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  1. I don't care for either of their families. But I believe production is playing up their characters for drama, because no sane person would act the way any of them do in front of national tv. I think Pedro and Chantel, just themselves - without family - might have stood a chance. I remember the episode when he first got to the airport and she went running excitedly to him and both of their faces lit up. Things have definitely changed since that day, and it is because they are both completely manipulated by their own toxic families.
  2. He was kind of chill and low-key, whereas Andrea was Queen Drama Turd Burglar (much like Scott and Lizzie, or Tracie and Clint). But yeah, he pretty much disappeared in the background compared to some of the others.
  3. Hannah94

    S04.E05: Dirty Dancing

    Pao is the most selfish person ever. And what is this crap about "bringing a baby into a good environment (Miami)"? Since when is Miami a good safe place to start a family?
  4. Hannah94

    90 Day LIVE

    Why does Larissa wear crop tops? Gross. It's like a pool donut made of Larissa is around her waist.
  5. I always forget about this snark-worthy couple because of all the newer train wrecks, but now that I've been reminded, Andrea was the worst on that season. I thought her kids were amazing, though. Goes to show that some kids can turn out decent even if their parent(s) are total turd burgs.
  6. Hannah94

    S04.E04: A Break Is Necessary

    I feel like this whole thing was scripted and money was thrown her way via the network if she would agree to look pathetic, shitty, lazy, manipulative, etc.....I have a hard time believing people like her actually exist and yet they probably do. She is a huge turd burglar. I do wonder if she realizes how much she is hated by viewers. I find myself always hoping the douchebags on this show follow these blogs.
  7. Hannah94

    S07:E21 The Assanti Brothers

    Steven is high as a kite....holy dog shit. Htf is he getting pills after Dr. Now put an alert on him? Wait, maybe he isn't getting prescriptions....maybe street drugs? Idk but damn it doesn't take a genius to realize this guy is soaring.
  8. With you 100% here. How is this girl so dumb and why is this couple still on this extremely fake stupid scripted show (but I cannot tear my eyes away because these losers make me feel like my own life is golden compared to theirs). Nicole, he cannot stand you. The entire world knows it. She HAS to know, right? She is just milking the network for money. Her stupidity fascinates me.
  9. I worked in the insurance industry for decades and part time employees are not eligible for company sponsored coverage ("part time" varies by state). Some family owned businesses pull strings and go through hoops to cover people (sometimes people that actually do not work for the company) but since this shit show is broadcast on tv, I can only safely assume that her dad is not stupid enough to do that. Who knows though? My bet is Libby is on Medicaid/Medicare.
  10. To pregnant Libby, looking at shoes that would fit a ten year old "Oh these are so cute and tiny" (or something similar)......you DO realize your baby is going to be born as an actual newborn and not fit into those shoes or the toddler child clothing you keep picking out from the racks?
  11. I'm finally watching the whole PT episode uninterrupted and Tarik and his brother are hilarious. I am also liking David and Annie more and more and I really didn't care for them during their season. Loren and Alexi seem to have a really good vibe and this is not something we can say about 95% of the wackadoos on this show. Libby and Andrrrrraaay.....enough already - their shit is so scripted, it gives me a migraine. Her dad seems decent but at the same time, he is being a total jackass enabler, but again - I am sure it is mostly fiction. Pedro looks so defeated and sad 😞 Nicole is just desperate delusional Miss Piggy in love. I make a decent living and I cannot afford to travel all over the world so how does unemployed Nicole take all these trips? And how does she not realize he is completely disgusted by her? It's painfully obvious to the rest of the world. So many questions, not enough answers. Ooops, I forgot to write about what a huge moron Ashley is. She has me in a perpetual state of constantly shaking my damn head.
  12. Hannah94

    S04.E04: A Break Is Necessary

    I think she ruined her figure with those ridiculous bowling balls. She looked so petite before them and now she looks like she has gained 75 pounds....because she probably did with those 'plants!
  13. Shit I wouldn't leave Ashley's kids alone with Ashley. She is so clueless, I am surprised she knows how to breathe, let alone be responsible for other human lives.
  14. Oh Lordy, I forgot about Angela. She is the grossest one of the bunch.
  15. I am curious as to who is the least popular person on this show, from the viewers' perspective. My vote goes to Libby; I cannot tolerate her sense of entitlement and her complete lack of grasp on reality. I feel sorry for that baby she is bringing into the world. Meh, she is tied with Nicole. I have major second hand embarrassment for that one.
  16. Hannah94

    90 Day LIVE

    Why does Libby pronounce his name like that when everyone else on the show pronounces it normally? She has to say his name like 3 times in every sentence and it's annoying.
  17. In his defense, I thought he was wearing boat shoes. Lol. But for real, who in the hell wears shorts to an interview???? I absolutely loathe his wife; she makes me scream and throw shit at the tv. "Daddy, we don't want to be dependent on you anymore so we are moving out of your house that you provide to us for free so can you pay rent on our new place?" What the ever-loving fuck is this dumb cow thinking?
  18. Hannah94

    90 Day LIVE

    Holy slut wear, does Pao own ANY article of clothing that does not expose her boobs and ass? I understand wanting to dress sexy at times (in the right place)....but everything she wears is revealing, low cut, and short. It's like she will suffocate if she ever covers up her parts.
  19. Hannah94

    S07.E16 Lashanta's Story

    Her hair makes me shudder.
  20. Hannah94

    S07.E19: Angie J's Story

    Absolutely agree with you. She just made me so angry. Hate her.
  21. Chanel went overboard with her implants. She looks like a fat ass now (I know she is not actually fat but the obscene size of her new chest makes her appear obese). She looked much better before she got 30 lbs of implants. Poor dumb bitch has no idea....
  22. Hannah94

    S07.E19: Angie J's Story

    She is full of dog shit. No way in hell would any company hire her for anything. Sorry, but there are so many qualified applicants (normal-sized and competent and sane) in search of work; why would anyone choose a fat ass lazy CRAZY loser that cannot even walk when they can hire *anyone* else?
  23. Although it's kinda cringey watching people eat messy food like pizza and wings in bed, and I'm likely crazy for saying this but there is something cozy about Pillow Talk. It is better than the original show, imo.
  24. Hannah94

    S04.E03: Mistrials Of Marriage

    She is such an idiot that I cannot decide if I loathe her or feel sorry for her. But the one thing I do know is she is a turd burglar. Legit.
  25. Hannah94

    S07.E20: Vianey & Allen's Story

    I felt like I was violating their "personal space" after their multiple foodgasms. It was truly disturbing - how they laid back and moaned almost like it was ecstasy after the 5-6 scenes of both of them eating copious amounts of food that could feed an entire village. I hated these two at the beginning of the episode. They made me physically ill. But somehow they changed their tune (unlike Angie aka Jaba the Hutt) and I really liked them by the end. Amazing progress for both of them!