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  1. Of course, my mind just leapt right over to "Don't squeeze the Shaman!" That is all. Carry on.
  2. I rewatched the very first episode last night. It ended with them playing the "always blue" game. I guess that just did not stick in my memory... I barely remembered the first episode, at all. 🙂
  3. I didn't remember the ball thing, either. I was curious.
  4. Seeing him made my heart soar. David Costabile looks like he hadn't aged a day since BB. Gale is such a different character from Wags... but I love them both. I loved him on Damages, too.
  5. He first appeared on my TV screen as Lane Pryce in Mad Men. Then I hadn't seen him again, until The Crown. He's excellent, in everything.
  6. I remember her putting that tiny meal in the microwave, and I thought she'd finally eat, but IIRC, I think she got a call, or a text, and dashed out before she took a bite (unless I blinked, and missed it). Once it became noticeable that she never ate food, it became a little game I'd play during the show. Because sometimes that was more fun than what was happening on screen. So in the finale, I would have been shocked if she had actually tasted her dinner. Kind of a contrast with last night's episode of Billions... with fried pig's ears, tiny birds and Twizzlers being enjoyed with gusto.
  7. And has anyone noticed? We never see Carrie actually eating. Ever. I've been noticing this for many seasons now.
  8. I have a dumb question. If they are ice-locked and nowhere near water, where did the seal come from?
  9. I'll miss Claire Foy, too... but Olivia Coleman is the goddess of everything, so I can't wait for that. She'll slay.... I spent most of the finale being totally confused by the timeline. Ep 8 ends at the Kennedy assassination (Nov '63). The finale begins with a flashback to April '62, then jumps to "one year later." So, I kept expecting yet a third time jump, that would place the "present" far beyond Nov '63. And as someone way upthread noticed, if the baby was born in spring of '64, the Queen should have been 5 months pregnant at the time of the assassination. Macmillan resigned in October '63. So, I am confused. It's quite likely I'm totally missing something, so if someone can set me straight, I'd be grateful. I guess because episodes 8 and 10 each spanned a few years, they did it this way, but to have ep 10 end a month or so BEFORE the ending of ep 8 was a bit weird.
  10. I would, if the sink area was all wet, which it is, much of the time... because most people are not very tidy (to put it mildly). Who wants a wet leather bag? Of course, if it's a shoulder bag, or a crossbody, you just keep it on, rather than put it down somewhere. But hers wasn't.
  11. Could not agree more. Had enough of that with Dana Brody. Snarky, sulking, disrespectful, entitled teens with attitude are my least favorite characters on a show. They're the worst. I finally bagged The Americans, because Paige got on my nerves. Blew off the last season, entirely. Less domestic drama, and more spy shit, please. :)
  12. Do you, or does anyone know if this means the third season will not eventually be coming to Netflix after all?
  13. 7 Things To Know About The New Season Of Black Mirror https://www.avclub.com/7-things-to-know-about-the-new-season-of-black-mirror-1821031992?utm_content=Main&utm_campaign=SF&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing
  14. Doug Stamper spinoff idea. He retires, and becomes a security guard at the White House. The title would be: "Beware of Doug" (with apologies to Gary Larson/Far Side). :)
  15. I was thrown off by assuming there were 10 episodes, and had planned on watching Ep 9 last night, then finishing it tonight with Ep 10 - but it became pretty clear by the time jump that this was the season finale. Darn. What I also wasn't expecting, though, was to get so emotional with those Snow Ball scenes... the first time I got emotional at all during this whole series. But Dustin, sitting alone and crying, did me in. I was a blubbering mess after that. Nancy, for the win. That was the sweetest. I totally would have danced with him, too. I also made the correlation between "Every Breath You Take" and Max calling Lucas "Stalker." That song is a creepy one for a school dance, but with that final shot, it made sense.
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