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  1. LucyHoneychrrch

    Berlin Station

    It does take a while to build, I agree. I can't wait for season 2.
  2. LucyHoneychrrch

    S05.E03: Jesus Saves

    I'm annoyed with this season. I dislike this storyline of incompetence. For me the draw of this show has always been the weird dichotomy between people doing decent jobs and people being insane on their off-hours. Rocky Dakota was batshit crazy, but she could at least fold a fitted sheet, and that was the interesting part for me. I like Brianna, but Jen grates. She isn't even clueless in an interesting way; just kind of a vaguely sad one. I was initially shocked that she previously managed people until I remembered some of the jobs I held in my 20s.
  3. LucyHoneychrrch

    S05.E01: The 1 Percenters

    I was sold from the moment Kate talked about mad Canadians just being less likely to hug. This is maybe off-topic, but I'm getting weary of previously.tv giving up on recaps and switching entirely to podcast format. I sure as all damn don't have time to listen to 80 podcasts per day, but I could find time to skim 80 recaps. Writing is a lost art.
  4. LucyHoneychrrch

    S02.E15: Reunion

    This was so boring. The biggest revelations I came away with involved just how thirsty Bugsy and Lauren were about being on television, which was disheartening but unsurprising. Also, is anyone here familiar with yacht crewing? Because they talk about Malia and Adam going through certification training together (or something like that) just prior to joining the crew; but they both ostensibly have yachting experience already, yes? Is this like, a company thing, wherein staffing contractors hold their own certifications prior to employing crew on privately-owned yachts? I can't quite figure out what they're talking about here.
  5. LucyHoneychrrch

    S02.E14: Con-text is Everything

    I think Adam was not really hurt about Malia's rejection so much as he was annoyed that his own narrative didn't end up being what he'd planned. I think he engineered his own plotline coming into this, and was furious that it was upended; instead of a romantic hero, he ends up coming off as a chump, and that has to seriously irritate.
  6. LucyHoneychrrch

    S02.E14: Con-text is Everything

    That season was boring, aside from Veronica stealing someone's shirt. Malia is the worst. I'd get this behavior if she was 21 or 22, but... girl. No. Not at 27. Hannah may have had a terrible work ethic -- with editing, we'll never really know -- but she's excellent at defending herself.
  7. LucyHoneychrrch

    S02.E13: Stew the Right Thing

    Yeeeeeeah, no. I don't see that happening at all. I strongly suspect Bugs would chafe under any leadership.
  8. LucyHoneychrrch

    S02.E13: Stew the Right Thing

    Malia looks like she's playing dress-up. Also, ten million times yes to the poster who said she wants Bugsy to be second stew under Kate. I would literally pay to see that. Kate Chastain would take down her entire ego with a single quip.
  9. LucyHoneychrrch

    S02.E13: Stew the Right Thing

    I... have never not called them milkshakes. What else does one call them? Bugsy's "talk" with Hannah was ridiculous. Is this how Bugs manages when she's a chief stew? Just... tells someone they suck, doesn't bother to elucidate exactly why, doesn't offer up any solutions going forward? GREAT MANAGERIAL STYLE THERE, BUGSY. I admit I've been waiting for Adam to show Wes the text messages. I hope they both ditch Malia. She's practically Daisy freaking Buchanan, she's so careless with other people.
  10. I have to call BS on this week's elimination. NO WAY should Benjamina have gone home. Selasi's cake was far inferior to hers.
  11. LucyHoneychrrch

    S02.E12: Swing Shift

    I can only speak for myself, but I'd rather sling plates for a thirteen-course dinner with wine pairings than have to book travel "to somewhere warm" for an entire group. Oyyyy, Malia. Not a good look. I can't handle any more of this, between her pouting at being ignored and her instagram comments about "haters." Criiiiiiiiiiinge. I feel bad for Adam, but also? Calling someone disgusting is pretty low. Still, I have to award points for his comment about the guests looking like the cast of the game Clue, because I literally laughed out loud at that. On another note, until Max called out Malia, I'd almost forgotten he was on this show. You're aces, Max! Speak up more!
  12. LucyHoneychrrch

    S02.E11: The Dubrovnik Wedgie

    Physiologically; but certainly not emotionally.
  13. LucyHoneychrrch

    S02.E11: The Dubrovnik Wedgie

    I'm at a loss as to why Adam went after Wes. Wes didn't owe Adam anything. But I guess Adam couldn't hit Malia. Speaking of which, she's supremely irritating. Buuuuuuuut I have to forgive her for some of this, because it's such 20-something-insecure behavior. She's on a boat, this closed atmosphere, with all these guys who for some reason think she's the hottest thing on it. She's feeling power, and doesn't want to give even the slightest bit of it up. It's a heady thing when everyone you're with thinks you're sex on legs. It's just cringeworthy to watch because we allllll know it's going to blow up in her face at some point. Also, here's the thing -- all those boys love Malia because when you're a 20-something-insecure male, cute and non-threatening is probably super appealing. Hannah has to scare the hell out of them; Bugs veers wildly emotionally from 20 to 80; and Lauren, well, Lauren already hooked up with one of them (Bobby), and has been labeled verboten ever since that came out. In my experience, men in their early twenties who have their own insecurity issues rarely want complicated and interesting; bland and boring is easier, doesn't challenge them or question them and doesn't require all that much emotional investment.
  14. LucyHoneychrrch

    S07.E01: Dragonstone

    Yes, he's Pete Postlethwaite's son. He hasn't been in a lot yet, but he's pretty delicious.
  15. LucyHoneychrrch

    S07.E01: Dragonstone

    I sincerely hope Arya didn't kill the Lannister soldiers, because I wouldn't mind more William Postlethwaite.