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  1. Well, I just read somewhere that it got renewed for next season, so it will be interesting to see how they get out of this one.
  2. So Ross and Matteo are at this party and do E but then Matteo seems to vanish, even after shots are fired? You'd think he'd been looking for Ross….
  3. Have we seen Chelsea before? If so, someone pls remind me who she is? The egg scene was ridiculous.
  4. Now you can rent Bill's house Ok so the forum won’t let me paste the link. Someone bought Bill's house outside P'burgh and is renting it out.
  5. It was an exercise for school; some kids apparently wrap the eggs up in padding and drop them. The little girl was trying to make parachutes instead. I didn’t get what she was drawing on them, though.
  6. Do we know if Ryan's out of it for good? (I've only been watching for Con…)
  7. janeta


    Yeah, I figured that was just a bonus, and that Liz would also give her a raise. Or Liz's wife, I guess, since Liz will be in jail….
  8. janeta


    Yeah, I would have preferred if they just let her retire, too. 😒
  9. So is Purcell working on something else to only have a minute or two in each ep?
  10. janeta

    S02.E18: Power

    So, The Purge? Ryan, why are you believing anything Alice says? Alice is the most interesting thing in the show, though, so I hope they get back to her now and then.
  11. The wendigo was totally cool, and being in the midst of Brood X where I am, that fake darth vader looks just like a cicada to me.
  12. janeta

    Media for Evil

    Welp, waiting for the DVD's I guess.
  13. So, watching this, I'm thinking Harry will become mortal only to be hit by a bus the next day. (Not caught up on the next one yet, don’t spoil it for me. 😊)
  14. This has been (was?) very good. IL usually does good work but this was even better than usual.
  15. Impaled on a stake yet still quoting Moby Dick. Tobias, we will not miss you.
  16. 🤔 I think throwing people under buses has been around a while, but maybe not that long… isn’t this show supposed to be taking place in the early 90’s maybe? (I saw SOTL when it came out but have forgotten almost everything about it. IMDB says 1991 for that movie. Now, if we want to talk about Manhunter, I'm all over that. 🙂)
  17. Someone please remind me what year this is supposed to be? I thought Erin said something to Julia about being on her insurance? That would not have flown unless Julia was claiming her as a daughter or sister or something (and maybe she was). And I’m pretty sure the “they/them” pronouns have only come into use in the last 5 - 10 yrs…
  18. From the promo for next week, it looks like the debris will figure out a way to continue the interaction with someone else.
  19. I know hobbyist cosplayers who do better fake hair. Everybody else in the ep looked fine. do we know how many eps are left in this season? I'm wondering where it will all end up…
  20. The fake beard and hair… I can’t even…. I want to know more about what the injections are stopping.
  21. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🙄🙄
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