowed to start kindergarten at 4, would only be in 6th grade. So, the writing is working against accepting Tess as an 11 year old too.
  7. It is criminal. I hate that he has been absented, shoved aside, and/or ignored for most of the season only to become a puppet of the villain. Now, he may or may not have killed his brother. Fuck, show. She really did. It was also nice to see her play upbeat and smile. Lizzie's not wrong about Hope and her emoness. I Love Kaleb and I'm coming around to Jed. They are fun together. I've decided Kaleb makes people better. I enjoyed the Fairytale scape. But it was a little clunky. Kaylee Bryant did well with it, such as it was. I hated the "saved our bacon" line because I do not for moment believe someone Hope's age would use that figure of speech. It felt shoehorn for a very lame joke. I loved Lizzie's Eulogy for MG. It was sweet. Is it bad that I kept forgetting about Landon? Like, except when he was directly on screen. And... I don't really care. Like, I like Landon most of the time (hate his relationship with Hope, but whatevs). But I cannot say I missed him and would kinda be okay with it except as it effects Raf. Hope, however, needs to wake up.
  8. I'm sure that is true. But, whether she changes her mind later or not, it's her decision as long as she has capacity to make it. And she does have the diagnosis. It's not some theoretical question for her. She has the diagnosis and has been told what to expect from it and made and informed decision. If she changes her mind in the future, that is also her right. And if there are no available trials at that point, she will have to deal with that consequence. But again, the consequence is also hers. This is true. My ex was 42 when we split 10 years ago. He was and is very attractive. I still see him occasionally because we are friendly and I'm close with his mom. He has aged more in the last 10 years than he did in the 15 preceding. I would love to credit it to the absence of me and my magnificence. But I have a feeling it's just biology. He is very healthy and active, more so than in his 30s. I'm a bit worried for my 42 year old ass....
  9. Oh, I believe you (and didn't doubt it when stated). I just didn't remember it and think it was a stupid move. The 20s episode was in season 2. The little girl who plays Tess was already 12 by then and claiming he was 9 was a poor choice. I don't recall whether she looked young for her age then, but 12/13 is when girls change a lot physically. Banking on her staying looking prepubescent for another 3-4 years was unreasonable. The actress is now 14 and looks waaaay too old to pass for 11. Also, recent exchanges between Tess and Deja made it seem like she and Deja, who is apparently a freshman in HS, were closer in age and grade.
  10. Well, in fairness, for flights from PA or NJ to LA take about 6 hours, but you gain 3 hours during the flight. I find it more improbable that everyone seems to be able to hop on a plain to celebrate absolutely anything. It's not just the expense (which is heavy even for people who are reasonably well off), but taking the time off. Unless they are taking 6 hour flights to and from Friday to Sunday, how are they doing this, especially when they take the kids? I don't remember the reference to 2008 for Tess, but that is bonkers. She didn't seem to be 8 in the first season and she's definitely seemed 13-14 the last season.
  11. I don't necessarily disagree with your point generally. But I don't think Nicky is a good comparison. Nicky is not a central character. So the audience is waaaay less invested in him. Also, killing that child (as well as the war itself) broke him. So, while his conduct and harm caused were horrible, his situation, especially 40 years later, was pitiable. I'm not sure people would have been as quick to accept Nicky if he was still a raging drug user causing harm. A 65+ year old man who'd spent the last 4 decades punishing himself was another situation.
  12. Twins with two separate women in the space of 5 or 6 years seems a bit much. Of course I'm one of the people who didn't think the twins were a young as others. They looked 12 ish to me which would be 13 years in the future. Honestly, living 10+ years after diagnosis with most forms of dementia and at Rebecca's age is about as much as is reasonable. Alzheimer's is one of the slower progressing forms of dementia and it has an average life expectancy of 8 to 10 years after diagnosis (that average going down older the person at the time of diagnosis).
  13. I thought it came out appropriately. I don't find the word choice creepy on any level, as to the child or Madison. I thought he chose the words because Madison specifically told him that she didn't expect anything from him and he could "still have the great love story" so he responded that his kid(s) would be his love story. And Madison presented it as she was a person having his child who expected nothing from him. He decided he wanted things expected from him, at least as to raising his child(ren). For those saying that Kevin started it with the going back into the house comment, that is untrue. I just rewatched (mostly to see if misheard the comments from Madison). Kevin went outside to process what Madison had said and Randall came back to him and said "I'm gonna walk away from this" Kevin tried to tell Randall he didn't want to talk and Randall kept going: Randall: You think you know what's best for her after spending one day with her, because you took her to a movie premier? Kevin: I think I know what's best for her because SHE TOLD US! And you took that from her. Randall: How dare you do this? How dare you waltz in here after 40 years? How dare.... Kevin: No, no, no, "how dare I" what? Randall: How dare you pretend you give a rat's ass about what anyone else wants other than you? You want mom to spend more time with the family because you want to spend more time with her. You want mom to decide with you. You, you, you. Kevin: Are you kidding me right now? This is about me? Randall: Huh Kevin: This isn't about me Randall. This is about you. It's not about mom. This is about you wanting to save mom. That's what this is about. Randall: You have no idea what your talking about. And then all the other stuff we talked about on the board happened. I also wonder if the saving dad stuff Kevin said was really something he thought about in terms of Randall until Randall said something about what ifs in New York, New York. Kevin looked genuinely surprised Randall would say that. Not that I don't think Kevin ever thought maybe he would have stopped Jack if he'd been there. But I don't think he necessarily ever thought about it in terms of Randall didn't stop him. He's never indicated that. And he doesn't seem to blame Kate for the dog (and she was more directly responsible for Jack going it - Not blaming her at all, it's just a more obvious place to put blame if you wanted to blame someone other than Jack himself.)
