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  1. One thing is confusing me (well, there's more than one). How would Freddie know enough details about Katie, such as the tattoo, to convince Dawn that he really had her? And it did not sound like Freddie in those calls, but it could have been. Whoever put Freddie up to it, considering he probably did not have the means to get himself out to that remote location, would have to know about Katie's tattoo. But who would know that, aside from the kidnapper? I must have missed what happened to Katie's father.
  2. Bcharmer

    Your Honor

    Did anyone else get a Breaking Bad vibe with that box cutter?
  3. Bcharmer

    Your Honor

    Can someone tell me what it was that Baxter took out of the refrigerator? He held it up, and it looked like a vial of something. Was it the dog's meds? Looked like he took it over to the sink, but I couldn't figure out what was going on. I thought he was refilling the medicine with water, but I couldn't tell.
  4. Bcharmer

    Your Honor

    Nitpick.... When Charlie enters the diner, we see the table where Michael is waiting for him. Michael has a cup of coffee, but there is no coffee cup on the other side of the table. But as soon as Charlie sits down, he starts pouring sugar into a cup of coffee that just suddenly appears. I had to re-wind that scene at least three times to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me. But nope... no coffee cup when he walks in.
  5. Bcharmer

    Your Honor

    I took care of a friend's dogs, and they all had to take pills. I had to hide them in bits of cream cheese. Whatever it takes to get a dog to swallow their meds. I can't help but think this is "Chekov's Dog" for some reason.
  6. Bcharmer

    Your Honor

    I was under the impression that was the school's darkroom. He's a photography student. I took photography classes for years, and there were always multiple stations for the enlargers, with those separators in-between them. A home darkroom would probably only have one enlarger station. I could be wrong, but that's what I assumed... that the darkroom was at school.
  7. Of course, my mind just leapt right over to "Don't squeeze the Shaman!" That is all. Carry on.
  8. I rewatched the very first episode last night. It ended with them playing the "always blue" game. I guess that just did not stick in my memory... I barely remembered the first episode, at all. 🙂
  9. I didn't remember the ball thing, either. I was curious.
  10. Seeing him made my heart soar. David Costabile looks like he hadn't aged a day since BB. Gale is such a different character from Wags... but I love them both. I loved him on Damages, too.
  11. He first appeared on my TV screen as Lane Pryce in Mad Men. Then I hadn't seen him again, until The Crown. He's excellent, in everything.
  12. I remember her putting that tiny meal in the microwave, and I thought she'd finally eat, but IIRC, I think she got a call, or a text, and dashed out before she took a bite (unless I blinked, and missed it). Once it became noticeable that she never ate food, it became a little game I'd play during the show. Because sometimes that was more fun than what was happening on screen. So in the finale, I would have been shocked if she had actually tasted her dinner. Kind of a contrast with last night's episode of Billions... with fried pig's ears, tiny birds and Twizzlers being enjoyed with gusto.
  13. And has anyone noticed? We never see Carrie actually eating. Ever. I've been noticing this for many seasons now.
  14. I have a dumb question. If they are ice-locked and nowhere near water, where did the seal come from?
  15. I'll miss Claire Foy, too... but Olivia Coleman is the goddess of everything, so I can't wait for that. She'll slay.... I spent most of the finale being totally confused by the timeline. Ep 8 ends at the Kennedy assassination (Nov '63). The finale begins with a flashback to April '62, then jumps to "one year later." So, I kept expecting yet a third time jump, that would place the "present" far beyond Nov '63. And as someone way upthread noticed, if the baby was born in spring of '64, the Queen should have been 5 months pregnant at the time of the assassination. Macmillan resigned in Octo
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