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  1. 🙄 check out my mug and my man
  2. Amy is going to have another grand baby https://www.google.com/amp/s/people.com/parents/jacob-roloff-wife-isabel-sofia-rock-pregnant-expecting-first-baby-son/%3famp=true
  3. 3 male newborns with Z names. Me thinks Nick won’t be able to tell them apart much less remember anything about them I used tolerate Nick but after he showed his true colors... bye boy Too bad his professional career wasn’t canceled
  4. She’d make more $ working in Walmart. How many buy from her?
  5. I’m thinking the grandparents bought the cake. For a 3 year old it’s fine.
  6. Looking horse like as days go by
  7. Josie is creepy with her Gordon crush. Megan is 21 and she is 22.
  8. Total click bait. Tyler’s sister relapsed. Baby due in September. It’s their last baby blah blah blah shame on cate to imply that butch died!
  9. Girl is trying to get on disability She is definitely mentally ill
  10. Amy sure is a greedy gift grabber I wouldn’t buy her anything
  11. Jeremy is smiling as he is giving the unicorn her enema 😂
  12. Any of you share a birthday with a Duggar? I don’t which is surprising.
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