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  1. Well butter my butt and call me a waffle! Alexcys is coming off like the 'cool girl' right but I think Kendall will eventually lose interest in her and move on to their threesome partner or some other rando, which will push Alexcys over the edge.
  2. Oh nice, I'd forgotten all about them.
  3. Nah, all four final couples are toast now.
  4. Welp, the winners broke up too. https://www.etonline.com/love-island-winners-caleb-corprew-and-justine-ndiba-break-up-159157
  5. Ugh. The only thing that would make the ending worse for me would be Arya using Missandei's face to kill Grey Worm.
  6. I saw "RUBBER" on one of the town signs or historical site signs, "C*NT" (I think?) as a neon sign in a window, then "FALLING" on a type of traffic sign. I saw the person too, but thought it was dead sister Marian.
  7. I know this is out of left field, but with the way that Isabelle keeps looking at Charlotte, it makes me wonder if Charlotte is somehow the baby had out of wedlock. That makes the brother situation all the more squicky.
  8. Ugh, I feel sick after watching this episode. Everyone else has articulated better than I have, so I'll leave it with a simple, "Eff you, Varner."
  9. The former Scientology security guy didn't seem like he was real crying. IDK to me it seemed put on. Word. I actually thought he was laughing at first. Didn't look like there were any actual tears coming from him. I usually get misty-eyed during emotional moments on TV but he left me cold. He seems really off.
  10. When Leah was leaving the Rinders' house, a neighboring home had a compass decoration over their garage with north pointing to the right. Anyone else notice that? They may have hung it to be accurately directional, but it bugged me that north wasn't "up". Seriously though, they may want to check that thing for a camera.
  11. Ugh. When they showed that guy pop up from the audience with a Lace tattoo in the "coming up" snippet, I could have sworn it was Chris Bukowski. My first thought was, "That's about right."
  12. I'm still having trouble telling JoJo and Baby Voice (Lauren?) apart. I'm usually good to go by episode three. Since my talents are time sucks like knitting and cooking, I probably would have gone the Olivia route: full goofball. I think she kind of petered out at the end though rather than completely owning it. Wonder how much producer influence she was under for the performance. I truly felt for Olivia's mortification after the show. She probably realized what she'd done: effectively killed her broadcasting career. If she'd just plainly stated to Ben that she was embarrassed and feeling of
  13. Jeez, Amber. As the grandma of this year's Bachelor internment, you should have enough maturity to restrain yourself from showing your claws and attacking another girl in front of - you know - the actual Bachelor. Seriously, that shit was catty and uncalled for. Team Jubilee.
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