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  1. spaceytraci1208

    Celebrity Family Feud

    It certainly didn't help that Steve was egging it on and imitating her
  2. spaceytraci1208

    Million Dollar Mile

    I watched the last couple episodes, and it's a cool concept, just not executed well. As already mentioned, Tebow isn't a good host. Beyond that, it also seems like the contestants are set up to fail. Even if they didn't have a Terminator chasing after them, isn't it like a quarter mile between each obstacle?? All you hear is these poor folks breathing heavily as they make their way to the next obstacle (or exit to try and get out winning something)
  3. spaceytraci1208

    Masterchef (US)

    Yeah, that pissed me off. I understand being frustrated when you feel your partner isn't doing their part, but her melodramatic ass was acting like her life was literally on the line. She immediately pushed Subha in front of the bus when they went to face the judges, then commandeered the bus, and drove over him several times. When they ultimately received a pretty positive critique, I remember thinking "She better not try to high-five him" I would've loved if he kinda nudged her off when she tried to get all chummy upstairs after they were safe.
  4. spaceytraci1208

    Say Something Nice about Your Least Favorite Actor

    Voice work is probably his best work. For me, Groot has been his best performance and I've only heard good things about "The Iron Giant" *off to think of who my least favorite actor is so I can really participate lol
  5. spaceytraci1208

    Paid Streaming Services

    So I just found Silk Stalkings on Prime and got way too excited lol
  6. spaceytraci1208

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    So, this is gross, right??
  7. spaceytraci1208

    Favorite Performances

    Whoopi Goldberg as Celie in The Color Purple is fantastic...Danny Glover is awesome too (way convincing too...I had an aversion to him for awhile after first seeing this movie lol). Still crazy to me that this movie won zero Oscars. I feel like Whoopi's win for Ghost was a "make-up" award.
  8. spaceytraci1208

    The Titan Games

    I didn't like how the 2nd round of ladies' competition wasn't shown...they did that on a men's round a couple episodes ago as well. These folks are clearly excited to participate on the show, it's messed up to gloss over their competition with an "Oh yeah, this happened..." montage
  9. spaceytraci1208

    Unpopular Opinions

    I'm a little confused about the criticism of stars being cast in A Star Is Born...they're acting! Isn't pretending the essence of the job?
  10. spaceytraci1208

    The Titan Games

    That was the one that had me a little suspicious. It looked like her opponent (whose name I've forgotten...sorry) just gave up..when the camera went to her it looked like she was just walking to the edge.
  11. spaceytraci1208

    The Titan Games

    I enjoyed this. The events are crazy, I was worn out watching them lol. I felt bad for the folks who lost in the first round; there was so much build up and back story, it had to suck going out so soon. I'm looking forward to the new episodes to come
  12. spaceytraci1208

    Still Not Over It : Movie Deaths

    This scene still disturbs me to this day! It's effective, to say the least lol
  13. spaceytraci1208

    Fave Characters?

    I enjoyed almost everyone, but Adebisi is always my #1, followed closely by Shillinger. I've got a soft spot for CRAZYBeecher as well.
  14. spaceytraci1208

    Best/Worst Sibling Relationships

    Whenever I listen to that song Sleepwalk, I can still hear Esai Morales screaming "RITCHIEEEEEEE!" as the ending chords of the song play
  15. spaceytraci1208

    Best TV Moments Involving Music

    One of my favorite moments from That 70s Show (context: Eric reads Donna's diary where he finds out she sometimes wishes he were a little edgier like Steven Tyler. He decides to get a tattoo and fantasizes how it'll change her perception of him) I think Topher Grace is great in this scene lol