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  1. I've seen that print at Eloquii, but in a shirt. Chrissy is now a spokeswoman for them.
  2. I think Rebecca gets an unfairly harsh judgment about keeping silent about William. First, she grew up in a time where adoption was about closing the door on the child's biological roots, and that any connection with the biological family would weaken the adoptive relationship and be bad for both the child and the adoptive parents. As progressive as she and Jack may have been in adopting a black child during that time, those attitudes about adoption lingered. MrChicklet had to wait until his adoptive mom died before searching for his biological family because she would have taken it as hi
  3. THIS. Everyone around her thinks Kate is fragile but in so many ways, she has stepped up. Rebecca sees her -- she can be both sensitive and strong. Like Kate isn't sad or scared right now? She was the one who held the practical parts of Kevin's life together in his Manny days, and is probably a huge reason why he still has a good chunk of his Manny money. When Kate was working on her weight after she and Toby met and he decided to jump off the wagon when it came to food, she drew her line in the sand. She stood by Toby through his heart attack. She put on her adult pants and got ove
  4. Speculation on the Kevin episode next week. Considering the show's love of zagging when we think it's going to zig, I'm thinking the woman next to Kevin may not be Sophie. Or Cassidy. Or the Hall Pass chick. Instead, they're going to throw someone new at us. Maybe an old classmate of Kevin's from high school. Maybe someone he just met, like how his dad fell for his mom.
  5. I'm not liking CrossFit Toby much lately. Kate has shown several times that she is stronger than Toby, or her family, think she is. She's the one who held everything together when Toby fell into a depression caused by going off his meds (another case of keeping Kate in the dark). She's sucked it up for him before, like getting over her thing with dogs to bring home Audio because she knew it would make Toby happy. She's been carrying the load for taking care of Jack, and learning about parenting a visually impaired child, and hasn't faltered. Instead of being able to resume any of the
  6. Something worried me in the flash forward. When Randall asked Kevin's son where Kevin was, the boy answered that he was getting takeout, but there was an odd tone and pause in the way he said it. Then the way Randall and Beth looked at each other and he said, "typical Kevin." I hope Kevin doesn't return not just with takeout, but a water bottle filled with vodka.
  7. And if they bought after the real estate bubble burst around 2008, they could have gotten a foreclosure.
  8. As much as I think Beth has justification for much of what she's feeling, I agree. Imagine if she'd said "When would I have done that, huh? Between which of your chemo rounds?" Or dialyses treatment, or something related to a physical illness.
  9. It's been kept pretty ambiguous. Randall had just finished calling Toby when he asked Tess if she'd called her mother and Tess said she'd do it in the car. It may have been simply, "You call your mom and I'll call Uncle Toby" rather than a sign that they're split. Beth spoke of Rebecca as "Randall's mother" to her assistant as opposed to "the girls' grandmother," which would seem more likely if she and Randall had been divorced for more than 10 years. And "Her" next week may not answer all of the questions from what we've seen so far.
  10. You're not alone. This is one reason why, to me, the show is so good. It's not a clear-cut, one-sided thing. Both are right, both are wrong, both are struggling. The only team I'm on is Team R&B, both of them.
  11. Breaking Down the R&B Fight
  12. Yeah, that was cruel. It happens when someone feels hurt and angry enough to lash out, it can be a rush of power and relief to be able to hurt back, but, like the voicemail, it can't be deleted or forgotten. Randall, like Kevin, has been able to get through many things in life with his charm. But that has also given him a big, honking blind spot to seeing things from others' points of view. Deja has called him on it at least once. His one flash of clarity came when he remembered the Jack and Rebecca fight and wouldn't escalate to Jack's level. But that may have made things worse by also n
  13. This episode showed just how much Kevin and Randall are both Jack Pearson's sons. They both inherited major traits from Jack, for better and worse. Kevin, obviously, got the addiction gene. He also got Jack's easy, sincere charm that not only lets him get what he wants but hides demons and secrets well, as well as Jack's love of the grand gesture (the "I choose you" statement, and the Billy Joel tickets). Randall got Jack's sense of purpose in family, the love of the dramatic monologue, but also Jack's control issues and an anger management problem.
  14. The Loop: We Need to Talk About Kevin
  15. Her play The Cake just opened and now she's leaving TIU to help develop a Broadway musical version of The Notebook.
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