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  1. I was also wondering if anyone saw this...my husband and I did and while I'm not a GI Joe expert I was a little confused by some of the differences, I kept asking if Snake Eyes was suppose to be talking, and I thought part of the riff between him and Storm Shadow came from the death of their teacher (I think I remember that from the one movie?) I did feel like it was a little long but it was nice to actually be in a movie theater so oh well....
  2. I thought that's what I heard also, so does she have 2 semesters left? because if so that's still 6 classes each semester, and that still seems like a lot....I always thought it was more 4, maybe 5 classes.....
  3. I mean come on........this is annoying.....
  4. I was also waiting for him lol, there was another country who's flag holder was taking a cue from Tonga lol
  5. I honestly don't know, I am getting annoyed by the constant commercials, just let it run, we all know it's already pre-recorded....
  6. I love that Ireland bowed when they came in.....
  7. I am just now getting around to watching this but I have to say, I think the most full house thing was how much Elizabeth looked like her sisters with the hair (that crimpy/high ponytail). I didn't even realize she was related to the Olsen twins until I started reading here (I have seen the movies but she just didn't look like them to me, and I never paid attention to the names). But in this episode she really looked like them with that 80's/early 90's hair.
  8. I'm hoping to be able to afford to send my kids to college, let alone pay for booze trips to another country......
  9. so......college kids can afford trips to Mexico and not stay in hole in the wall places......I mean not that I expect reality from TV but man....I feel like this is really pushing it
  10. Ok once more from the early episodes, something that I picked up for the first time, when they are introducing and talking about Ramano, I believe it is Elizabeth to who is talking to Peter about Rocket (they called him that more int he beginning) working with a Robotics team and doing a surgery by talking the robotic arm through it, blah blah blah breakthrough stuff, so......when he lost his arm........why not have him go back to that direction, I mean I am sure it still would have been a blow to him not to be able to physically do the surgery but they had him be a part of it when they first
  11. I watch this some as it re-runs on POP, I always enjoy the earlier seasons. They did the "live" show today and I must have forgotten, but is this when they introduce Elizabeth to us? I give the actor props for coming in on that episode.
  12. Does anyone know if this is streaming anywhere? I would love to re-watch but not sure I feel like hunting down DVDs (plus I have to get another DVD player as it is...)
  13. I didn't get imagines of Cruella....I got this.....
  14. oh my daughter will be so excited about this, she loves those books. I wonder when it will come out?
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