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  1. spaceytraci1208

    Paid Streaming Services

    So I just found Silk Stalkings on Prime and got way too excited lol
  2. spaceytraci1208

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    So, this is gross, right??
  3. spaceytraci1208

    Favorite Performances

    Whoopi Goldberg as Celie in The Color Purple is fantastic...Danny Glover is awesome too (way convincing too...I had an aversion to him for awhile after first seeing this movie lol). Still crazy to me that this movie won zero Oscars. I feel like Whoopi's win for Ghost was a "make-up" award.
  4. What are some movie deaths that have stuck with you? You know, the ones that you'll leave the room to avoid it? A few of mine: The Shoe, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - that poor toon shoe being slowly lowered into "the dip" is one of the most scarring movie moments in my memory Ricky, Boyz In The Hood - the slow motion in that scene as he takes a shotgun blast to the back is very affecting. Ritchie, La Bamba - I think this was the first movie I saw where someone died. I wasn't ready lol. The song "Sleepwalk" will always be a little sad to me. I can still hear Esai Morales screaming "Ritchieeeeeee!!!!" in my head when the song gets to those final chords Apollo Creed, Rocky IV - Just startled the hell out of me as a child
  5. spaceytraci1208

    The Titan Games

    I didn't like how the 2nd round of ladies' competition wasn't shown...they did that on a men's round a couple episodes ago as well. These folks are clearly excited to participate on the show, it's messed up to gloss over their competition with an "Oh yeah, this happened..." montage
  6. spaceytraci1208

    Unpopular Opinions

    I'm a little confused about the criticism of stars being cast in A Star Is Born...they're acting! Isn't pretending the essence of the job?
  7. spaceytraci1208

    The Titan Games

    That was the one that had me a little suspicious. It looked like her opponent (whose name I've forgotten...sorry) just gave up..when the camera went to her it looked like she was just walking to the edge.
  8. spaceytraci1208

    The Titan Games

    I enjoyed this. The events are crazy, I was worn out watching them lol. I felt bad for the folks who lost in the first round; there was so much build up and back story, it had to suck going out so soon. I'm looking forward to the new episodes to come
  9. spaceytraci1208

    Still Not Over It : Movie Deaths

    This scene still disturbs me to this day! It's effective, to say the least lol
  10. spaceytraci1208

    Fave Characters?

    I enjoyed almost everyone, but Adebisi is always my #1, followed closely by Shillinger. I've got a soft spot for CRAZYBeecher as well.
  11. spaceytraci1208

    Best/Worst Sibling Relationships

    Whenever I listen to that song Sleepwalk, I can still hear Esai Morales screaming "RITCHIEEEEEEE!" as the ending chords of the song play
  12. spaceytraci1208

    Best TV Moments Involving Music

    One of my favorite moments from That 70s Show (context: Eric reads Donna's diary where he finds out she sometimes wishes he were a little edgier like Steven Tyler. He decides to get a tattoo and fantasizes how it'll change her perception of him) I think Topher Grace is great in this scene lol
  13. spaceytraci1208


    The Quincy documentary (on Netflix) is amazing. It's almost overwhelming to see all of the history he's lived through and created in his life
  14. What are some of your favorite episodes and/or moments from the show? Here are some of mine: Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare - highly quotable episode, my favorite probably being "I'm a recovering crackhead and this is my retarded sister; we'd like some welfare please." Also loved Dennis and Dee struggling to order crack from the dealer (Dee: "Two cracks, please!") Hundred Dollar Baby - if only for "I will eat your babies, bitch!" The Gang Gets Invincible - I think this might have been the first episode I saw; between Elvin from The Cosby Show playing Donovan McNabb and Greenman, I was made an immediate fan and had to buy the first two seasons immediately.
  15. spaceytraci1208

    Fast Food Ads

    Yes, "Really". I still think it's a dumb slogan; the customer being a "fan" of the food doesn't speak to what kind of food they make, nor does it make the food something separate and distinct from fast food. Perhaps simply saying they're "Good Food" would be a more effective way to distinguish themselves from run-of-the-mill fast food.
  16. spaceytraci1208

    Fast Food Ads

    I need Dairy Queen to come up with a new slogan; a lot of their restaurants have a drive-thru window, so, newsflash...it's fast food! Also, WTF is "fan food"?!?
  17. spaceytraci1208

    S02.E08: The Good Twin 2018.06.29

    Papa Shango putting a curse on The Ultimate Warrior was where I quit wrestling as a kid for the first time lol. With all the other foolishness they served up, that was the event that made me roll my eyes and say "This is stupid" LOL
  18. spaceytraci1208

    What New Foods Have You Tried?: Like It? Hate It? Share Here!

    You know what's evil? Those "flavored" seltzer waters that smell like they'll taste good, but ultimately taste like bubbly ghosts of tasty beverages past ? I fall for one of these things at least once a year SMH...today was one of those new "Bubly" waters.
  19. spaceytraci1208

    Simply, your favourite movie scenes

    While Val Kilmer's "Doc" is my favorite character, my favorite overall scene in Tombstone comes courtesy of Kurt Russell
  20. spaceytraci1208

    Still Not Over It : Movie Deaths

    Peter Parker hurt my heart a little...but Groot made me angry. He already sacrificed himself in the first "Guardians..." movie and proved to be clutch again, supplying the handle for Thor's axe. WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE AGAIN?! Get the racoon the F outta here ?
  21. spaceytraci1208

    Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    MVPs for me were definitely Thor (who's usually my least favorite Avenger) Dr. Strange (I fell for him when he called Tony a douchebag) and Scarlet Witch (that's a baaaaaaaad lady!) I was mostly annoyed with The Hulk being too scared to come out It didn't occur to me until after I listened to a podcast discussing the movie that all of The Avengers are still alive...I thought the deaths resulting from Thanos using the stones was supposed to be random ?Clearly the endgame requires that particular team whole to work...otherwise, there's no reason Black Widow should still be alive lol
  22. spaceytraci1208

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    We have disdain for 2 different ads lol. I was referring to this one:
  23. spaceytraci1208

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I really hate the Clorox commercial where the little boy is mopping the bathroom with toilet water. The visual doesn't bother me at all, but the sound effects make me gag
  24. spaceytraci1208

    Characters You Weren't Supposed To Like (But Did)

    I definitely rooted for him to shoot that smug yuppie Ellis in the face lol...I think that was the first time I cheered when someone died in a movie Sonny's death still hits me hard
  25. I think Chris Rock has some of the best cosmetic dental work in Hollywood lol