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  1. Raining scorpions? Oh lovely...
  2. I would certainly hope Ariel quit that job....
  3. I think Harry would be within his rights to swat the guy/have him swatted. IMHO.
  4. Ha. ☺️ Kevin Chapman (the cop turned PI) had a bit part in the Equalizer 2 movie.
  5. I liked Charon, great job on that monster.
  6. All i've got is commercials—do we know when this will start? (I mean, approaching 14 straight minutes of commercials.) ok now there's a commercial for The E, so I guess that’s progess OK, i admit it, she had me at the end there. 😊
  7. JJ definitely has Jen's speech patterns down, sounds a lot like her.
  8. So has Maggie always been into dance or did they just throw it in there because they needed the plot point? And I have worked in BigLaw for almost forty years; yes, the tie is mandatory. For a clerk, the jacket could be optional, though.
  9. So everyone has amnesia about who Tobias is?? I'm so confused....
  10. Well, it's not the best show in the world, and i do not even pretend to understand all the issues of having a white woman be EP on it*, but all cancelling it does is put, what, 150 Indigenous people out of work? Surely there are other Indigenous producers out there who would love to work on a tv series? Unless ML owned the property somehow, I think they would have been better off re-staffing it and going on with the next season. *And I don’t mean this in a dismissive way; I'm white, so don’t have the perspective the Indigenous people in the industry do, and am perfectly willing to
  11. Anyone else queuing up “Welcome to the Machine” on their mobile right now? Just me? OK.
  12. I'm kind of feeling sorry for Ross; every adult in his orbit has mental problems.
  13. I knew Nora was married. 🙃
  14. So the shrink is thinking that Jenny was still sleep walking during that little digging bit? How about being awake and just plain hallucinating? over/under on when Liam tries to kill himself? Has anyone read the books? Is the show anything like them? And for the non Canadians in the room (of which I am one) Fernandes was a real guy: ....and for some reason I can’t paste the obit. He was a consultant on the show and worked with the first female forensic pathologist in CA in real life.
  15. Sailmakers’ needles, sure. They’re better for heavier materials. whoops, guess they’re calling them mattress needles these days... but sure, especially since DanHei were repurposing life vests...? Those are canvas usually, right?
  16. 1) Why were Job and what's-his-name not armed ? 2) Holy How-not-to-clear-your-field-of-fire, Job! 😮 3) Are we supposed to know who Annette is? And yes, the English accents on most of the characters are annoying.
  17. As someone mentioned upthread, i would not be unhappy to see Coulson turn up in some other show. 🙂
  18. So, is this a two parter? Is it two hours long? My local listing is showing this on at ten, for one hour, and something else on next week.
  19. Well, they do it every Inauguration Day in D.C. 😉 why do i have a feeling that by the end of this all, chuck will get bobby, and wendy will end up with both axe cap and mascap?
  20. So this is “everybody loves wendy” season ?
  21. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ The continuity editor needs to be fired.
  22. janeta

    Joker (2019)

    Watched it last night—great and disturbing performance by JP, but definitely overlong. They could have edited at least 15 minutes out of it. Found myself kind of bored in spots. as for the ending—i seem to recall the therapist, earlier in the movie, saying that Arthur had been in Arkham. Maybe the ending was a flashback to that time?
  23. Late to the party (had to wait for the dvd's; have one more to go in S2), but can someone please tell me why, with Burnham's rank restored, she's still bunking with an ensign? Thx 😊
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