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  1. They do, they’re just branding it as a “co-ed dance squad” and not calling them cheerleaders.
  2. The caption says the stylist just gave her extensions, so it isn’t real. I think the second picture is her hair.
  3. The ProBowl used to be the week after the Super Bowl and in Hawaii, so it was not only an honor to be voted to it, it was a vacation to Hawaii. However the NFL decided to move it to the week before the Super Bowl and it's now usually hosted in Orlando (although it was supposed to be in Vegas this year). Since it's now before the Super Bowl the players on those teams don't bother going, and people here have even said that the cheerleaders for the Super Bowl teams don't send their best to the Pro Bowl because they're busy with Super Bowl events. Also the game itself isn't a huge deal because pla
  4. Someone on here said that teams with a good chance of going to the Super Bowl often rookies or less senior members to the Pro Bowl It makes sense that you’d want your leaders at home preparing or doing appearances.
  5. Amy made the Golden State Warriors dance team when the team won an NBA championship—that must have been fun as hell for her! She got her justice.
  6. The family that owns Chick-Fil-A supported organizations that perform psychological torture (so-called "conversion therapy"), and lobby groups that were trying to prevent marriage equality. I don't care what philosophy they hold to justify these actions, but they're certainly not "living and let live." And no, being gay isn't a choice. https://www.mic.com/articles/12219/all-the-anti-gay-companies-you-fund-when-you-spend-5-25-on-a-chick-fil-a-sandwich
  7. Why are rehearsals still ending so late at night? What do they do all day together?
  8. The players are just practicing at the Star—they’re allowed to live at home.
  9. Neither is the NFL, and given that DCC training camp could be held safely without being in a bubble (small groups in a larger space or outdoors), I would assume this is being done so they can film the show. It also provides a topical storyline and makes it look like the organization cares about the health and welfare of the cheerleaders. Since they have a history of not caring about that and the lax attitude toward the pandemic in Texas in general, I honestly question whether this is actually a serious effort or just window dressing. I hope the cheerleaders are being better compensated for it.
  10. It's so official now. I remember the first couple of years they did the multiple crownings the queens would just be whatever gig they had that night.
  11. Yeah it also rings false to me based on the finance people I know.
  12. I completely agree with this. I didn’t watch last night’s episode, and I probably won’t. That’s pretty much the case with the last ep of every season. There’s nothing else really to see from any of the queens at this point, and I can’t remeber the last time I felt super strongly about one queen I wanted to win where I wanted to watch just to see how she did.
  13. I read that as the spark of the idea to draw the AG into obstruction.
  14. I hope Taylor's fund with its quant and algorithm crushes Axe's insider trading nonsense. I also continue to be confused about why Wendy is so "valuable" to Axe. He doesn't seem to really like his employees beyond being ego boosters when they kiss his ass, so he's not trying to help them be better people, they aren't especially complicated people so she's not offering any deep insight that a good HR person couldn't provide, and when there is a complex person (Taylor) Wendy not only gets it wrong, she ropes in Lara to be wrong with her. If Axe benefits from talking to Wendy personally, gr
  15. I think they were just trying to impress Axe. I thought Axe's line about how his kids think he can fly was interesting. I hope that was foreshadowing that at some point soon he'll realize that they don't and that's a gut check for him. You'd think Wendy would have talked to him about it by now.
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