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  1. Thanks to everyone for making me laugh every day !
  2. You are not her child. I am sorry you were damaged by your parents. she is illiterate!!! Word salad again. She makes no sense as usual. My biggest nightmare would be Farrah as my mom.
  3. Meri’s hair got so much product in it good luck to the hairbrush 😬
  4. My good news Sunday is I bought a ticket to a concert for October. First post COVID show.
  5. Oh I didn’t even think of a hair disaster scenario. I hope it’s not that.
  6. Jinger stole her thunder hair cut wise. Jill probably decided to wait to cut hers 🤷‍♀️
  7. Wow Anna and Josh were so young. Anna is looking at what? Someone to save her? She did not look happy.
  8. Holy cannoli. Kevin is 23? Maybe in dog years. Balding and obese. He got bigger boobs than a girl. Wow. And he can’t cook. Why are all these young guys so overweight and looking old?
  9. Antonio thinks he needs to lose 10-15 pounds haha. Try 50. Boy is obese and can barely run.
  10. JD lost weight. Guess Abbie feeds him healthy foods.
  11. His previous love of his life was his right hand 😂😂😂. Now Katey is stuck being his best friend and lover. I truly hope he is kind to her.
  12. Tickets aren’t free that’s why. Jill is cheap and will not spend $ on her kids.
  13. It’s banned in several countries so nothing good. https://healthycanadians.gc.ca/recall-alert-rappel-avis/hc-sc/2014/37721a-eng.php
  14. A parody Hi it’s Chris M and in 28 days I will be marrying my fetish oops I mean Amy R. She is my best friend, partner and the best lover I ever had. Her cooking gives me diarrhea and food poisoning but her enthusiasm is making it worth every trip down the aisle to the crapper. In 28 days I will be Mr Amy and will be stuck with her for life. I’m blinking twice in case someone, anyone, my ex stripper girlfriends can save me.
  15. Unemployed unfortunately for her. Silly girl should have said I’m sick and go hide from Amy. Free labor is not my forte. Jeez I’m mean today 😂🤷‍♀️🤔
  16. Amy better hope no one throws those rocks through her windows. How tacky. She should have given gift cards to Starbucks or Target. I wouldn’t even buy her anything for a present.
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