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  1. RachelKM


    Yes. There is no reason for Alex not to get a degree in whatever she wants to do. For one thing, an undergraduate degree is sort of just proof to an employer that 1) you had the commitment to finish, 2) you've been taught basic critical thinking skills, and 3) you are sufficiently competent in general education subjects like math and writing. The truth is that, for most people not seeking an advanced degree in a particular subject or in the physical sciences, there is a very good chance that it will never be relevant what your bachelors degree was in the second you get your first post-co
  2. I don't think we know yet. The only relevant fact about her at this point is that she is played by Shiri Appleby.
  3. Yay, Kyle being in to Iz. Boo Iz being bound up in her relationship with a side character who was introduced as one night stand for with her brother. Since they've gone and made Izzy happy, it makes me feel bad for wanting her to breakup with someone she's apparently really enjoying being with. In other Izzy news, I love that this season really built up her relationship with Maria. Still wish maria was more integrated over all and I hate that her relationship with Liz is barely referenced. But Izzy and Maria are fun. Is Rosa being written out? She wants to go to art school and s
  4. Okay, so.. I guess this thread serves both eps? I don't know. Whatever. The last three seconds of tonight sort of fried my circuits.
  5. RachelKM


    This was somewhat traumatic to watch for me because I absolutely understand why she goes back. My mother was not as exaggerated as Paula was presented, at least not most of the time. Though she was capable of being totally, manically fixated and excited about things (during my life it was at various times politics, Native American ruins, and ultimately visiting small towns in Mexico and participating various pilgrimages). At any rate, I also was raised primarily by her and she was great fun and scary and worrying and loving and spiteful and volatile and she was my mom. And there was al
  6. She's been in a ton of things. But for me, she is forever one of the Slitheen from Doctor Who.
  7. That was great. I also loved her "That's what I get for violating consent."
  8. Kyle! Kyle and Iz! I still ship the hell out of them. As for Iz and whatever her name is, I wouldn't mind them as a detour if not for the fact that SHE SLEPT WITH HER BROTHER! But for that, I'd find them to be a pleasant fling. I like Dallas and I really enjoyed the flashbacks with Heath. I'm glad Heath is just trying to save his friend. The actor created a lot of goodwill on the Originals and I would have hated not liking him. Also, the message from Dallas's dad was lovely while also advancing he plot. So, yay to that. Add me to the list of people tired of Max being ever in per
  9. Gregory is a Maines. If I remember correctly, he was also trained by their father in the "Aliens are a threat" school of thought but sort of bowed out of his father's crazy. He got involved at the end of last season to stop his dad's plot at the carnival. So he was aware of aliens already and I think that event led to his learning who they were.
  10. Liz, knowing it was Max's body, assumed it was like with Noah and Max was still in there with Jones driving. Jones didn't directly confirm Max was in there and in retrospect was likely just taunting Liz. Last episode Jones confirmed it was a swap, something he had been doing for generations of clones to continue living, create a clone and swap consciousnesses with it letting the clone's consciousness* die in his prior body. As I noted above, it seems we got more information this episode about why Jones was so interested in Max and why Louise and Noah were trying to hide him. The clone
  11. I haven't fully sorted my thoughts about last night's episode. I agree that having Kyle just awake having apparently come out of his coma off screen was a mistake as was isolating him. I mean, did no one wonder where he has been for however many days? But I'm vastly relieved that he is awake. And I continue to love Iz and Maria in scenes together, be intermittently annoyed by Max and Liz in scenes together, and actively repelled by Michael and Alex in scenes together. Oh, and I'm pleased that Maria got to have sex. So, if I understand correctly, the body Jones was in and whic
  12. I was a mathlete and I would make that face over chemistry or algebra... Not my preferred math & science. I do, however, enjoy (actually enjoy... like, as in fun) geometry, calculus, statistics, and physics... oh, and biological anthropology and viruses. Sadly, the latter require more chemistry than I would ever be willing to put up with. And, well, I sort of fell into law. But my accident recon guys and medical experts love me because I straight up nerd out with them. 😄 My nerdiness is likely the origin of a lot of my frustration with Liz. She is 30. Gurl should have noticed
  13. I forgot to mention that it was nice to see movement in the relationship between Liz and Rosa. I mentioned in a prior post that there has to have been or be (and the latter is better for showing the drama) a bit of cognitive dissonance and realignment of their relationship of their dynamic. In 2008, she was the older sister and an addict with an underlying unmanaged mental health disorder. Liz was the overachiever little sister. Then she died. Liz lived a decade grieving her sister as well as continuing to mature (ok, far less than she should have). Then a little over 10 years later, R
  14. OMG! I'm glad the story was specifically Liz not listening because it was torture waiting for her to remember Rosa was discussing the unique frequencies of substances and said "cells." At least there was story reason for Liz to blow right past a theory. I continue to be impressed with Nathan Parsons as Jones. He captures malevolent and unimpressed with a bunch of untrained amatures well. Even in getting played, he looked more irritated with himself for falling for it than beaten. He didn't seem fazed that he underestimated them this time. He's still confident that the Squad Pod and thei
  15. Michael is all about the drama. I'm expecting a "Welcome back, Dad."
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