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  1. SillyOldClothCat

    S09.E08: Bridezilla Of Bimini

    Margaret and Joe are my favorite couple. Dare I say it - they almost seem genuine!
  2. SillyOldClothCat

    S11.E01: Opening Shots

    Probably not going to be a popular opinion, but I missed the Angels. (there, I said it!)
  3. SillyOldClothCat

    Season Four All Episodes Discussion

  4. SillyOldClothCat

    S02.E13: The Word

    So many thoughts on this episode, but mostly: GO MARTHAS!!
  5. SillyOldClothCat

    S14.E05: Week 5: Las Vegas, Nevada

    I admit Wills didn't really register with me until that scene, but now I love him. I think that his grace in getting up and yeilding his seat for a couple of minutes, combined with his strength as he insisted on taking it back, will have scored big with Becca.
  6. SillyOldClothCat

    S02.E09: Smart Power

    I agree. June could at least tell Aunt Lydia, in the hope she'd intervene and overrule Mrs. Waterford regarding required breastfeeding. I ALSO think June doesn't really want Aunt Lydia as the baby's godmother. I think she is planting seeds that will paint Commander Waterford as an abuser and therefore a danger to the baby.
  7. SillyOldClothCat

    S02.E08: Women's Work

    Yes, I do think that baby Charlotte/Angela has been literally showing failure to thrive because she hasn't been touched or loved enough by Mrs. Putnam (who hasn't shown any signs of maternal attachment, just frustration with and distaste for the child). It's a genuine and tragic pediatric diagnosis - anybody else remember Harlow's monkeys and their wire vs. cloth-covered 'mothers'? https://harlows-monkey.com/home/why-harlows-monkey/ I'm not surprised that the baby responded to Jeanine/Ofwarren, but the transition from NICU to happy healthy baby overnight seemed a bit too magical. I guess it was all those pious prayers pouring out of Gilead.
  8. SillyOldClothCat

    S02.E06: First Blood

    When we saw the shot of all the audience full of Commanders, I swear my first thought was "That'd be a good place to drop a bomb"... and then Ofglen2.0 heard my suggestion! So because I'm apparently mentally controlling this narrative, if anyone has has any ideas about what needs to happen next week, I can start thinking those thoughts really hard Right Now. Lmk!
  9. SillyOldClothCat

    S05.E05: Pulp Friction

    Agreed! Austin likes drinking beer. And it seems he was pretty good at selling beer. But, that is a far cry from brewing beer. And bottling it and selling it is a whole 'nother game. Plus if he ever even thinks about opening up a bar, he first needs to sit down and binge-watch Bar Rescue.
  10. SillyOldClothCat

    S05.E05: Pulp Friction

    This episode didn't have nearly enough of Miss Patricia. When does she get her own 'Southern finishing school' show?? The uniforms could be her caftans. "Ladies, leave something to the imagination; skip the body-con dresses and try a billowy fabric!"
  11. SillyOldClothCat

    S05.E05: Pulp Friction

    @Mountainair, don't tell me you're in Asheville, too! Because my husband has told me the same thing about opening a bar. I don't think we should let them meet - some talk about 'craft brew' and 'mixology' would be inevitable, and who knows what kind of crazy business they'd come up with...
  12. SillyOldClothCat

    Ink Master: Angels

    I lived in Houston for years. This latest episode did NOT make me want to go back for a tattoo. Steak? Yes. Ink? No.
  13. SillyOldClothCat

    S10.E15: Final Exam

    Oh, that was tragic - Jason was robbed of his place in the finale. You've all said it, but i wanted to add my voice to the choir.
  14. SillyOldClothCat

    S02.E11: Rhonda, Diana, Jake, And Trent

    I have a feeling that people still learning how to be good and a demon who did his first selfless act aren't yet ready to enter the actual Good Place. My prediction: the Judge will send the whole gang plus Micheal to the Medium Place to stay with Mindy St.Clair (and GoodJanet's ex, Derek)
  15. SillyOldClothCat

    S08.E14: Reunion Part 1

    I fully agree! Not just at the reunion, either - we saw waaaay too many v-necks cut down to the navel this season. Open reminder to all Howives: Just because you CAN wear a dress doesn't mean you SHOULD. I think Siggy is being blamed because she just won't let any fight go, even after receiving - and accepting - a genuine apology from anyone.