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  1. Brianna looks great - I do not think she had any plastic surgery, she just lost weight. If you ever see a pic of her dad you can see a resemblance in their features. Also she looks like herself in High School and on the early seasons. It looks completely natural to me. Selfie facing cameras have a bit of a fisheye lens that can be distorting.
  2. The dress is good in concept, but in real life, I don't see it being a big seller. 1) Where will one buy this? Will it be sold direct from Leanne's web site? What's the price point? Is the only option to buy the entire package and get all the attachments? Or can you chose what components and colors you want? 2) If the plan is to sell this into retail, will each attachment be it's own sku? If so, no retailer will pick up every sku and offer every combination. 3) Once you obtain this dress, how do you store all the attachments? Seems like they would be shoved in a drawer or
  3. I doubt she is serious. She's not going to dump him and then go back to being single - she hates being single! She will cling to him like the life raft that he is to her. Seriously - she dumps him, and then who else is she going to meet? She needs to ditch the idea of getting married and just be happy she met someone that wants to be in a relationship with her. I am not clear on why she needs to get married for the third time. I would just keep my house and my assets in my own name if I were her and relax on all the marriage nagging.
  4. I am watching some of the older seasons - Seeing Lynne and Frank and their kids is so crazy. They really had no parenting instincts and did not discipline their kids at all. I don't even mean you have to be a hard ass or a drill sergeant but do something! There was this one scene where they told Alexis to be home at a certain time and she wasn't. So they called her and she was like I am out, not coming home. She named the location where she was, and they just sit there like Oh gee I hope she comes home, I guess we can't get her to listen to us. So they sit there and look confused, text
  5. Idk but when the people you hang out with are telling you that you seem sad, depressed, not fun, and negative, I always say that screaming while wildly waving your hands around getting angry and offended while yelling "I'm happy!" "I'm fun!" "How dare you accuse me of being negative!" is for sure the way to set them straight. They will know at once they were wrong about you, and will immediately begin to see you as relaxed, happy, lighthearted, and a person who loves their life.
  6. No it isn't. Plus size is typically 16 or larger. For example your typical Gap, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, etc, is only going to go up to an 18 for XL. Once a store announces "Now offering Plus sizes" like Loft did recently, the Plus size range will include sizes 16-26. If you are shopping at a department store like Kohl's or Macy's, the "Misses" department will go up to 16 or 18 for the largest size and the "Women's" department will start at 16 and go up from there. There is nowhere you will find that will include a 10 in the plus size department. A size 10 is misses. I agree Em
  7. This cannot be true at all. When Slade first started on the show, he said that Jo was 12 years his junior. She is 39 now, born in 1979. If you google Slade's age is says he was born in 1973? No way. If you google Jo and Slade on the first season it says she was 24 and he was 36. When it filmed was 2005. He's get to be 50!
  8. This is a recurring thing that goes on with Shannon. She's just so high strung and thin skinned, she gets mad and angry when she is not seen the way she perceives herself. She thinks the way to handle these instances is to get mad a at the person and scold them, yelling at them about the way she should be perceived, and shrieking about the kind of person she really is. This is a typical Shannon interaction, I will use the example with Meghan King Edmunds. Megan has an interaction with Shannon, where she comes to the conclusion that Shannon does not want to support a charity. Megan says o
  9. Jawow looks to me like the kind of guy that will eventually marry a woman like Brooke and then cheat on her with many Kaseys. Hannah is so funny how she keeps putting Conrad down, making fun of him, snidely calling him "a 23 year old" and "sweetheart" but then wanting to still go on vacation with him. I hope he sticks to his guns and says no. What kind of vacation can they have? Arguing constantly? Smoking and talking about their relationship? Wow sounds fun. They way she is talking about him is not how you would talk about someone you like and want to spend time with, She is comin
  10. Which Newport are you talking about? Gina was referring to Newport Beach, CA, which is where Shannon lives. Heather Dubrow also lived there, and at one time Alexis Bellino lived there too. I was also curious to know more an bout what Gina did not like about it. I thought Newport Beach was more desirable than Coto (where Gina lives now), since Coto is so far inland. There is no Newport in Long Island. The East Coast Newport is in Rhode Island. Re: Vicki - her face looks so bad. I see these women as a huge lesson in what not to do to your face. I mean we all hate aging and
  11. This was some straight up Dangerous-Liasons BS she was doing. I think Kasey knows it though and has hr number. I am not convinced Hannah is a gold-digger per se, but I do think she wants a guy who will fawn all over her. She already got annoyed with Conrad once because he had a different opinion than her about Jawow and did not indulge her in smack talking about him ad nauseam. Then she did not like that he was giving her the girl-buddy treatment asking her to pay him back for the cigs. She would have preferred he was like "don't worry about it, my treat to you". But he wasn
  12. It depends on how they are, was it amicable or not, what were the circumstances. If your guy friend did something awful to the woman friend, would you really still feel the same about him? I think it's actually worse that Kelly dislikes Michael so much. Because she sees him as this despicable character that wronged her and no one should go near. I think couples who are more like "things didn't work out but I wish him no harm", it goes a lot different.
  13. All of that is fine, so then Vicki is their friend, not Kelly's, and then should just "own it", to use a trademark Housewives phrase, and say sorry Kelly I am really better friends with them. No. Saying I hope he dates is not the same as saying I hope he meets someone via my friend and my friend can double with him and his new GF. Yikes! And did Vicki set them up, did she not... Vicki can spin this however she wants. But when someone askes them how did you two meet, the answer is we met courtesy of Vicki Gunvalson... IDK.
  14. Vicki is the worst. Sorry - I am totally with Kelly on this one! What a horrible friend to do something like this. So we understand that the following happened: 1) Vicki had a party where Michael was invited (?) 2) Kelly was NOT invited 3) Vicki invites single women friends that can potentially meet Michael 4) One of Vicki's friends clicks with Michael and they start dating *** RED FLAG NUMBER ONE*** all of this has taken place and Kelly does not know, was not given a heads up from Vicki. Here is where things get even worse: 6) Vicki and her guy Steve
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