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  1. RachelKM

    S03.E02: Chapter Two: The Mall Rats

    OMG, Guys!!! A Curiosity Door reference!!!! I loved it so much! Also, Steven and Dustin, as always, are the best part of any episode. Eleven and Max were great together. I remember those silly glamour shots type places in the mall. Poor Will. He just wants to play D&D.
  2. RachelKM

    Quotes: Get Ready for a Large File Transfer!

    Not technically a quote, but it was the best thing from the episode:
  3. RachelKM

    S06.E04: Code Yellow

    Seriously. The entire episode was worth Mack's reaction to Deke's framework.
  4. RachelKM

    S04.E08: Super Bad Boyfriend

    I loved this episode on every characters' behalf... you know, except for Dan. But since it is vintage Dan, I don't even begrudge the episode that.
  5. RachelKM

    S01.E22: The Source Awakens

    I actually liked it. And I'm sort of pleased with where they are now. This show had a lot of issues this season. But this finale seemed to wipe the slate with a lot of the issues and even openly acknowledged a few in dialogue. Also, that last spell to get rid of the source from Macy was the first time they seemed to use the PO3 in a way that seemed worthy of the title.
  6. RachelKM

    Magic Word: Charmed in the Media

    Not the strongest vote of confidence, but it's coming back...
  7. RachelKM

    S01.E21: Red Rain

    This pretty much describes all of Mel's actions ... ever.. to everyone.
  8. RachelKM

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Well, shit. That doesn't sound like a brief visit. Of course, Billy Flynn always strikes me as someone who thinks there is more to what he is doing than is apparent in the writing or on screen. But I guess it is what it is.
  9. RachelKM

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Olivia was announced as being off the show officially back in January. There were rumors the months before, but it's been official for a while now. According to Jason47's production schedule page, the scenes to air in August were filmed in January. So, if she's out by the end of August, the announcement came immediately after she finished on set. There have been rumors about the length of Barash's stay since he was first announced as replacement for Christopher back in October. I don't know that he isn't going to be out before the end of 2019, but the last time I saw his contract status questioned on one of these sites, someone - possibly Jason47 - confirmed he was still shooting. I think that was a month or so ago, though. So who knows now?
  10. RachelKM

    Spoilers And Shockers

    I thought someone recently said Brandon Barash was still taping. Did I miss a casting announcement? In any case I agree with the premise. I liked Chloe and Tyler Christopher's Stefan's initial scenes. But by the time they aired, it had already been announced that Christopher had left and Barash was in long-term. Likewise, I don't know whether I like Barash's Stafan with Chloe because her departure was announced before his first scenes aired. I was thinking about this. Some of my favorite couples happened because of fan reaction. As annoying as being stuck with a boring story is, missed opportunities seem a bigger shame. After 8 months of a totally different direction, who knows if the chemistry that got a reaction can still be capitalized on or if the story and/or momentum has passed them by.
  11. My understanding is that taping a higher volume of shows in a shorter time saves the show money by allowing them to have dark weeks in their shooting schedule during which time they save on overhead and hourly paid labor. However, I don't understand how taping so far ahead is an advantage. It would be one thing if they went on a full shooting hiatus which brought them to only a month or two ahead and then built up a the lead again. But as I understand it, with an 8 month ahead shooting schedule, they never have less than 5-6 months in the can after any break. I don't know why they need that much of a buffer in the bank if they don't intend to take that time off.
  12. RachelKM

    Deadly Class

    Considering what the Met Gala is generally and that the theme was "Camp", I enjoy the look. But yes, I like her 80s biker punk look better.
  13. I would generally agree with Irlandesa's assessment. It's probably a mostly a lateral move, maybe a slight improvement. I would think that, at present, Hallmark is the slightly higher setting. Lifetime gained quite a reputation for women in peril stories dating back to the 90s. My friends and I used to jokingly refer to it as the Women in Jeopardy Channel. I legitimately wondered how the network would fair with the advent of keyless entry since women dropping their car keys as they ran to escape was such a trope for them. At its peak, Lifetime tended to cast primetime actors and actresses, mostly from primetime soaps such as 90210 and Melrose Place and the like and 90s teen stars transitioning to adulthood. Tori Spelling had quite a run for a time. (For reals, Mother May I Sleep With Danger is a legit touchstone for women of my generation. If you ever come across it, I recommend it for the truly glorious ridiculousness of it.) They've tried to change their image with some non-stalker themed series. And they are sometimes not bad. But the movies are still ludicrous and at this point it seem to be mostly filled soap actors trying to get a foothold and former primetime actors. Hallmark favors paint by numbers rom-coms and cheeky upbeat mystery series. Hallmark seems to have a stable of actors and churns out hundreds of movies a year, particularly holiday films. The actors seem to be a combination of former daytime and primetime actors of limited notariety and a slew of Canadian actors who also appear in SyFy channel shows (yeah, I watch too much TV). They are legitimately charming, however, and are better received than the Lifetime stuff. And once you get in with them, the work appears to be consistent.
  14. RachelKM

    S01.E20: Ambush

    This fucking show.... Glad the Charmed Ones found their Fortress of Solitude complete with Mommy Holograms. 🙄 Why do I still 'ship Harry and Macy? It makes me want to watch this stupid show.
  15. Kate Mansi had a handful of Lifetime roles. She was generally cast as crazy obsessive types which is vastly more suited to her talents than ingenue. Ironically, Jen Lilly is more suited to ingenue and sweet roles than vixens and is, thus, thriving on Hallmark which favors frothy, airy stories. ETA: I admit to an unreasonable and ridiculously petty degree of schadenfreude when Billy Flynn and both Abigails failed to take home Emmys last night.