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  1. I was annoyed by this episode. I do internal investigations IRL, and the FIRST thing I would do would be to have the TA walk me through exactly what happened in that lecture regarding the salute, instead of listening to her whine about her student debt. I like Prof. Joan partly because she is funny and not an “older woman” caricature, but also because she sets expectations for her students (do the reading) and isn't interested in their fragility. I wish the town hall were purely satire of cancel culture but, sadly, no. I dislike Juju, but the age, phase, and adoption processing are
  2. I just binged S1 on Amazon Prime, and I don’t think I will be returning for S2. Although it had a better budget than PR, the emphasis on “brand” over design or construction made no sense. Weirdly, Megan’s elimination made me see red for a couple of days. Honestly, I felt like Megan was held to a standard of perfection, while Jonny’s flaws were excused. Megan lost the branding win because her model was sitting down, even though Jonny’s whole brand name put one in mind of a burn victim unit. And then this episode, Jonny’s first look was, everyone already has each of the pieces in their
  3. My UO: Bill Cosby’s Himself is in the Comedy Trilogy, along with Murphy’s Raw and Pryor’s Live On The Sunset Strip. It was funny then and is funny now, and a whole lot of folks can still recite it from memory. Also, The Cosby show was often genius, and deserved every Emmy it won. It anchored NBC’s Must See TV Thursday night, pioneered TV for black people, and provided a little education on black culture for non-black people.
  4. This was a quarantine catch up binge for me. I was so disappointed. The crooked cops were one dimensional—like they wanted to be the cops from The Wire, except they were made out of cardboard. The family started out as a realistic picture of grief, then fell apart from stupidity. A family so deeply-rooted in the church, particularly the black church, would never have been left to disintegrate like that. There would have been a church mother with Latrice daily. Urban pastors have extensive training and, unfortunately, experience to counsel families who lose loved ones suddenly to violence. T
  5. Archery

    Hamilton (2020)

    On my second watch, I noticed that Angelica has tears in her eyes when she begins "It's Quiet Uptown," and at two other points (third watch), Eliza has rolling tears. That floored me, since, who would notice that from the audience, yet both actors were so totally committed. I had watched a video essay (relating to the film version of Les Miz) all about how actors should not cry when they sing a sad song, but L-MM's choked up verses in "Quiet," as Eliza will not look at him, were really effective. On the comedy side, I loved the transition of "can we get back to politics?" with Madison
  6. It's a plea agreement, which only binds the defendant and the prosecutor (in that the prosecutor recommends a sentence). Then it takes at least 12 weeks to prepare the Presentence Report and I would imagine that there is a backlog of people waiting to be sentenced since the Court was closed for a period of time. If the judge calculates the Guidelines differently, he (this is in front of Judge Gorton) can sentence differently from the agreement. They well might not be sentenced until the fall. Given the circumstances, though, I wouldn't be surprised at a sentence of home confinement
  7. While I’m sure there are tons of specific African country (Ethiopian, Nigerian, Gambian) restaurants all over America, that’s not at all Eric’s concept. And for celebration of white Southern cooking without acknowledging the buried racial heritage of it, see Exhibit A: Paula Deen. Her whole shtick was “here’s how we cook in the South” (unspoken: “just like our Negro domestics used to make for our family for generations”). I think Stephanie was in that same headspace that Cheeto-on-a-Snickers Mikey was in seasons ago. She literally did not have the first clue where to start with th
  8. Yes! I very much enjoyed learning about new categories of food, and for the most part, Eric's food was very well received in both seasons. I really want West African cuisine and, for that matter, Haitian cuisine, to be held in high regard in restaurants, like French or Italian food, and not relegated to food you eat at your friend's aunt's house. I didn't get the sense that Eric's restaurant would have literal shackles and other reminders of the slave trade, but rather colours that tied back to the theme, and would be pitched as food of the African diaspora (basically, food of everywh
  9. I finally watched Perks of Being a Wallflower and was incredibly moved by it. I loved that when my mind said, "Oh, this dramatic plot moment is about to happen" (e.g., this girl is going to betray the boy's confidence and humiliate him), something else BETTER happened. The sweet moments legit made me tear up. It's rare to see a teen movie that is not a collection of mean things happening to a character. Every time a "friendship" moment happened instead of a "because, plot" moment, it lifted me up just a little.
  10. Unintentionally timely episode (if I ever get to watch it -- FY Fios), since AP flour is hard to find in grocery stores right now.
  11. Padma seemed to be having a blast during this Quickfire -- not in a "this is going to be really hard" diabolical way, but rather she seemed ... delighted. And the casual jeans look really suited her. I loved that the top 3 Elim dishes were non Euro-American condiments.
  12. The Wentworth chapters (recounted in flashback) are, imo, really well done. I've read them several times, pretty much each time in a different mood. Ultimately, it's the weightiness of Jamie's account that gets me: the way he tries every which way to get BJR to kill him or to die in the aftermath; what it takes to confess all the details to Claire; and the care with which Claire receives all of that information. Those chapters, more than any of the sex scenes, demonstrates to me how close and unbreakable their connection is.
  13. I’m not good at remembering which book is which after Book 4, but: When Jamie holds it together long enough for Claire to treat his snakebite wound (pure alcohol right into the tissue) with her makeshift syringe, and only cries when everyone leaves. Claire tells Jamie that she named the baby Brianna, after his father, and he responds that it’s a terrible name—because she’s mispronouncing it. Jamie receives Extreme Unction and Last Rites in Book 1. So beautifully written. Also, Claire keeps watch over the Host in the chapel, and confesses her secret to Bro. Anselm. I love the wh
  14. Watching Designated Survivor: FBI agent Hannah Wells works reluctantly with a British spy, begins an affair with him, then discovers that he may be double crossing her in her investigation. He sneaks into her apartment while she’s sleeping, then holds her at gunpoint. She’s pissed. He sits facing her, then places the gun next to her on the bed, saying he just wants to talk things through. When she (naturally) grabs the gun and points it at his head, he says, kind of smugly, “You’re not gonna shoot me.” She pauses. Just when I start rolling my eyes at the inevitable she lets her guard down be
  15. Having binged my way through Great British Baking Show and made some of the recipes semi-successfully, I was feeling myself. . . until at some point during last night's premiere I thought, I don't even understand what you did with that ingredient! These people's cooking is legit next level.
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