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  1. I think Cate will have more kids down the line.
  2. Jessa Blessa the queen of the mold house and her minions
  3. Daddy will eat all the chicken anyway. The kids barely get any food. Wonder what’s in the pantry???
  4. If they drink any of that “water” they might get sick. Jill really is SEVERELY a dingbat.
  5. At least she is working versus being on disability This show is a scripted soap opera No way any guy is interested in someone that obese
  6. https://rodriguesfamilyministries.com/main/?page_id=186 4 rodlets have July birthdays
  7. Bet $100 the congregation provided the food certainly doesn’t look enough for everyone
  8. Jessa probably had a hospital birth so she can continue having kids. Wonder if she had real prenatal care this time too.
  9. Who me?! This is how I look in the AM all natural -Meri
  10. That’s what the real Meri probably looks like or will in 5 years
  11. Put on some lipstick where is her real chin?
  12. Precious new life? Yeah right. Fern will be denied proper education, food, clothes and will share a bedroom with 3 siblings. Some life ! Baby Triscuit will be sitting in the fridge drinking milk soon enough.
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