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  1. I'd bet money they're wine gummies. I love this, I may just switch over to this instead of watching the actual show - it's only an hour and all they show is the stuff worth snarking about anyway!
  2. I assume the arrangements were made in advance for them to travel for Jenelle and they had to film Chelsea separately last minute, but damn if it isn't ridiculous that they accommodated Jenelle being "afraid" to travel without David (more like afraid of how he'd react to her interacting with anyone without his supervision) and had Chelsea by satellite. I agree totally with folks saying Jace was clearly not in danger during the footage of her braking. His seatbelt did its job and he was obviously a little shaken but otherwise okay. She escalated the situation because she lost control of her
  3. When Leah was talking with Ali as they were getting ready for the appointment I was thinking that they should have made a list together of things to tell Dr. Tsao. It's always hard to remember in the moment what you want to talk about, and if she was worried that Ali wouldn't feel comfortable talking about everything she'd been telling Leah (and that Leah had been hearing from school, etc), then having something to refer back to during the actual appointment would have been helpful. As she's getting older it's important for Ali to feel empowered about her own needs as well, and have opportun
  4. Most of what I have to say about the situation with Ali's aide has already been mentioned, but with the information from Leah's instragram posts taken into account, it sounds like there was a temporary staff issue that was that was either explained incorrectly by the principal, or misinterpreted by Leah. All respect to principals, but many building administrators do not actually know a ton about special ed and can have trouble understanding or explaining things to parents, especially with legal stuff. It should really have been something that a special ed administrator or Ali's case manager
  5. Not to mention offering support to Javi, who was a total asshole to him for no reason not too long ago! He's really grown into a class act! I thought it was weird how Briana's family seemed to actually be pretty fair toward Devoin compared with how she was talking to him, but maybe they saw how they were coming off on TV and toned it down? The only calling out Dr Drew has done in years was noting to her that Nova can't get to know Devoin's side of the family if Briana won't let her see them. Briana was on the attack for sure, she seems scared to let Nova build an attachment to anyone o
  6. Did Ali roll her eyes when Leah started practicing her motivational speaking on the girlses, or am I just projecting?
  7. Luis is no prize, but good on him for staying calm and ignoring Briana's mom berating him while he's holding the baby. What could she possibly want to accomplish other than getting him to come over even less?
  8. Something like that, like it was the first thing he could think of and that he thought would somehow get people to sympathize with him? Like he's so stressed that he's going to get married? Asshole is a charitable way to describe him, as far as I'm concerned.
  9. So, so great to hear Cory talking about getting Gracie into therapy (and having Ali in a wheelchair, finally!). The dynamic between twins when one of them has such a serious medical condition must be really complex, and recognizing that Gracie might need some professional support with that is very mature compared with the way Cory and Leah sometimes handle Ali's medical stuff. David is so fucking sketchy, it seems like the producers are very put off by him too. When other people have refused to film before it seems like the producers have been more direct in confronting them about it (F
  10. They just showed an Olive Garden commercial, which I'm assuming is like a preview of the menu at Jenelle's wedding.
  11. Ali seems to get related services (physical and occupational therapy) at school already and had them as a pre-school student as well, so the likelihood is that she already has at least a 504 plan if not an IEP already. It might depend on state or district practices for what type of plan you need to have in order to get those services, or staff may be looking to switch her to an IEP from a 504 if they don't do aide support for 504 students. These kinds of things vary a lot across states and districts and can be especially confusing when students move between districts (which I believe they di
  12. It sounds like you had an awful experience with your own kids and as someone working in special ed in a public school it's terrible to hear that you all went through that. Obviously it doesn't change what you experienced and I don't fault you for feeling how you do based on that, but I can tell you that the vast majority of public educators work very hard to address student needs. It sounded to me like Ali's teacher was advocating for her and talking to Leah and Corey about pushing for more support for her in school. Unless we see it on the show or in the media we can't know if there's been
  13. Have we seen Leah's "friend" before, or is she strictly there so Leah can bring in her fans for another pyramid scheme (sorry, "multi-level marketing company")? Briana is having important conversations with her mom and sister about Nova, but they need to *stop having them in front of her*!! She does not need to hear the unfiltered version of any of this and they can't and shouldn't expect her to be able to filter through it herself as a young child. I know they need things to talk about in front of the cameras, but seriously, wait until she's in bed.
  14. Jenelle bitches about how she was crying and no one was paying attention to her. Kaiser starts crying, so she gets out of the car, shuts the door and leaves him in there so she can keep complaining to a producer. Ugh.
  15. I think I just like her snarking about David. That guy is a creepy weirdo, he deserves her usual rudeness!
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