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  1. I wish this is what they had presented. I might still have felt it was odd, but less dumb. Chloe was talking about the lack of ILY with Ellie before Lucifer and Chloe actually got together, even referencing the specific Eve conversation. So, the show presented it as never having said the words being the issue, not confirmation of their relationship. I agree that the shooting and sudden invulnerability of Lucifer despite her presence likely threw her off. I just wish it hadn't been reduced to Lucifer having said specific words as opposed to her understanding his prior declaration, but being concerned he was pulling back now.
  2. Right? He literally says Eve wasn't his love and it was always Chloe. But because he didn't string the words together in the precise order of "I love you" it doesn't count and Chloe thinks he hasn't said and doesn't feel that he loves her. .. like it's an incantation rather than an expression of feeling. [It's not leviOsa; it's leviosA]
  3. I'm guessing they don't remember. There were multiple references this season to Amenadiel having a child with a mortal being something unheard of and thought impossible, mostly in reference to Maze hoping for a soul. If the show remembered this, it would be odd to make Angel/Mortal procreation seem like a near miracle making other impossible things seem possible.
  4. This stuff with Charlie has been baffling. Are Nephilim unknown in this universe? I mean, they've been acting as if Charlie is a one time thing and this season has made several references to an angel having a child with a mortal like it had been thought impossible. Granted, there are as many versions of the Bible as there are attempted translations. But Nephilim are Old Testament and fairly well established in the biblical tales celestial and there activities on earth.
  5. Well, as I said up thread, it's nearly impossible to totally prevent this. It requires preventing every possible change by the Chronicoms which itself relies on precognition. Even Sybil's probability prediction isn't enough. You have to stop them before they start. Even if you subscribe to the ripple vs. wave concept (as opposed to every choice creates a two alternate realities in which each result occurs) you still can't play much defense. Once the Chronicoms go someplace and meddle, playing defense is not a sustainable strategy. (Again, it's basically multiverse whack-a-mole.) And even if they had someone who was capable of getting ahead of the Chronicoms, what are the ethical considerations of abandoning their own timeline/reality and whatever good they could do there to try to play Time Cops? It's a cosmic trolly problem.....
  6. Yeah, that isn't the kind of thing that I would normally get fixated on either. I don't remember it being blatantly obvious. Granted, I hated that movie so much that I had completely checked out by the time Jacksickle died. I do remember laughing out loud when the one dude fell from the top of the raised ship end and struck the propeller and spun all the way down. Excellent work on the digital animation.
  7. I agree. Generally I only ask that a show/movie set its rules and not violate them. I prefer it when it's based on real (if theoretical) science. But I'll play along with world building. It's one of the reasons I don't mind the nonsense of Back to the Future. The idea of the kids disappearing in birth order is dumb as shit (not to mention the fading of Marty's hand). But they set rules and they abided by them. This show has been pretty consistent. As I said above, the multiple time threads theory sort of lowers the stakes for the team since it would not have affected them if they stayed in their own thread. Sybil is wreaking havoc on the multiverse at large by creating new chaos streams. But nothing that has happened can be changed (somewhere the Season 5 dystopian blown up earth future still exists, just sans Deke). It just makes another thread. I guess you could argue that the heroes were driven to prevent the creation of new dystopias. But if you start down that road, you're playing multiverse whack-a-mole. As a side note, I admit that will draw some sort of abrupt lines sometimes. Watching Pacific Rim, I was 100% on board with giant robots fighting aliens. But I was super annoyed by the four propeller helicopters carrying the robots. The physics of that just didn't work. So, utter nonsense based on ludicrous BS? Fine. Violating the laws of real world physics? Instant cognitive dissonance. Just give me a bonkers explanation please. I will absolutely buy in.
  8. I forgot to mention this. It was great as was Yo-yo's reaction to seeing him. I cannot wait for Daisy to see it.
  9. I think they are going with the multiple timeline/time stream theory in which any change creates an offshoot time stream that is independent from the reality of the original stream. Under that theory, the team's histories never alter. They lived what they lived. But it also means that moving forward within that stream will never return them to their own timeline. They would have to find a way to jump laterally in the multiverse.* It gets you around the paradox issue. However, it makes the Chronicoms sort of less threatening if you think of their plan as having no ability to alter the prime stream of time the team came from and rather just creating a new timeline. *This theory would sort of run counter to Endgame, however, since Cap reappeared in the existing timeline despite having created an new past and thus new verse. I don't know. Maybe it works if he took on a totally different personality and was the person Peggy referred to when he found her in Winter Soldier and she just knew to side step the truth.... But he was alive.... argh, whateves.
