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  1. Archery

    Race & Ethnicity on TV

    I did roll my eyes at the "let's pair up our two black friends" aspect of it, but I always processed this as her getting together with one of the only other people in the world who knows what it was like to travel with the Doctor. I love the Martha season, and I love her "Yeah, I am awesome" exit.
  2. Archery

    What makes you dump a book?

    One of the reasons why I loved reading the Spenser novels when I was a kid: the geography of Boston and its suburbs was just so specific.
  3. Archery

    The Beyonce Topic

    I'm not a Beyoncé fan, really -- there are individual songs I like and I've liked most of her movie roles. I'm also not a hater and I get impatient with people who don't give her credit as a performer because they think she's over-exposed, or believe conspiracy theories, or are all up in her marriage, etc. I'm 2/3 of the way through Homecoming, and I am, on the whole, really impressed. I don't know very many of the songs from her albums (a few phrases here and there, like "Becky with the good hair"), so I'm watching with closed captioning on (yay for those captioners -- hard job!). Lots of profanity, not my bag. Lots of sex references, ditto (I'm old -- although I had to laugh at the "when he f--- me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster": she owns her countryness, LOL.) Would love for her to put on some pants. But, damn. She works hard. Those rehearsal moments when she's struggling with the choreo, or disappointed about her weight loss, or overjoyed that she can zip up her old costume, or thrilled when her "forty-eleven children" come to visit the studio -- I legit teared up. I appreciated the touchstones of black culture being used as moments of beauty and history and fierceness. The Nina Simone, the Malcolm X, the Audre Lorde quotes. I loved that there was no explanation -- this was a conversation with black America, and everyone else just gets to listen in, a total reversal of the way we've been eavesdropping on white America's family conversations all our lives. I am so impressed how she owns every moment, beat, and costume choice. I don't think I'm anywhere near buying into the Bey-mythology, but I can't deny she is a force majeure, for sure. Good for her.
  4. Archery

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Agreed, but acceptance of responsibility and demonstrations of remorse are things that factor into sentencing. I've seen judges verbally smack down and refuse to take off the extra point for smug or resistant defendants, and I've seen them sentence at the bottom of the range or even below because the defendant demonstrates genuine remorse and has taken steps toward turning his or her life around. So, attitude is relevant at the sentencing phase.
  5. Archery

    Books We Never Finished

    I am honestly baffled about Wolf Hall. I couldn't tell who the characters were at any given time -- and I love Tudor literature. It was given to me as a gift when I was recuperating, and I ended up donating it to charity. I finally did watch the miniseries, and it's probably the one time I can think of that the film/TV show was worlds better than the book.
  6. Archery

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    No, it really won't. The only remaining leverage the defendants have now is that if they decide to plead guilty prior to trial, they get a one-or-two point reduction in the sentencing calculation for acceptance of responsibility, depending on timing. Huffman will get three points off because she pleaded guilty prior to indictment.
  7. Archery

    Race and Ethnicity in the Movies

    There is a more family friendly version of Smalls' story in Kevin Hart's Guide to Black History, which is on Netflix. Just as funny, but no swearing or anything.
  8. Archery

    Us (2019)

    I finally got up the courage to see this last night. I love scary, tense, creepy movies, so this one really did it for me. Are there questions remaining? Of course, but I'm not gonna worry. I left the theatre thinking, what if? What if I'd been a little closer to Red, and not Adelaide? What if the one or two advantages that broke my way hadn't? I think about the "of course-ness" of young Ade's life, crystallized for me in that moment she drops the unbeaten candy apple, unmindful, like it didn't cost money and it didn't matter. That image really stuck with me. Young Red would have given anything for that one little luxury. Also, I appreciated the comedy, because as wisecracking as the husband was, he did not act stupidly. He reminded me of the TSA agent friend in Get Out. Such smart choices, like going to the boat for Chekhov's flare gun--and then he biffs it.
  9. Archery

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    After 25 frustrating minutes of my kid and me trying just to print out the admission ticket for tomorrow's ACT exam, I am suddenly and unreasonably enraged at the dude who took or altered the SAT tests for the Gianullis and the Huffman-Macys of the world (he is apparently in court today, pleading guilty).
  10. Archery

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Wait. Pamela Anderson is ONLY 51?? Yikes.
  11. Archery

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    The 40 years would be a maximum statutory penalty for both charges (e.g., "shall be imprisoned for not more than 20 years"), consecutively. The prosecutor is constitutionally obligated to recite the maximum penalties, and the media always, always reports that -- because it sounds so dire and dramatic. What really controls is the Sentencing Guidelines, which measure in months (e.g., 33-47 months). That said, nobody is getting 40 years or even 20 years for these offenses. In the event of a conviction, the court would calculate the offense levels for each crime, add or subtract levels for aggravating and mitigating circumstances, and then combine the crimes for a single adjusted offense level that corresponds to a sentencing range. Then the court can pick a number anywhere in that range (high end, middle, or low end) or, if the facts warrant it, go above or below the range with a full legal explanation of why he's doing it. But "Lori Loughlin faces up to 40 years in prison" sounds sexier and gets more clicks.
  12. Archery

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I would bet cash money that Huffman gets 2 years of probation (supervised release) instead of a jail term. The Guidelines are so low, and the difference between government's position and the defense is nominal. She has no criminal history, and has shown acceptance of responsibility way early, prior to indictment. The judge wouldn't be going out on a limb on that one. On the other hand, I expect Loughlin and her husband to do time. Their Guidelines range just shot way up with the addition of the money laundering charge. They should have pled to the information because if the prosecutor has to indict you, she's going to throw in all the counts she can prove. Half a million dollars of laundered money is significant.
  13. Archery

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    The statute of limitations is 5 years -- but if there is an ongoing conspiracy, that period can really stretch out. For example, if the conspiracy (two or more people agreeing to do the criminal activity) started in 2008, and didn't end until 2019, they could be charged with the whole amount of time. Racketeering is what the government uses to take down the mob and major drug dealers. She'll get years. The sex crimes will be used as the individual racketeering acts. That's not how it works in the federal system. After conviction, whether by jury verdict or plea, it's about 12 weeks until sentencing to allow for the pre-sentencing investigation. Unless you're dangerous or a flight risk, you generally get released on conditions (maybe a little tighter conditions) as before the conviction. Mack's federal guidelines range is going to be quite high, based on her racketeering plea. There is no federal parole, only supervised release once she's done with her sentence. Loughlin and her husband are really in deep. You charge money laundering if you're looking to give the defendant a good whack after conviction. Also, the judge (NMG) drawn for that indictment is no joke.
  14. Archery

    Romantic Comedies

    I have a trilogy of "woman with gay best friend' rom-com movies: in order of quality, best to least, they are: My Best Friend's Wedding, with Julia Roberts and Rupert Everett (I've been known to derisively spit "food critic!" in Cameron Diaz's voice when displeased over a judging result on competitive cooking shows), Object of My Affection, with Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd (there are scenes in this movie that legit break my heart), and The Next Best Thing, with Madonna and Rupert Everett (again) -- this one is probably objectively terrible, but I love it. Yes, I had a crush on Rupert Everett in the late '90s (Paul Rudd being an honorary Rupert Everett for that one film).
  15. Archery

    Songs That Make You Laugh; Songs That Make You Cry

    Sober, by Demi Lovato. This live version is just her on piano. Her voice breaks, and the fans' reaction to her saying she's sorry for letting them down just undid me.