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  1. I saw Tim's fan/shelving unit as being an ideal conversation piece in a loft, as well as being useful. Agree about the Wayfair chick. BTW, has anyone successfully ordered anything from Wayfair? A friend bought a lamp and it was delivered in a million pieces, plus the shade was smashed. The shipper said they received the box damaged--it was noted on a sticker they placed on it. Plus, the packaging material was flimsy. So much for the "shipping is free" as advertised. My friend had a terrible time getting them to stand by their product and finally had her credit card company interven
  2. aguabella, my husband suggested that perhaps there were no "local" chimney sweeps in Texas and they had to import one. Perhaps from Europe where they are plentiful. /sarc We've paid less than half that to get our chimney cleaned, but it's been a while so I wasn't sure if rates had doubled or tripled, which is why I asked.
  3. There was a re-run on before the new episode aired tonight and Chip said it would cost $600 to $800 to get a chimney sweep to clean the chimney. My husband nearly gagged... WHAT?!? It's been a while since we had our chimney cleaned (I'm not fond of using the fireplace), but the cost wasn't even half the amount he mentioned. Anyone have any recent experience to share?
  4. I want a couch like that in my bedroom. Someone needs to tell Katie that just because something is round it's not necessarily "art deco." Not only did her couch not coordinate with the other lounge furniture, it was fugly and (JMHO) not really a couch in the strictest sense.
  5. I was stunned by the "shabby chic" judge saying that Gaspar's table would be better suited for use in the kitchen with the removal of the curved metal trays on the sides. I thought those metal trays were genius--they were meant to hold cords & chargers. I also thought the "floating" aspect of the table top was visually appealing. I'd buy a table like that before a shabby chic piece of crap.
  6. So, wow--what "luck" that Katie just happened to find those big, thick pieces of her favorite acrylic material in the junk yard. C'mon, show, give us a break. Her thrift store clothing and awful voice are like fingernails on a chalk board. Gaspar got robbed. (I hope I got the spelling of his name correct.)
  7. I realize reality TV isn't "real" but the way the promo is presented Joanna certainly implies that she and/or Chip are the real estate agents, as well as contractor & designer. So, I wonder if they are instrumental in assisting with the actual house hunt, off camera and before the fake filming of the three "choices." Interesting. Thanks for sharing that information about the fixed fee. I wonder if any of the home buyers get inspections before the purchase. I'm sure that's something we'll never know.
  8. Not sure if it was an intro to their show or one of the show promos that appear on HGTV, but I noticed the other day that Chip & JoAnna remark that their clients get a real estate agent, contractor, and designer all in one package. So, one of them must have a RE license if they are actually handling that part of the transaction. One thing that has bugged me is when JoAnna tells the homeowner that there is X amount of money "left in the budget" and then offers them three suggestions on how to spend it. While it seems like a good idea to do the additional improvement since the house
  9. My husband watched an episode with me that I had on DVR. He made a couple observations. First, if JoJo & Chip are "showing" properties to buyers, why aren't they driving them to the prospective houses? When we've house hunted, the real estate agent always did the driving and we rode along. Second, he wondered why JoJo didn't use the homeowners' own furniture in the finished house. Well, that second one's easy to answer--she's showing off her shabby chic design expertise & trying to sell stuff from her store. I told my hubby about the Waco resident who posted here that all t
  10. Katie's habit of flipping her hair around is also annoying. Also, very childish and silly.
  11. One thing that bothers me is that Joanna covers the walls with things from her shop that the homeowners may not like or want to pay for. When the reveal is over, there are holes in the walls that will need to be repaired or covered up. Anyone who's touched up paint after filling in a nail hole knows how "good" the results are. I have a decorator friend who pointed out to me that she looks at her clients' personal belongings/furnishings and discusses with them what would look good in a finished room. She wouldn't have dreamed of hanging anything on my walls without my approval.
  12. I was a pretty polite kid as well (my Navy father insisted upon being referred to as "Yes, sir, Master Chief, sir"), but school teachers and the school environment in California were a lot more casual than in Texas during the 1950s. In Louisiana (and throughout the South) children often call adults by their first name, preceded by "Miss" or "Mister"--for instance I'm Miss Lee and my husband is Mister Dennis.
  13. That would be said with a back of the yards accent ;)
  14. When I was 10 years old we moved from California to El Paso, Texas. On my first day in school there the teacher asked me a question and I answered, "yeah." She very quietly said, "When you speak to me you say, "yes, Ma'am." That is why I was so surprised to hear some of the terms (bucks, guys) used by Chip and Joanna. Maybe things have changed, or they didn't grow up in Texas. Or it could be producer driven to add folksieness, which is just wrong.
  15. When we had the wallpaper in our kitchen removed we put in new light fixtures over the table and sink that are brushed nickel. The newish faucet is also that finish so we replaced all the cabinet hardware with brushed nickel (pulls were ceramic, but the hinges were brass). I looked around and 'noticed' that the brass pantry doorknob was a tad out of place. My husband told me to just ignore it, so I do :)
  16. Better add pooled drapes to the drinking game.
  17. Thanks for clearing that up! I wasn't sure exactly what he said about his mother-in-law.
  18. On the most recent show Joanna mentioned his dental work and, if I heard him correctly, Chip said something about his mother-in-law from China.
  19. Shiplap! Guys! Bucks! Let the drinking game commence!!! :)
  20. Eating a roach and lifting his shirt weren't simply goofy. Those two things were disgusting. Producer driven or not... ewww. The show really should concentrate more on the houses and reno work/design decisions and spend less time on the Gaines family and dorky stuff. Joanna is getting on my nerves by calling people "guys," Once again, does Baylor produce grads that are so poorly spoken? I don't think so. Producers, get a grip--southerners don't all talk like that and we're insulted that you think those terms are "folksie."
  21. I doubt that a Baylor grad would actually speak that way. I've lived in the south for more than half my life (Texas, Louisiana, Georgia) and even rednecks don't speak like that. Most of them have more pride. We are working with a contractor right now who's adding a screen room to our house and he and his carpentry crew all speak like professionals. In fact, the contractor has come up with design suggestions that would put HGTV "designers" to shame. And he refers to money as dollars, not bucks.
  22. Ewww. That was creepy. The dance routines were really awful, especially the group. It's a good thing they aren't participating in real competitions.
  23. Nice couple and enoyable show to watch without the bickering prevalent on so many HGTV programs. They do some really tasteful work, but some of the "accessories" overly clutter any available flat surface and the big letters and clocks on the walls are tiresome. One thing that irks me is the "folksy" way Chip talks about money--referring to dollar amounts as bucks. I think he's a Baylor grad, not some country hick. When something costs $1000, say a thousand dollars, not a thousand bucks. Personal rant ended :) I would like to add that Joanna is seriously beautiful. I envy her exotic lo
  24. I have to go see if that one's on my DVR! Interestingly, I actually know a 40-something woman just like that who posts on Facebook about meeting & marrying her prince & living in a fairy tale. She's one of the biggest phonies & "storytellers" I've ever met. I could see her applying to be on HH & behaving like that.
  25. That was the impression I got. Or...the nice home they were moving from was under water mortgage-wise or in foreclosure.
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