  10. I thought the reaction was perfect. They're heroes. So they are not going to be gung ho about murdering a kid. But I appreciate that they all paused for a second like, "Okay, for an evil plan, I don't hate it." I mean, they still shot it down. But that reaction moment was good. I immediately assumed that the "bloodwork" was about Simmons being pregnant. And she had obviously already resigned herself to not knowing where Fitz was. But him saying that they needed to remove memories of her daughter (I assume) for her to do what she needed to do would be a lot for a parent to accept. I'm loved seeing Mack and Daisy together. They were a great team and I didn't realize how much I missed it. And a big YES to Mack calling out how F'd up it is that Daisy having kissed Sousa and him not knowing. That said, I'm 100% enjoying the development of Dousy (apparently their official ship name per promo videos). And Mack and Sousa giggling about "Quake" was good as was Sousa ribbing Daisy about it. I'm gonna give Sousa a pass on not knowing Quake was only mid-level dumb for a supe name. Early comic book hero names were dumb, but not that bad. He missed the 60s and 70s nonsense. NAKATOMI PLAZA REFERENCE! I am an unabashed Die Hard fan. I loved it. Oh Deke. You poor bastard. You inherited Bobo's luck with physical abuse.
  11. So, I just rewatched this. It occurs to me that Epitaph I and II take place in 2019 or 2020 depending on what year the second season actually takes place in.... They may have had the mechanism wrong, but damn if it didn't get the timing of the apocalypse just about spot on...
  12. My 2020 affective disorder left me unprepared for Enoch's passing. I literally cried from the last wake up through the end. Not as hard as Jemma cried when she got her memories. That was beautifully performed by EH. But Holy Hell, what happened to FritzSimmons in the futurepast? Did I mention I am not at all emotionally strong enough for whatever this show plans for us, guys. I really appreciated this episode, trauma notwithstanding. As time loop episodes go, this one was well done. And yay Daisy and Sousa! I wonder how he's going to react (on the inside) to learning that he and Daisy had a conversation about his feelings about her and their first kiss and he doesn't even get to remember them. Daisy better tell him. Unfair for her to get all that. I'm not really looking forward to the Nathaniel/Kora nonsense. It seems like a story we don't need or have time to do right in the episodes remaining to make relevant and resolve. But I guess we'll see. Rest in Peace Enoch.
  13. Yeah. He expressly stated that his intention was to "redistribute the wealth" of the inhuman powers. He wants to transfer powers to humans. He may intend to kill the inhumans after or in the process, but he wants their powers.
  14. The only thing about this that surprises me about this is that she was dumb enough not realize that fucking with a distributor was going to bite her in the ass. That she was at least as erratic and problematic on set and in the writers room as she was on Twitter was all but inevitable. I have never seen a person who was more professional at their work than they were about their work on social media. And she basically immolated her career going on an unhinged (apparently factually inaccurate) rant which would effect the financial stream of her show. Hell, even her tweet a few weeks ago about good things in the works for Maria sounded a little odd and manic and weirdly defensive. It is, which is one of the ways that it stays so white and mostly male. People typically favor people who are like themselves. And in this case it seems like a perfect storm of narcissism and mutually immature personality traits. In Carina, Julie Plec, herself an unabashed immature fan girl on her own show, found someone who flattered her ego both with her writing and her similar nature leading Plec to take her under her wing and raise her as a mini-me - the ultimate act of narcissism.
  15. OMG! Repeatedly running down grey walled hallways AND A DALEK SHOUT OUT?! This Doctor Who fan is delighted. I also enjoyed the Kit inspired red light and woosh-woosh on the murder-bot notacoms (I can't call those Johnny-5 like things Chronicoms). Deke's 80s rocker look was hilarious, but may I never hear those bastardized lyrics to Don't You Forget About Me ever again. Deke built Mack a new fancy shotgun-axe. Why did it take Mack hearing about Deke visiting baby Mack do understand how much he cared? Building that lovely manifestation of Mack's weaponry dreams was a beautiful gesture. I enjoyed Phil Headroom. I would have appreciated Mack asking Deke when he learned about Max Headroom. It's a rather obscure reference and the character hadn't been invented yet 1982/3. And the aethstetic was super specific without a familiarity. Okay, so pop culture references aside, this episode didn't advance the plot too much (initiating the rebuild of the Chronicoms), but it was a nice break from the relentless pace of the prior episodes this season and I enjoyed the time taken to allow Mack's story to breath a little and not just move past the murder of his parents coupled with having to kill their murderers as their wore his parents' faces. I also enjoyed Roxy. Was that Nathaniel at the end? Like, the house falling on him didn't kill him? Or am I confusing my Malicks?
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