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  1. I'm bummed I saw updates and thought it was back on Netflix...guess I will have to wait...
  2. 180 C is for Celsius, even with a convection oven (I have one) it won't make 180 get that hot, it just helps circulate the air around more and speed up cooking time, not necessarily make the oven hotter. 180 C is equal to roughly 356 Farenheit
  3. I had figured that the snake in the car dealership was the first snake Kreese had brought in and this was taken to replace that snake. I could be completely wrong though lol
  4. A friend of mine works in Middle School and while over all it's not an overly rough school they have had a few instances, and she has told me they are not to get involved between students, so yeah this part didn't surprise me much. I am trying so hard not to just bust through this, we are on episode 4 right now, trying to make it last at least a week lol.
  5. I am super excited about this coming back, but something I am confused by, Tori seems like she's not gotten in any trouble for starting the fight, Robby is shown in juvie/jail but she started everything and it still seems like she's just out and about. Although I am excited to see the Karate Kid 2 cast!
  6. I may have to look into that, apparently my husband signed up back when he heard about it about 7 months ago, so I may have to sign up under my email
  7. question, if you don't have the premium account do you not get to see all the episodes? We watched the pilot just not sure it's worth paying for......
  8. ...sigh....my sister, who is in her mid 20's does this in....every.picture.she.takes.........she is due in about a month and I will never be so glad when I don't have to see this pose at least once a day (that's a rant for another day...why do we need pictures of people every day.....)
  9. I am not thinking it's Johnny in jail but maybe visiting Robby?.....either way I may set a countdown clock to January 8th lol
  10. My aunt eats fried bologna all the time but she always just used the packaged stuff, but she grew up on the poorer end so they used what they had. I always get a kick when I see people eating it, it's not something I have ever seen anyone else do but her
  11. I guess I took that scene a little differently, that woman was just him in female form, I saw it as more of a growth for him instead of going for something easy maybe go for someone who would challenge him a bit and also want him to be better (no more slim jims for breakfast)...
  12. I may be wrong but I was under the impression that it was the end of the class period so kids were let out to change classes, now that being said NO teacher should have ever let Sam leave the classroom, she should have stayed there and they would have called the office/school officer if they have one.
  13. while baskets on the wall isn't my thing, this is not the first time I've seen it, I have a few boho style friends that all do this type of decorating so at least she's finding something?
  14. I love the character of Amanda and while I know it wouldn't be nearly as exciting of a show but I feel like if she sat the two of them down a lot of the problems would be solved, but once again that would be kind of boring and then what would we do....other than watch Iron Eagle and hashbrown Cobra Kai lol. It was also bugging me that I knew I had seen the actress who plays Amanda somewhere but couldn't place it, finally had to look her up on IMDB and she was Sheldons sister on BBT, which explains why I couldn't place her, she had a Texas accent on that show. My biggest frusteration with season 2 is how Robby was all "these Cobra Kai kids can't change" but he should understand wanting to change and making the change better than any of them...just saying show them a little grace. Also I know I shouldn't want to but I wanted to kick Demetri's butt....I mean that kid just bugs....and he went too far with the bedwetting announcement. Not that I think he should have had as much of a beat down as he did but even I wanted to hit him....
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