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  1. Kobe Bryant made sense, as an Oscar winner. Which is why Luke Perry, who was in a nominated film this year, being omitted was inexcusable.
  2. It’s baffling that the Academy cannot keep track of film industry deaths over the course of the year. Just sign up for a forum like this and posters will do it for them. Also, what happened to iconic lines/ scenes that they usually include? You didn’t really get a chance to focus on each person’s contributions.
  3. I love a show that doesn't explain every little reference to me. I had to google Gardner Minshew, and that made me happy. I teared up when Janet and Michael were saying goodbye ("make a doctor's appointment right away") when Janet's voice broke, and I imagined the moment he arrives back to take his test and meets her again for the first time. Look, 4 seasons of 22-minute episodes wasn't ever going to Explain It All, and it certainly doesn't line up with my chosen theology. But the idea of being able to walk into perfect peace and become one with the Universe (or, for me, God) is a very satisfying concept for me. I would love some version of that to be true. I think this finale was a home run. It would be nice if such a smart, compassionate, well-written, deep show were given its kudos at next year's Emmys.
  4. He looks like he is in the process of traveling through time back to ancient Japan. Also: beautiful man, stupid suit.
  5. Ashley the judge was very a lot. Everything she said at the runway seem designed to create a hashtag moment. Do they not show everyone's goodbye hug, or does Karli not hug every eliminee? I love Delvin more every week. I'm nobody's high fashion model, but I could easily be convince to wear that pant suit. It really was flattering on the model. Yeah, it wasn't earth-shattering, but in the end, he's got to build his business on stuff people will actually wear. I appreciated Marquise admitting that he lacked the skill/experience to tailor for a curvy model. Other designers in the past have blamed the model for not fitting their designs properly. Having said that, I wish the model had worn a foundation garment that lifted those girls; it would have made a difference with those tragic darts. Shut up, Sergio. And shut up, Victoria. At this point every designer has experienced the embarrassment, disappointment, and shame of being on the bottom (I think), so stop acting like a burn victim. And I love Christian's mentoring. He has credibility from having been in that same insane atmosphere, but also, his brand of mentoring is incredibly practical and helpful, not like Tim Gunn's vague "you should think very carefully about that..." He was spot on with Nancy's oversized coat situation.
  6. I noticed that Delvin said something about “cohesive not being ‘matchy-matchy’” and then Nancy said essentially the same thing back to him, as if she were correcting him. Delvin’s face said “I am done with you” and I felt him right there.
  7. Cyndi is always that mellow off stage. She was exactly that way on Celebrity Apprentice. I love Delvin. He is not trying with the drama. Sergio, like Tyler, has committed to his carefully constructed TV character and took it too far in this ep. You can’t show the judges that.
  8. When I was a kid, I thought Delta Dawn by Tanya Tucker was about a girl dressed up and waiting for Jesus.
  9. Just saw this. Loved it! I hadn’t realized until now how much I needed an enjoyable, funny, entertaining, smart, witty movie. No tortured souls. Just great comedy, and a neat, no cheating mystery. I’ve missed stuff like this since shows like Murder She Wrote went off the air and gave way to dark!hero with tragic backstory. Then only thing that took me out of the plot was that the Norfolk County Medical Examiner’s office had a Marlborough, Massachusetts address on the letterhead. Marlborough is in Middlesex County (LOL).
  10. Doesn’t mean he was wrong in this case, though. (His “beaming with pride” comment did make me want to punch him, for sure.).
  11. The “how dare you assume a girls’ alliance, that’s a double standard” outrage was stupid. I can think of several seasons where the bro alliance made a point of picking off the women one by one.
  12. Randolph Mantooth. You will never take my Johnny Gage/Abraham Kent from me.
  13. It always cracks me up that reporters hustle beside a celebrity heading into a courthouse, asking ridiculous questions ("how do you feel about the being indicted?" or "did you commit the crime?") when there's no chance in hell the celebrity is going to do anything but stare straight ahead and walk fast. This isn't Law and Order, folks; she's not going to confess to you.
  14. I gave up on Grey's Anatomy long ago, but this scene will stay with me forever. Bailey realizes the elevators are off
  15. I finally realized that I’m a little ticked off that except for maybe 3 nominees, none of the shows are free to watch.
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