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  1. Doesn’t mean he was wrong in this case, though. (His “beaming with pride” comment did make me want to punch him, for sure.).
  2. The “how dare you assume a girls’ alliance, that’s a double standard” outrage was stupid. I can think of several seasons where the bro alliance made a point of picking off the women one by one.
  3. Randolph Mantooth. You will never take my Johnny Gage/Abraham Kent from me.
  4. It always cracks me up that reporters hustle beside a celebrity heading into a courthouse, asking ridiculous questions ("how do you feel about the being indicted?" or "did you commit the crime?") when there's no chance in hell the celebrity is going to do anything but stare straight ahead and walk fast. This isn't Law and Order, folks; she's not going to confess to you.
  5. I gave up on Grey's Anatomy long ago, but this scene will stay with me forever. Bailey realizes the elevators are off
  6. I finally realized that I’m a little ticked off that except for maybe 3 nominees, none of the shows are free to watch.
  7. It'll probably come up whenever she has to do press for a project. Kiefer Sutherland got (gently) grilled by David Letterman during his "24" days after he served time for DUI. He used the conversation to give a PSA on drinking and driving.
  8. It's 14 days, although she may spend some time in a halfway house. You have to be sentenced to a year + a day or more to get "good time" off, which is 54 days for each year. If you get one year or less, you serve the whole sentence.
  9. I'm really surprised that Judge Talwani gave Huffman even 14 days. It's actually kind of weird in the federal system. And hardly anyone gets sentenced to "community service," that's more a state court thing. I thought Talwani would just give her the one or two years supervised release and a fine. Any other judge would have. It's like the judge wanted to give her an extra dose of humiliation - two weeks in prison. Not that out of character for this judge, actually, she's kind of ...mean. I don't think Loughlin can breathe any easier, though, since she has a different judge (no-nonsense Judge Gorton) and her guidelines range is much higher because of the $500K bribe (versus the $12K Huffman paid).
  10. I would love to find The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd, starring Blair Brown, somewhere. I loved that show so very much.
  11. I finally was able to binge S3 and S4 on STARZ online, which I had canceled. Oh, my. I think they did a fabulous job bringing these two dense books (VOY and DOA) to the screen. I love the evolution of Jamie -- he is not always right, but he owns his mistakes. In the books, I often had to settle myself in some of his more idiotic moments (sometimes his decision making at 45 years old was WORSE than it had been at 23), but in the show, the writers appear to have smoothed out a lot of those moments. I kind of dreaded both the not telling Claire straightaway about Laoghaire bit and the selling Roger to the Indians bit because they smacked of plot device and not plot. But both instances, the series left me with the feeling that although these were both bad decisions in the moment, I could see the why of it. Much better. Overall, I liked the changes they made to the books. I am as on board for the story as I ever was, and I'm looking forward to S5. I won't, however, follow the episodes on this board. It very nearly ruined the watching experience for me.
  12. There are 2 Kraft Mac 'n Cheese commercials where the parents are literally pleading with their kids to eat their veggies -- one at the table and one where the mom is chasing the kid through the house with a piece of broccoli on a fork. Then they smash cut to the kid at the table blissfully eating a heaping bowl of Mac 'n Cheese while Enya croons "Only Time" on the soundtrack. In both spots, the veggies lie untouched on a separate plate while the parent beams. Wait. You're telling me it's better for kids to eat a giant bowl of over-refined carbs covered in cheese-product than to figure out a way to cook veggies for their palate? F that. My mom would have said (and did say), You will not leave the table until you eat your vegetables, and if bedtime comes first, you will see them again for breakfast. This is not a negotiation, and if you think I will chase and beg you to eat what I have bought and cooked for dinner, then you are too insane to live in my house. My mother did not play. Also, thanks to my teenagers, "Only Time" is a theme song for emo tears.
  13. Judith Light as Karen Wolek on One Life to Live, confessing her secret life as a hooker on the stand in front of the whole town -- and her husband.
  14. For many of us, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood was calm, not boring. We found acceptance for a half hour from a gentle man who did not care that we were brown, or disabled, or just girls. He addressed issues and fears great (assassination) and small (disappearing down the bathtub drain) while confirming that we were not stupid or damaged for being afraid in the first place. He was steady, reliable routine in a time of war and political chaos. Even the best of children's television at the time could be sneakily mean (see: Sesame Street), but the Neighborhood was a place where some of us could go and know that neither we, nor anyone like us, would ever be picked on. YMMV.
  15. Nominated for an Emmy. No, really.
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