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  1. Maccagirl

    S.08 E.09 One Month Down, Forever To Go

    @Elizzikra: This, sooooo this. You summed my thoughts on this perfectly, thank you!! Luke, if you want to repair your "villian" image: just answer a question DIRECTLY and HONESTLY. Works a lot better than crying in a manipulative fashion. I do wish Kristine was able to tell Luke exactly how she felt about his treatment of Kate and his marriage. I would pay money to see that.
  2. Maccagirl

    S.08 E.08 The Past and the Furious

    Best unfiltered episode ever - Puke got dragged sooooo much. So psyched when Kristine called him an "a_s _ hole!!!!
  3. Maccagirl

    The Mary Tyler Moore Show

    @LemonSoda: Thank you! I'll look for it and scoop up that bargain. Happy New Year to you.
  4. Maccagirl

    S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    Double snort - you got me to chuckle out loud twice!! Thank you for that!
  5. Okay, did anyone else think that Kameron's earrings looked like used condoms? I swear, just because it costs a lot does not make it stylish!! (Sorry for the poor pic, I took a snapshot from the TV - literally!)
  6. Maccagirl

    S13.E11: 8 ½ Minutes Of Success

    Wholey, moley!! I hope they are not just following the money trail so they can continue to live comfortably. If not, that really says A LOT about Kelly!! Thanks for your update.
  7. Maccagirl

    S13.E11: 8 ½ Minutes Of Success

    This episode has me wondering where Kelly's Mom and Brother are now living. Anyone have any info to share? Thanks in advance.
  8. Maccagirl

    S07.E12: The Art of Communication

    This bugs the crap outta me - I don't know why I get so hung up on it, but I do!! Thank you for validating my issues!!
  9. Maccagirl

    S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    Taralightner: You are sooooo sweet to spend so much time for my mere curiosity. Thanks for the helpful guidance, I'll be sure to look it up easier now that you told me about the page functionality. Thanks again for all the time and attention spent. MWAH!
  10. Maccagirl

    S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    Are you able to post what the tweet said? I am curious, but do not use Twitter. TIA for any info you can offer.
  11. Maccagirl

    S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    Wow, just wow. I find that very insensitive in many ways, for many reasons. You have no idea if he was an "addict" or not. My husband has a debilitating chronic back injury he has been dealing with for over 25 years and he has to take Oxy daily just to be able to think past the pain that overtakes . Everyone who uses Oxy is not a stereotypical "drug addict" which is what your post seemed to imply. Dennis was not enough of a character on this show to warrant your smug label of an addict, just so you can slam Andy Cohen.
  12. SNORT!!!! I hope my co-workers did not hear my laughing out loud over that one! Great reference! Do you think Adam's middle names are George and Glass?
  13. I thought it was odd that Bobby's Mom said to stick with the classic traditional garb for the ceremony, so that you don't look as dated when looking thru your photos 10 years later. Then he's wearing this WHITE BORDERED tie that is screaming for me to stare at it, instead of him. That is toooooo distracting and will be dated before the year is out!
  14. Maccagirl

    Wedding Cake Championship

    I just gotta say, the married couple's dog was sooooooo beautiful. I froze my DVR and made my husband look, and he even said, "wow, great markings".