  14. Something can be inaccurate and, yet, true enough to make someone ashamed of their behavior. I never thought it was likely that it was literally true that Kevin never acknowledged his brother to others, less so with each each successive episode. The only time we really saw Kevin failing to acknowledge his brother was at school when they were 8 or 9. It was shitty. But they were kids. Kevin and Randall have a fraught history, but they have also shown repeatedly that they love each other. There is no way, even if we hadn't directly seen Kevin introduce Randall as his brother on screen, that I would have bought that he literally never called him his brother in 36 years. I strongly disagree with this take. We've been shown that Kevin's need for attention (good or bad) stems from his feelings of being an afterthought to his parents who each had a favored child who wasn't him. Who knows if the same would have been true if Kyle had lived and, for whatever reason - disability or personality - had also been favored. But Kevin's extroversion has never presented to me as rooted in "entitlement." It's compensation. Granted, he was frequently a dick about it even into adulthood. But casting him as a person who felt he had some right to being the star of a "normal" family seems unfair and not supported by what we've seen on screen. Yes. There are examples. I agree, however, that when you are an underrepresented group, it magnifies the effect of each example. That said, I agree with you that the "Magical Negro" trope was, itself, problematic which is why I like Randall so much. He was fully established as a good person. Then they added layers that made him complex and more grey (like people tend to be). He has been a HUGE dick for the last two seasons, but I don't think he's been totally destroyed. He has reasons. And I'm glad they've shown some of the ways Jack's attitudes about dealing with emotions and heaping pressure on a 4 year old lead to an exacerbation of Randall's issues. I may be alone in this, or at least at a relatively small table in the room. But I continue to like and have empathy for Randall even while vehemently disagreeing with many of his choices. Granted, I wasn't as enamored of him in Season 1 as many people. He showed his selfishness from jump with bringing William home without so much as a conversation. So maybe it didn't feel as much like a heel-turn to me.
  15. I'm surprised everyone is so convinced that Kevin's kids were 10 or under. I thought they looked 12 or over. I looked up the actors and, while there are no ages listed for them on IMDb, the summary for Preston Oliver (the boy who played Kevin's son) says be became interested in acting in 5th grade. Since he had acting credits going back to early 2019, he is likely at least 12 unless he 1) skipped grades and 2) got primetime guest roles immediately upon having the notion he wanted to act. As for how Jack might be "on his way," it is possible that the they meant he and Hailey (ugh, Hailey and Hope) are on the way. Hailey could end up being older than Jack. Kate was looking at images of kids who were already older toddlers. So they might adopt a kid who is 3 or 4, rather than an infant. I like both Randall and Kevin. I liked them both from the start and was never a keen on Randall as other in S1 since I thought he was a right ASS to just move his father into his family's home without discussion. And I always thought there was more to Kevin than we were shown in the beginning. My take is that Randall went harder and deeper and that Kevin lashed out with the meanest thing he had in the recesses of cruelest feelings in retaliation. I also think that telling a sibling your parent died ashamed of them is more painful and insidious than telling one you wish they'd never been born or adopted (though I acknowledge that adoption carries some additional potential insecurities to wound). Sticking a knife in about a dead parent is something that sibling cannot truly resolve since the parent is gone. Also, it wasn't true. Also, this: I saw above someone said Kevin couldn't even care for himself as a self-involved drunk until he go sober. But I don't recall that he was an addict before his knee injury. As for being able to care for himself, he was shallow and immature, but he was working and taking care of his responsibilities. Yes, he had an assistant (in Kate), but that doesn't mean he was a total feckless fuckwit. And we've seen a lot of growth from him over the last three years. I can see why Kevin leaving and apparently living a mostly charmed (and,to Randall's mind, uneared) life would rankle Randall as the kid who stayed. But, damn, Randall cannot deal with Kevin being successful. That shit about following in his and Jack's shadows was UGLY. Add me to the list of people who like Madison. I thought she was the best option from this year for the baby momma. I don't know if she is who he ends up married to, but I would like to see them build a real relationship. I'm a sucker for unlooked for love. In either case, I don't want it to be Sophie. There is WAAAAAY too much water under that bridge. Good bless Beth. She was lovely as always both in person and manner. I loved her repeated escapes from the minefield every time Rebecca's care came up. Also, her knowing ushering everyone out when she realize the Pearson Bros were about to blow. I also appreciate that she was clear with Randall that she thought his methods were shitty, but she remained his partner and supported him, if not his actions.
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