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  1. The only thing about this that surprises me about this is that she was dumb enough not realize that fucking with a distributor was going to bite her in the ass. That she was at least as erratic and problematic on set and in the writers room as she was on Twitter was all but inevitable. I have never seen a person who was more professional at their work than they were about their work on social media. And she basically immolated her career going on an unhinged (apparently factually inaccurate) rant which would effect the financial stream of her show. Hell, even her tweet a few weeks ago about good things in the works for Maria sounded a little odd and manic and weirdly defensive. It is, which is one of the ways that it stays so white and mostly male. People typically favor people who are like themselves. And in this case it seems like a perfect storm of narcissism and mutually immature personality traits. In Carina, Julie Plec, herself an unabashed immature fan girl on her own show, found someone who flattered her ego both with her writing and her similar nature leading Plec to take her under her wing and raise her as a mini-me - the ultimate act of narcissism.
  2. OMG! Repeatedly running down grey walled hallways AND A DALEK SHOUT OUT?! This Doctor Who fan is delighted. I also enjoyed the Kit inspired red light and woosh-woosh on the murder-bot notacoms (I can't call those Johnny-5 like things Chronicoms). Deke's 80s rocker look was hilarious, but may I never hear those bastardized lyrics to Don't You Forget About Me ever again. Deke built Mack a new fancy shotgun-axe. Why did it take Mack hearing about Deke visiting baby Mack do understand how much he cared? Building that lovely manifestation of Mack's weaponry dreams was a beautiful gesture. I enjoyed Phil Headroom. I would have appreciated Mack asking Deke when he learned about Max Headroom. It's a rather obscure reference and the character hadn't been invented yet 1982/3. And the aethstetic was super specific without a familiarity. Okay, so pop culture references aside, this episode didn't advance the plot too much (initiating the rebuild of the Chronicoms), but it was a nice break from the relentless pace of the prior episodes this season and I enjoyed the time taken to allow Mack's story to breath a little and not just move past the murder of his parents coupled with having to kill their murderers as their wore his parents' faces. I also enjoyed Roxy. Was that Nathaniel at the end? Like, the house falling on him didn't kill him? Or am I confusing my Malicks?
  3. I'm looking forward to this episode generally. But can we never refer to Deke as "The D" ever again. Just never. Please and thank you.
  4. Wounded! I was sort of amusing myself (at 1 am and after whiskey). It appealed to me for reasons that have to do with SYTYCD* which is definitely not an excuse, just a reason. Quake and Sousa make for some awkward portmanteaus, though. Qusa? Sake? (Blech) Sousy? (NO!) Quakesa? (Eh, maybe?) Souke? (ugh) We might need to scrap the whole project. Sometimes the lesson of failure is it ought not to have been attempted. *Lacey and Danny, she was cute as heck when call them "Dancey." And Hip Hip Chin Chin remains one of my favorite Sambas. There has clearly been a serious screwing with the technology progression. So, that might be an issue too.
  5. I don't think so. My recollection was that Jiaying kept her powers. I think the "process" as explained was that Nathaniel extracted her blood and tissue and injected it into himself the way, I guess, Whitehall did with Jiaying. Daisy should still be Daisy, just down some blood and tissue. Not all that different than being cut or shot.
  6. I had the same reaction. I think they were trying to sort of indicate that Nathaniel had access to Whitehall's research which explained how he'd accomplished it with Jiaying. Still, a couple of hours and blood and tissue samples seemed rather easy. As a long time Doctor Who fan, this feels totally normal to me.
  7. It is horrifying. No doubt. It does seem to be a bit unnecessary. I mean, they acquire the whole physique and yet only remove the face. So, yeah, it seems to be a way of ratcheting up the body horror aspect removing their faces in their entirety.
  8. I think it was pretty much out the window when they arrived in 1974 and 1) Wilfred and Nathan Malik were still alive and 2) the Chronicoms had accelerated S.H.I.E.L.D. technology more than a decade, maybe two. At this point, shit has gone full multiverse. I don't think it was literal. The Chronicoms are able to change their faces, eye color, hair, and variations of lighter skin tones. I don't know why there would be a melanin matching limit on their adaptability. And they seem to jack the one agent sent to fix the computers well enough. Why did my heart ache then melt when Deke told Enoch he was part of their family? This constant drumbeat of horror that is 2020 has got me on the ropes with the feels. In a similar vein, I am 100% on the Sousa/Quake ship. I was sorta about Dansy last week. But Sousa talking to Daisy about paying forward what his combat mate did for him absolutely sold me. Granted, Enver Gjokaj can pretty much get me to fall for any paring he puts 2 sentences of effort into. Cannot blame that on 2020 Trauma-induced Emotionality.
  9. Yeah, but what a thankless job that would be, not to mention an insult to someone's expertise. I took one bioethics course in law school and this show astounds me with its multiple layers of dumbassary on the topic. All of this. I may be a little in love with you for this post. And yes. In addition to the fact that publishing research and making famous a treatment, not to mention publicly making good which is her expressed goal, based on alien material that could expose them globally being an order of magnitude more risky and random impulsive risks the aliens themselves may take, ITS THEIR RISK TO TAKE. And 100 yeses to a person's bodily autonomy is sacrosanct. I don't have to approve of your reasons or even know about them.
  10. Read: Carina is furiously trying to create an arc that justifies her actions in light of hostile response. Magic 8 ball says: Outlook not so good.
  11. This was never really clarified. In the episode in which it was mentioned that Maria's grandmother had been experimented on, it was also established that Maria did not have a particular protein that the aliens all had and that, I think, Rosa had exhibited since her exit from the Pod. Even at the time, some of us speculated that the protein might be from the pods and not alien DNA and/or it may not have been passed down. * Then later it was confirmed that Maria is Louise's great-granddaughter. So it appears that Maria's grandmother was half alien and part of an experiment. But we don't actually know that they discovered she was part alien. It seems too much of a coincidence. But it seems highly unlikely based on what we've seen of this show's representation of the government's treatment of the aliens that they'd just let an part alien and her descendants skip off on their merry way. *For reals, the certainty with which Maria's potential alien relationship was dismissed was bizarre to me in light of how little any of them actually know about alien vs. human genetics. It's not like Liz had sequenced the entire alien genome of a sufficient sample size and determined that this protein was in every single alien related being.
  12. I have been pondering since I saw this yesterday. First, never apologize for your feelings. Genius arises from all of our different emotions. 😉 Also, pettiness and schadenfreude are two of my favorite emotions, particularly as to television characters... but, like, also in life. As to the idea itself. Possible scenarios I've come up with: I would love it if Steph developed abilities she has no ability to control or understanding of and freaked the fuck out on Liz for 1) treating her with an un-tested, alien species derived treatment without her consent and 2) turning her into a "freak." And then Steph dumps Kyle who turns on Liz for at least 5-7 episodes. (No way they'd let it last. But I'd enjoy his disdain while it lasted.) Steph is fine for weeks before she rejects the treatment and collapses in the Crashdown where she dies unceremoniously at the feet of Rosa. Bonus points if the kid who works in the kitchen whose name escapes me actually gets to react. I like that kid. In honor of my Marvel/Hydra cracks earlier, Steph develops abilities and becomes a super villain and the future nemesis. I'm sure I'll think of more. Pettiness and irrational ire are two of my most effective imagination engines.
  13. You suggested my consulting for this show just over a month ago. I will say what I said then. It would not work. I would give it a week max before someone was dead. And then I'd end my days in jail, assuming that I was not the one who died when I had a rage stroke when Carina attempted to defend literally any decision she has made about any minority on this show.
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